MTB Report – 27th Aug 2019

A/B Group – A/B group ride this past weekend. This group is for the faster riders. Should anyone be willing to regularly lead, please contact me.

C Group – Mark Rowland leads the C group. After a recent gathering of C and D group brains trust, it has been decided to brand these two groups slightly differently. The C group is more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can, riding at a somewhat faster pace typically 16km/h. The intention is to ride about 30km in a Saturday morning.

D Group – The D group is intended for those wishing to do what the C group does but at a lesser pace and over a lesser distance. Typically around 28km’s at approx. 14km/h. The D group is led by various members on a roster format.

Race Report

Mandela MTB Dash – A sprinkling of Burg Wheelers took part in the 21km and 42km races with some very commendable results. Well done all.

21km: Nic Burczak 1st youth & overall; Omar Wilson 2nd sub junior and 9th overall; finishers 178.

42km: Ethan Jackson 1st Junior & 6th overall; Graham Pearson 6th sub vet & 18th overall; Craig Markham 1st grand master; Bobby Nefdt 2nd grand master; Rebecca vd Linde 3rd veteran (F); finishers 144

Spur School Series #3: No Results

Group Reports for Sat 10th Aug

A/B Group –

C/D Group - The previous weeks Umko ride left me the proud possessor of an annoying head cold. Not wanting to get on the wrong side of Simons steely disapproval again, I gathered myself towards myself, and rode. Thankfully, we had the usual excellent company: Wayne and Rosie, Byron, Pierre, Andy R, Sandy and lastly, Dylan the Frequently Delayed, who screeched into the parking lot with the usual seconds to spare.

Docmike took the D’s, mostly to show off his shiny new XT 1x12 drivetrain. He was joined by Team Booysen, Rhys, Peter, Gert, and the cannabis-powered Arthur.

The C’s set course for Grace, routing via the N3 bridge to get ahead of the Park Run mob. We were mostly successful at this, drifting happily around the Grace jeep and single-track. On the way in we passed an old bloke [rich coming from me, I know] going the other way on a MTB, with two collies running next to him. Bizarrely, one of the collies ran directly into Pierre’s front wheel, at some speed. Not in front of it – into it. Neither party was injured, but the incident led to some head-scratching. Byron suggested that Pierre change to a deodorant with a little less sheep in it.

Shortly after this, I had another one of those ‘count / recount / recount again’ moments when Gert moved from the D’s to C’s without me noticing. The only minor route glitch came when we went into the pine forest section for a little added variety. For reasons currently unclear, someone has ploughed furrows down the entire pine forest, every few rows, completely destroying the single-track and my route planning. With Simon in mind, we bundu-bashed across it, soundtracked by muted mutterings about the quality of the navigation.

I was not firing on both cylinders, and drifted to the back of the group several times. Not that any of the ingrates noticed – too busy having fun. ☹

As we completed the Castle Rock ST, we bumped into Andre, who had suffered an unfixable puncture, and was running back home, pushing his bike. He has quite an impressive turn of speed, even without Liz behind him. Lots of other MTB’ers in the forest today, including the group that dare not speak its name. We waved gaily at all of them.

A final blast down Nkandla took us out of the forest, and back through the tunnel towards Cedara. Regular viewers will recall how, a few short weeks ago, we found out that jockeys had wheels. This week, we also learned new things. Rosie’s chain kept falling off, and closer inspection revealed that her small chainring [2x10] had somehow become detached from the big one at a point, and was now hopelessly bent. Not much we could do on the road, so she did the rest of the ride in the large chainring, chaps. Including the Apostrophe Singletrack, Dead Dog and Naartjie. You have been warned.

All of this gave us more than sufficient reason to refresh, so without further ado, that’s what we did, via the Mallory Rd gate. The D’s – including a freshly washed Andre – were waiting for us there. Nino’s did a great job of feeding and watering us all. Andy R had his son’s bachelors to police that evening, and we wished him the best of luck with that.

Garmin Stats: 37km, 2h15 moving time, 16,5km/h average, 590m ascent.


Mark Rowland

Highland 100 Training: this weekend’s ride, planned by Clive, took us from Cascades, up the ST onto the road past Claridge and the back of Albert Falls dam before turning off towards Mackenzies Hill and Karkloof club. We stopped there for a welcome rest and coffee before taking many detours on our way to Howick, Cedara, Hilton and back to PMB. Distances varied but my Strava stats where : 101km in 6:12 moving time and 1900m of climbing. In the group where Charles, J P, Hayden, Liz, Alan, Gavin.

After puncturing, my MTB captains status drew a frown from JP when I didn’t have the tools to remove by back wheel axle or the nut holding my valve in place and to top it produced a patched 26” tube (not sure how I still have that). Fortunately all was resolved and we were soon back on our way.


There appear to be other groups doing their own secret training and hopefully all will be revealed when we get to chat and socialise after the ride.


We feel for these guys who have some nasty injuries and wish them all a speedy recovery+

Dave Stewart – broken clavicle; Dave Griffin – broken tibia in multiple places; Alan Martin – broken clavicle and rib. PS – only two of the three happened on a bicycle although all happened on transport of the two wheel type.

Upcoming Events

15th Sep – Safire Baynesfield Classic, Burg Wheeler gazebo will be there to host members with refreshments and snacks.

21st Sep - Highland 100, Clarens. The “Draw” is this week – for those who have entered on time. Winners of the refunds will be posted next week.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways. Summer start time 15:30

The Saturday ride for the C’s and D’s is from Jaxx. Winter start time 7:00. Reverting to 6:30 as of 7th Sep.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof: All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. See Trail Forks app for further details.

Hilton / Cedara: Mondi have advised that they will be harvesting in the area below Grace College and also in the block near the nursery on the Cedara side. Certain roads and tracks may be closed. Riders to obey any signs and stay clear of operations. Watch out for timber trucks operating at all hours.

We are back in the windy months and the FDI is unpredictable with trail closures at Karkloof and Howick issued at any time. I will pass these trail closure notices on as and when I get them. Please respect these requests.


Please be reminded that we are obliged to wear club kit on all club rides and when representing the club at races. It is understood that occasionally this may not be possible.


Richard Krusekopf

Cell: 0829401847



This Saturday leave Jaxx at 05:30 for easy 80km ride to end of Karkloof road. If raining, ride will be postponed to Sunday.




Great ride had by all last Saturday.

Bill, Ian, Jan, Nats and Myself and young Brandon from d group left Steers at 05am on a nice controlled ride to Shongweni and back

90km and 1254m of climbing 3Hr 54

Ian had to turn early and do dards (Work commitment ) . Thanks for leading at the back of Dards Ian (Big pot holes along their)

Next ride on the 31/08 will leave Steers at 05:00 to Thornville to end of runway back to Thornville and Steers. 90Kms 1069 m climbing



Meet Gordon at Virgin Victoria Road (VV) at 04:50 every Tuesday and Thursday for 1 hour town ride. Please wear club kit and lights.