Sycling Snippets

by Bobby Nefdt

1. Standing on a Climb

One of the biggest frustrations when riding closely up a climb happens when the rider in front of you stands and in doing so ‘throws his bike backwards.’ Immediately there is a shout from behind and a swerve to avoid touching the rear wheel ahead, and falling.
To add to the frustration, the rider in front invariably doesn’t even know what he has done.

This happens when the rider in front gets out the saddle to accelerate, or even maintain his pace on a climb. As he does so he puts pressure on his ‘standing’ leg and pulls back on the handlebars (bars), causing his bike to ‘stop.’

The secret in avoiding this is: This will avoid your bike ‘stopping’ on the climb.

Sitting on a climb, after standing, can also be problematic. Standing generally uses more muscles, therefore the body tires more easily. Many riders ‘collapse’ in exhaustion onto their saddles after standing, causing the bike to slow down, again, causing pandemonium behind them.

To avoid this:
This takes practise!!