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The need for a professional website became apparent, not only from our sponsor’s point of view, but also as a channel to communicate with our club members and prospective people wanting to join the club who were looking for some background about the club.

Three months ago your committee invited Bruce Dempster, who is a club member, to a committee meeting to discuss the building of a unique website for our club. After a fair amount of discussion and input, Bruce agreed to develop a website for the club at no cost, and also to assist in the maintenance going forward.

At our last committee meeting, the new website was approved amidst great excitement. Bruce has now purchased the domain and the website is up and running. I would like to invite all club members to click on the following link and have a look. We would encourage any comments and suggestions as to any further improvements you feel might be necessary.

From time to time adjustments to the site will be made so that it’s not static and will evolve continuously.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express grateful thanks to Bruce for all his hard work – he can be contacted at Fernhill Systems, Please direct any suggestions and improvements directly to Bruce, who will then confirm the changes with me before going ahead.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,



Please diarize Sunday 12 November for our annual club ride to Ballito!

This week’s rides:

Saturday 30 September

A Group – ???

B Group – Meet at Steers at 05:15 for ride to Comrades Wall via Foxhill and Polly’s. Group leader Gillian Bure.

C Group – Meet at Woodburn Steers at 05:00 for ride to Hammarsdale going out up Foxhill. Group leader ww, backup driver John Baxter.

D Group - Meet at Woodburn Steers at 05:00 for ride to Hammarsdale going out up Foxhill. Group leader – Dale

This Wednesday and Thursday meet at VV

A Group – 05:00

B Group – 04:55

C Group – 04:50

D Group – 04:50


The Saturday ride was canned due to weather and postponed to Sunday. 5 of us took off from Jaxx and we rode 93km at an avg close to 25kph with 1300m of climbing.

It was misty at the start but generally conditions were good.

Saturdays ride is from Steers to Comrades Wall and we would like the weaker A’s and the stronger C’s to join us.



Below is the register of cyclists who have volunteered to help as backup drivers. If you can help out please let us know on the CC WhatsApp Chat. Remember that all riders will be expected to take a turn during the season which runs from 1 September 2017 to 31 May 2018. You will be subsidized R150 per drive by the club. Also, you can get a friend or relative to assist you!! Thank you

C Group Roster of Backup Drivers

2 SepCurries PostAllan
25Mooi River (PH)-
30HammarsdaleJohn B
7 OctEstonHelga
14Mt West
28 Sya
04-Nov Nathalie
11 Ballito
18 Arthur
25 Gavin

We were 9 – Llew, Jamie, Helga, Zaheer, Justin, Tony, Sheila, Jumbo & ww. There was no sign of Larry, Colin and Jordyn – possibly due to reports of light drizzle at Cato Ridge.

Justin had been sick all week and wisely decided to turn back at Baynesfield. We joined the D group at the Palm Trees at the start of the Dards. They comprised Frances, Nathalie, Charmaine and Carel. Three members elected for a faster ride and Eddie looked after them – thanks Eddie.

The rest of us had a solid ride with mother hen, Sticky, keeping a close eye on us from the comfort of her warm car. The wind was rather cold and getting stronger the closer we were getting to Cato Ridge. We regrouped at the abattoir and Sticky produced some welcome nuts and dates which she offered around. Eddie also arrived sipping warm coffee but did not offer us any.

It was now starting to drizzle and conditions were not pleasant but everyone was having fun and the morale was high. We flew back to Polly’s where we encouraged the few riders who had never ridden up to give it a go! Everyone sailed up and there were a lot of high 5’s at the top.

Two chirps come to mind: At the top of a hill Carel was stopped. I asked him if he was tired, he retorted – “I was waiting for you!!” Cheeky young lad!!

At one stage Nathalie described herself as “Not the lightest of fairies on a bike.” !!!

Most of us stayed for Breakies and Cappas. Many thanks to Janice and Eddie for looking after us.

Monday 25 September

There was a very large contingent of riders at Rotunda. Mad Tony had cycled up Old Howick to join us, he was wearing a 12kg lead belt for strength training!!!

We were Nathalie, John, Jan, Colin, Lionel, MT, Bill, Ian, Llew, Frances and ww. There was no sign of Larry or Jordyn.

