Greetings All,


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my committee for their help in organising the 2018 awards evening, and also to thank all club members who showed their support by being there.

We had 111 attend, which is the biggest prize-giving evening we’ve had so far. The food was most enjoyable, and a very big thank you to Charles and Bruce Hughes for their amusing and inspiring talk on the adventures they’ve had overseas and in South Africa.

Congratulations to all our road and mountain bikers who were awarded cups, those who received meritorious certificates as well as those who received a Chairman’s award. Thanks to all for making the evening such a success.




Road cycling safety

Thank-you to all our club members who have positively adopted the use of front and rear lights for all our club road rides (day or night).

FACT: The use of lights during the daylight hours reduces the number of accidents.

Please keep the following in mind when using lights on a bicycle:

1. Set your lights to flash only when the beam is no longer visible on the road ahead.

2. Set your front light to strike the ground at a maximum of 30m ahead.

3. Mount lights less than 1.5m from the ground, helmet mounted lights are not allowed on the road.

4. Rear lights must legally be of a diffuser type, if you have a strong rear light please ensure its focus point is on the ground, I would recommend about 5- 10m behind you.

Adhering to the above recommendations will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your light, without blinding following cyclists, or approaching traffic.

Be safe,

Hayden Hutton

Buzzing Bees

Tues and Thurs Rides.

Over the next 8 weeks or so, on Tuesday’s, we will be riding Hilly routes. This will be helpful for those doing Maluti or for those, just wanting to be better climbers.

Tues 5 Feb. Sweetwaters Rd up to Hilton, Down Old Howick, loop.

Tues 12 Feb. 4 Intervals on Hesketh Drive.

Tues 19 Feb Old Howick Rd Hill from VV up to Xways.

Tues 26 Feb Hilton College up Old Howick Rd, leaving from Athlone Circle.

Thursdays for now, we will be doing the normal Town Route. Later will do some track or some interval’s at Makro.

Saturday 26th January.

Last Saturday, it rained, so the ride was postponed till Sunday. 9 of us left from Jaxx, on route to Karkloof. Very few B’s joined us, so we combined the ride with the A’s. The weather was perfect for riding. We ended the ride with a good Nino’s breakfast, with a good cappuccino. Riding stats were; 80.2km, elevation gain 1150m, ave speed 27km/hr.

Saturday 2nd February.

This Saturday we going to leave from Steers to Cato Ridge Airfield and back. We will ride to Lion Park and Polly’s on the way back. Wheels will roll from Steers at 5:30 am.

Clive Deacon


Cheerful C’s

Ride Sunday morning

CC,s We started off at Steers and had to go past Peter, s house as he forgot his helmet.

Wally had a puncture before Thornville and another a few Kms on so he put his bike on the rack.

We were going along nicely till I went off the lip of tarmac and fell hard in front of Gavin

I got cracked Rib and a roasty on my knee

Gavin broke his helmet also a few roasties

Wally and Gavin were picked up by Jowetts van.

We carried on to the end of airstrip and back.

Well done to Steve who rode the whole way on his mountain bike.

Well done to Bill/Peter/Steve and meee for completing the ride

94 Kms in 3 Hrs 55 Avr 23.9 Km per Hr


This Saturday’s ride has been moved to Sunday due to expected rain. Meet at Steers at 05:30 for ride to Airfield and back up Polly’s.

This Saturday there will be a MTB ride around the Desert Run leaving VV at 5.

Determined D’s

Thursday 24th: Thanks to Jordyn for leading the group – he said “Thanks to those who joined me this morning. 8 of us did a town ride with a difference. We missed those who couldn’t make it, but hope to see you all at our club awards dinner this evening.”

Saturday 26th: Cancelled due to rain and no ride on Sunday.

Tuesday 29th: 13 of us left VV for a normal town ride with no hills. For some it was a recovery ride, namely Liz, Preggie & myself, after having done the Fast One in Vereeniging on Sunday.

Saturday 2 February: As I’m unable to lead the group, Jordyn Grenfell has confirmed that he’s happy to look after the group. The ride will be from the Ashburton Training Centre at 5am up Polly’s and Foxhill to the Airfield, approx 70km.

The group will also need a backup driver so, if you haven’t had your turn, please oblige.

I’d also like to congratulate Cornell, Arthur and Sheila for doing so well at KZN champs over the weekend.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,



The PPA will be hosting a protest ride in PE on Saturday 16 Feb at 7h00 starting from Wayne Pheiffer Cycles in Summerstrand. Please join us in support of our campaign. We will be handing over a letter with recommendations to improve the safety of all cyclists in PE.

We will also host a memorial/protest ride in remembrance of Richard Da Silva, Jarred Dwyer and more recently Craig Diedericks who have died tragically in accidents along the M4 in Durban. The ride takes place on Sunday 24 February at 6h00 starting from the Bike & Bean on Snell Parade Durban. There is no entry fee and we will once again deliver a letter with recommendations to the local authorities in Durban. Everyone is welcome to join us.

MTB Report for 29th Feb

No Jaxx ride or report for Saturday.

A large contingent of Burg Wheelers took part in the SADD Spinathon organised by Caro Smit and Gill Bure at the Velocity gym in Hilton. The tempo and volumes were high and much fun was had by all. A few pics did the rounds of various folk in fancy dress. Trust the very happy SADD bunch achieved their targets.

Rod Blake did manage to take a group on a ride through Bisley and Dusi loop known as the Dessert Run.

Remember the last ride at Hilton College using BW boards will be 31st Jan 2019. Thereafter you will need your own boards to access those trails.

I shall be away for the next week so no ride report from me. I will ask Mark to send his report direct to Warwick.