Greetings All,

Burg Wheelers Cycling Club

Notice and Agenda of the Annual General Meeting - Monday 20 November 2017

All Saints United Church - 5:30pm for 6:00pm


Notice is hereby given in terms of the requirements of the Constitution of the Club for the Annual General Meeting to take place at All Saints United Church on Monday the 20 November 2017 at 5:30pm for 6:00pm. All paid up members of the club are welcome to attend.


1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Matters arising from previous Minutes

5. Chairman's Report (Dale Southern)

6. Road Captain's Report (Trevor Thompson)

7. MTB Report (Richard Krusekopf)

8. Cycling Development Report (Clive Deacon)

9. Treasurer's Report (Trish Wilson)

10. Club Constitution – Proposed amendments below

11. Election of Office Bearers

12. General

Meeting Close

5.7 A quorum at a committee meeting shall be at least half of the elected members of the committee present in person and all decisions shall be taken by a simple majority vote.

14.2 An amendment shall only be approved if not less than two-thirds of the voting members, present in person or represented by proxy at that meeting, vote in favour of the amendment.

16. Special Provision under the Income Tax Act 58/1962

The club shall never knowingly be a party to, nor shall it knowingly permit itself to be used as part of any transaction, operation or scheme of which the sole or main purpose is the reduction, postponement or avoidance of liability for any tax, duty or levy which, but for such transaction, operation or scheme, would have become payable by any person under the Income Tax Act No.58 of 1962 or any other Act administered by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.


According to the Constitution we are allowed up to 8 elected members. Nominations for the following office bearers are invited. Such pre-meeting nominations shall be given in writing to the secretary at least 5 business days before the date of the annual general meeting.

The following nominations have been received:

Chairman : Dale Southern

Vice-Chairman : Jordyn Grenfell

Secretary : Janice Brisbane

Treasurer : Trish Wilson

Member : Sharon Potgieter

Member : Trevor Thompson

Member : Clive Deacon

Member : Richard Krusekopf


14 NOVEMBER 2017

Firstly, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Trevor Thompson for all his hard work in organising the annual Ballito ride, and also to those who did backup, as this always helps to keep the ride safe.

The ride seems to have been enjoyed by all, under very hot and windy circumstances, with only one incident being reported when Trishan took a tumble off his bike. He’s bruised and sore and has less skin than he started the ride with, but thankfully has no broken bones. We wish him well with his recovery.

This weekend will see a number of our Burg Wheeler members travelling up to Gauteng to do the annual 94.7 ride. From all at Burg Wheelers, we’d like to wish you safe travels and your personal best for the ride.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all the members of the Double Century team, the best of luck for their final week of preparation. The team will be travelling down to Swellendam to participate in this race on Saturday 25th. In order for them to complete the 202 km, they need to work together as a team - in theory, ride at the pace of the slowest rider, which will enable them to finish all together, in order to collect an individual medal and a team medal.

Only one team will be representing the club this year, owing to the cost involved. As a result, the club has taken a decision to support and sponsor the Maluti double 90 ride in April next year.



The annual S.P.C.A. ride will take place from Elements Coffee shop at Hilton Life Hospital on Saturday 25 November. Suggested times are as follows, but could possibly be changed:

MTB riders to start at 6:30a.m. They will ride for 2 hours and be back by 8:30a.m.

Road riders to start at 5:30a.m. They will ride for 3 hours and be back by 8:30 – the ride will take them through Hilton, to Cedara and onto the R103, past Midmar Dam, turning at a point which will get them back in time for breakfast. We don’t want a repeat of last year, when different teams arrived back at different times and some were finished breakfast before others arrived back. This defeated the whole purpose of all of us spending some time together.

Breakfast will be paid for by the club.

Ronnie, the Manager of S.P.C.A., will be there to accept the cheque. Last year, over and above the R2,000 donated by the club, we collected R2,700 in cash, plus an enormous amount of cat food. They have once again requested cat food, rather than dog food, and I’d like to appeal to our members to be generous in their donations as the S.P.C.A. is battling financially.

I apologise in advance that this S.P.C.A. ride is clashing with the DC ride.


As previously advertised, the A.G.M. will take place next Monday, 20 November, at 5:30p.m. for 6:00p.m. Refreshments and snacks will be served after the meeting.

This is an important meeting as we need to make some small amendments to our constitution, as requested by SARS. PLEASE make a concerted effort to attend.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,



Ballito Ride : Sunday 12 November

We met at 04:15 at Woodburn Steers. There were a lot of people milling around and the air was heavy with anticipation as we all looked forward to a great ride with excitement and some trepidation as we knew there were some mighty hills on our way down to the coast.

