Greetings All,


Group Leaders

A Gavin Green 0823295299 : average pace approximately 28 – 30kph

B Clive Deacon 0836569784 : pace 26 -27kph

C Allan McPherson 0828313308 pace 24 – 25kph

D Dale Southern 0836593000 pace 20 – 22kph

All members and their guests are welcome to join our various club rides. A few simple guidelines:

1. Your bike must be in a good condition, i.e. serviced regularly

2. Your tires must be pumped when you arrive.

3. Carry at least one spare tube and a bomb.

4. Working lights both front and back – front light to be set to blink in daylight for visibility

5. Adequate food and drink for the ride. The distance of the ride is advertised.

6. Members to wear club kit.

7. No Helmet, No Ride!!

8. The rules of the road to be observed.

9. Inform your Group Leader of any planned deviation to your ride.

10. Listen to your GL at all times – he is responsible for your Safety.

Ballito : Sunday 7 October

This will be a club ride of 130km with the club paying for breakfast for all members. There will be several groups catering for all levels.

A Group

No report.

Buzzing B's
Tues and Thurs Morning rides.

The B group leave from Virgin Active Victoria Road every Tues and Thurs morning at 4:55.

Sat morning Rides.

This Sat 22nd September, we will be leaving from Quarry Centre Car Park, (Jaxx). We will be riding passed Midmar Dam, and turning left onto the Dargle Rd and turning at the end of the tar and returning the same way back to Jaxx for breakfast and coffee. Wheels will start turning at 5:00 am. Bring your climbing legs. The ride is about 80km. It will still be dark at this time, so ensure both back and front lights are working. Burg Wheelers kit is compulsory.

Sat 15th Sept. (Ride to Comrades Wall)

Last Saturday, 9 of us headed out from Steers, up Fox Hill on route to Comrades Wall and back. The 9 were Gavin, Alistair, Dave M, Jude, Willem, Pholani, Tony, Hayden and myself. We lost Willem, very soon after the start, I heard he punctured, but when I turned to look for him, in the dark, I saw his rear light heading back towards PMB. We then continued towards Dards. Just coming up to Inchanga Hill, I hit the only rock lying in the road. This burst my rear tyre. Thanks to tony for the quick change, we were soon on our way again. We then turned at Comrades Wall and returned to enjoy a Coffee from Steers. A few of us were not happy recording 98km for the ride, so we did a few loops to ensure we could record over 100km. Our riding stats were, 101km, 24.8km/hr, 1200m climbing.

Clive Deacon


C Group

Saturdays ride was from steers to comrades wall and back easy pace. we left steers at 5am following the Amashova route with Geoff doing backup thanks was a good job.

After a very quick regroup at the umlass turning and off we went arriving at comrades wall we found the B group getting ready to leave after their stop we had a bite to eat and off we went again passing Alec just up one off the hill he said that he was not feeling to good, was not long and he jumped in the backup.

Zaheer did well up pollys after saying he was struggling just before a lot of times your head is saying no but your body is still good to go. Thanx to Ollie for making the hills a bit flatter from the front.

Stats were 97kms 1500m and a ave speed of 23,4 km/h

Tuesday was a nice easy ride around town me Eddie Gavin Peter and Zaheer popping in for a section of the ride.

Thursday will be the same this is a recovery week so nice and easy

I will not be here next week Peter will be covering for me on Tuesday and Thursday thanks and it will be a tuff week of hill work have fun

Kind regards

Allan McPherson

Saturday 22 September

With most riders away for the long weekend it has been decided to do a 60km MTB ride from St John’s Village. The ride will include Petrus Stroom Road, Old Halliwell hill and Karkloof Reserve. We leave at 05:30.


Monday 24 September

Roderick Blake invites the group to join him on a 75km MTB ride from Piggly Wiggly/Dargle Road/Fort Nottingham/Mt West/down Old Halliwell. All invited. Ride starts at 06:30.

