Greetings All,

Burg Wheelers Cycling Club

Notice and Agenda of the Annual General Meeting – Monday 26 November 2018

All Saints United Church – 5:30pm for 6:00pm



Notice is hereby given in terms of the requirements of the Constitution of the Club for the Annual General Meeting to take place at All Saints United Church on Monday 26 November 2018 at 5:30pm for 6:00pm. All paid up members of the club are welcome to attend.


1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Matters arising from previous Minutes

5. Chairman’s Report (Dale Southern)

6. Road Captain’s Report (Trevor Thompson)

7. MTB Report (Richard Krusekopf)

8. Cycling Development Report (Clive Deacon)

9. Treasurer’s Report (Trish Wilson)

10. Club Constitution – Proposed amendments below

Burg Wheelers Cycling Club Exempt No. 930057336 IT 9008/305/26/1)

The following amendments must be effected –

“The reference to ‘Commissioner for Inland Revenue’ in clause 14 must be replaced with ‘Commissioner South African Revenue Service.’”

11. Election of Office Bearers

12. General

Meeting Close


According to the Constitution we are allowed up to 8 elected members. Nominations for the following office bearers are invited. Such pre-meeting nominations shall be given in writing to the secretary at least 5 business days before the date of the annual general meeting.

The following nominations have been received:

Chairman : Dale Southern

Vice-Chairman : Gavin Hulse

Secretary : Janice Brisbane

Treasurer : Trish Wilson

Member (Kit) : Sharon Potgieter

Member (Road Captain) : Hayden Hutton

Member (Development) : Liz Botha

Member (MTB Captain) : Richard Krusekopf

Jordyn Grenfell, Clive Deacon and Trevor Thompson are not available for re-election and we would like to thank them for all their loyal and hard work over the past few years.

Chairman’s report


The club WhatsApp groups have been set up to communicate when there group is cycling, what time, starting venue, and if there is any other information the group needs to know and if a group ride is cancelled because of bad weather. It is not a general chat group only cycling and that’s it.

In future if you abuse the group you are on you will be removed.

Club kit

As you all know, club kit is compulsory on all club rides, as well as any other rides you do, whilst not compulsory for them, it would be good in order to give Compendium as much exposure as we can. Last Thursday at the ride from VV, I noticed 4 of our club members not riding in club kit. We are happy that a very small percentage of club riders, who are sponsored, ride in their sponsored kit.

Free Kit

It was discussed at last night’s committee meeting that one or two club members have complained that they did not get their free kit. At the time of offering free kit when joining the club, which goes back about three years, we ran out of kit due to high demand, and had to order more kit. The lead times to make more kit are out of our hands.

When the kit was made available, we advertised in the Burg Talk and on WhatsApp groups, that kit had arrived and you needed to claim your free kit, which many did. If you did not do so, we apologise for that.

The committee feels that enough was done to create the awareness at the time of the arrival of kit and, unfortunately at this late stage, we can no longer honour free kit, as Compendium had changed to sponsoring 50% of kit well over a year ago.



Our Midmar Notts race has been renamed the Compendium Midlands Road Race. We thank Compendium for their generous sponsorship of R40k towards this event. In order not to clash with the Maritzburg Marathon, the date has been brought forward a week and will take place on 17 February 2019. Michaelhouse has once again agreed to let us use their marvelous facilities and it should be a great event.

A word of warning. The club has paid a lot of money for outside Marshals in the past and your committee has agreed that members not riding the event will be expected to assist on the day………SUNDAY 17 FEBRUARY…..please diarise it now!!! Thank you.

The club wishes all those doing the 94.7 a safe and enjoyable ride. Please send your results through to 083-794-1158.

Allan is again going to take it easy and hopes to break 6 hours. Lionel has been training hard and I have it from a reliable source that the 3hr mark is in danger. Colin has not been training hard and so the 4hr mark is in no danger. He is hoping to be back in time for a family braai at 3pm.

A Group Saturday Ride Report

The A group rode from The Quarry to Dargle via Merrivale and returned to The Quarry via Midmar; with a short stop at the Ground Coffee House for a caffeine fix and calorie replacement!

