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Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,



Please diarize Sunday 12 November for our annual club ride to Ballito!

This week’s rides:

Saturday 7 October

B Group – Meet at Woodburn Steers at 05:00 for ride to Hammarsdale going out up Foxhill. Group leader Gill.

C Group – Meet at Piggly Wiggly at 05:00 for 110km ride out on the Kamberg Road. Group leader ww, backup driver Richard Venter.

D Group - Meet at Rotunda at 05:00 for an 80km ride to Karkloof. Group leader – Dale

Tuesdays and Thursdays meet at VV

A Group – 05:00

B Group – 04:55

C Group – 04:50

D Group – 04:50


Below is the register of cyclists who have volunteered to help as backup drivers. If you can help out please let us know on the CC WhatsApp Chat.

2 SepCurries PostAllan
25Mooi River (PH)-
30HammarsdaleJohn B
7 OctEstonHelga
14Mt WestGeoff
28 Sya
04-Nov Nathalie
11 Ballito
18 Arthur
25 Gavin
02-Dec WW


We were 11 – Helga, Grant, Stan, Ray, Eddie, Bill, Colin, Lionel, Nathalie, Dean & ww. Larry was spotted with the D group but surprisingly there was no rain! There was no sign of Jordyn – we are expecting more bikes to be advertised in the For Sale section soon.

I advised the group that anyone lagging badly at the top of Foxhill would be expected to join the D group – the group flew up Fox!!

The Midlands group came past us near Baynesfield and that was the last we saw of Grant and Stan as they jumped groups. We were now 9 and at the Lions Park turnoff Ray said cheers as he had time constraints. We were now 8 and stayed 8 until the end of the ride.

There was a lot of traffic in Hammarsdale but John did an excellent job in his vehicle and kept the vehicles at a safe distance. We all had strong rides up the Durban side of Inchanga hill with Eddie, Dean, Colin and Bill looking very comfortable. Nathalie did amazingly well and worked very hard indeed. Helga was awesome and flew up the hills with no trouble at all.

We stopped to have a chat with the D group at Harrison Flats and Dale kindly passed around some most welcome “Margy” muffins. The discipline deteriorated a bit towards Camperdown as the riders started tiring. A quick pep talk at the top of NPA hill rectified matters and we rode as a tight group all the way home.

We did not have to wait long for the D group and we all ate breakfast together.

Many thanks to the group for an enjoyable ride and to John for doing the backup so efficiently.

See you all at Piggly Wiggly this Saturday. The program did call for the Eston Loop but we have been advised that it is not safe for cyclists at the moment, due to ongoing road works.


Wednesday 27 September 2017

Three of us left VV at 4.50am and headed straight for Old Howick Road. We went up Old Howick road three times regrouping at the circle, and at the Show Grounds entrance. On the third climb we continued on the Queen Elizabeth road until Frances Staniland road, left into Craigie Drive until we arrived at Townbush road. We then proceeded to Waltdorf and then made our way back to VV. A very pleasant ride with weather conditions being somewhat chilly.

Thanks to all that rode.

Doing you best is more important than being the best

Thursday 28 September 2017

Four of us met at the bottom of Hesketh Drive to do sprints from Adams Road to the Church, higher up Hesketh Drive. Allan arrived on his MTB and did extremely well, showing good signs of recovery. We did a warm up run first time up Hesketh. LLew led the first sprint from Adams road, and did extremely well with Helga in hot pursuit. Helga led the next sprint and both LLew and Helga showing strong contenders for movement up to the B group. They made me lead the last sprint however restricted my distance from Adams road to the first robots. Once at the top of the route, Helga decided that it would be a good idea to do the full length of Hesketh, what was to be a leisurely pace, and again turned into a fast pace. We were joined by Lungelo for the last ride up Hesketh.

We all had a good workout, and was enjoyed by all. Thanks for pitching, and to those that did not join us, you missed out on a good ride.

Wisdom is knowing what to do next, virtue is doing it

3 October 2017

I was the only CC who pitched this morning. Did my 4x climbs up Old Howick road. Regrouped at Athlone Circle and the Show Grounds. Last climb up Old Howick went off on the Country Club road, right into Frances Staniland, left Craigie, into Town Bush Road. Did the usual route to the flat complex, and back via VV, then the Loop and home. Had a tough ride, however enjoyed. Would have been much better with company.