Kind regards

Allan McPherson

Monday Manne

We had a good turnout of 6 riders yesterday and we met Jason for the first time. Sheila overslept. We did a steady 40km although Natalie lodged an objection about climbing Rotunda hill!! We all enjoyed coffee back at Jaxx.

It was agreed that we start at 08:00 in future. The next ride will be on 1 October from St John’s Village. Greg has kindly offered to lead it. All welcome.



MTB Captains Report – 18th September 2018

Fire Season: this is a windy and dry time of year and Sappi may close certain trails due to a high fire danger index. This closure is not negotiable.

This does not usually affect the Cedara trails. Please use your discretion and err on the safe side when riding in Cedara on windy days. Nobody wants to be caught in a forest fire.


Three people attended, two of whom were non-members. They all thoroughly enjoyed the course presented by Rich Wyngaardt of Absolute Motion Cycles. If you are needing any skills lessons he is your man.


Please be reminded that we are obliged to wear club kit on all club rides and when representing the club at races. It is understood that occasionally this may not be possible. However the agreement with our sponsor, Compendium, is dependent on us complying with our part of the deal. Thanks for your support in this regard. The kit looks good, is subsidised and really good quality.

PS. Compendium also sells insurance. Give them a call, especially if you want your bike covered.

A/B Group – A/B group ride this past weekend. This group is for the faster riders. Should anyone be willing to lead, please contact me.

C Group – Mark Rowland leads the C group. The C group is more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can.

D Group – The D group is intended for those newer to mountain biking or less fit and is typically no more than 25km’s of essentially forest roads, but with some single track included in the mix. The D group is led by various members on a roster format.

Report Back

Baynesfield Classic – 16th Sep

The weather apps had all week been predicting a rather bleak report for Sunday. Fortunately, they were all wrong and the weather was perfect. A cool start soon turned into a most pleasant day. This was great news for riders and organisers alike, and what a great turnout at Baynesfield. Burg Wheelers heeded the call and supported the event magnificently. The turnout at the gazebo, with almost everyone in club kit, was fantastic. Needless to say, the hospitality provided by Trish, Cathy and Meghan was magnificent – thank you.

Selected results from the Baynesfield Classic. Some amazing achievements - well done to all. 34 Burg Wheelers in the results!!!!. Apologies if I have left anyone out.

65km: Graham Pearson 22nd overall & 12th senior; Liz Botha 6th vet; Maison Bastew 14th master. Winner Stuart Marais in 2:25:36. Finishers 137.

45km: Sven van Zuydam 11th overall & 6th youth; Ethan Jackson 12th overall & 4th junior; Byron Gray 2nd senior; Dave Griffin 2nd grand master; Pierre van der Merwe 4th sub vet; Sarah Ryan 3rd overall & 3rd youth; Rose Smith 2nd vet; Sheila McCall 1st grand master; Allison Rowland 1st master. Winner Kusaselihle Ngidi in 1:52:00. Finishers 192.

20km: Nic Burczak 1st overall & 1st sub junior in 0:39:44; Omar Wilson 9th overall & 4th sprog; Derek Grubb 2nd master. Finishers 231

Group Reports for Sat 8th September

A/B Group: No club ride.

C Group: Saturday was the day before the Baynesfield MTB extravaganza, so we weren’t expecting a big turnout. Daan had let us know the night before that he was going to take offense in advance, obviously hoping to avoid the rush. So we were pleasantly surprised when Dylan, Tom, Paula, Docmike, Lloyd, Sven, newbie Simon, the Kruppenfuhrer, and finally Gert, arrived to join the back-to-full-strength Team Rowland. Team Booysen made it back from the Hilton Arts Festival in time to lead the D’s. More on that later. Leanne, Rhys and Megan went with the D’s, and I suspect that there was someone else with them that I have missed. Finally, the FM MTB group left from the Jaxx parking lot at the same time.

It was chilly, but forecast to warm up. We went into the forest via Hillside Rd, and routed via the old quarry road, which has been graded, and is most pleasant. What wasn’t so pleasant was the temperature, which dropped to a frosty four degrees, thus eliciting some discontent from the group. The long climb up to the dead tree took care of that.

