Greetings All,

MTB Report – 11th June 2019

Compendium Burg Wheelers MTB Race 14th July.

Helpers needed to marshal. Please forward names to me via WhatsApp. So far only 11 have volunteered – c’mon guys and girls.

Sharon and Clive have already filled their quota for registration and water tables, so thanks to those who responded so promptly.

A/B Group – A/B group ride this past weekend. This group is for the faster riders. Should anyone be willing to regularly lead, please contact me.

C Group – Mark Rowland leads the C group. After a recent gathering of C and D group brains trust, it has been decided to brand these two groups slightly differently. The C group is more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can, riding at a somewhat faster pace typically 16km/h. The intention is to ride about 30km in a Saturday morning.

D Group – The D group is intended for those wishing to do what the C group does but at a lesser pace and over a lesser distance. Typically around 28km’s at approx. 14km/h. The D group is led by various members on a roster format.


LIGHTS: The roadies are doing it and so should mountain bikers when riding on public roads, tar or gravel. Use LIGHTS front and back, even in the day time. We need to be as visible as possible when on the roads. It’s in our own interest to give ourselves a fighting chance against motor vehicles.

ICE: Also carry some ID so that you can be identified in the unimaginable event of being knocked over. BW have been promoting a small card that can be used for this purpose and carried with you. Mine is in my cell phone cover.

Group Reports for Sat 8th June

A/B Group – Dave Bure lead a faster group of riders around Cedara. Thanks Dave.

C Group - Today was Trevor’s final Saturday ride with the mighty C group. He’s emigrating to the Cape, and I for one will miss his good nature, groanworthy witticisms and riding tips. He shared with me a few ways to go faster without falling off, not that it helped. Docmike has promised to keep in contact with him for rides in the Cape.

Joining us for Trevor’s swansong were Teams Gray, Horsely & Booysen, and solo riders Sandy, the Kruppenfuhrer, the ArchDeacon, DisaPierre, Gert, Lloyd, Dylan, and a few DD’s. Andy G took the Horsely’s, Booysens and assorted others with him, and the rest came with me. Despite hints in this direction by Gill Bure, there were no white Lycra bottoms that I saw. They may have been there, but my mind blanks them out. Let’s just put it out there – no white Lycra, please. I’m not old enough for that, and I never will be.

A slither of cycling snakes accumulated at a safe distance from us, and were never seen [by us] again.

The [best laid…] plan was to start in Cedara, keeping out of the low-lying [i.e. this || cold] areas, and then move across to Grace when the temperature had climbed to more civilized levels. There were multiple failures to this plan, the first being the locked Mallory Rd Gate. We re-routed in via Hillside Rd, in the process getting a great view of the frost in the vlei. Not for the last time, there was muttering from the chattering classes. Pierre, who seems to be impervious to low temperatures, kept us distracted by detailing the injustices done to him and his bike by his unintentional dismount in last weekend’s Karkloof Classic, which by all accounts was a hall-of-famer. The Kruppenfuhrer encountered rear brake failure quite early in the ride, but being made of stern stuff, he continued, complaining but little.

Bunny Ears led to the apostrophe section [Brett’s Law / Kim’s Way / Phil’s Nana], where we had a little congestion with other slower cyclists on a similar route, necessitating more re-planning to get in front of them. We turned right at the bottom, hoisted the bikes over the gate, and blistered down the dusty Donkey Rd.

It was here that the group reminded me of the Park Run, happening this week. Bother. We should have gone there first. A little more furious route re-planning later, we headed into the Grace section via the N3 tunnel. It was still cold. Up the Nkandla ST, meeting the Absolutely Motionless Bratpack at the top. We crossed the HC Rd, and rode everything that didn’t have Park Runners on it, before re-crossing the road, and heading for Castle Rock. Dylan blitzed the rocky section, with Byron following closely. Somehow we got split up, and the forests echoed to the sound of C groupers riding randomly around looking for each other. Reunited at the N3 tunnel, we slogged back up along the railway towards home. DisaPierre did just that, at the first opportunity. The survivors congregated at Jaxx, fortifying ourselves with coffee while we waited for the D’s to arrive back. We had a very pleasant final breakfast with Trevor, except for Andre, who was in the dogbox with Liz, due a runaway mouth. There’s a surprise.

Garmin Stats: 32kms, 2h00, 15,6 km/h ave, 520m ascent, 2-14 degrees.


Mark Rowland

D Group - Andy started with 7 and finished with 5. Riders included the Booysens, Dad Rhyse and daughter Megan, Spha and team leader Andy. A bit of Grace and Cedara with Strava stats: 27km and 520m climbing in 2:27h.

Upcoming Events

14th JULY – Compendium Burg Wheelers MTB Race at Karkloof.

4th Aug – Illovo Eston – BW gazebo will be there

21st Sep - Highland 100, Clarens. A number of BW have shown interest in this event and to show their appreciation the organisers will be refunding two BW entries by lucky draw. Once entered make sure you get your name to Albie Timmerman by mid August, who is co-ordinating this for us. (So won’t apply to late entries.)

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways. Winter start time 15:00.

The Saturday ride for the C’s and D’s is from Jaxx. Winter start time 7:00.. (Mark and Dave leading)


Richard Krusekopf

Cell: 0829401847