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The arrangements for Saturday’s BW traditional ride up to Suikerbossie are as follows:

Meet at the car park opposite Café Extrablatt in Main Road, Greenpoint at 06:00hrs for a 6:15 start. It will still be dark, so some form of lighting must be visible.

As this is a club ride, club kit is mandatory, even if it means having to wash a shirt before the Argus (CTCT) Please check the above website for directions.

I have booked for breakfast at Café Extrablatt, which the club will pay for - the restaurant only opens at 08.00am. Looking forward to seeing you all in Cape Town, but if I don’t see you, all the best for your Cape Town Cycle Tour (Argus).

Please WhatsApp your time to me on 083-659-3000.


The details of how to order with a Coupon Code are attached, and the Coupon Code for BWCC members is, BWCC.

Remember that there are shipping costs to be paid as well, so if you and a few friends place your order together you could share the shipping costs.

This offer is for a limited time only, so please place your order ASAP.

Please direct all queries directly to ICEID.

The ICEID website address is

Best regards,

Hayden Hutton

Road Captain


Dear CTCT Competitors,

Wishing you all a fantastic race this weekend, I trust that your many hours of training will pay off handsomely.

Be safe and fly the Burg Wheelers flag high.

Bon voyage and allez allez allez,

Hayden Hutton

Road Captain

AWESOME A’S & Buzzing Bees

Tues, Wed and Thurs Rides.

The Tuesday Hilly routes are coming to an end, only 4 more left. I hope you all feeling the benefits, as we lead up to Maluti.

Tues 12 March 4 Hills, Morcom to top, Devilliers, Howick Rd and up QE Park.

Tues 19 March Old Howick Rd Hill from VV up to Xways. Down to Rotunda, return.

Tues 26 March Sweetwater’s Rd up to Hilton, Down Old Howick, loop.

Tues 2 April 4 X intervals up Chase Valley Rd Hill.

Wednesday Track – For the next 5 weeks, starting Wed 6th March, meet me at the track after work for some speed sessions. Road bikes only. 5:00pm to 6:30pm.

Thursdays we will be doing the normal Town Route.

Saturday 2nd March.

The A’s and B’s left Jaxx car park at 5:15 and headed out through Howick onto the R103 up to Mount West. We passed the garage and headed out another 5 kms until the tar ended and returned to the garage for a food and liquid break. The return down the R103 was fast and furious, led by the awesome A’s. By the time we reached Michael House, a few of us B’s had fallen off the pace so we regrouped and headed back to Nino’s for Coffee and Breakfast. Riding stats: 122km, 27km/hr, 1436m climbing.

Saturday 9th March.

This Saturday will be another climbing day. Leaving from Jaxx at 5:15 heading passed Mid Mar Dam, turning Right into Howick, then turning up Curries Post Road. Turning around when we run out of Tar. We then going to do the Karkloof Road also until the Tar ends, before turning and heading through Howick, Merivale and back to Jaxx. 117km 1800m climbing.

Good luck to all those heading to Cape Town for the CTCT. Keep the rubber side down.

Clive Deacon


Cheerful C’s

Sat morning the 100Kms C group set out from Jaxx at 5am

We rode very nice as a group with a few regroups (Not many)

We all made it to Notties in 2.5hrs

We had a regroup at Michael house and the Maluti group caught up with us and we hung in with them to notts.

Ollie was a machine on the way back doing most the towing…

I had to withdraw with 10Kms to go with a Massive headache.

Well done to Ollie, Sheila, Gavin H, Bill & Clair for a nice Ride.

Thanks to Tracey with cooler box an ice water for all.

100km Avg 26.5 kph (An excellent pace for a Zone 2 ride)

Kind Regards,


A Few Fun Predictions for Argus Based on Good Weather

Lionel 3:19

Tony 3:20

Colin 3:39

Sharon 3:40

Allan 3:41

ww 3:35 – from Lionel

Jamie 4:01 – depends how long he sits on the wall for!

Dale 3:59 – if he sticks to the route but he should know it after 24 rides!!