In all the route was roughly 80km with 1220m elevation gain, and was completed in just under 3 hours. The Dargle road makes for a pleasant ride, with reasonable quality tar and few vehicles to contend with.

Well done to Jude, the only “bee” brave enough to ride with the A’s. Jude was gladly joined by Alistair Watt and Alberto Puddu, who restrained themselves from joining the pace setting that was going on in the front with Dominic Moreno and Mark Shaw. In the mix was also the tandem of JP and Bex, setting some blistering speeds down the hills, including a new top 3 fastest time for the Petrus Stroom Rd descent at 1m56s, 62km/h.

Tony McFarlane was the only soul brave enough to ride up from town to the start early in the morning, although he did cut his ride short at the Midmar gate on the way back for a birthday party at Piggly Wiggly.

Thanks everybody for a great ride and the fellowship afterwards.

Watch the A group WhatsApp chat for this Saturdays ride details.

Hayden Hutton

This Saturday’s Ride

5am from Woodburn Steers up Fox/Airfield/Lion Park/Pollys.

Buzzing Bees

Tues and Thurs Morning rides.

The B group leave from Virgin Active, Victoria Road, every Tues and Thurs morning at 4:55.

Sat morning Rides.

Check your What’s App for planned ride this Saturday morning.

Sat 10th Nov.

A few of the B’s hooked up with the A’s and left from Jaxx at 5am to ride the Dargle hills. No incidents reported except that some of the A’s were superfast on the climbs. Riding stats were; 85km, 1346m climbing, 26.4km/hr.

Clive Deacon


This Saturday’s Ride

5am from Woodburn Steers/Fox/Airfield/Lion Park/Pollys.


A large group of 13 CCs left Rotunda at 5.30 on route to Currys Post weather was nice not to hot and not to cold this is a good training ride as there a some nice long hills this with a big group can course problems as the stronger riders will pull up the hill breaking the group this is fine but when they get to the top of the hill we need to regroup instead of stopping to regroup just slow down as you crest the hill allowing everyone to catch up ,once a person drops off the back to get back on the group is normally will burn you out ,everyone has a bad day from time to time if you can’t sit in the group the day just gets worries ,if the person at the back notices that he or she is dropping off the group they need to speed up this will allow the group just to slow down a bit allowing the group to pull that person this is not a race.

This weekend there was a lot of bad riding done four people riding next to each other, this is not acceptable. Everyone knows how bad the drivers are getting out there we need to keep it neat .

Big thanks to Gavin for doing backup has set the bar with cool boxes with lots of extras

This weekend ride is from Rotunda to Nottingham stop at the garage I will not be riding Alec has agreed to be GL for the ride with Tracey doing backup leaving Rotunda at 5am going Sakabula on the way there and Merrivale on the way back have fun and behave

Stats 77.4kms 1260 m off ave speed 22kmh

Kind regards

Allan McPherson

We wish Ian all the best for his knee op today and trust he has a speedy and full recovery.

Sharon continues to make steady progress although she has not been on a bike yet. She reports that her right leg is now longer than her left one and is looking for a shorter crank on the right hand side.

Some misguided youngster said we should rename our group the Bionic Ballies!!!

D Group

Thursday 8th: 11 of us did the normal town ride, going up Morcom road on our way to the turn at the end of Mayor’s Walk, past the Mall and re-grouping at the bottom of Town Bush. We said goodbye to Sally & Leon halfway up Town Bush, as they had time restraints and the rest of the group proceeded to the top and back down past Greys, avoiding Chase Valley Road with all it’s potholes, a safe and enjoyable ride.

Saturday10th: Our planned ride was to leave Rotunda at 5a.m. which 11 of us did. We went past Midmar Dam and down into Howick, where we took the back road, which brought us out at the back of Amberfield. We turned left up the hill and when we reached 42kms, we decided to turn and head back home. A decision was made to go through Merrivale, rather than round past Midmar, which shortened the ride slightly and got us out of the extreme heat!