It was warm with a nasty wind blowing which made it 2 rides in a row for most of us where we had to fight the wind. We kept a reasonably tight group and the discipline was very good. At MHS, 6 of us decided we had had enough of the wind and we turned back. The Howick cyclists are made of sterner stuff and the 4 of them plus Ian pressed on under the leadership of ever helpful Bill.

We flew back to the Rotunda and passed the D group at Midmar – they were going strong. We all tucked into a hearty breakfast back at Rotunda where we were joined by Charles H who had ridden with the A group on a “coffee ride” to Curry’s Post. We managed 70 km.


D Reports

Saturday 23 September

It was cold and windy at Steers, with Carel the first to arrive, trying to find a warm place to wait for everyone.

The group set out with 4 riders - Fran, Charmaine, Nathalie and Carel. It was lovely to have Charmaine and Nathalie from the Ambers group join us.

By the time they reached the "Palm Tree stop" at the beginning of Dards, the group had swelled to 9, having been joined by WW, Sheila, Jumbo, Tony and Zaheer, who had started with the CC's. It was still breezy and the weather was starting to look as though it was closing in. Going along the road to the abattoir there was a little drizzle and mist, and it was pretty chilly.

At the turnaround point everyone fuelled up, while some relieved liquid pressure build-up, after which the show was once again on the road. The ride home was without incident, with the weather improving with every kilometre pedaled, and congratulations to Charmaine, Nathalie and Zaheer on their first ascent of Polly's, bravely tackled by all.

Back at Steers the wind had gone home, and we all enjoyed breakfast together.


Tuesday 19 Sept: 8 members set off from VV to do a town ride around the airport, which takes us up Hesketh Drive, around the back of the airport, past Makro and home, a total of 26 kms. This was done at a fair pace and enjoyed by all. I’d like to welcome Zaheer Randeree, who has recently joined the club, and I think will move from the D group to the C group, and maybe even to the B group in time to come.

Thursday 21 Sept: 6 members met at VV for a town ride, doing the airport ride in reverse, past Makro, round back of the airport with a slight twist towards the end which brought us out halfway up Hesketh Drive. We then proceeded to the top of Hesketh Drive and worked our way back into town, totalling 27kms. We finished off with a cup of coffee at Seattle.

Saturday 23 Sept: Unfortunately I was unable to lead this ride, but I’d like to thank Janice for doing backup.

Monday 25 Sept: Being a public holiday, I decided to do an additional ride, piggy-backing on the C group who were also doing a ride from Rotunda at 6a.m. 5 riders joined me, Carel, Zaheer, Trishan, Janice & Lesley. We did a total of 64kms, in a howling wind from the start, which got progressively worse on the Nottingham Road section – it was almost impossible to ride into, and looked like it was going to rain, so we turned just before Michaelhouse, racing home with the wind behind us, which became quite unsafe to ride in as it was coming from the side and buffeting the bikes.

The group was extremely disciplined, staying together all the way and arriving home as a group. A cup of coffee and a light breakfast was enjoyed by all – with the C group joining us, the group landed up being quite big!



MTB Captains report for week of 26th September

Rain on Saturday did not dampen the C group spirits as Mark relates below. A much better turnout on Monday though.

Well done Mark for reporting on both days and thanks Rod for leading on Monday.

Weekend Ride Report for 23rd and 25th September

Saturday didn’t so much dawn, as squelched steadily from a cold, dark and damp state, to a lighter, warmer and wetter one. The Afrikaans technical term for this kind of weather is ‘Kak’. Useful to know. I was still keen to cycle, and there had been several expressions of interest on the WhatsApp group, admittedly before it started raining. When I arrived, six other stalwarts had left the safety of their sleeping equipment to join me, for which I was grateful. Nice to ride with mates. Several of the non-attending wussies went so far as to publish their wussiness on the WhatsApp group. Andre was so incensed at their lack of moral fibre, that he left the group in protest. I assume that he also fired KPMG. I welcomed Red-Hot Rod, T-Shirt Gert, Polar Pierre, Trevor C, Mr C Norris and newbie Keen Kurt.

The Gruppenfuhrer was having his hair done, possibly both hairs. No sign of the roadies. Amateurs, as I may previously have mentioned.

