Greetings All,


This week's rides:

Saturday 4 October

A Group ?

B Group ?

C Group ?

D Group – Leave Piggly Wiggly at 05:00 for 80+ km ride to end of tar road past Mt West. Breakfast and Coffee back at Piggly with DC group. Group leader Dale.

Tuesdays and Thursdays meet at VV

A Group – 05:00

B Group – 04:55

C Group – 04:50

D Group – 04:50


A few belated results :


Leslie 2:36

Fran 2:21


Hadley 4:16

Jumbo 4:15

Murray and I also rode on a tandem in Berg Wheelers colours - time 4hrs 16 we must have been the oldest youngest combination on tandem

Bruce Blewett

Social riders

I started cycling four years ago after I retired. My husband, Rob, had also started cycling when he retired two years earlier. I started out thinking I would just cruise around with the grandkids, while the rest of the grown-ups did some hard riding. I soon realized that it was really rejuvenating and exciting to be back on a bike after about 50 years.

We are definitely recreational cyclists, with the goal of keeping in shape for some cycle tours. We ride our mountain bikes on the Karkloof road on Sundays, taking side-roads through the farms along the way. With some reluctance, I entered my first race in 2016, the 45 km Tour Durban Fun Ride. Then Rob entered for the 106 km Herald Cycle Tour, so I entered the 55 km event. I was encouraged when I finished that one too. Time to move on to longer distances. We both decided to ride the 65 km Shova, and thoroughly enjoyed that. The weather was great, scenery lovely, and company on the road was very relaxed. As a bonus, we did quite well, finishing in 3:03.

On 5 November, we will try my longest race yet, the Mangaung Cycle Tour in Bloemfontein. This will be my first attempt to ride 100 km. I wonder whether there are other cyclists in Burg Wheelers who are primarily riding for fun?

Best wishes



We will have several groups and the club will organize drivers and breakfast for all. If you would like to ride or can assist with driving, please advise Trevor Thompson on or 083-628-8485. Thanks


Gavin, Bill, Charmaine, Nathalie, Grant and Judy headed off for a tour of Piggy Wiggy, the end of Prospect rd and the end of the tar on the Karkloof Rd and back to the Spar where we all had breakfast and excellent coffee.

We all agreed that Greendale Spar is one of the better places in Howick to start a ride . It has plenty of well lit parking , a security guard 24/7 and a very nice cafe .

Thanks to Sya for not only providing back up but for donating her petrol money to our breakfast.

Strava Stats 73 km and 1050 m of climbing at a post Shova pace.


Group ride CC's Thursday 26 October 2017

Allan and self left VV at 4.50 am on a great morning, with a fresh and fine spray of mist, just sufficient to keep one cool and enjoy the ride. Again Allan was on his Mountain Bike and still making me pedal hard to keep up with him. We decided to include Morcom road in the ride up Mayors Walk to the circle, and then headed for Old Howick to the circle.

The pace was good and we bumped into our usual eldererly lady who was walking up Old Howick. After greeting her we pressed on and made our way to the Athlone Circle, headed for the Victoria Club and into Frances Staniland, then Craigie Drive and then into Town Bush Road to Waltdorf complex. We made our way back past the Mall, did the loop. Allan turned at VV and I made my way to Seattle to join the DD group for coffee. A great ride and many thanks Allan for joining me. We all wish that when you have that op on your shoulder, all goes well. Again I say we could all take a lesson from you regarding your commitment and enthusiasm to cycling." Just keep upright".

Eddie Sherwood


"We do not sing because we are happy, we are happy because we sing".

Cramp prevention

Over the years I have had many a bad rides through cramp, and I would like to share with all what has worked for me, in the hope that I may relieve someone of their pain.

I will try and keep it simple, knowing that which works for me may not necessarily work for another.

Sugar is a killer. I used to have many cups of tea a day with two teaspoons in each. Then I had the tea, and megga sugar in an orange juice jug. Well say no more, you are able to imagine the consequences!!! Since controlling my sugar intake I have lost 9 kg's on a good day. I limit my tea to two cups a day with a teaspoon of honey in each. One cup of coffee per day (on a good day) and, yes, I do cheat with two teaspoons of sugar. Then when I cycle in the mornings I use two caps of Gi 32 with an electrolite tablet (Zero obtainable from Clicks) in a I litre water bottle. Then when I do a Saturday ride I use the above mix in a one litre water bottle, and take a Far Bar before the ride and then at one hour intervals. Also I find what helps is eating Almonds randomly on the ride. The Zero is Jill's remedy, Far Bars and Almonds-Sharons remedy. Then I have a second Water bottle with plain water and a Zero electrolite. Sorry if I have bored you all, however the aforenentioned has made a huge difference to my training. Geoffs-A team comments which have worked for me. "You must do hill training to improve your fitness".