Will be away in CT until Sunday. Allan will lead the Thursday group this week. I will give Allan details of the Thursday ride, which he will sms to you all on Wednesday evening. Helga has committed, and at least I expect Sandy and Llew.

Collin you better get out there during the week, or you will have more CC's creeping into your space, up the long hills on Saturday. Enjoy and see you all next Tuesday.



The only thing ever achieved without effort in life is failure

D Reports

Wednesday 27 September: After having ridden on Monday, we decided not to ride on Tuesday and just to do a town ride on Wednesday morning. 6 of us had a very pleasant ride (except that it was freezing cold and a number of us had underdressed!)

Thursday 28th: I was unavailable, but there was a D Group ride and I presume Janice will report on it.

Saturday 30th: Not wanting to do a 90+ km ride because of my lack of fitness, I decided to do backup and lead from the car. We met at Steers and left at 5a.m. with 8 very disciplined (for most of the time) riders. The ride took us up Fox Hill, along Dards, over N.P.A. hill, through Camperdown to Cato Ridge, down to Hammarsdale and up the enormous hill that takes us out of Hammarsdale, down and over the freeway.

Instead of turning right, we carried straight on up to the top of Cato Ridge Electrical hill, where we met the B Group, having just come from Inchanga. From there we proceeded home via Pollys, which was hectic, as it was very busy, not only with cars but also a big truck. South African drivers can get so impatient if there’s a cyclist on the road holding them up!

We all arrived back at Steers with 93kms under the belt and elevation gain 1319 metres.

Well done to all who rode, and a big thank you to Margy for the muffins! A cup of coffee and a light breakfast was enjoyed by all, including the B Group.

3 October: 6 of us met at 4:50 a.m. and made our way to Makro where we did sprints and pace lining for an hour, which really got the heart rate up and the legs working. We arrived back at VV knowing that we’d had a good, hard ride, gaining fitness that will help when doing the Amashova.

Saturday 7th: The ride is from Rotunda, 5a.m, past Midmar Dam, up into Howick to the end of the Karkloof Road and back home the same way. This will be an 80km ride, and I need a volunteer to do backup, please.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,



Attached is a pic of Arthur Duncan, with his award, "Spirit of Enduro" which he received yesterday (Sunday 24 Sept) at the Howick Enduro hosted by Howick Mountain Biking Club. It is absolutely incredible that at his age he is tackling such daunting trails.

He says he enjoyed it! His grandson, Keira Duncan, took first place, so I guess he persuaded his granddad to give it a try!



MTB Captains report for week of 3rd October

Apart from the weeks rides from Jaxx as described in Marks report, there were quite a few other social rides taking place. MTB doesn’t appear to have on and off seasons which is good news.

On Sunday a group of nine (Sheila, Liz, Marlene, Sarah, Clive, Gert, Andrew, Trevor and myself) tackled the Hilton College trails and had a most enjoyable ride. The ride out of Hilton is hampered somewhat by the new development beyond the Shell garage and the long fence they have erected. The only untoward incident was Sheila’s loud burp, or rather her tyres load burp, which she and Liz managed to sort without any manly help. Well done girls. Strava stats 35.8km, riding time 2:15, climbing 541m.

Lesotho Sky started today on Monday and Graham Pearson completed day one’s 55km in 3:22, including 1667m of climbing. Will try and keep tabs and report progress as the event unfolds.

Weekend Ride Report for 30th September

Despite the slightly dodgy weather, a goodly crew arrived to join me for the celebration of singletrack that is otherwise known as the C-Group weekly ride. In no particular order, they were not one but two Dave’s [Griffin and Stewart], Team Smit, Re-Hot Rod, Polar Pierre, Wendy F, Elaine D, T-Shirt Gert, MIYR Byron, Sven from last week, and guest appearances from Wendy and Justin. I arrived slightly earlier than usual, and jovial greetings flew around the parking lot like bats at twilight [Thanks to Sticky for the phrase]. It was clearly a little too cold and overcast for Liz Botha and the Gruppenfuhrer, who were both off having their nails done. Liz apparently selected a pleasing feminine hue, while Rich had his galvanised. No sign of Larry.

