Greetings All,

16 October 2017


There seems to be some confusion with regards to kit for new joining members. As previously communicated, Compendium, our sponsor, are no longer supplying free kit to new members as of 19 July 2017.

The year prior to Compendium taking over as our new sponsor, we introduced new kit with the Burg Wheeler logo, on Time Freight kit for the first time. Soon after that we were notified that Time Freight was relinquishing their sponsorship of the club.

In my negotiations with Compendium and David Brauteseth, it was felt that it would be difficult and unfair to force club members to pay for another set of kit and, in order for Compendium to get maximum exposure, they agreed to supply kit free of charge to existing and new members.

This, as you can imagine, was an extremely costly procedure and, up until July 2017, Compendium had invested in excess of R400,000 in free kit, with members paying 50% for a second set of kit.

At a meeting with Compendium in July, it was decided that, going forward, we would revert to the old way of handling kit – this was to pay 50% of the kit for new and existing members, at whatever the ruling price was at that time.

Going forward, Compendium will pay 50% of the kit, Burg Wheelers will pay the other 50% up front and recoup that amount from the members.

The above is a very generous offer from Compendium. Most, if not all other clubs, do not sponsor kit at all, and are charging members in the region of R2,000 for a set of kit.


Welcome to the most recent new members for 2017!

We are delighted that you have chosen Burg Wheelers as your cycling family, and hope that you enjoy the great camaraderie of our club, as well as many happy years of cycling with us.

Andrew Bell


Zaheer Randeree


Ziyaad Randeree


Sven van Zuydam


Shaun Govender


Kurt Rutter


Olga Muller




This Sunday is one of the highlights on our road racing calendar and the tarmac around PMB is scorched with all the power that the Roadies have been putting down!!

Trevor will have the Gazebo up at the finish and he has selected a site with lovely ocean views and a cool breeze. All members and their families are invited to join him for a drink and a bite to eat after your cycle.

Sharon has kindly offered to pick up race numbers for those who are unable to get down there themselves. Please sms her your name and race number on 082-451-9624 by Friday. You can then pick your goodie bag up from her house between 4 and 5p.m. on Saturday. Thank you Sharon

Please SMS your time to Warwick Weedon on 083-794-1158. Thank you.

Some Fun Predictions for Amashova

Cobus 3:40

Craig 2:49

Helga 3:25

Greg 3:35

Colin 4:09

Martin 3:17

Gregory 3:32

Lionel 3:14

Jamie 3:40

Jannie 3:40

Junaid 3:11

Mohammed 3:11

Eddie 3:59

Fran 4:10

Sagren 3:25

Bill 3:55

Ian 3:13

Dean 3:25

Franko 3:16

Tony 3:08

Mark 3:04

Llew 3:35

Sandi 3:45

Nathalie 4:12

Janice 4:22

Sheila 3:44

Clive 3:12

Gill 3:16

Richard K 3:26

Peter G 4:10

Sya 3:41

Gavin 3:41

Sharon 3:39

Charmaine 4:10


This Saturday’s (21 October) ride:

B, C & D Groups – Meet at Cascades Virgin at 05:30 for easy 20km ride with 3 x 12 second sprints. Breakfast and Coffee at Coffeeberry afterwards.

A Report

The road surface was considered too damp and the ride was cancelled.

Beeeeeee 🐝 Road Ride Report

Sat 14th Oct.

We had 7 brave B's heading out from, Rotunda, on route to Mount West on Saturday morning. Not even the heavy mist, cold and wet roads could stop these determined cyclists on their last long ride before Amashova. They were, Franko, Janaid, Sagren, Richard, Grant, A group Tony and myself.

We left at a steady pace in the heavy mist and wet road with Grant doing a fantastic job in the front. The roads dried out once we reached Howick but mist was still heavy until we reached Michael house. From here the weather was clear and luckily not much traffic on the road. At this point, Trevor caught us up, after he realised the A's were not riding and leaving later from Rotunda, he rode with the C's for a while and then decided to catch us up.

We had a 7 minute stop at Mount West and took in some well earned snacks before the long descent back down to Rotunda. Grant unfortunately broke his back hub around Mid Mar Dam, so ended up in the back up vehicle for the rest of the ride.

We reached Rotunda with the following stats; 105.5km, 27 km/hr, 1460m elevation. The cuppachino went down well, after a wet and misty start, and chilly descent back from Mount West.