It was an uneventful ride, with some of our new riders doing very well. We joined the C group for coffee, with some having breakfast. An enjoyable morning of riding, thanks everyone.

Tuesday 13th: This morning we had 16 riders leaving from VV at 4:50a.m. Rather than do the boring old normal town ride, we proceeded through town, past Makro, up to Alexandra Road, into Alexandra Road ext, turning left into Murray road, left past the airport entrance, following that route back to Chief Albert Luthuli, through town and back to Victoria and then did the loop.

This morning’s ride was a lot faster than our normal town rides, with our newies coping very well.

Saturday 17th: From Rotunda up to Nottingham road and back to Rotunda. This ride should give us +/- 95kms and you need to keep in mind that about half the ride is uphill and the other half downhill! It will be done as a base ride. Please make sure you wear club kit, have a front flashing light and a rear light that is visible during the day. We will need a backup driver, so if you haven’t had a turn, now is your time.

Last, but not least, I’d like to wish all our BW riders going up to do the 94.7, a safe and enjoyable ride with your personal best time.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,



7 of us met yesterday at St John’s Village at 7. Dale, Greg, Jan, Bill, Arthur, Tony and ww. After a detailed briefing which explained what a Base ride entails, we set off for Karkloof. Bill had actually listened and did not surge up the hills! Dale was feeling strong and did some sterling work up front, he later apologised for having so much power!

We made steady progress and stopped for refreshments at the end of the tar. Arthur bit into his energy bar and his crown popped out. Jan asked if it was gold and was disappointed when told it was porcelain. What color is that he was asked, Tony responded that it depended on whether Arthur had brushed his teeth that morning. Arthur was then asked what brand of toothpaste he uses!! After a thorough search of the vicinity we could not find it unfortunately.

As we passed the KK club my gear cable snapped leaving me with just the small gear on my cluster. We tried to find a climbing gear but with no success. It was tough climbing in that small gear and I must thank Tony and Arthur for pushing me home.

We all stayed for coffee!



MTB Captains Report – 13th November 2018

Fire Season: this is a windy and dry time of year and Sappi may close certain trails due to a high fire danger index. This closure is not negotiable.

This does not usually affect the Cedara trails. Please use your discretion and err on the safe side when riding in Cedara on windy days.


Please be reminded that we are obliged to wear club kit on all club rides and when representing the club at races. It is understood that occasionally this may not be possible. However the agreement with our sponsor, Compendium, is dependent on us complying with our part of the deal. Thanks for your support in this regard. The kit looks good, is subsidised and really good quality.

PS. Compendium also sells insurance. Give them a call, especially if you want your bike covered.

Hilton College Trails

It seems the lock on the box at the gate is playing up. Please persevere if it doesn’t unlock at the first go. Will be remedied as soon as we can.

A/B Group – A/B group ride this past weekend. This group is for the faster riders. Should anyone be willing to lead, please contact me.

C Group – Mark Rowland leads the C group. The C group is more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can.

D Group – The D group is intended for those newer to mountain biking or less fit and is typically no more than 25km’s of essentially forest roads, but with some single track included in the mix. The D group is led by various members on a roster format.

Two nasty MTB falls occurred this past Saturday morning. It’s never a good time for an incident.

We should always have a basic safety strategy in place when out riding, which should at least include the following:

Most important to avoid riding alone, always let someone know where you intend riding and the expected time frame you plan to be out.

Ride in a group of your own strength. Ensure you know everyone’s names in the group and have some contact details. Keep tabs on the rider behind you.

Open to more thoughts on this topic.

Group Reports for Sat 10th November

A/B Group: A group of 15 Weekend Warriors headed out to Karkloof for their Saturday ride little knowing what was in store for them. While enjoying the best of what Karkloof has to offer, Steve Prowse visiting from Jo’burg had a nasty crash. Seems he landed squarely on his face. Fortunately the group where able to help and get Steve to Hilton Hospital where he underwent extensive facial surgery. Steve remembers very little of the accident. Strava stats: 45km 839m.

