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MTB Captains Report – 7th August 2018

A/B Group –A/B group ride this past weekend. This group is for the snakes and Dave has committed to lead until the end of winter. Should anyone be willing to take over leading after that, please contact me.

C Group – Mark Rowland lead the C group this past weekend. The C group is more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can.

D Group – Dave S lead the D group this past weekend. The D group ride is now a regular Saturday fixture, typically no more than 25km’s of essentially forest roads, but with some single track included in the mix.

It’s really wonderful to see this amount of club participation in the various groups. Thanks guys. Would love to see this continuing..

Reminder: All groups leave from Jaxx at 7:00 on Saturday mornings during winter months. We have introduced indemnity form for all riders to sign absolving the club and its agents of any liability in the event of a MTB mishap while on a club ride.

Report Back

KZN Schools Spur MTB League #1 – 29th July.

Well done to our juniors who competed in the Spur Schools league #1 at Kearsney. This is XCO style lap racing.

Results: Omar Wilson 2nd Sprog; Nic Burczak 1st sub junior; Joshua Aurets 9th sub junior; Blake Frodsham 14th sub junior; Ethan Jackson12th junior; Sarah Ryan 1st female youth; Sven van Zuydam 13th youth; Mitchell Ellison 30th youth;

Watch out for these guys at the next event at Hilton College.

Illovo Eston MTB Race – There was a fantastic turnout at the gazebo (46 participants + family) with several members participating in the various distances on offer. Also some good results, particularly from our juniors who are leading the way. Well done all for taking part and also stopping in at the club gazebo. Wonderful gees all round. Trish and Cath had some wonderful eats and drinks waiting for us when we got back from the rides..

The routes had altered slightly from previous years but still excellent views and single track riding although a little dry and dusty, with a couple of really dirty faces seen afterwards. The weather played its part and we had a pleasantly cool ride.

60km selected results - Graham Pearson 28th overall & 14th Senior; Enslin Uys 61st overall & 7th master; Graham Potgieter 67th overall & 21st sub vet; Dave Davie 89th overall & 2 grand master; Charles Hughes 90th overall & 3rd grand master. 9 BW’s in the field. Winner Stuart Marais in 2:22, total finishers 252.

40km selected results – Sven van Zuydam 23rd overall & 5th youth; Shelton Bell 28th overall & 2nd sub vet; Brett Vincent 42nd overall & 6th vet; Sarah Ryan 4th overall female & 1st youth female; Rose Smith 5th overall female & 1st vet female. 25BW’s in the field. Winner Kusaselihle Ngidi in 1:35, total finishers 463.

18km selected results – Nic Burczak 1st overall & 1st sub junior; Omar Wilson 5th overall & 1st sprog; Megan Horsley 5th overall female & 3rd sub junior female. 12 BW’s in the field. Winner Nic Burczak in 0:44, total finishers 446.

Group Reports for Sat 4th August

The A/B Group: JP lead the A’s on Saturday. They did a loop through Hilton College.

The C Group:

Winnie the Pooh fans would have recognised Saturdays weather. It was a rather blustery day. Which reminds me – what do Winnie the Pooh and John the Baptist have in common? They have the same middle name. J The old ones are always the best. Ahem.

Joining Team Rowland in the C’s on this blustery day were Team Booysen, the returning Kruppenfuhrer, Omar, Tom ‘Plod’ Bassage, Dylan, Andrew, Buffalo Bill and guest star Ingrid. Bill was on a borrowed hardtail, his normal bikes future still uncertain. He says that he’s busy talking himself into a new bike. Aren’t we all?

A snake group was formed at the last minute [very snake] comprised of Ian, JP, Becks and Chuck, who rushed off to the Hilton Estate. I heard afterwards that Sean ‘snake’ van der Merwe and friends joined up with them later.

Dogbite took the D’s, being himself, Rhys, Meggan and Gavin. Quite a few of the faithful were doing the Eston the following day. Of Larry, there was none.

We had our first mechanical before we got into the forest, with Lizzies freewheel becoming free in both directions. Andre applied a his trademark combination of brute force and experience – i.e. bounced the bike very hard on the ground – and fixed it. Nothing quite like a decent education. We went across the vlei, through the rockery, and then plugged steadily up the hill past the nursery, turning right at the top to intersect the Pines / Brett’s Law and Phil’s Nana ST. Both ST’s were great, and are recommended. We regrouped at the bottom, before heading up the infamous Dead Dog hill. The D group passed us here, going the other way.

