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MTB Captains Report – 24th July 2018

A/B Group – Separate A and B group rides this past weekend. This group is for the snakes and Dave has committed to lead until the end of winter. Should anyone be willing to take over leading after that, please contact me.

C Group – Mark Rowland lead the C group this past weekend. The C group is more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can.

D Group – Andy Gray lead the D group this past weekend. The D group ride is now a regular Saturday fixture, typically no more than 25km’s of essentially forest roads, but with some single track included in the mix.

It’s really wonderful to see this amount of club participation in the various groups. Thanks guys. Would love to see this continuing..

Reminder: All groups leave from Jaxx at 7:00 on Saturday mornings during winter months. We have introduced indemnity form for all riders to sign absolving the club and its agents of any liability in the event of a MTB mishap while on a club ride.

Cedara Trail Clean Up

A wonderful response to this effort and a large portion of trails cleaned up, re-established and re-marked. Thanks to Gavin and BW volunteer team. Big thanks also to Stihl and Talisman for supporting the club with the loan of equipment on the day. Please support these companies whenever you can. In addition, BW now also owns its own Stihl brush cutter and Stihl blower to allow us adhoc trail cleaning whenever needed.

Group Reports for Sat 21st July

The A Group: Dave Bure lead the A on Saturday. My apologies but no stats available.

The B Group: Gavin Green lead a B group on Saturday. Again, my apologies but no stats available.

The C Group: This Saturdays pre-singletrack maintenance ride was a relatively peaceful and incident-free affair, just the way we like them. We discovered a mechanical on Ali’s bike the previous night, so she went to the gym instead. A vast crowd of the faithful assembled expectantly at Jaxx, such that we were able to field four separate and reasonable sized MTB groups. Joining me in the C’s were Team Booysen, Byron, Dogbite, Docmike, Dale, Dylan, Gert, Paula and Pierre. Sadly, this was to be a Larry-less ride. Andy Gray took the D’s, Dave Bure the A’s, and Gavin Green the B’s.

Buffalo Bill arrived, only for Pierre to notice that Bill’s rear suspension had given up the unequal battle [Bill vs. gravity] and broken, so he was unable to join us.

The C’s entered the forest via Hillside Rd, down through the vlei and up to the Rotunda, to get to the Grace ST. This route proved unpopular with the troops, possibly due to the fact that we hit minus one C in several places. The Nkandla ST climb warmed everyone back up again, and the grumbling decreased somewhat. A quick blast through the Grace ST, and then back across the road into Cedara for the Donkey Rd. Here we were fortunate enough to see the Cedara Crowned Cranes pair winging their way into the fields for breakfast. A stirring sight, and worth the price of admission in itself.

Through the gate at the dam, and up the famous Dead Dog Hill. Byron, who had been sandbagging this far, beat Pierre to the top.

Past Nurses Dam, and across to the bottom of Pack of Dogs ST, which I wanted to try in reverse. Dave, whose philosophy is that ST is designed to be ridden down, took this opportunity to have a previous engagement, and left us. Pack of Dogs in reverse? Much harder than we thought, was the general consensus. Back along the contour jeeptrack, past the top of Naartjie, and then the jeeptrack across to the Wall of Fame ST. We didn’t lose anyone here. This week. Dale’s heartrate behaved itself impeccably. As usual, Pierre disappeared off the front of the group as soon as home was mentioned, and the rest of us followed at a more sedate pace. At Jaxx, large groups of BW cyclists distributed themselves across the sunny tables, and refreshment ensued.

Strava Stats: 35 km, 845m of climbing, and 2h30. A note here. Strava tends to over exaggerate the elevation, quite a lot. I have connected my Garmin to Strava [hence the duplicate rides showing] and I will stop using Strava on the phone, but rather use the Garmin data, which seems to be more realistic. This will have short term negative effect of making us publicly a little less hard-core, but we will just have to do more climbing.

Lastly, a heartfelt thanks to all of you who came out to help with the Cedara ST maintenance later that same day. And well done to Gavin G et al for organising it, and coordinating the troops on the day. [Wild applause] I live in hope that we will see the BW roadies out filling potholes soon. The cleaned ST that I saw is looking really good. Can't wait to get on it. The newly re-connected / opened Non-Stop Nurses will need as much riding as possible, please keep it as a staple on your route planning. Ditto the newly re-opened Trip & Dip [below Pack of Dogs]. Regular riding will keep them open and firm. Keep a lookout for the Bullrun / Chickenrun signs on the Wall of Fame, courtesy of Team Booysen. See you all next week for a ST blowout.


Mark Rowland

The D Group: Lead by Andy. Strava stats: 26km in 2h11 with 491m of climbing. 4 in the group.

Upcoming Events – support these rides:

KZN Schools Spur MTB League #1 – Waterfall 29th July. Quite a few BW juniors taking part. Good luck girls & boys.

Illovo Eston MTB Race – Eston Club 5th Aug. The Burg Wheeler gazebo and refreshments will be on hand. Please do join us.

Tour de Krantz – Harburg Saturday 18th Aug

KZN Schools Spur MTB League #2 – 19th Aug.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof: All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions.

NOTE: Sappi harvesting starting 10th July in the Howick area at Dr Keytels and moving to Gums. The roads and trails around this area are CLOSED. No access permitted. Estimated closure is 3 months. Appears Howick MTB are establishing deviations around these areas. Details can be found on TrailForks.

Hilton / Cedara: Some harvesting taking place in the Cedara area. Certain roads and tracks have been closed. Riders have been asked to stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:00.

This Saturday the ”A/B”, “C” and “D” group ride from Jaxx at 7:00. Dave Bure, Mark Rowland and Gordon Borain will lead the respective rides.


Richard Krusekopf


C Group

Saturday ride report 21/07

The 6 of us met at crossways at 6am and made our way to Hilton college with some chilly weather everyone staying together very well.

Coming back past x ways the mtbs were on their way to the start of their ride down past Rotunda and into Howick where the frost was seen at temp to match .

Dustin left at Tweedie as he needed to get back ,we all stopped for a quick rest going back past midmar on return finishing at crossways just after 9:00

57 kms 883 mts 3hours thanx to Sya Greg Jason Dustin and Blake.

Saturday 28 June

Mountain bike ride. Meet at Greendale Centre at 07:30 for a 65km ride led by Roderick ‘Hotshot’ Blake. It will be a non-technical ride for Roadies with 50km of dirt roads and 15km of tar. 1200m of climbing and will take about 4 hours at an average speed of 17kph. Coffee and breakfast afterwards. Should be great fun, all welcome!!


B Group

No report received.