Greetings All,


It’s hard to believe that another A.G.M. and another year are both behind us. A big thank you to all our club members who attended the A.G.M. last night. I trust you found it informative and enjoyed the snacks and drinks afterwards.

Sadly we said goodbye to 3 of our committee members, Jordyn Grenfell, Clive Deacon and Trevor Thomson. I’d like to thank them, once again, for their dedicated hard work and effort that went into looking after their portfolios.

Your new committee is as follows:

CHAIRMAN: Dale Southern


SECRETARY: Janice Brisbane

TREASURER: Trish Wilson

MEMBER KIT: Sharon Potgieter





Once again I sit with an amazing committee, who are all enthusiastic about maintaining Burg Wheelers’ Cycling Club as one of the best in Kwazulu Natal. I look forward to working with them over the next year.

A final thanks to Compendium Insurance Brokers for committing to another 3 years’ sponsorship. In order to make sure it’s not just another 3 years, but more, we need to work hard as a club to create the exposure and the support that they need from our club members.

Unfortunately we overlooked two important items at the A.G.M. – Firstly the club’s constitution proposed amendment, which was a change in wording as follows: “The reference to Commissioner for Inland Revenue” in clause 14, must be replaced with “Commissioner South African Revenue Service.”

After Trish announced the amendment, I should’ve asked for a show of hands, as we need a 2/3 majority to pass any resolution in terms of our Club constitution. This wasn’t done, I only asked for a proposal and a seconder, for which I apologise. So, in order to be politically correct, we will do it next year at our annual prize giving. A notice will be sent out 21 days prior to prize giving, with the necessary notification that it will also be a special General Meeting, and the proposed changes will be ratified then.

Secondly, we should have proposed that next year’s club fees will be going up by 10%, so an ordinary member will pay R440 and a family will pay R660.

Could I please ask that if any club member is opposed to this increase, would they please contact me via email, within the next 7 days – failing no objections, the 10% increase on club fees will go ahead.

S.P.C.A. Ride

Takes place on Saturday 8th December from Crossways in Hilton, please see WhatsApp messages for details. Please all wear CLUB KIT for the photo after the ride, and bring CAT FOOD as requested by the S.P.C.A. or CASH. This will be followed by breakfast at Crossways paid for by the club.




We wish Dustin all the best as he rides the grueling 250km Rhino Ride from Ballito to Hilltops Camp with 3 434m of climbing!!!

A/B/C Saturday Report – 1st December 2018

A mixed bag of A-B-C and possibly even D group rider’s set-off shortly after sunrise (5am) from Hilton on Saturday morning for a controlled ride up to Nottingham Road and back. A few had ventured ‘up the hill’ from their front doors whilst the majority were more sensible and parked at The Quarry. It seems windy conditions are now the norm, having experienced nothing but in recent weeks but the strong men soon took up the helm and steered the pack gently up the rolling hills of the Midlands. Charles’s presence in the pack was short-lived as he suffered a puncture heading into Howick. Fortunately his mechanic (Ollie) was on hand and the group was urged to press on, amidst chirps from Mr Moreno (aka ‘the Dominator’) to ‘go tubeless’ and then you won’t get punctures. Famous last words, barely 3km later the Dominator went down with sealant showering those behind him in a mist of ‘eat your words’ ! No further mechanicals although apparently some suffered some ‘physicals’ in the later stages of the ride, despite being blown home by glorious tail winds for most of the return trip. It was lovely to have Jill E back in the pack, making a remarkable comeback from her nightmare crash a year ago. Kudos to Gavin, JP, Alastair and Dustin who kept fuelling the coals in the engine room, with occasional ‘venting’ off the front by ‘MacFastlane’ Tony and for the rest of us, we enjoyed the train ride.

STATS were: 99km, 3h35, Average speed 27.6km/hr, ascent 1023m.

Report by: Bex van der Linde.

This Saturday’s A/B Ride

Leave X Ways at 05:30 for 3 hour ride to end of Karkloof. Official club kit essential. Black or Compendium shorts ONLY!!


