Sycling Snippets

by Bobby Nefdt

3. Climbing Faster for Longer – Part 1

Climbing hills is definitely a technique that one has to practise. When climbing a long hill with a consistent gradient it is advisable to get into a steady rhythm with a cadence in the 70’s or above. Anything lower than that will tire your legs unnecessarily.

When climbing one uses one’s quads and glutes but it is important to use them at different times, allowing them time recover. I would hold the top of my bars sitting as upright as possible (allowing me to breathe better), slide my butt to the very back of my saddle (sometimes off the back of the saddle) so the angle between my arms and legs is narrowed, thus enabling the pushing of my legs and the pulling of my arms to complement one another. This action taps into the strongest muscles in your body – your glutes.

When your glutes tire, slide forward in the saddle and by doing so you are using your quads more, thus allowing the glutes to recover. You are effectively pedalling downwards, as to pedalling forwards when using your glutes.

Alternate using your glutes and your quads by sliding backwards and forwards in the saddle, thus enabling you to climb faster for longer.

This takes practise!!