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A visitor is welcome to join any official club ride, provided they have signed an indemnity form. They are allowed 3 rides with the group. If the visitor then wishes to continue riding with the club, then they must pay pro rata subs and are also required to purchase a Compendium Burg Wheeler shirt.



When a group passes another group on the road, the following etiquette should be observed in the interests of safety and courtesy:

The faster group should wait for an opportune time to pass.

The slower group should keep left.

The slower group should not accelerate and infiltrate or hang onto the faster group.

The backup vehicle for the slower group should pull over and stop until all members of the faster group have passed.

AWESOME A’S & Buzzing Bees

A very much depleted group set off from the Quarry Centre for a 119km, 2000m ride on Saturday morning, with only 4 members of our 12 strong Maluti team present. The A’s set off 15min after the B’s and rode a very disciplined 75% of MHR zone ride.

Whilst we passsed the B’s going in opposite directions a few times we never actually caught up with them, which led to much banter post ride as to who was riding in their zones and who was trying to show up the A team.

The competition for Maluti is ON!

The rest of our Maluti team are either training secretly overseas, some even as far away as the South Coast of KZN, and some in such secret, that not even they know where they are right now. The B’s should be on the alert when we release these secret weapons.

Our last Maluti training ride this coming Saturday starts at the Quarry Centre for a 119km, 1350m ride out to Fort Nottingham and back, this will be the easiest ride to date.

Hayden Hutton

Cheerful C’s

Cc,s Ride on 30/03/19

Six of us left Steers at 05am

Ollie, Ian, Mohammed, Charles, Jill , Bill and myself

Awesome controlled ride, Thanks to Ollie and Jill for pacing us up fox hill.(Controlled)

Thanks to Tracey for carrying cold water and Bananas in cooler box for the team.

1St half of the ride was so misty but we all stuck together and our backup car was right behind us.

91Kms 3Hrs 36.51 Average 25.2Kms per Hr


Maluti C Team

A full team of 12 riders set off at 04:45 from the Mills Super Spar for the Eston Loop ably led by Captain Lionel and supported by Cornel and Anton. The route was very misty until we hit the Richmond to Eston Road.

This Saturday. Leave Jaxx at 05:00 for 100km ride to Notties

Determined D’s

The plan on Thursday morning was to ride up the “three sisters”, which takes in Morcom, up Forest Road to the top of Wykeham, down Roberts and up to the top of Taunton, finishing at the Athlone Circle, with a total climb of 594 metres and about 15 kms.

The group was split into a slower group of about 8, who did the normal town route, with 14 of us tackling the hills.

The pre-race brief was to climb the hills at one’s own pace, and that (for safety’s sake) it was to be done in single file. Fortunately we had no traffic on either of the 3 hills. After reaching Athlone Circle, I took the group down Grimsby, into Town Bush and back into town where we did the loop, culminating at VV.

Those who did the town ride, enjoyed it, with no problems, and those who could stay enjoyed a cup of coffee at Seattle.

Saturday 30th: The planned ride was from Rotunda, via Midmar to the garage at Notties Junction. Not being able to ride, I decided to do backup. We had a group of 14, with Jan joining us along the route. The group was split at the start, with Jordyn leading the faster group of 9, and Jumbo looking after the slower group of 5.

The discipline in both groups was exceptional (well done all) and I must compliment all my D group riders for the initiative they’ve taken in making sure that they have a decent front light and a visible rear light. Out of the 14 riders, 4 of them had the new Bontreger rear light, which has a battery capacity that made sure the light was as bright at the end of a 4.5hr ride, as it was when they started. The balance of the rear lights, although bright when dark, were not visible after their batteries faded.

I would also like to make mention of the ankle reflector straps that have generously been donated by Jowetts – they are incredibly effective when there’s a group of riders in front of you, with your car lights shining on them – thank you Jowetts.