Our DC group rolled out on time at 04:30. We were 7 – Mohammed, Junaid, Big Kev, Ian, Sandi, Llew and ww. When we got to the outskirts of town Llungelo joined us on his MTB. He turned back before Wartburg muttering about the high pace. As we approached Wartburg we were joined by several members of the group behind – Dave Bure and Roxy and Rudi Ortmann. We all stopped at the Wartburg garage to refuel and defuel. As we were leaving some more members of the group behind arrived including Eddie and Jordyn.

We carried on at a steady pace with Junaid, Mohammed and Ian looking strong on the climbs. Just before Applebosch the same riders as before overtook us and showed us how to climb. Mohammed, to his credit, stayed with them to the top. We regrouped at the top with Frances kindly supplying everyone with water and muffins from the backup vehicle.

The DC group then took off and the same 3 riders plus Charles Hughes demonstrated how fast they were by overtaking us again and we did not see them again until Ballito. We had our mid-break on top of the next big hill some 35km out from our destination. To our surprise, TT arrived all on his lonesome and set out to catch Dave and his group.

After our 'lunch' we were raring to go. The weather was not great with a strong wind and the temperature starting to rise. It was tuff going once we turned north into the coastal road as the wind was blowing directly into us. However we worked well as a team and rolled into BBM Café after 131 km and 6 hours of hard riding and 1832m of climbing.

It was all worthwhile as the affable TT and Dave B greeted us with warm chirps like, “What kept you? You get a couple of punctures? You look buggered.” Etc !!! Unfortunately Rudi had picked up some bad habits from them and also had some complimentary things to say!!

We had a most welcome and tasty breakfast and would like the thank the club for their generosity in sponsoring it.

Also many thanks to TT for putting the whole ride together and for all his planning and encouragement.

Also many thanks to the backup drivers of Frances, Moira and Lesley.


This week's rides:

Saturday 18 October

C Group

Ashburton Training Centre, via Camperdown and Cato Ridge, to the end of the Airfield Loop and back via the Lion Park Loop.

A ride of 76km.

Start Time 5 o'clock.

Breakfast and Coffee afterwards.

Tuesdays and Thursdays meet at VV

A Group – 05:00

B Group – 04:55

C Group – 04:50

D Group – 04:50


MTB Captains report for week of 14th November

Fridays welcome rain caused some consternation and increased WhatsApp traffic early Saturday morning.

The “C” group were divided with the “hard core” opting for the Cedara ride with Mark and the other core heading for the Bisley desert loop with Rod. It’s great that the club has enough capacity to arrange different rides to suit different needs.

The Farmers Market hard core group also took the soft option and did the Bisley desert loop, although separately to Rods group.

Lots of riders tackled the new Karkloof 37km on Sunday and had good rides. Apparently quite technical in places.

“C” Group Ride Reports for 11th November

Marks Cedara Ride Report

It all started out well. The preceding week was wet, and there was some debate about Hilton vs. the Desert Run. In the end, we did both. I was careful to plan a route that avoided most of the potential mud. Based on this assurance, we had a reasonable turnout. Joining me was my lovely wife getting back in the groove after injury, Docmike [one word], the Gruppenfuhrer, Bad Bill, Omar, Polar Pierre, and guest appearances from Rose and Blake. It was misty, but not raining in Hilton when we started. ‘Not raining in Hilton’ is a good enough reason to do a lot of things, so we set off in good spirits. Pierre had arrived with a new 1x10 setup, of which he was most pleased. More of this later.

We went into the forest at the Wills Close gate, where the jeep track [JT], which was firm and good. Down the hill past the ‘bunny ears’ ST and down to the bottom vlei dam, and into the ruins ST, just to check its condition. It was OK, but only just. We agreed to stay off the ST for the rest of the ride. We worked our way back up the hill, past the pine ST, and then back into Cedara. Omar and Blake, suffering from a lack of ST, amused themselves by trying to catch flying ants in their mouths. The rest of us kept to a safe distance in case they were accidentally successful. Left at the main hall, then down towards the piggery, taking the first JT left, which would take us back into the forest past Phil’s Nana. The gate was locked, which was the first surprise. Nice shiny new padlock, which looks permanent – be advised. We hoisted over and continued past the famed Nana, and down to the big dead tree. Still no major route problems. From there, a steady climb up the hill past the Rasta church, past the reservoir and up to the old shower. The mist thickened up considerably, but the rain stayed away. We took a happy picture at this point, shed unnecessary layers, and were openly scornful of those who had missed this great opportunity.

The climbing being over, we released the bratpack for the downhill section, and they shot off like the proverbial scalded cats. Left down Quarry hill, and then regroup at Nurses dam. We stayed on the JT back to the dead tree, and then took a hard left along Toms road to intersect with dead dog hill. The brave took the new ST down to the dam gate, and the rest of us stayed on the JT. There was a little more water than normal at the dam gate, but nothing dramatic. Where we would normally turn right to go down the Donkey Rd, we stayed straight for the little detour that I had been shown just the previous week. This took us to the end of the JT, and then right down to follow the valley, joining up with the Donkey Rd again, and then home. Easy. The sun was even peeping through the clouds. What could possibly go wrong now? Ha.