We went into Cedara via Kim’s Way ST, and the recently renamed Pierre’s Peril bridge. From there we detoured back across to the vlei jeep track, and then worked our way up the hill past the nursery. The ladies took shortcuts on the ST when they thought I wasn’t watching. Good thing, because if I had seen them do it, I would be forced to name and shame them for such heinous breaches of MTB protocol. Narrow escape for them then.

We attempted to intersect the Wall ST on the way up the hill. This wasn’t successful. Won’t happen again. After a little further route uncertainty, we found the ST going down to the Full Monty, which we leapt into. There was a little dismounting at the steep bottom section, but less than last time.

The group traversed across to the dead tree, and then climbed up the hill to Brands Bounce ST. Part of my briefing for this ST mentioned taking care at the section that has washed away a bit, which I noted could be easily identified by the girlish screams coming from me when I got there. When we got to that point, I forgot to scream, being quite busy staying upright, and being male I can only really do one thing at a time. Dave G, a few meters behind me, helpfully screamed in my stead, loudly and suddenly. This very nearly resulted in an involuntary bowel movement and a collision with a tree. Dave though this was hilarious, and is not welcome back.

At the bottom of the ST, at Nurses Dam, we bumped into a lone rider coming the other way. He hadn’t seen any nurses either. We both looked accusingly at Justin, who wasn’t biting. We ended up sharing contact details with Nick, for that was the lone riders name, and we hope to see him with us again. Nick did tell us that he had seen two large groups of hunters and dogs on the route we were about to take. With three people in the group having previously had close encounters of the dental kind with dogs while cycling [myself, Dogbite Dave and Wendy], we altered the route to avoid them. We looped back to Andre’s ST, and regrouped at the end. Mike and Rod didn’t come out, so we went back to help. Mike told us that there had been a loud and expensive noise from the back of his bike. He further said that he was used to loud and expensive noises, which he said frequently emanated from his wife and daughter, not normally from his bike. I suspect that he may get into trouble for this. Anyway, upon inspection, his derailleur had picked up a large stick and comprehensively lunched itself. This cheered him up no end, as you can imagine. The two Dave’s agreed to stay and help Mike get back to Jaxx, and we agreed to carry on.

We moved down to the dam, down the donkey road sprint, across the Cedara College intersection, down the hill on the other side, turned right towards the village, and then went across to the vlei. Across Pierre’s Peril one more time, through the Mallory Rd Gate, and back to Jaxx. At Jaxx, we were accosted by Gavin Green, who complained loudly and lengthily about how wet and cold and dirty he had become on their road ride to Karkloof and back, and how much cleaner our group was than his. We suggested he take more regular baths. He sounded just like a real mountain biker.

Strava Stats: 32.5km; 715m climbing; 2h10 duration. Strong, fast group. Well done all.


Mark Rowland

Upcoming Events

Berg and Bush, various 6 – 15 Oct = good luck to all Burg Wheeler participants

Amashova - 22nd Oct

Trails Off Limits Reminder

It is fire season so please be aware of conditions and pay attention to the fire danger index at all times. Messages of Howick and Karkloof trails closed due to high FDI will be communicated as soon as received.

Howick / Karkloof

Not much riding available in the Howick area. Suggest limit your rides to the available trails in the Karkloof. All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of local trails.

Hilton / Cedara

The harvested areas are quite obvious, please stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from OMB/Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the C group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.

Last word…..

The peace of MTB riding is a far cry from my recent road riding experiences, especially on the busier roads which seems to be a regular cry of “walker”, “runner”, “wheels” and “holes”. To be fair, I only here these shouts when I am able to keep up with the group. Thank goodness for the backup vehicle.


Richard Krusekopf

Burg wheelers Cycling Academy.

All the hard training has paid off for our young Omar Wilson. Last Friday he attended the ROAG series prize giving, where he was awarded his black personalised ROAG number board. Omar came first in the Sprog age category. Omar has really progressed well this year, and I am sure we will see this continue over the next few years. Well done Omar.

Clive Deacon