Gavin B 4:15

Sya 4:10

Fran 4:25

Nicola 5:29

Charles H 3:18

Enver 3:40

Ian 4:55 – on a MTB!!!

Justin 4:16

Mohamed 3:55

Ingrid 3:25

Wally 3:35

Jordyn 3:54

Kieron 4:12

Dee 3:58

Gavin H 3:29

Zaheer 3:58


Determined D’s

2nd March.

A group of 14 left Rotunda at 5.00a.m. - the planned ride was to go up to Michaelhouse at a steady, zone two ride. We hadn’t gone far when we hit very thick mist. We were hardly able to make out the right turn into Merrivale. I stopped the group just as we got to Midmar Dam, concerned that the mist was dangerous, and if it got any worse I would abort the ride and head home. We didn’t even see that Midmar was overflowing when we went past!

As we got closer to the Tweedie turnoff it started to clear a little, so we pushed on, and by the time we got to the top of happy hill it was clear. Sihle was on his 2nd long ride with the group, and was battling on the hills, so I stayed with him and helped him up the hill, letting the group go ahead, and then we regrouped at the top.

Sihle did well to get to Michaelhouse, 35kms, and decided to rest his legs in the backup vehicle on the way home - it gets better after each ride you just have to keep on riding and do some fitness training at the track.

I set a reasonably fast pace on the way home and it was then that we noticed Midmar was overflowing, a great sight to see. The rest of the ride home was uneventful - we went through the houses at Merryivale to miss the traffic. A 72 km ride was enjoyed by all, and also the coffee for the ones who could stay.

Last, but not least, I would like to wish all my D group riders who are doing the Argus (CTCT,) a safe and enjoyable ride with a personal best time.

No report from the 5th for the D group.

Ride safe, stay alert and stay alive,


MTB Report – 5th March 2019

Sappi Howick Classic:

The weather was great on the Saturday but certainly didn’t help the classic on the Sunday. A fair turnout for the Enduro but very disappointing for the Classic. However some excellent results for Burg Wheelers.

Enduro: Winner Keira Duncan in 13:34min; Keith Diederichs 1st Vet in 16:43min; Omar Wilson 4th Sub Junior in 17:42min; James Slabberts 4th Youth in 19:04min; Blake Frodsham 12th Youth in 25:20min; Sarah Ryan 4th Female Junior in 27:38min.

Classic 40km: Winner Stuart Marais in 1h54:43; Ethan Jackson 9th overall & 3rd Junior; Nic Burczak 10th overall & 2nd Youth; Graham Pearson 11th overall & 3rd Sub Vet; Sven van Zuydam 24th overall & 5th Youth; Sarah Ryan 30th overall & 1st Junior Women.

Classic 20km: Josh Aurets 12th overall & 1st Sub Junior; Jayden Collier 13th overall & 2nd Sub Junior; Omar Wilson 20th overall & 3rd Sub Junior;

A few all-rounders to keep note of for possible recognition later in the year. Well done to all.

A/B Group – A/B group ride this past weekend. This group is for the faster riders. Should anyone be willing to regularly lead, please contact me.

C Group – Mark Rowland leads the C group. After a recent gathering of C and D group brains trust, it has been decided to brand these two groups slightly differently. The C group is more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can, riding at a somewhat faster pace typically 16km/h. The intention is to ride about 30km in a Saturday morning.

D Group – The D group is intended for those wishing to do what the C group does but at a lesser pace and over a lesser distance. Typically around 28km’s at approx. 14km/h. The D group is led by various members on a roster format.

Group Reports for Sat 2nd March

A/B Group –

C Group - Friday evening brought both persistent drizzle and the successful return of a misplaced spouse. Thanks again to all that mucked in to help. Nice to be associated with all you fine people.

The previous evenings rain was light enough not to have soaked through the trees, and we looked like being able to get in a good ride.

The Jaxx parking lot filled up steadily with people being shown Pierre’s new bike, by a very happy Pierre.

Joining me in the C’s were Daan, Trevor, Sandy, Wayne, Caroline, Dylan, Pierre, Hans, Liz B, Rosey, and James. The D’s were ably directed by the ever-pleasant Andy G, who took himself, Docmike, Ali, Elaine, Rhys, Simon, Larry, Peter, and finally Debbie & sprog. Apologies if I have omitted anyone. Welcome back to His Larryness and James, both riding to recover from illness.