Jowetts, Hattons and CBT have, over the past couple of weeks, been offering incredible specials to our BW members on front and rear lights, and I’d like to thank them all very much for that. Please also don’t forget the incredible discount of 15% on ICE bands, that Hayden Hutton (our Road Captain) has negotiated with ICE.

The ride (and fudge made by Sally) was enjoyed by all. It was also Sally’s first ride up and down Happy Hill since her accident a while ago, and she did very well.

Tuesday’s ride was cancelled due to rain and was going to be led by Jordyn Grenfell.

Saturday 6th; From Jaxx at 5am for 80km ride to Michaelhouse.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,


MTB Report

MTB Report – 2nd April 2019

A/B Group – A/B group ride this past weekend. This group is for the faster riders. Should anyone be willing to regularly lead, please contact me.

C Group – Mark Rowland leads the C group. After a recent gathering of C and D group brains trust, it has been decided to brand these two groups slightly differently. The C group is more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can, riding at a somewhat faster pace typically 16km/h. The intention is to ride about 30km in a Saturday morning.

D Group – The D group is intended for those wishing to do what the C group does but at a lesser pace and over a lesser distance. Typically around 28km’s at approx. 14km/h. The D group is led by various members on a roster format.

Group Reports for Sat 30th March

A/B Group –

C Group - All over our lovely countryside, the cosmos is in bloom. Good a reason as any to ride our bikes. The weather was also wonderful, so ride we did. The plan was to go a little longer than usual due to the wonderful weather. The C-group faithful flocked to the siren call. We passed Liz and Peter slogging up the hill, and joining us in the parking lot were Dogbite, Docmike, Team Horsley, Trevor, Daan, Pauline & Helga, Hans, Gert, Sean, Larry, Andy R, Rosie & Wayne, Elaine, a Liz-less Andre, and Simon. Hope I didn’t miss anyone. A rare absence for DisaPierre, who was saving himself for the following days Kamberg.

Dogbite and I split the throng into two groups based on whether we liked them or not. The C’s followed me down to the Mallory Rd gate, and from there across and up to the famous Bunny Ears. Which is currently quite technical at that early time of the day, due to a combination of debris and the angle of the sun. Everyone made it through unscathed, and we headed up the hill past the nursery. And up, and up. There was dissent from the chattering classes, which, as a good leader, I ignored, knowing that there was plenty more to come. We traversed the contour road across to the Non-Stop Nurses ST, and blasted down it, coming out at Nurses Dam. Where we found a bakkie and a tent, which looked occupied, presumably with Nurses. Daan said that in his experience, camping and coffee often occurred simultaneously, so he rode across to see if they could be persuaded to part with some. They wisely ignored him, and we left them in peace. From there, we did Andre’s ST, and then the ST down to the Cedara Dam. Where the gate was very firmly locked indeed, forcing us to pass bikes over it. I managed to get across the puddle upright this time. Buoyed by this small win, we sped down the Donkey Rd., and it was at this point that we deviated from the usual routing. We turned left at the end, and slogged up the hill to the Birnam Wood road. Left again, back towards the ridge. A little grumbling about the climbing, but nothing that couldn’t be dismissed. Across the stream and then we worked our way towards the Pack of Dogs ST.

The group was very well balanced in terms of ability, fitness and conviviality, and stops were both infrequent and amusing. Gert had places to go and people to see, so he headed back on his own.

Pack of Dogs was its usual wonderful self. It was here that Pauline, who has been coming back from a serious injury, re-discovered her singletrack mojo. Up to this point she had been justifiably a little cautious. On Pack of Dogs, she transformed into Omar [Ouma?], blasting her way through the forests, accompanied by a soundtrack of happy cyclist noises. Good to see.