26 October:

7 of the D group started at VV for an uneventful town ride, which was really a recovery ride after Amashova, for those who didn’t get a ride in on Tuesday morning.

If I remember correctly, it was quite chilly, but we managed to stop off at Seattle for a good cup of coffee to warm us up.

28 October:

We met at Rotunda, on a very chilly Saturday morning, and it seemed to stay that way for the whole ride. There was only a small group (Sarel, Fran, Jordyn, Sean and myself), with Jumbo doing backup – a big thank you to him for looking after us and keeping us safe.

The planned route was to go through Howick, to the end of the Karkloof Road, where we stopped to have something to eat and drink. On the way back, after we’d covered the first few hills, we did some pace lining until we reached the next batch of hills – this is always enjoyable if you have a small enough group.

We arrived back in Howick and took the route straight through, turning left just before Merrivale to avoid the traffic, coming out at Cedara. Fortunately the Cedara route, which has been busy, was not busy on that day, and we arrived back at Rotunda just before the DC group arrived back, covering a distance of 62.4kms with 912m elevation gained.

It was good to be able to join the DC group for coffee, and breakfast for those who wanted it. Once again, a big thank you to Jumbo.

31 October:

I was very surprised at the number of DD riders who turned up for today’s ride – there were 14 of us who left in an orderly fashion and proceeded up Morcom Road, at a reasonable pace to the end of Mayor’s Walk.

We returned to Victoria Road, where we did our first sprint, with a second one following after we crossed Commercial Road, down to Boschoff Street. We then proceeded up to the top of Town Bush Road, where we re-grouped. I must admit that I was feeling very flat and had tummy gripes, so I pulled off at Chase Valley road and returned home. I trust you all arrived home safely and enjoyed the ride.

Ride safe stay alert and stay alive.



MTB Captains report for week of 31st October

A quiet weekend on the MTB front.

Sarah and Sven did really well at the Pecanwood MTB event, achieving a 1st and 2nd in age category respectively. Several other seemed to have lost their way

I am planning a survey amongst our MTB riders who will be required to provide me with their STRAVA year to date stats as on the 10th of November 2017. It may end up in a little challenge to see what we have all been up to. Number of rides, distance and elevation for the year to date please.

“C” Group Ride Report for 28th October

As promised by the Norwegian weather elves, Saturday morning was cold. Apart from that, it was most reasonable, especially for MTB. I arrived at Jaxx to find Rod and Polar Pierre hard at work on the pavement with Rods front wheel, which had joined the #PressureMustFall movement. Helped along by a little judicious cussing, the problem was soon rectified. Joining me in offering helpful advice were Trevor, Elaine, Wendy, MIYR Byron [PhD, ongoing], the Gruppenfuhrer, Team Pessenbacher, and Other Richard. No sign of Larry.

Much like a herpetological version of the Pied Piper, Albie gathered around him a Medusa of snakes, who looked us over hopefully for evidence of hidden rodents. Not finding any, they slid off onto the road ahead of us. Where they stayed, unsurprisingly.

Once we’d warmed up a bit, the ride itself was most pleasant. We drifted happily around the Hilton Estate almost entirely incident free. Pierre lost his front wheel on one of the switchbacks, and was dumped ignominiously onto his bum, but was back up in seconds. There was a close call between Rod and an idiot in a speeding BMW on the way back home. But otherwise the ST was good, the company excellent, and the conversation engaging. We didn’t gain or lose anyone.

Breakfast at Jaxx was truncated by the unseasonably cold weather. We drank, ate and left, determined to linger longer at a future date. Next week, for example.

Strava Stats: 34,7km, 680m, 2h16.


Mark Rowland

Upcoming Events

Monks Cowl MTB - 5 Nov

See MTB calendar for other rides and more details.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

Not much riding available in the Howick area. Suggest limit your rides to the available trails in the Karkloof. All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of local trails.

Hilton / Cedara

The harvested areas are quite obvious, please stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the C group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.

Last word…..

The trails are getting a little muddier. Look after your bike and clean it regularly to save it from the trail. Check tyres and lube your chain regularly.


Richard Krusekopf