Greetings All,

Word of warning from Andre Botha of Mace Safety, “Stay away from the Mandela Monument area this weekend due to the Marathon, Walks, Runs, Rides and other activities.”

Group Leaders – MTB & Road

A meeting of all group leaders will be held this coming Monday evening, 27 August, at the All Saints Church at 17:30 (5:30pm). All group leaders are urged to attend this very important event.


MTB Captains Report – 21st August 2018


The club proposes coordinating a skills training course if sufficient demand exists. Cost is R250 a session of 2hrs, with max of 10 per session. Course will be provided by Absolute Motion of Hilton. Please contact me if you are interested.

A/B Group – A/B group ride this past weekend. This group is for the snakes and Dave has committed to lead until the end of winter. Should anyone be willing to take over leading after that, please contact me.

C Group – Mark Rowland lead the C group this past weekend. The C group is more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can.

D Group – Richard lead the D group this past weekend. The D group ride is now a regular Saturday fixture, typically no more than 25km’s of essentially forest roads, but with some single track included in the mix.

It’s really wonderful to see this amount of club participation in the various groups. Thanks guys. Would love to see this continuing..

Reminder: All groups leave from Jaxx at 7:00 on Saturday mornings during winter months. We have introduced indemnity form for all riders to sign absolving the club and its agents of any liability in the event of a MTB mishap while on a club ride.

Report Back

Ride4Rhinos – 12 Aug

Those of us that didn’t take part appear to have missed a really wonderful ride. Quite a few Burg Wheelers took advantage of the event in is beautiful area. Uncertain whether this event will happen next year so I guess you snooze, you lose. A selection of pics showing off the scenery and the occasional BW celeb.

KZN Schools Spur MTB League #2 – 19th Aug.

Well done to our juniors who competed in the Spur Schools league #2 at Hilton College. This is XCO style lap racing.

Participants: Blake, Josh, Mitch, Sven and Nic

our de Krantz – 18th Aug

Some overnight and morning rain kept most people away. Those that made the effort were rewarded with some good results. Presume prize money goes toward bike repairs. Well done to all.

45km selected results - Graham Pearson 14th overall & 6th Senior; Sven van Zuydam 20th overall & 4th youth; Sarah Ryan 5th overall female & 1st youth female; Dave Griffin 52nd overall & 2nd grand master. 4BW’s in the field. Winner Tyrone White in 2:06, total finishers 71.

25km selected results – Nic Burczak 1st overall & 1st sub junior; Omar Wilson 4th overall & 1st sprog; Blake Frodsham 20th overall & 6th sub junior, Megan Horsley 4th overall female & 2rd sub junior female. 5 BW’s in the field. Winner Nic Burczak in 1:37, total finishers 49.

Umko Adventure, 2 day – 18/19th Aug

Well done Mike Smit and Dave Stewart.

Trans Bavians :

Albie and Doug Timmerman, John Dunton, Colin Goosen, Bruce and Anne Blewett all enjoyed the Trans Bavians. Long day/night in the saddle however, with time of around 12h and 14h. Race is designed to ensure some night time riding with the start at 10:00.

Trail Cleaning: Gavin & Crew

Gavin, with the help of Omar and Jonathan, has been busy clearing more trails including some on the Grace college side. Thanks guys. Some of the new trail signs acknowledging Stihl and Talisman who have loaned us equipment for trail cleaning.

Group Reports for Sat 11th & 18th August

The A/B Group: Gavin lead the B’s on Saturday 11th. They did a loop through Grace and Cedara. Strava stats: 34km in 2h24 with 600m of climbing. Rumour has it that they lost the odd rider en route and a formal complaint was to be lodged. Good thing we have indemnity’s in place. Everyone was accounted for over coffee at Jaxx.

Rained out on the 18th.

The C Group:

Sat 18th: Saturday mornings crappy weather materialised as promised. It was wet and miserable outside my window at 05h50, and a quick check on the chat revealed that conditions were similar in Hilton, with added mist. We called it off, and snivelled back between the sheets. Rod was having none of this wussiness, and immediately set up the Desert Run for 14h00. After a leisurely morning, Team Rowland arrived to keep him company. We were joined by Dave Mac, Byron, Gavin Green, Tom B, Clive D, Sheila and Liz Botha.