The Magnificent Seven headed off towards Hillside Rd in a persistent and insistent drizzle, very reminiscent of an unwelcome relative. The first ST was slippery, but rideable, which turned out to be a fair description of the whole route. We looped carefully around the forest, crossing our own path several times, so as to keep our options open. We didn’t do Phil’s Nana. The heavy winds earlier in the week have wreaked mild havoc in certain areas, with lots of fallen branches and a few new fallen trees. We were able to clear a small tree off Brands Bounce, but the others were too big, even for Chuck, who can normally scare fallen trees off the path just by looking menacingly at them.

On the plus side, we saw three deer in the forests, that have obviously managed to escape the attentions of the hunters and their dogs. Long may they prevail. The deer were pretty much all we saw other than ourselves, and some heavy trucks going up to the quarry. This made us feel virtuous.

Riding in the wet is harder than riding in the dry, so we headed for home after 22 odd km’s, finding a creative route back to avoid the trucks. We followed whatever ST we could find, with Chuck and Trevor doing the Full Monty at the bottom: make of that what you will. Intersecting the Wall of Fame ST, we then picked our way down to the nursery, retracing our steps across the vlei bridges, and finally heading for the Mallory Rd gate. I was quite pleased that no-one had fallen off yet. Pierre was leading by some distance, and confidently disappeared down into Dunton’s Demise. He didn’t emerge. When we got there, he was lying on his back on the bridge, looking unhappy. The bridge surface was treacherously slick, and you can't negotiate with physics. He was outraged, but mostly unhurt, and the rest of us wisely walked the bridge. Which will now be referred to as Pierre’s Peril. Just to prove a point, Charles rode up the Mallory Rd gate.

I didn’t stay for refreshments, but remain grateful to those who braved the weather.

Strava Stats: 27,5km, 2h20, and a mere 615m of climbing.

Monday’s weather was much more amenable to cycling, as evidenced by the dramatically improved turnout. Must have been the berg wind. Nothing to do with Rod being more popular than me, I’m sure. Waiting anxiously in the carpark were Red-Hot Rod, Keen Kurt, Omar, Sarah, Newbie Sven, Franko, the Gruppenfuhrer, Dogbite Dave, Doc Mike, Lizzie’s Botha and Booysen, Marlene, Martin, and Team Gray. Trevor cycled up the hill to join us, thus confirming how modestly hard-core he is. No sign of Larry.

We started on the Grace side of things, working our way down the hill, and into Cedara past the Madrassa and via the main gate. Right through the campus and into the pine ST, back out before Phil’s Nana [sorry Phil] and then looping past Nurses Dam, up Quarry hill and back down again. The Grand Old Duke of York Loop, essentially.

I had a wonderful time being disruptive at the back, in my allotted role as sweeper. I have no idea how many started, or how many finished. We saw the abbreviated Under the Radar heading the other way. Greatly outnumbered, they hurried past, without our customary trading of vague insults. I consoled myself by trying to demoralize MIYR Byron by blitzing past him on the hills when he least expected it, making derogatory comments about his lack of fitness as I passed. He was a good sport about it, but I am expecting to have mysterious punctures sometime soon.

We looped back to the vlei, and worked our way back to the Mallory Rd gate. Most of the party made it over the bridge and up the bank. Well done team. I tried to ride the Mallory Rd gate, and failed. Next time.

A very large table of thirsty riders tested Jaxx to the limit, and Andre joined us for breakfast.

Strava Stats: 31km’s, 2h10, and 685m of climbing, and a creditable 14,6km/h average.

Normal transmission will be resumed next week. 06h30 from the same place. See you then.


Mark Rowland

Upcoming Events

Sani Dragon 30 Sep – 1 Oct

Berg and Bush, various 6 – 15 Oct

Amashova - 22nd Oct

Trails Off Limits Reminder

It is fire season so please be aware of conditions and pay attention to the fire danger index at all times. Messages of Howick and Karkloof trails closed due to high FDI will be communicated as soon as received.

Howick / Karkloof

Be aware of certain trail closures at both Howick and Karkloof. All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of local trails. All riders have been requested to stay clear.

Hilton / Cedara

The harvesting in the Grace College/Wedgewood area from 1 Aug to 30 Sep. Please follow the rules as required by Mondi:

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from OMB/Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the C group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.

Last word…..

When bombing your tubeless tyre, remember to drain the CO2 and replace with air asap. The bomb causes the slime to set, nullifying its use.


Richard Krusekopf