Sycling Snippets

by Bobby Nefdt

8. Riding over the top over a climb

There is often a tendency, on reaching the top of a climb, to relax, catch your breath and take a drink. It is at this point that you are most vulnerable to attacks from other riders. Attacks often occur over the top of a climb and they are often successful, in that they do get away from the pack.

This is often a mental thing, getting to the top and then relaxing. You need to reprogram your thinking into saying to yourself that you will relax once you’ve ridden over the top and are descending the other side. Use the descent to breathe deeply (getting oxygen back into your legs to help them recover) and, once you’ve recovered, then drink or eat. Don’t drink or eat whilst you are gasping for air, before you have recovered.

Always be alert for attacks when you least expect them. During the Compendium Midlands Race on Sunday, we had an attack into the rising sun soon after the start of the race. The strong sunlight into our eyes prevented riders further back in the peleton from seeing what was happening in the front and a split occurred in the bunch within the first few kilometres. Keep something in reserve when you get to the top of a climb!