It started with the gates. Last week they were all open, this week they were all closed. Farmer humour, I'm guessing. Things must be a bit slow at the homestead.

Just after the gates, we rode into a little mud. Not the common-or-garden annoying type. Oh no. The sticky, clayey, slippery, accumulating type. Which did pretty much what it had promised. My old banger ploughed steadily through it, although there were a few heart-stopping moments when the back wheel seemed to be intent on overtaking the front, despite my frenzied sawing on the handlebars. Being a seasoned C-Grouper, I merely smiled and whistled a cheery tune. Reaching the gate and the relative safety of the Donkey Rd, I was joined by Bad Bill, who had also sailed through the mire. We agreed that this section had been testing. Both bikes were about four kg’s heavier than they had been 15 minutes before. We looked back to see the others. They were nowhere in sight. We waited, and cleaned up our bikes a bit. Rose arrived, followed by Omar and Docmike, with their bikes in a similar state. Omar’s bike had picked up so much mud that the wheels no longer turned. After a while, I went back to see if I could find the rest. They were in varying stages of unhappiness. All mud is bad for moving parts generally, but there was something about this particular mud that was very specifically bad for Pierre’s fancy new groupset, and he could only do a few meters at a time before coming to an abrupt halt. We got him to the Donkey Rd, cleaned it up as best we could, and then pressed on. It quickly became evident that we would need to split up. Rich and I stayed with Pierre, and the rest headed for home. The C-Group don’t leave people behind. Unintentionally, at least.

We got Pierre back eventually, through a combination of washing, walking, running, pushing, swearing, beseeching, threatening and occasional hysteria. As one does.

100m from home, Pierre capped off his ride by losing his back wheel at speed on the kerb in the Jaxx parking lot, and going down hard in front of a crowd of horrified shoppers. It didn’t help that we were all covered in mud from head to foot. Elderly ladies made the sign of the cross and added garlic to the shopping list. Some enterprising gent enquired if this would be a good time to discuss life insurance coverage options. Small children started whimpering and asking to be taken back to the safety of school. We picked him up, reassured the crowd, dusted him off, and took him to Jaxx for a restorative beverage.

On the plus side, everyone else had made it to Jaxx unharmed, and there was a large hot cappuccino waiting for me. Thanks to all who participated and helped.

Rose had a sage observation, supported by Bill, that mud would be encountered from time to time on races, and it was useful for us all to know how best to ride through it.

Let's end on that positive note. We'll also try not to do that section again unless there’s a drought on. Apart from that section, we now have a good long JT route for when its wet again.

Strava Stats [mine, with a little extra herding distance]: 42km, 975m climbing, 3h10 duration.


Mark Rowland

Rods Bisley Desert Ride Report

Waking up in the early hours on Sat and the heavy rain Friday night , I so desperately wanted to ride but was not keen to splash around in the mud and after a bit of thought I bounced the idea off our captain about arranging another ride .What I had started 5yrs ago I wasn’t about to destroy in 1min and after chatting to Ritchie and not wanting to offend Mark I put out a invite and I was so happy to have 4 riders join me for a quick 45km anti clockwise Desert Run .

Dave , Sven , Kole , Liz and myself set off at a brisk pace , Liz was helped up some serious hills by the new iron man Kole and we all had a great ride the weather was perfect . We will let Liz off as she had been in bed with flu but braved the ride with us .

We had one incident coming through the Hesketh track I warned everybody to watch out for broken glass on the race track and also on our single track and guess what the leader picked up a big piece of a beer bottle and had a burst back tyre and with 5 kms to go Dave tried my puncture kit and the hole was too big so handy Dave got out the heavy duty car tyre plug and managed to plug my tyre to get back to steers .

We all had a lovely extra-large cuppachino and Catherine , Sven mom joined us and very kindly paid the bill in full , saying that it was looking after Sven , if only his mom knew it was Sven looking after us .

Hope we can all join up again this Sat with our loyal leader Mark at Jaxx , thanks all for the great ride 2hrs 40 min including a 10min puncture repair



The Stava survey is in and all will be revealed at the AGM on the 20th.

Upcoming Events

Burg Wheelers SPCA Ride – 25th November at Hilton Health.

Eston Xmas Classic – 26th Nov at Virginia Trails, Eston – Burg Wheelers Gazebo will be on hand for a fun day. MTB rides, trail runs and farm walk to suit all. View on ROAG. Lets end the year on a cheery note and have a real family outing.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

Not much riding available in the Howick area. Suggest limit your rides to the available trails in the Karkloof. All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of local trails.

New Karkloof 37km seems to be very popular for now.

Hilton / Cedara

The harvested areas are quite obvious, please stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the C group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.


Richard Krusekopf