Ride report sat 24/11/2018

Leaving rotunda just after 5am we traveled up to piggly turned and then proceeding to Karkloof not long before the end of the tar the wind picked up and I found it unsafe to cary on so we turned and started on our way back getting back to rotunda just after the d group good to see Colin

ride report sat 24/11/2018

Riding up from Athlone with Sheila could feel the wind picking up before we got to rotunda ,getting to rotunda 5:15.with WW and Bill arriving at 5:24 they had come up from cascades in a good time. A riders briefing removing Sakabula for the return to stop the turn across the traffic was safer in that aspect but going up past the Merrivale butchery it is important to stay single file as there is space good space for one cyclist not two and the cars are moving a lot slower.

On the ride we had a lot off surging sitting in the middle of the group I could see one off the problems was the wind but also people moving up to the front and then slowing down the pace, when moving to the front of the group to pull it is important to know what pace the group is sitting at so when you get up front you can keep it going at the same speed. Surging as a group can course accidents if you are going to go up front first see what the group is doing the bigger the group the harder it is .

Arriving at MHS we found the D group I had dropped back to help Bill that had dropped off the group bill stopped and tried to chase down the d group as they had just left as the two of us had arrived .On return from MHS we split up as the pace was fast WW and a few others had pulled away upfront off the group catching the d group just after Piggly wiggly and collecting bill finishing at rotunda around 9 am to a bit of load shedding and no cappuccinos good to see TT back on the bike.

Thanks to Nats for the backup excellent job

This Saturday’s Ride

This weekend’s ride starts from X ways at 5:30 though Howick and coming past the dam on the return passing Hilton and on to Hilton collage should be back at xways at about 8:15 giving us time to find our seats for the handover of with the spca with Zaheer as back up rider briefing at 5:28


D Group

22 November: 11 of us left VV at 4:50a.m. for the normal, old, boring town ride. On our way back down Mayor’s walk I saw a cyclist turning in front of us and, as we passed him, it was Peter Keyworth. As you all know, Peter’s been off his bike for quite some time, having had a knee replacement, and it was really great to see him back on the bike, building up the strength in his knee, and (hopefully) we’ll see a lot more of him.

The only hill we did was the ride up Town Bush, where we regrouped and, as I had time restraints, I turned off before we got back to VV. The ride was enjoyed by all – those who could make it, enjoyed their coffee.

24 November: Unable to lead the group, I asked Jumbo if he could do so on my behalf. He gladly accepted and I’m always comfortable when he fills in for me as he does such a good job. He was assisted by Shaun doing backup, thanks for doing such a great job Shaun. There were only 6 riders, and they ended up doing 72 kms in very windy & hot conditions.

27 November: Many thanks to the 16 members who joined me for the ride this morning, advertised as a town ride with a difference – we were privileged to have our new Road Captain (Hayden Hutton) with us. At the time of starting the ride, Hayden was +/- 8 km short of his 10,000kms for this year, and when he reached that milestone the group stopped to have a photograph taken – well done Hayden, 10,000kms in a year is a lot of riding.

I won’t bore you with the details of where we went, just suffice to say we did 22kms all arriving safely back at VV, having enjoyed the ride.

29 November: 11 of us rode from VV, starting with the loop, past the Mall and up Chase Valley Road. Left into English, left into Patricia which we followed all the way to the top. From there we went to the top of Town Bush, coming back into town past Greys to VV, where we did the loop again. A great ride had by all.

1 December: This ride started at Rotunda, led by Jumbo with Carel doing backup. A big thank you to both of them for looking after the group. Apparently the wind was hectic going up to Michaelhouse, but a lot more pleasant coming back.

4 December: Rain was predicted, and I checked the weather at 3:55 and there was no rain at that stage, so the decision was to ride.

11 of us left VV at 4:50 for a very pleasant, dry ride up College Road, then working our way through to Hesketh Drive, round the back to Pick & Pay and headed back home via Boshoff and Victoria, finishing with the loop, covering 22kms on the ride with about 450m of climbing.

Coffee was enjoyed by Jordyn, Larry, Carel & myself.

Please don’t forget the S.P.C.A. ride on Saturday morning from Crossways, Hilton, at 5:30. We also need a backup driver, so if you haven’t had your turn, now’s your chance. This will be a slow, fun ride for +/- 3 hrs. Please don’t forget to bring some cat food or cash.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,


Buzzing Bees

Tues and Thurs Morning rides.

The B group leave from Virgin Active, Victoria Road, every Tues and Thurs morning at 4:55.

Sat morning Rides.