Well done to all and thanks to Grant, Tony and Trevor who did most of the pulling.

This Saturday The B's will be meeting at Cascades, at 5:30 for a slow preparation ride of around 20km.



We were 10 CC’s! Eddie, Bill, Sya, Gavin, Hanif, Peter G, John B, Nathalie, Fran and Greg. The plan was to keep the group together riding at the slowest pace and for the stronger riders to attack the hills and regroup. This worked well and we had a safe ride with Geoff doing an excellent job protecting us from traffic.

At Notties Gavin, Sya, Fran, Peter and Greg turned back under Gavin’s leadership. The rest of us continued to Mt West. On the return Nathalie set the pace with the rest of us battling to keep up! 106 km at an easy pace, Good Shova preparation.


D Group

Thursday 12 October: 7 members braved the cold and met at the garage at the bottom of Hesketh Drive for some power work, which consisted of 6 x 4 minute sprints up to Adams Road, with 3 minutes rest in between. The first 4 were done at 75 – 80% maximum heart rate and the last 2 at 90%+ maximum heart rate.

We then did a loop back to the garage to bring our heart rates down – a session enjoyed by all.

Saturday 14 October:

11 members met at 5a.m. at Rotunda for a group ride to Mount West and back, and the weather was “vrot” to say the least. The road was very wet and it was misty all the way to Michaelhouse.

The discipline in the group was pretty good, with the exception of cyclists riding abreast in areas where the road was narrow and difficult for cars to pass our backup vehicle and cyclists. There are times when riding abreast is acceptable, but when the road is narrow and I specifically ask that we stick to single file, please listen, as it’s in the interest of safety and creates less frustration for motorists trying to pass.

We turned about a km from Mount West and headed home – on the way back there were two punctures, fortunately a back and a front wheel, and we were able to use the two spare wheels that were in the backup vehicle and changed the wheel quickly.

Riding time 4hrs 48mins an average speed of 21.6, and 1,150m climbing and a big thank you to Lesley for doing backup for us. A cup of coffee and quick breakfast was enjoyed by those who stayed.

Tuesday 17 October: our recovery ride through town was cancelled due to rain, This would have been our last ride for this week we will now ride on Wednesday morning, with the exception of a ride which will be organised on Saturday morning from Cascades. This will be advertised in the BT. It will cover a distance of 20kms and will be done at a very slow pace just to stretch the legs for Amashova.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our club members a safe and enjoyable ride with your personal best time. I’ll be away so won’t be riding.

Please join Trevor Thompson at the club gazebo after your ride.

Attached are some photos from the MTB rides.

Best regards,


DC Group

There were 9 of us and we left Rotunda at 04:50. The weather was not ideal and the few riders wearing glasses had a tuff time the first few km’s. However the slight drizzle and wispy mist soon lifted and we had a comfortable ride to Mt West. The team are looking strong and we are looking forward to a good ride on 25 November.

We were joined by the CC’s and DD’s back at Rotunda where most of us had a hearty breakfast.



MTB Captains report for week of 17th October

The choice available to mountain bikers is amazing as the following reports will hopefully provide a glimpse.

By Sunday the trails were perfect and 8 of us tackled the Hilton College route. Trevor, Clive, Hans, Franko and son Chris, Richard and son Mitchell and I had a great 32km ride. We had with us newcomers Hans, Chris, Richard and Mitchell who all enjoyed the group ride. The afternoon view from the view point is even more spectacular than in the mornings, I think.

Well done to all in the mid-week Berg and Bush Great Trek and 2-Day weekend event.

Don’t recall seeing this advertised as a club ride but it sure seemed that way with all the Burg Wheelers taking part and looking great in their kit.

Berg and Bush Ride Report (Elaine Davie & Jill McGrath):

Christie Hearder was amazing as always , finishing 5th in the Ladies team in 8hrs48,41. Well done

Berg and Bush . The Great Trek

This event was well supported by Burg Wheelers.

Despite extreme weather conditions, torrential rain, hail and sleet before the start of Day one , we all made it safely down to Emseni camp, enjoying a view of the Berg covered in snow.

The next 2 days just got better and better with only a couple of diversions on the way, due to particularly wet, dangerous sections of the track.

The final day, as always, did not disappoint , with the fast flowing single track off the back of Spionkop back to camp , the main highlight of the tour.