C Group: C was for Climbing this week. Good weather meant that a sizeable crowd arrived. In no particular order, they were: Teams Moffat, Stewart and Booysen, Rhys, Megan, disap-Pierre [more of this later], Paula, backflip Sean, Long Lost Larry, the enigmatic Chuck, Tom, Docmike, Simphiwe, Red-Hot Rod, Dave G, 2018 offroad champ Andy G, recently bearded Andy R, a New Andrew, the Kruppenfuhrer, Derek and the venerable Arthur Duncan. I have no doubt that I have omitted someone important. Apologies. Dave and Docmike co-directed the D’s, which ended up being about 11 riders. They headed off towards Hilton.

The rest accumulated into a disparate cloud of wheels and helmets which followed me towards Hillside Rd. The absence of Dave B’s B-Group meant that we had a larger percentage of snakeish people with us than usual. The pace was accordingly slightly faster than it normally is. We started easily, or so I thought, with the short ‘Kim’s Way’ ST. At the drop-off exit, New Andrew showed us his emergency dismount skills. And impressive they are. New Andrew separated himself from his bike, flew gracelessly through the air for a very short distance before succumbing to that most implacable of forces, gravity. The ground smote him mightily, and a large cloud of dust arose. It was all very biblical, apart from the bike. We rushed across to check him for wallet, keys, life insurance and injuries. Being young and fit, he fought us off, reclaimed his possessions, and remounted defiantly.

Down the next ST, we then looped around the old quarry, past the village, and then up the Rotunda hill to the reservoir. Here Arthur claimed that we were a little strong for him, and he headed off to see if he could find the D’s. He was unable to find them, but got back OK, and we hope to see him back with us soon.

Down the hill, over the dam wall and down the Donkey Rd, which was pleasantly dry. Through the Cedara dam gate, and up the dreaded Dead Dog hill. Here is where Pierre got himself renamed, as he repeatedly disappeared off the front of the group, in an excess of energy and fitness. DisapPierre it is.

We did Andre’s ST, turning right at the fork, and through Blackjack Alley back up to the gravel road. After a minor mechanical from New Andrew, we went left at the road, and up to Non-Stop Nurses, which was a big hit for all. Up Naartjie, and right at the top to do the whole top road loop. Paula climbs like a homesick angel, and was forever coming past me on the hills, making it look annoyingly effortless. If anyone has some old SCUBA weights that they aren’t using, please let me know.

On the way up to the shower, we encountered the infamous and elusive Under the Radar, lightly disguised as Mountain Bikers. They did their best to look unconcerned about being so easily outclimbed by the mighty C’s, but you could see that they are starting to seriously consider e-bikes. We gave them some helpful nutritional and training tips, and accelerated nonchalantly away.

The top ‘shower’ section of the road was mostly dry, and the view spectacular. It was on this section that we heard that New Andrew is an engineer by trade. When asked what kind, he responded ‘Civil’. I was pleased to hear this, as most of the engineers I know are a grumpy lot. In addition to being pleasant, he displayed a good sense of humour – a vital quality for the C’s. He is welcome back.

At the reservoir, we saw the hunters with their dogs. They waved at us, and we waved at them. They seem to know that we probably aren’t good to eat.

Down the hill past the Rasta Tabernacle, and right again at the bottom to take us along the contour road to meet the ‘Wall of fame’ ST. Here we encountered a group of motorcyclists coming the other way, doing their best to destroy our ST. Thanks guys. Despite giving a careful briefing about going left at the first fork and right at the second, the group split into three, each going a different way. This is the section where we lost Marian a few months back, so I’m a little over-sensitive about it. I gave them my best disapproving glare.

Down past the nursery and home via the Mallory Rd gate. We arrived at the same time as the D’s, and refreshed at Jaxx.

Garmin Stats: 36km, 670m climbing, 2h10 riding time, all at an average speed of 16.6kmh.