This Saturday 8th, is the SPCA ride. We leave from Xways at 5:30, and will ride out to end Karkloof Rd, via dam. We will return directly through Howick. We need to be back by 8:30 for SPCA cheque hand over and photo’s. Please ensure you wear BW, Compendium kit. The club will be treating you to breakfast after the ride. We are also looking for donations, which can be in the form of cash, or a bag of cat or dog food. Just a reminder that snakes, rodents or birds are not regarded as cat or dog food, so leave these at home.

Sat 1st Dec.

The BB’s joined up with the AA’s for a ride.

Clive Deacon



Herewith MTB Report for 27th Nov 2018

A/B Group – Weekend Warriors 24th Nov

The group lead by Alan did a loop around Albert Falls dam including the small dam.

Strava Stats: 63km in 3:30 with 1185m of climbing.

C Group Report 24th Nov

It was with some apprehension that I peeped through the curtains at sparrows on Saturday morning. The previous evening had been cold, wet and thoroughly miserable. So bad in fact that the brains trust of the mighty C/D group felt compelled at short notice to call an extraordinary strategy meeting at the Keg. While this did much to cheer me up, it did little for the weather outside, which stayed resolutely damp.

However, I need not have worried. The sky on Saturday was blue and cloudless from horizon to horizon. Soggy, definitely, but not enough to scare off the faithful. And sure enough, there they were.

Joining the full-strength Team Rowland were Team Booysen, the Kruppenfuhrer [may his top tube be forever firm], Rich E, Liz Botha, [welcome back] Marlene, Docmike, Long-Lost Larry, Young Justin, Even Younger Jayden, Andrew T, DisaPierre, Sarah, and todays guest from up country, Chris. At some point Chuck materialized in the group. I find this most disconcerting. He does this only when I’m not looking. One becomes gradually aware that he is there, and a recount becomes necessary. It must be hell laying the table for supper in the Hughes household. Young Jayden, who is becoming a regular with the group, proudly told me that he was wearing gardening gloves this morning, for added protection. Against what precisely was not discussed, as I found myself at a total loss for an intelligent response. You have to admire his creativity.

The Kruppenfuhrer took Larry, Ali, Liz Booysen and Jayden with him. The rest came with me. We started in Grace, as you can apparently never have enough grace.

The going was not as soggy as we thought it may be, but the gum plantations were very sticky – i.e. lots of sticks. We drifted happily around the Grace forests, intersecting with the D’s at one point. From there we crossed to Cedara at the Rotunda. What passes for the municipality is repairing the culvert along this road, and there is a lot of debris near the gate. Take care riding here, and don’t do anything that could potentially slow them down please.

Cedara was also drier than anticipated, and after consultation with the Booysen Oracle, we took the Donkey Rd. And most pleasant it was, too. It had warmed up nicely, and pretty much everyone in the group came past me on the way up the hill. I’ll have to do something about this. Through the dam gate, and then up Dead Dog. The strong half of the group turned left and followed me down to Dead Tree Corner, while the rest carried on up Dead Dog. We agreed to RV at Nurses Dam, which lit Justin up like the proverbial Christmas tree. We hurried on, mindful of the technical limitations of Justin’s pacemaker. The first part of the jeeptrack from the bottom of Dead Dog to Dead Tree Corner is one of my favorites in terms of outright cycling wonderfulness. If you’re having a bad day / week / month / year / life, ride this road a few times a week. Good for the soul. There is some work being done on it though. Be aware of several large piles of what looks like crusher aggregate around the first bend.

Dead Tree corner brought bad news. The felling on the second section of Kim’s Way / Pin the Pines / Hippo Pools has picked up, and it looks like most of that section is being felled. Take care. We turned right here and climbed up the hill to intersect with the Non-Stop Nurses ST. Justin and Docmike took the top road to Nurses, while the rest of us blasted down the ST.

Up Naartjie hill, where Docmike and Justin [still a little misty-eyed from the proximity to Nurses Dam] headed back to base on their own. The rest of us went to the dogs – a whole pack in this case. The ST was a little soggy in places, but otherwise well up to its usual excellence. Take note, the bridge near the end is getting overgrown and hard to see.

We looped down to the Nurses Dam wall, got across safely and then headed for home, as Sean had a full-service salon appointment to keep. Overdue, it must be said. Us C-Group MAMIL’s take our grooming seriously. To compensate for this mild inconvenience Sean showed us where the start of the new Dead Tree Descent ST, and it would have been disrespectful to Gavin and Clive not to check it out. Add it to your list.

