Greetings All,


At the well attended event last night the following were elected:

Chairman : Dale Southern

Vice-Chairman : Jordyn Grenfell

Secretary : Janice Brisbane

Treasurer : Trish Wilson

Kit : Sharon Potgieter

Road Captain : Trevor Thompson

Development : Clive Deacon

MTB Captain : Richard Krusekopf

We wish them well for 2018!!


The annual S.P.C.A. ride will take place from Elements Coffee shop at Hilton Life Hospital this Saturday 25 November.

MTB riders to start at 6:30a.m. They will ride for 2 hours and be back by 8:30a.m.

Road riders to start at 5:30a.m. They will ride for 3 hours and be back by 8:30. There will be B, C and D groups. The group leaders to organise back up drivers and will determine route and distance. Maybe Helga and Richard will be there?

Breakfast will be paid for by the club and all members and their families are invited to partake.

Ronnie, the Manager of S.P.C.A., will be there to accept the cheque. Last year, over and above the R2,000 donated by the club, we collected R2,700 in cash, plus an enormous amount of cat food. They have once again requested cat food, rather than dog food, and I’d like to appeal to our members to be generous in their donations as the S.P.C.A. is battling financially.



Saturday 18 November 2017

10 of us left the Jockeys Training Centre at 5am in somewhat cool conditions, having had snow on the mountains in close proximity. It is always great having the Amber Ridge riders join us. We missed the presence of Nathalie and Bill. Nathalie is recovering from a fall, not on her bike this time. Nathalie we wish you a speedy recovery. Then John joined us and it was his first time back recovering from illness. John you rode remarkably well, and good to have you back. We also had the presence of the DD riders, and once again was great having them join us. Zaheer showed us a few riding skills, and Gavin remarked how well Zaheer was cycling. Well done Zaheer, we will be watching your space.

I suppose we should get to the riding. It was certainly not long before we shed all the woolies.We headed out to the Lion Park and between Jordan, Gavin and Sya, we managed to get a pace line going. The pace was good and before we knew "Jack Robinson", we were at the Lion Park. The pot holes are quite numerous, and was a challenge missing them, and watching out for the traffic as well. From the Lion Park we headed to the Cato Ridge Abbatoir and then made our way back to the Ashburton Training Centre. On the way back just before Ashburton, Schamok (sp!!!!) had a puncture, which proved to be somewhat of a challenge. Attempts to try and fix the puncture were unsuccessful. Schamok was eventually collected by his work vehicle, and this left Jordan and self heading home on our own. Arthur did a sterling job with backup, and made sure all arrived safely back at the Ashburton Training Centre. A great ride and five of us stayed for Breakfast and coffee. A big thank you to Sya for bringing her coffee to ensure the flavour was great. After breakfast, which was enjoyed by all, we made our way to our various home destinations. The Ashburton Training Centre brought back memories for Gavin, which he was involved with some years ago.

Thanks all for a great ride, and again a special thank you to Arthur for doing backup.

Eddie Sherwood


Tuesday 21 November 2017

Two of us left VV this morning at 4.50 am doing the normal town route. Allan could not make it so I had Ian on his moutain bike, as his road bike is packed and ready to be transported to the DC. Prefer riding with Ian when he is on his Mountain Bike, as least with much effort I could keep up with him. The weather conditions were somewhat warm, having had cold spells even though we are well into summer. We kept a steady pace and went to the circle via Morcom Road, which always proves to be a challenge. Having made our way up Townbush road to Waltdorf, we headed back to VV via the Mall. I was relating to Ian my fall near the bridge, when I was slowing down at the stop street, and my front wheel slipped on the wet surface. Ian then mentioned when three fell on the muddy surface outside the mall when construction was in progress. Janice fell while going to get a backup vehicle, and Larry the ever helpful samaratan, also upended going to buy coffee for the three that had fallen. I happened to be behind the three that fell.

No coffee this morning as we all seemed to have agenda's, and went our different ways. Sarel joined me to do the loop. Thanks Ian for riding with me. A great ride and a good way to start the day.

A very big thank you to our committee members for agreeing to stand in for another term. We are only as good as our Chairman, Dale and his team. The attendance is evidence of a great club, with huge potential. Going into 2018 let us all make an individual effort to make our great club, even greater. Our Charman and each committee member did our club proud for 2017, and on behalf of every mermber we salute you all.

To the DC team who ride for our club on Saturday, go well, do our club proud, and most of all enjoy the ride.

Eddie Sherwood


If you wait, all that happens is you get older.


MTB Captains report for week of 21st November

Saturday and Sunday were perfect for MTB riding and that’s what took place. Lots of it. The midweek rain left the trails firm and very little to no mud around.

Rod took an early-bird bunch through the Bisley desert loop, apparently some work commitment related issue.

The Weekend Warriors smashed the Karkloof new 37km ride with some amazing times on Saturday. The Warriors were back on Sunday for some Cedara time. Clearly the legs are strong.

ROWLAND REPORT for the “C” Group Ride on 18th November

After last week’s inadvertent Mudman, I was looking to redeem myself. The weather had been helpful, with very little rain over the preceding few days. Saturday dawned bright and clear, and the faithful arrived en masse. Joining the now full-strength Team Rowland were Team Gray, Team Booysen, Docmike, Clive D, Gavin G, The Gruppenfuhrer, Sarah, Gert, Hans, Gordon, Liz Botha, Pierre, Team Diedericks, Buffalo Bill, and newbies Vic [on a very fancy new e-bike], Lisa and Richard Bam, and Lorna on a spanking new Liv. Sorry if I missed anyone. Complaints to the public protector please. No sign of Larry or Rod. The Gruppenfuhrer, Clive D and Franko rode up the hill, into the teeth of a gale.