On this section, Andre and I caucused about the route. It was suggested that we take advantage of the current weather conditions and see if the valley route to the Donkey Rd was open. Sold. In it for a biscuit, we are. We climbed up to the Non-Stop Nurses ST, blasted down it, and then crossed the dam wall so we could go through the fence near the wind pump. Omar rode over the wall, and the rest of us didn’t. Bill, who is normally up for most things technical, confessed to me that of late he had found that the sound of breaking bones – specifically his own – had lost its novelty value. Wise words. While handing the bikes over the fence, it was noted that the lightest bike – by some margin – belongs to none other than Mr Plod. Lizzie, with a twinkle in her eye, suggested that this was so Tom could fit in another burger. Tom seemed to think that was a little unfair. The next section of road was sublime for us MTB’ers. Recently graded, downhill, fast and sweeping. We all blitzed the section, which spat us out, happy and dusty, onto the Donkey Rd. Good suggestion – thanks Andre. Into the teeth of the gale. We made light work of it, crossing the Cedara main road, and heading across the valley up towards the Rotunda. Ali was feeling a little unwell, and Tom very gallantly offering to take her back to Jaxx for a restorative burger.

The rest of us did a quick ‘Grand Old Duke of York’ loop in Grace – up the hill and back down again. On the way up we saw the snakes and the Farmers Market group, who had briefly combined forces, and were going the other way. The Grace ST was declared by all to have been most satisfactory, so we headed for home. The burger team had tables, chairs and drinks waiting for us, and we partook eagerly.

C Stats: 33km, 2h10, 550m climbing [These are the new Garmin-sourced stats.]

D Stats: 21.5km, 1h32,346m [Strava]

As those of you with calendars and children will already know, Thursday is a public holiday. Women’s Day, so I have been told. Repeatedly. I have yet to consult with Rowland Family Management on the question, but should it suit them, there will be a holiday ride on that day, from the same place, at 07h30. Please watch the group for confirmation and dress code.


Mark Rowland

The D Group: Lead by Dave S who was saving himself for the Eston 40km the following day. Strava stats: 21.5km, 1h32,346m . 4 in the group.

Upcoming Events – support these rides:

Tour de Krantz – Harburg Saturday 18th Aug

Umko Adventure, 2 day – Richmond 18/19th Aug

KZN Schools Spur MTB League #2 – 19th Aug.

Baynesfield Classic – Baynesfield 16th Sep. Burg Wheeler gazebo will be there.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof: All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions.

NOTE: Sappi harvesting starting 10th July in the Howick area. Several roads and trails around this area are CLOSED. Estimated closure is 3 months. Appears Howick MTB are establishing deviations around these areas. Details can be found on TrailForks.

Hilton / Cedara: Some harvesting taking place in the Cedara area. Certain roads and tracks have been closed. Riders have been asked to stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30. NOTE THE NEW SUMMER START TIME

This Saturday the ”A/B”, “C” and “D” group ride from Jaxx at 7:00. Dave Bure, Mark Rowland and Gordon Borain will lead the respective rides.

The Saturday rides will revert to 6:30 from 1st September.


Richard Krusekopf

Burg Wheelers Cycling Academy.

Well done to all our Burg Wheelers who took part in the MTB race at Eston on Sunday.

23 Sven van Zuydam 5th Youth 1:48:36
64 Pierre van der Merwe 9th SV 2:02:27
198 Mitchell Ellison. 21st Youth 2:29:22

1 Nicholas Burczak 1st SJ 00:44:21
5 Omar Wilson 1st Sprog 00:49:00
16 Thomas Truter 9th SJ 00:54:51
28 Blake Frodsham 13th SJ 00:58:17
5 Megan Horsley Lady 5th SJ 01:00:03
52 Joshua Aurets 15th SJ 01:03:02

Clive Deacon


B Group

The ride last Saturday was cancelled due to insufficient interest.

C Group

Alan led a group from Rotunda last Saturday. It was a difficult ride due to the high winds. Alec rode after a long layoff and said he was nearly blown off his bike!

Planned ride for Saturday 11/08/2018

Up Foxhill to Airfield and back up Polly’s. Leave Woodburn Steers at 06:00

Allan McPherson


D Group

Evidently this group has been riding regularly during the week and on Saturdays. Last Saturday they did a town ride of 50km.

Tuesday Ride

This morning was pretty chilly, with a start temperature of 4C, and it did not warm up to very much above that. 4 guys and 1 Sticky braved the cold - Gordon, Jumbo, Carel and Willem. We missed Peter L, who is away for the week.

We did the normal town route, and spotted a number of other crazies out there as well. However, it is heartening to see that it is growing lighter just that little bit earlier.

Hoping to see more of the DD's coming out of hibernation soon. Time is marching and the 'Shova is approaching!