DisaPierre did what he does best, and lit out for home at speed as soon as the Nursery came into sight. The rest of us trailed in behind him, and refreshments ensued.

Garmin Stats: 35km’s, 2h15 riding time, 590m of climbing, all at an average speed of 15,5km/h.


Mark Rowland

D Group Report 24th Nov

As briefly mentioned above I took the D group (Liz B, Ally R, Larry S and young Jayden) and toured Grace ding a whole variety of ST and rather surprised at how dry and rideable it all was. The same when we moved across to the Cedara side. Other than misreading my Garmin which I had setup to show me an earlier 26km route, we had a great ride. The only surprise was the felling of the pines. This area of forest will probably not be there the next ride. Strava Stats: 28km in 2:15 with about 490m of climbing.

Eston Xmas Classic at Virginia Trails 25th Nov

Quite a number of club members arrived at Virginia trails for this event, the format of which is very relaxed. No timing and no placing. Just a wonderful route suitable for almost all levels of skill. The overall turnout was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the 40 & 20km MTB routes and various trail runs and walks. The temperature did soar into the mid 30’s turning the ride into quite a toughee and the refreshments that much more welcome. A luck draw prize giving at 12:00 completed the day.

Remember seeing Clive, Mike, Dave, Liz and Peter, Rosey, Brett, Sven, Nic, Josh and dad Deon. Lots of family members in attendance and friends plus a large contingent from the Toti Mambas. Visitors included Wally (Jowetts) and Navin (Hattons) on his first MTB ride. This venue is open for social riding most of the year and is recommended.

Strava Stats: 39.5km and 600m of climbing.


SPCA Ride– 8th Dec at Crossways. MTB will leave at 6:30 for a combined C/D ride. Be back in time for a Donation ceremony to SPCA and a hearty breakfast.

Howick, Karkloof and Cedara Trails – reminder about ongoing harvesting/logging and resultant trail closures. Also a reminder about dangers of high winds and the risk of a high FDI with associated trail closures.

Weekly MTB Rides

Wed Rides: Crossways at 15:30

Sat Rides: Jaxx at 6:30 for C and D groups.

Keep an eye on Whatsapp for any weather related changes

MTB Captains Report – 4th December

Fire Season: this is a windy and dry time of year and Sappi may close certain trails due to a high fire danger index. This closure is not negotiable.

This does not usually affect the Cedara trails. Please use your discretion and err on the safe side when riding in Cedara on windy days.


Please be reminded that we are obliged to wear club kit on all club rides and when representing the club at races. It is understood that occasionally this may not be possible. However the agreement with our sponsor, Compendium, is dependent on us complying with our part of the deal. Thanks for your support in this regard. The kit looks good, is subsidised and really good quality.

PS. Compendium also sells insurance. Give them a call, especially if you want your bike covered.

Hilton College Trails

The lock on the gate box has been replaced. The following people have “keys”. Contact them if you want to ride there. Dave Bure, Alan Martin, Gavin Green, Rod Blake, Gill Bure, Mark Rowland, Dave Stewart, myself.

This facility will be available till end January so please use it. Thereafter it will be changing and it will be necessary for us to buy our own boards if we want to continue riding there. This is a Hilton College ruling and not a club decision.

Out and About

This past weekend I joined my son on a ride at the Big Red Barn in Pretoria. This is a MTB park on the outskirts of the city and the cost is R50 per rider. Facilities were great with various breakfast menus and on the day there was a market taking place in a section of the forest as well. The ride however felt very much like a cardio circuit at the gym. It was 90% single track with more obstacle than I can remember – go go go all the way. Very compact area but lots of ups and downs, rocks, berms, bridges, drop offs etc. All in all, a bit of something for everyone and with four routes to choose from a really pleasant day out. Look it up if in the area.

A/B Group – A/B group ride this past weekend. This group is for the faster riders. Should anyone be willing to lead, please contact me.

C Group – Mark Rowland leads the C group. After a recent gathering of C and D group brains trust, it has been decided to brand these two groups slightly differently. The C group is more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can, riding at a somewhat faster pace typically 16km/h. The intention is to ride about 30km in a Saturday morning.

Mark we wish you and Allison a wonderful break in the Welsh country side. Thank you for all your effort put into the C group over the year and of course your much anticipated weekly reports. Come back ready for more and more of the same next year.