The snakes [Clive, Hans, Gavin, Sarah, Andy R and a few others] immediately congregated and ssssslithered off under Gavin’s leadership.

The rest of us flocked off together in a large group into the Cedara forest. We lost Lorna almost immediately, due to a slight mismatch between her ambitions and abilities. Pauline very kindly stayed with her, and shepherded her around some of the gentler route options.

The rest of us headed down into the vlei through the Mallory Rd gate, and up into the first ST. More than a little flustered from the unfamiliar experience of having lost people on the way to the forest, I mixed up my left and right, and shouted increasingly misleading directions to the front riders. Fortunately, Byron is doing his PhD, and consequently knows the difference between left and right, and was able to correct me quite quickly. Sadly not fast enough for me to lose whatever little credibility I had accumulated over the past 12 months.

From there, we made our way across to the pines ST. Vic, or E-Vic as he was swiftly christened, showed us what the e-bike could do in the ST. Very impressive. We will have to sabotage it.

We re-grouped at Phil’s Nana, where I learned from Keith that there was indeed a Phil, who had made a habit of recharging himself with fruit at this point, hence the name. Good to know.

By this point Andre’s front wheel, which, like many of Andre’s sports possessions has quite a tough life, tried to go home by itself. Who can blame it. Andre spent the rest of the ride trying to dissuade it from doing this.

After depositing this nugget of local knowledge, it was only fitting that Keith led the way into the aforementioned Nana. Pierre and I set off in hot pursuit. Ha. That was the last we saw of him. By the time we got to the end, he had composed a sonnet, brokered a lasting peace in the middle east, and found a cure for the common cold. We made a note not to try that again. At least, I did. Pierre had a strange look in his eye. Stranger than usual.

We took the new ST up the hill, to howls of protest from the chattering classes, which I ignored, as any good leader should. I know what’s best for them. No-one important died.

At the top, Baron von Brand, known to his wife and family as Chris, on his customary solitary weekend ride, cruised past us with a cheery wave. Back down Tom’s road, to intersect with the infamous Dead Dog hill, to more muted grumbling. At the top, we hung a left into Andre’s ST, which is till wonderful. We looped to the right, back up to the Nurses Dam rd. At this point Lisa, who was rapidly running out of legs, elected to go back with Docmike. Thanks again to Docmike for this selfless act. Her son [Little] Richard stayed with us.

We went up the hill a little, and then took the Non-Stop Nurses ST down to Nurses Dam. Somewhere around here we learned that Little Richard’s mom was in fact a nurse, and that his Dad was a Cedara graduate. Too good a coincidence to pass up. We asked him if any of the Nurses Dam scenery was familiar, or if the name ‘Justin Henderson’ rang any bells, but he wasn’t biting. Smart chap.

Reluctantly leaving Nurses, we went up Quarry hill, left at the top, and regrouped at the viewsite. Due to the many stops, I pushed up the hill, and unknowingly beat e-Vic and his bike to the top, only just. e-Vic had his welcome revoked permanently by announcing to the pack that I was a quite a good climber for someone my age!?! Cheeky whippersnapper.

Down the hill and right along the contour path to intersect the ST down to the Full Monty. Very sticky [lots of sticks], but rideable. Here I learned for the very first time about Gordons 10 [count ‘em, ten] silver Comrades medals. Respect.

We then took the jeep track across to intersect the Wall ST, and rode this down to the nursery. By this time we were well over the two hours, relatively mud and incident free [Larry wasn’t with us], and I saw no point in pushing my luck too far. We headed for home. At the Mallory Rd gate, by popular demand, Keith again demonstrated his ability to ride on one wheel up the hill, overtaking MIYR Byron in the process.

A most pleasant refreshment session wrapped the ride up nicely.

Please remember that next week’s ride will be in aid of the SPCA, and will happen at the same time, but at the Hilton Life Hospital, in the Velocity car park. Bring cat food.

Strava Stats: 29km, 2h13, and 670m of climbing.


Mark Rowland

Upcoming Events

**Burg Wheelers SPCA Ride – 25th November at Elements Café, Hilton Health. Bring your cat food donations. Free breakfast courtesy of Burg Wheelers. Please schedule your rides to be back in time for the cheque and donations handover to the SPCA at 9:00. Breakfast will follow after.

**Eston Xmas Classic – 26th Nov at Virginia Trails, Eston – Burg Wheelers Gazebo will be on hand for a fun day. MTB rides, trail runs and farm walk to suit all. View on ROAG. Let’s end the year on a cheery note and have a real family outing.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of closed trails.

New Karkloof 37km seems to be very popular for now as is the Supa 20.

Hilton / Cedara

The harvested areas are quite obvious, although de-stumping has not yet been completed. Please stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the C group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.

It's been great serving on the Burg Wheelers committee this past year and I look forward to serving the BW MTB community in the coming year. We are really blessed to have such a committed team and enthusiastic members.

Mark Rowland has again volunteered his services to leading the “C” group for the next year – big thanks Mark. Everyone looks forward to the resultant weekly Rowland Report.

That being said, there appears to be a need to establish a somewhat more entry level MTB group to complement the various other groups already established. If there is anyone (or more than one) interested in making this commitment, please talk to me.


Richard Krusekopf