Sycling Snippets

by Bobby Nefdt

11. Peleton Surfing

Peleton surfing is a term I heard many years when someone was complemented on the way he managed to stay with the front group of the race, moving from one group to another, never getting left behind.

Successful peleton surfing comes with experience but it also requires riders to ride smarter. To avoid getting left behind by the front group, one needs to position oneself so as never to be boxed in by riders around you when the move comes. Sitting on the left or right of the group allows you to respond quickly to a move that is happening near the front. As soon as you see a move happening, move out, accelerate slightly and wait for someone else to react. As they come past you tuck in behind them allowing them to pull you to the front group. This happens frequently during a race so one needs to be constantly vigilant of what is going on around you. You can’t chase down every move on the front, so you need to be ready for it and use other people to pull you through.

It is not always the strongest riders that stay with the front peleton to contest the win. You don’t have to be the strongest to be there, but you do need to be smart.

Knowledge is power! The greatest gains lie not in our legs but what is between our ears.