D Group – The D group is intended for those wishing to do what the C group does but at a lesser pace and over a lesser distance. This will suit those newer to mountain biking or slightly less fit and is typically around 28km’s at approx. 14km/h. The D group is led by various members on a roster format.

Group Reports for Sat 1st December

C Group: My last C-Group ride of 2018 started off very blustery, but this didn’t deter the faithful. Joining Team Rowland was Teams Smit [full-cream today] and Collier, Omar, Nick, Larry, Young Justin, Dogbite, Rhys, Tom, DisaPierre, Andy R, Gert, Gordon, and the very welcome return of Wendy Pope, recovered from her recent broken ribs. Team Rowland had our new bikes with us, and we were keen to get them dirty. Team Booysen have a member recuperating from some kind of de-coking process, and we wish Andre a speedy recovery.

Docmike took the D’s off somewhere – I completely neglected to ask where. The C’s followed me up past Xways, and into the forest via Hillside Rd. As we passed Xways, a familiar voice hailed us. A very smart Santa Cruz pulled up next to me, with James the Unassuming Engineer riding it. James, for those of you who don’t know, has been ill for some time, and wanted to ride with us as part of his recuperation. He was joined by his mate Gavin. James is also the previous owner of Gert’s equally fancy Santa Cruz, and seems to be the person who put the ‘cycle’ into ‘encyclopedia’. Not much he doesn’t know.

We started the ride by testing the team over Dunton’s Demise. I made a right mess of it, weaving all over the road in my efforts. I didn’t see who made it and who didn’t, so let’s claim that it was mostly successful. Good for my stats. Next up was Bunny Ears, and I’m pleased to report that everyone seemed to have followed my route instructions this time. We traversed across to Rock Shock, which I haven’t done in some time. The entry is still very steep, and most didn’t get up it. Best to go a little further down the jeeptrack, turn left and come in around the back.

We took as much ST as we could working up to the pines, to see what was left. The southern block is about half gone, but they are still busy. We were able to get to Phil’s Nana, but they are using the jeeptrack for logging, and it is not recommended. We took Phil’s Nana down to the dam, turning left and heading up Dead Dog.

There was some banter about Tom being the man to put the Burger back into Burg Wheelers, and this prompted some fun facts from the group. Gordon opened the bidding with the McDonalds in Burger Street, which was followed by a suite of doctors rooms in Payne Street, and a psychologist in Cuckoo Lane. There must be more. The kind of trivia that the C Group specializes in.

Justin and Dogbite left us here, having places to go and people to meet. We took Andre’s ST, right at the fork and up Blackjack Alley to the road, and then climbed up to intersect Non-Stop Nurses. While we regrouped at the entrance, Wendy had a quiet threatening chat with Pierre, who had apparently made one e-bike quip too many. Wendy is a skilled stern talker – if looks could spit, Pierre would be surfing. There were no more quips. Gavin and James left us here to head back. We hope to see them again. After Nurses, we went up Naartjie and then to Pack of Dogs. Again, watch the bridge at the end, which is getting overgrown.

The temperature had crept steadily upwards in the last ten km’s, and Tom was starting to pull some serious amps. He blew at the top of a short hill. We had spare water available for him, but headed for home anyway. Omar and Nick rode across the dam wall, of course. Why wouldn’t you? The rest of us walked.

Tom recovered steadily, with some very welcome extra help from the e-bike. By this time Omar was also suffering from the heat and a lack of bike time.

Jaxx to the rescue. We reunited with the D’s, and rehydrated enthusiastically.

My Garmin joined Tom and Omar, and gave out half way through the ride. Here are Ali’s Strava stats: 34km, 820m climbing, 2h40 riding time

Team Rowland will be away from now till the new year. A heartfelt thanks to all of you who have made this year’s Saturday C group rides so enjoyable. Rich K and Rod [and possibly others] will be filling in for me while I’m away. Please give them your full support. Don’t forget the cat-food next week. Be safe, and have a great festive season. See y’ all in the noo year. C’s the day!


Mark Rowland

D Group: Mike S lead a healthy group of Caro, Larry, Reece Myles and young Jarryd on a route through Grace and Cedara and returned them all safely back to Jaxx. Strava stats 26km’s in 2h04 with 456m of climbing. No one lost and fine fare at Jaxx after.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday all the MTB club rides are from Crossways at 6:30..

Gavin will lead the A/B’s and I will lead the C/D’s.


Richard Krusekopf

Cell: 0829401847