The route from here took us up Naartjie hill, where Rosie and Wayne had seen a large puff adder just last week. There was a brief discussion of the best way to cook and eat puffie’s. Sadly, all good puff adder recipes start with first catching yourself a puff adder. Puffie’s are understandably not very keen on this part of the recipe, which is the main reason why garlic puffie doesn’t feature on many menus. This was followed by a discussion about what to do if we actually saw a puffie, several of us being distrustful of animals without armpits. It was decided that the best strategy would be for Daan to head the group, thus hopefully triggering that professional courtesy between lawyers and other venomous forked-tongue creatures. As it happened, the fact that Simon was also riding with us meant that we had numbers on our side. Puffies know when they are bringing a knife to a gunfight, and they kept their distance.

Liz B started pulling amps on the way up Naartjie, which caught me a bit by surprise, since she normally has the endurance of ten normal cyclists. I had of course forgotten about last week’s Berg 100, which has clearly taken its toll on the Botha BMT. She asked very nicely if we could a.) keep moving, and b.) keep moving in the general direction of home. The answer to both was yes, and off we went. We did all the ST we could on the way back, coming back through the Mallory Rd gate. Liz was a good sport about all fun. These will sadly be Trevor’s last few rides with us, before he semi-grates to the fairest cape. Back at Jaxx, we were reunited with what was left of the D’s, who had been back a while. Justin was with them, and we caught up with him over coffee. Various cyclists came past to greet us, the boiled beverages flowed along with the conversation.

Garmin Stats: 39km, 2h30 riding time, 720m climbing, 15,8km/h average speed


Mark Rowland

D Group - We had a good and sprightly turn out for the D Group today. Elaine, Megan, Rhys, Hans, Andre, Larry, Gordon, Peter and myself. Mainly jeep track around Grace and Cedara at a fair pace. Stunning weather. Good to be alive and on the bike! Strava Stats 29km and 556m of climbing in 1h50.



Berg 100: In the last edition I wasn’t aware that Tim Nefdt is now a BW member. His outstanding result (6th overall a& 2nd Sen/Elite) was noticed but not mentioned. Apologies Tim, but very well done.

Kamberg Classic Results

A fair turn-out of BW at this event which is growing in popularity and now included in the Roag Quattro Series. Some excellent results from members in all three events. Selected results below, but well done to all for a strong showing.

65km: Winner Tyrone White in 2:29:34; James McGrath 15th overall & 7th sub-vet; Dave Davie 42nd overall & 5th Grand Master(after doing 120km road ride the day before); Craig Markham 45th overall and 6th Grand Master; Lloyd Moffatt 63rd overall & 13th Master; Marian Loveday 67th overall and 4th Female Master; Jill Magrath 68th overall and 5th Female Vet.

45km: Winner Brandon Stewart in 2:01:03; Sven van Zuydam 6th overall & 1st Youth; Nic Burczak 7th overall & 2nd Youth; Ethan Jackson 8th overall & 4th Junior; James Slabberts 11th overall & 4th Youth; Mitch Ellison 16th overall & 7th Junior; Brett Fourie 2nd Master; Pierre vd Merwe 1st Vet; Sarah Ryan 1st Female Junior; Ingrid Flint 1st Female Master; Sheila McCall 1st Female Grand Master; Rod Blake 4th Grand Master; Wally Flint 6th Grand Master;

25km: Tom Truter 6th Overall & 5th Sub Junior; Omar Wilson 7th Overall & 6th Sub Junior; Jayden Collier 12Sub Junior; Blake Frodsham 2nd Youth; Rhys Horsley 4th Master; Megan Horsley 3rd Female Sub Junior; Leigh-Ann Moffatt 3rd Female Master

MTB Weekend Get-away

In May the club will once again arrange a MTB weekend get-away for members. The venue in 2019 will be the trails in the Kamberg and we will be accommodated at the Glengarry resort which has a variety of accommodation options to suit all. Keep the weekend 11-12 May open and let me know if you are wanting to join us. Time is running out. No more single bedroom cottages available.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30. Will change to 15:00 from 1st May.

The Saturday ride for the C’s and D’s is from Jaxx. Time change to 7:00 from this Saturday 6th Apr.


Richard Krusekopf

Cell: 0829401847on