Mark Rowlands

D Group: Mike was in charge of the D’s this weekend and decided to head for the Hilton College trails, with a bit of Grace beforehand. A record number of 10 followed Mike. The first sign of things to come was probably the lock for the boards not co-operating, but the doctors’ skills soon overcame this small setback. The next setback of doctorly proportions was Lee-Anne dismounting unusually - over the handle bars. Most fortunately nothing to serious in injury terms. Dave kindly escorted her back to Jaxx while the rest continued. All got back to Jaxx for a good coffee and chat. Strava stats 29km’s in 2:20 with 487m of climbing.

Saturday 10th November, 2018

Saturday dawned bright and clear and I headed off with a light heart and happy smile to Jaxx to meet the D group for another ‘Fun’ ride.

These illusions were soon to be dashed into smithereens by my bad planning and high expectations.

First Rule: Count the number of riders yourself so you know when anyone is missing. (Andre B counted for me but counted Andy twice when he went back to his car to get something and then returned).

Rule 2: Formally appoint a sweep who is responsible and has a cell phone with all your numbers on. Luckily Dave S took on this responsibility spontaneously – I think because he is old and slow – but he maintains he is just naturally responsible (raised eyebrow Bev?).

Rule 3: Make sure your own phone is not on silent so the sweep can contact you should the need arise. (Which it did).

I decided that a modified ride through Hilton Estate would be a nice change and we headed there via some of the wonderful single track Grace has to offer.

Arriving at the Hilton College Gate we had trouble unlocking the box with the boards. I should have read the signs and turned back. But between Dave and I we eventually manipulated it open without breaking the bent key and handed the boards out. (I took 12 and had to return 1 – what was I thinking?).

We sauntered into the first single track which had immovable fallen trees just before the little bit of rockery that really made that section hard. Then first sight of Albert Falls Dam and down through a treacherous rocky section at a gentle pace.

However at the top of the next ridge we were 3 short. Li-ann was attacked by a boulder as she exited the rockery and went down. Dave stopped to help and decided to go back. I missed the call as my phone was on silent. But who else was missing of the 12?

So we all headed back to search with Andre B agreeing to re-ride the rockery backwards and uphill in case the missing person had been further missed by Dave S. Fortunately the gang of bicycle attacking rocks had dissipated.

We met Dave and Li-Ann and then Andre and Dave said that there were only actually only 11.

So we headed back, heavy hearted but safe. Dave and Li-Ann went at their own pace straight home. I then felt the need to make up some distance but rather than head to the Cedara side I felt some gentle Grace single track would do the trick. But just before we finished I remembered a really old track we used to do about 5 years ago and hopped onto that.

This involved at lot of blind faith as the track was hard to see through the undergrowth and the following faithful were nearing mutiny.

We finally exited near the Falcon nest which has mobbed Bev and various others. But the team were in no mood to be trifled with and 3 of us did see the bird leave the prey it had and head away fast.

We reached a full Jaxx safely but by then the D`s had had enough and few stayed for cappuccino`s or breakfast. Dave and Li-Ann were happily there though.

No cheery Whatsapp thank you`s either so I know I cooked my goose.

My apologies to all and next time, should there be one, will be good.

Stats: 28.8km, 487 climb, 12.2kmh, 2h21m moving and 806 cals burnt.

Mike Smit.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof: All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions.

NOTE: Sappi harvesting still underway in the Howick area. Several roads and trails around this area are CLOSED. Estimated closure is 3 months. Howick MTB are establishing deviations around these areas. Details can be found on TrailForks.

Also beware the intermittent trail closures due to a high FDI.

Hilton / Cedara: Ongoing harvesting in the Cedara area. Certain roads and tracks may be closed. Riders to obey any signs and stay clear of operations.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday 25 Nov – Eston Xmas Classic at Virginia Trails – BW gazebo will be on site.

Sunday 2 Dec – Stihl Sharks Trail Adventure, Summerveld.

Saturday 8 Dec – SPCA Ride, Crossways, donate to SPCA and enjoy a breakfast on BW. Combined social ride with roadies.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the MTB club ride is at Jaxx at 6:30 for both C and D groups.


Richard Krusekopf

Cell: 0829401847