I designated myself as sweeper, and vegetated pleasantly at the back of the group for most of the first section. On a steep downhill near the bridge, my natural physical endowments took me to the front of the group. Close to the bottom, and at speed, I was surprised to see another BW heading the other way. Who could have beaten me down? It transpired to be young Justin Henderson, on a C-Group intercept course. Having missed the start time, he had parked his car at the Ashburton garage, and set off to find us.

As sweeper, my job is to count the group from time to time, so I added him to the pack, and we continued.

As anyone who has ridden with Gavin G will attest, a steady stream of comments and chirps flows from the area just under Gavin’s nose, and today was no exception. I was in the vicinity and doing my best to get a word in edgeways, when I did a quick headcount. We had one too many. Again. This is not what usually happens in the C-group. We normally lose people. The extra rider caught us quickly, and grabbed hold of Gavin’s jersey to take a rest. It turned out to be Owen from Jowett’s, out for a solo ride. He also joined us, taking the group up to 12. Rod and I agreed that, given our history, having a few spare people might not be a bad thing. Less paperwork if we lost one. Who would know?

Tom had the only hardtail in the group, and the road became more and more corrugated. He was having to work quite a lot harder than the rest us more suspended riders. Interesting harmonics developed on his body. Possibly as a consequence of the extra vibration he was having to deal with, around this point Tom started developing an intermittent power loss. It became steadily worse on the uphill’s, where he started leaking cooling fluids and was pinking badly. Despite our best diagnostic efforts, the problem persisted and Tom dropped off the back. The final consensus was that he may soon need a complete de-coke – rings, valves, pistons and big end. We look forward to an update.

All 12 participants made it back to the start point, and Gavin gave Justin a lift back to his car. Thanks to Rod for setting it up.

Most of us rushed off to watch the Boks punish the Argies. We won, in case you live under a rock and missed it. Good game.

Garmin Stats: 43,5km, 750m climbing and 2h30 pedalling time. The snakes did considerably better than that.

Sat 11th: After Thursday’s weather forecast fiasco, I was taking no chances. The Jaxx parking lot was abuzz by the time that Team Rowland rolled in. Not even the cold weather can keep the faithful away. We separated the throng into three groups, B, C, and D. Gavin G took the snakes off somewhere, to do something. No-one is ever quite sure exactly what they do, but it hasn’t made the papers yet, and we are all grateful for that.

Gordon was on duty for the D’s, with his better half, Elaine and Wendy F. Simphiwe just missed the start time, but apparently found people to ride with.

The rest accumulated around Ali and I, and when the dust had settled, the C’s were Team Rowland, Polar Pierre, Byron, The Kruppenfuhrer, Tom ‘Prime Suspect’ B, Dylan, Rhys, Simon F, Sarah R, Gavin H, Buffalo Bill, Hans, and the return of Red-Hot Rod. Dogbite had previously arranged to start later [warmer] and meet up with us for coffee.

We went into the forest via the Mallory Rd gate. The plan was to stay away from the low lying areas, in an effort to keep the temperature above freezing. Bunny Ears was the first ST we attacked, and Dylan this celebrated by falling off just before we started. He blamed a sticky cleat, but we suspect a Larry-like cycling poltergeist. This was confirmed when Tom fell off shortly thereafter, in similarly innocent circumstances. Undeterred by these paranormal occurrences, we pressed on up the hill, past the nursery and all the way up to the Rasta Tabernacle / Reservoir. This climb kept everyone honest, as it always does. Bill was not his usual indestructible self. Core temps were well into the green zone by now, and there was some surreptitious disrobing. The jeeptrack from the reservoir to the top of the hill has been graded, and there was excited talk amongst the younger participants about the possibility of adding this climb to future routes. Stern and meaningful glances from the more mature members terminated that line of discussion. Not on my watch, mate.