The C’s set off towards Cedara, and the D’s went in search of some Grace.

Hans tried to lose us at the start again, but we were much smarter this time, and kept him in sight. We had the first of many updates from Pierre about the performance of his new bike versus the old. We trundled happily through the Cedara village, down the Donkey Rd, and through the gate at the Cedara Dam. The jeeptrack was pleasingly dry.

At Trevor’s suggestion we avoided Dead Dog, and instead climbed up the recently cleared ST just to the left of the road, which was most pleasant. Thanks again to the track cleaning team. Take care, logging is taking place near the ST exit. We went straight into the end of Andre’s ST, looping around via blackjack alley to get back to the Nurses Dam road, where we turned left again. Here we passed a little red car, presumably containing nurses on their way to the dam. Justin would have been pleased.

We climbed up to the Non-Stop Nurses ST, and blitzed down it. We met a racy looking group of MTBikers at the bottom, going the other direction. Some of them knew some of us, and we briefly swapped lies and misleading riding tips. After a quick progress report from Pierre, we pressed on up Naartjie hill, and then towards the famed Pack of Dogs. Pierre shot off the front at every opportunity, clearly enjoying his new machinery. We had a really strong group today, so he didn’t have it all to himself – Rosey, Wayne and Dylan kept him honest. I got beaten up most of the hills, by pretty much everyone.

It appears that Trevor is seriously considering semi-grating to another province. Hard for me to believe that another province could offer better cycling and companionship than we do, but there you have it. This obviously supports my wife’s often expressed sentiment that I don’t know everything. He will be sorely missed.

Pack of Dogs was great – not too damp, and very fast. The brambles at the end are reaching a critical level. I strongly suspect that revenue collection officials are reincarnated as brambles. Clingy, annoying, painful and relentless. You see where I’m going with this. In any event, we all got through, and set course for coffee. This took us back up Naartjie Hill, left at the top and along the contour road. The mist was blowing in gently, which made for some lovely scenery. Rosy, who takes good cycling photos, lived up to expectations, and took some goodies that are available for viewing on her FB page. Get there pronto.

We did the Wall of Fame ST on the way back, where things got a little ragged. Pierre managed to dump himself off his new bike at speed, winding himself in the process, and Daan took the scenic route for reasons known only to him. Hans was running low at this point, so we headed directly back. We intersected with the D’s at the Mallory Rd gate, and transited back to Jaxx with them. Well done to those who arrived with lights – the road back to Jaxx was misty, and visibility was important. Thanks to Liz B who swept tirelessly once again.

This week the Larry Award went to Peter, who allegedly managed to fall off no less than twice on the D ride, and then wrapped it up by getting tangled up with his bike in the parking lot, ending up in a pile of legs, wheels and various bike parts. Liz was less than sympathetic. Fortunately coffee was near at hand, and weaved its usual restorative magic.

Garmin Stats: 32km, 2h05 cycling time, 560m climbing, all at an average speed of 15,2 Km/h.


Mark Rowland

D Group - Strava stats: 25km and 508m of climbing in 2hours 22mins. Avg speed 11.3km/h.

Trail Cleanup:

A group clean up planned on Sunday afternoon, 10th March – weather dependant. We will be tackling some of the errant trails mentioned above and hopefully more.

We will also need to start cutting new trails in the younger timber so that we get some years of riding for our effort.


Berg 100 – 23 March, 100km gravel ride Himeville to Nottingham Road

MTB Weekend Get-away

In May the club will once again arrange a MTB weekend get-away for members. The venue in 2019 will be the trails in the Kamberg and we will be accommodated at the Glengarry resort which has a variety of accommodation options to suit all. Keep the weekend 11-12 May open and let me know if you are wanting to join us. These spots are starting to fill up….

To date 6 couples have booked. 5 for chalets and one for camping.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

The Saturday ride for the C’s and D’s is from Jaxx at 6:30.


Richard Krusekopf

Cell: 0829401847on