From there we went into the Pines ST, turned left at the entrance to Phil’s Nana, back to Dead Tree corner, and then climbed up to Non-Stop Nurses. I was required to explain the source of the name to the newbies, all of whom expressed wonder and surprise at the scope and frequency of Justin’s youthful indiscretions. Gert, who has a legal background, made surreptitious notes for potential future libel cases. Sven and Simon kept each other honest at the front of the group, Simon having clearly done this before. Sven was having a ‘warmup ride’ before Baynesfield, which made me very glad that I wasn’t riding in his age group. On that note, both Tom and Paula have taken big steps forward in terms of fitness and strength. Tom obviously has had his big end seen to, as recommended on these pages recently. Well done to both.

From Nurses, we went up Naartjie – passing the D’s going the other way – and then along to the Pack of Dogs ST. Which was glorious, as always. Sven and Simon tried their hand at the rocks, while the rest of us took the chicken route. Down to the dam, and left through the fence. Once on the jeeptrack, we turned left again, which took us around the Cedara boundary, and down to the river. The FM group intersected with us here, and we waved cheerily at them. The road has been graded, and is mainly fast and clear. I hit 64km/h on the way down, which is sufficiently exhilarating at my time of life. There was one closed gate, which triggered a great story from Tom, which he will have to recount in person. At the end of this section we turned right and climbed back up the hill, down to the Cedara dam, and then slogged up the infamous Dead Dog Hill. Left into Andre’s ST, left again at the fork, and then headed for home via the Mallory Rd gate.

We met up with Team Booysen at Jaxx, which appears to be under new management. The top half of Team Smit joined us for breakfast. Andre regaled us with stories of Team Booysen’s recent travels, which included getting lost near Augrabies Falls for eight hours with only one small bottle of water, and a stubborn reluctance to ask for directions.

We’ve all been there.

Garmin Stats: 32.5km, 2h10, 640m


Mark Rowland

D Group: Recovery from a life threatening discussion over a bottle of water, Andre volunteered for D group duty. This allowed Mike to train for the Baynesfield Classic the next day. Andre led the 5 strong and stuck mainly to the Mondi & Cedara gravel roads. Stats 30km, time 2:10. Good coffee and banter after.

Upcoming Events – support these rides:

Berg & Bush - week 5 to 14Oct, Descent, Great Trek & 2 day. Good luck to all BW riders.

Burg Wheelers MTB Social Ride – 29th Sep. See attached flyer. This will start and finish at the Country Station in Ashburton. Breakfast will be on Burg Wheelers for Burg Wheeler members. Please confirm for catering.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

The Saturday “C” and “D” groups ride from Jaxx at 6:30. Mark and Dave will lead the respective rides.



Richard Krusekopf

Cell: 0829401847

Burg Wheelers Cycling Academy.

Our young stars were showing off again with some really good results this weekend at Baynesfield.


11 Sven van Zuydam 6th Youth 02:08:36

46 Mitchell Ellison 13th Youth 02:33:48

50 Pierre van der Merwe 4th Subvet 02:36:55


1 Nic Burczak 1st Sub Jnr 00:39:44 (another 1st overall)

9 Omar Wilson 4th Sprog 00:44:14

36 Joshua Aurets 12th Sub Jnr 00:55:16

47 Blake Frodsham 15th Sub Jnr 00:58:10

13 Megan Horsley 3rd Sub Jnr 01:00:13

This race brings to an end the ROAG series for 2018. The ROAG series is made up of 9 races throughout the year, whereby points are awarded, depending on your finishing position. Your top 6 results count towards your final score.

The following 3 have really performed well this year in the ROAG series.

Nic Burczak 1st Sub Jnr Male

Omar Wilson 2nd Sprog Male

Megan Horsley 3rd Sub Jnr Female

Giba Enduro

Omar was also at the Giba Enduro on Saturday, taking first place in the Sprogs category. He was also 16th overall out of just over 100 riders. Well done Omar.

Clive Deacon