We trundled happily along the top shower road, avoiding puddles and taking in the stunning view. Rain always clears the haze, and the snow-capped ‘Berg was clearly visible. We stopped for the obligatory photo-opp [see the C-Group chat], and then headed downhill. Not much left of the hairpin ST, which is a great pity, but the jeeptrack is recovering slowly. We took a sharp left just after the quarry, and worked our way up the start of the Pack of Dogs ST. On the way, Byron asked me where the ST got its name. I had to admit I didn’t know exactly. Pierre and Byron leapt into the ST, and shot off, as they do. A minute or so later they stopped and pointed ahead of them. Coming towards us on the ST was a large pack of hunting dogs, with their handler. All the dogs were of very obvious whippet / greyhound extraction. We let them pass, and continued. At speed. Bill and Hans attempted the rock garden, unsuccessfully.

Somewhere along the way, Tom’s bike decided that it liked its granny gear, and refused to shift out. This complicated Tom’s life somewhat, and he resolved to have words with his bike mechanic.

We took the Cedara Corner Gate ST down to Nurses Dam, where Dylan was the sole dam wall rider, and very nearly went swimming for his troubles. There was a joyful reunion between some of our party and two runners at the Nurses Dam corner. They apparently were keen to join us cycling at some point in the future, and this resulted in the swapping of telephone numbers with the ever reliable Kruppenfuhrer, may his address book be forever full. I was oblivious to all of this, being well on my way towards Andre’s / Firebreak ST. The Kruppenfuhrer got separated from us, and went down Dead Dog on his own. As luck would have it, Dogbite Dave was on his way up Dead Dog, met Rich going the other way, and volunteered to shepherd him back to the group at the end of the ST. Which he did. This left me in the middle of the forest, trying to recall whether Rich had gone past me or not. I eventually decided that he had passed me, and sure enough, there he was with the rest of the group. Not good form to lose one’s MTB captain.

We took the adrenaline ST down to the lower dam, from there along the [muddy] donkey road. Tom’s natural downhill ability came to the fore here, as he adopted the aero position and drifted effortlessly past the lighter members of the group. Back across the valley via the vlei, across Dunton’s Demise bridge and home via the Mallory Rd gate. We arrived at Jaxx just as the B’s and D’s were finishing up. Refreshments broke out. Dave and Bev joined us, and they encouraged Tom to tell us a few Eston Constabulary stories. The recuperating Pauline Rainbird dropped by to chat, accompanied by Keith. Good to see her back on her feet.

Stats - 32km, 2h15 and 615m of climbing [Garmin Data];


Mark Rowland

The D Group: Gordon B lead the D’s on Saturday 11th . Strava stats: 24km, 2h20 and 360m . 4 in the group.

Rained out on the 18th.

Upcoming Events – support these rides:

Kamberg Classic – Glengarry Farm, Kamberg 2nd Sep. 25km, 45km & 65km.

Baynesfield Classic – Baynesfield 16th Sep. Burg Wheeler gazebo will be there.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30. NOTE THE NEW SUMMER START TIME

This Saturday the ”A/B”, “C” and “D” group ride from Jaxx at 7:00. Dave Bure, Mark Rowland and Gordon Borain will lead the respective rides.

The Saturday rides will revert to 6:30 from 1st September.


Richard Krusekopf



This event takes place on Saturday 13 April 2019 in Clarence. Burg Wheelers have entered 3 teams. Each team consists of 12 riders. If you would like to be considered for one of the teams, please forward your name to Warwick Weedon on by 3 September 2018. Thank you .


Scottburgh : Saturday 8 September

We will have at least two groups - a 120km ride for the C group and a 110km ride for the D group. We will have backup vehicles. More details to follow.

Ballito : Sunday 7 October

This will be a club ride of 130km with the club paying for breakfast for all members. There will be several groups catering for all levels.

C Group

Saturday 11/08

Seven of us left steers just after six at a cool 3 degrees going up fox keeping a nice steady pace. Up fox everyone stayed together very well.

At Umlaas Road, Tony and Dean left us as we proceeded through Camperdown and Cato Ridge. We stopped at the abattoir for a refuel.

We returned to PMB via Polly’s and on to Steers

Stats 82,5 km 1048 m 3hours 41 moving time avg speed off 22,3kmh

Well done to Nats and Alec who rode strong and to Ingrid and Ian for all the pulling


Saturday 25/08/2018

MTB Ride. 65km ride leaving Greendale Centre at 06:00. Out on the Karkloof Road and then left into the Karkloof Reserve and back to Curry’s Post Road and then up to Mount West and return for breakfast.