Iian Ambler and Johann Wykend, 46th

Colin Goosen and partner in 24th position in 5 hrs 06, Morne' Moore (a new member) with partner Theo, came 20th overall in a time of 5hrs 15 .

David Davie was 31st in 5hrs 15. Entered solo, at the last minute .

Jill Magrath and Caro Woolam were 2nd ladies team ..... 135th position in 6 hrs 14. Well done girls.

Caro and David completed their 9th Berg and Bush event earning them the title of Induna. Well done .

Berg and Bush - 2 day

We had perfect weather for our event and incredible trails thanks to the previous event compacting the trails after the rain.

We had a great social group of BWs .

The Timmerman brother , Doug and Albie, did extremely well in 5hrs 63 in 83rd position overall and 5 th in their category, Siblings Followed by Kurk Rutters ( new member ) and partner in 128th position. Time....

Then John and Jo Dunton and the Davie's in position 178th and 179th in 6hrs 39.15 and 6hrs 39, 31. David completed his 10th Berg and Bush, doing 2 events in one week!!!!

Caro Arnold (new member) finished in 202nd position in 6hrs57. Her partner was doing his 1st stage race. Caro is also a Induna as she completed her 10th B&B event.

Simon and Wendy finished in 7hrs 23.

Wesley Grant's partner , Paddy, had 2 bad falls on day one, resulting in a long day. Day 2 Paddy could not complete the day as his ribs were rather sore, so Wes went solo .

Charmaine and Sheila had a lot of fun in 8hrs 29.

David Stewart and Justin Henderson , had a super ride. Well done Super Ballies.

A very well organised race and well worth putting on anyone bucket list.

Swazi Frontier Ride Report (Bruce Koller):

One is faced with so much choice on a bike, in this amazing country we live in.

There are countless events on the race calendar, whatsapp groups abuzz with plans from friends planning social rides, or getaways to remote places only accessible on a bike.

Then, now and again along comes an opportunity for something very special and it’s called the Inyatsi Swazi Frontier.

Some of you have taken part in this race, , no wait event is a better way of putting it. For those who have not, make sure your passport is valid and check out of the real world for 5 days in 2018 and immerse yourself into the Swazi culture and countryside.

It’s an easy drive from KZN, registration is quick and chilled, with only 60 teams taking part. Accommodation and food is first class, a mix of chalets and hotels are used for all 4 nights. (Even the Pyga got to sleep in the hotel!) Accommodation is included at Maguba dam after stage 3 and that prize giving and after party is a must attend! Many casualties have been recorded at Stage 4 of the Swazi Frontier!

The riding is raw and natural, no easy miles. Approx 60 kms per day, total ascent 5075m and total descent 5795m, so its net downhill!

The racing at the sharp end of the field is strong, with the front teams jostling hard for top honors. It’s a tough race to win, and kudos to the leading Men’s and Ladies teams who earn their names on the trophies. Trails are all unmarked, but follow common sense (and goat logic) as well a good GPS trail. The locals welcome riders thru the lands and we were greeted by hundreds of smiling faces as we traversed the landscape. Day 1 delivers a very exciting rocky descent early on, with a few OTB witnessed, then throws a massive portage just 10kms from the finish, Too Brutal has dished out severe pain to many. Its quickly forgotten with a cold beer at Bulembu that afternoon, an abandoned mining town, with interesting history. Day 2 includes some awesome riding along countless kms of riverbed, with a lot of challenging water crossings. Day 3 dishes out more of the same, stunning scenery, white knuckle descents and heart stopping climbs, till a tough finish into Maguba Dam. Then it’s fun and games, reminiscing about the route, making new friends and planning 2018, all the pain long forgotten!

Put this event into your diary, see you there in 2018.

Thanks to Logico, Thirsti Spring Water and Pyga Bikes for the memories we made at the Frontier 2017.

“C” Group Ride Report for 14th October

Saturday didn’t look very promising when I opened the curtains. Misty and damp. Things hadn’t improved much when I got to Hilton. Lucky that I did get to Hilton, because a goodly group had already assembled, and they were the very dictionary definition of expectant. Joining me were Omar, Red-Hot Rod, Polar Pierre, Mr C. Norris, Trevor, Sven, Team Smit, and that international man of mystery, Larry. Chuck rolled in on his entirely suspension-less steed, with the addition of what looked to me like road tyres, just in case it wasn’t difficult enough already. The Gruppenfuhrer had made noises on the chat group about doing a road ride, but we suspect that he was actually safely tucked up in bed, hopefully his own. After a short but intense discussion about last week, Pierre and I agreed that he would stick with the group this week.

Given the very damp & misty conditions, we entered the forest at the Mallory Rd gate, which is easier to ride down than up, as several people demonstrated. The week’s rain had nicely dampened down the soft sand left by the logging operations, and the road to the first ST is better than it was. The ST itself was predictably slick and treacherous, so we proceeded with caution. Even Omar. The Bunny Ears ST was next, taking care over the rocks. We popped out at the bottom of the no-nursery, and transitioned laterally across the valley to pick up the ST on the other side. Coming out of that, we then headed for the long climb up to the shower, past the Rasta church. We speculated as to the reasons for the church’s lack of progress, the most popular reason being repeated failures of the sacred herb crop. Or possibly very good seasons, leading to a shift in priorities. Either way, it’s a spliff climb to get there [groan].

We squelched our way across to the shower, and from there to the ST at the hairpin. We worked our way carefully down to the ‘Pack of Dogs’ ST. A brace of trail runners caught us several times, which is in itself embarrassing. The good news was that this ST, and a few others, has been extensively tidied up for a forthcoming race, and is currently most excellent to ride. As is the road at the very end of the ST, which was very rutted, but is in great condition now. Don’t tell the motorcyclists.

We saw three separate packs of hunters with dogs in the area. There must have been a tournament on.

From there, we moved across to Andre’s ST past Still No Nurses Dam. This ST too has been spruced up, and is in good nick.

A few weeks ago, we saw a couple of riders working their way up from the bottom dam to the exit of Andre’s ST, via a new piece of ST. Hard to resist new ST, so we didn’t. Down is always better than up, when it comes to ST. And it’s very good. Fast with lots of unusual obstacles, but it will quickly become a fixture on the route list.

Through the gate, across the dam wall, and down the Donkey Rd sprint, which was still fine – i.e. not muddy. We saw the crowned cranes to the right of the road. They probably saw us too. Across the Cedara crossroads, and down the hill, pausing only to admire a new calf, and discuss favoured beef marinades. There was a strong smell of molasses in the area. I’ve often wondered what they do with the rest of the mole. They must go through a lot of them. Does anyone know?

The call of the cappuccino was getting stronger, so we headed for home. Omar picked up a puncture just before the vlei, quickly fixed by the team. Across the vlei, and then across Pierre’s Peril to the Mallory Rd gate. Omar, keen to move from his position at the back of the pack to his more accustomed one at the front, lost traction on the slick surface of the bridge, and fell heavily. As we all know, Omar is constructed largely of industrial grade rubber, and is mostly indestructible. He picked himself up and pressed on, but there may be some damage. Larry underlined his mastery of the craft by comprehensively riding up the Mallory Rd gate.

Back at base, further surprises awaited us. Team Smit is about to lose a Smit apparently, and Philli had very kindly baked and iced a farewell tray of cupcakes for the riders, which were shared out by the Smit Matriarch over coffee at Jaxx. These cupcakes were deadly, people. Moist, delicious and rich, and most likely heavily frowned upon by the Geneva Convention and Tim Noakes alike. You stay in bed, you miss out. Safe travels, Philli. Larry is making discouraging noises about sitting out the next few weeks because of self-perceived lack of fitness, which I am pooh-poohing vigorously. Please don’t miss any opportunity you get [including social media shaming] to encourage him to continue riding with us.

Strava Stats: 30km’s on the nose, 2h45, and 660m of climbing.

Rod taking ride next week – I’ll be ferrying children back from varsity for my sins. Have fun.


Mark Rowland

Upcoming Events

Amashova - 22nd Oct

Pecanwood Oktoberfest MTB - 28th Oct

Monks Cowl MTB - 5 Nov

See MTB calendar for other rides and more details.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

Not much riding available in the Howick area. Suggest limit your rides to the available trails in the Karkloof. All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of local trails.

Hilton / Cedara

The harvested areas are quite obvious, please stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the C group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.

Last word…..

Sticks and stones may break my spokes, but going over the handle bars can hurt me.


Richard Krusekopf