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MTB Captains Report – 10th July 2018

A/B Group – Dave lead the A/B group ride this past weekend. This group is for the snakes and Dave has committed to lead until the end of winter. Should anyone be willing to take over leading after that, please contact me.

C Group – Mark lead the C group this past weekend. The C group is more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can.

D Group – Dale lead the D group this past weekend. The D group ride is now a regular Saturday fixture, typically no more than 25km’s of essentially forest roads, but with some single track included in the mix.

All groups will leave from Jaxx at 7:00 on Saturday mornings during winter months. We have introduced indemnity form for all riders to sign absolving the club and its agents of any liability in the event of a MTB mishap while on a club ride.

Cedara Trail Clean Up

21st July, 12h00 at Cross Ways :- Save the date. Burg Wheelers, led by Gavin Green will be embarking on a Cedara trail clean up. Bring rakes, slashers, brush cutters, blowers and lots of enthusiasm. Respond directly to Gavin indicating your availability and what equipment you may have available. He can then co-ordinate resources adequately. Gavin’s cell 082 329 5299.


KZN Lap Challenge

A sprinkling of younger Burg Wheelers travelled to the KZN Champs at Waterfall to take part, here are the results:

Sprogs: Omar Wilson 7th. Well done

Sub Juniors: Nic Burczak 2nd . Excellent Well done

Youth: Sven van Zuydam 10th . Well done

Freedom Challenge (RASA):

Bruce Koller has completed the Freedom Challenge. The reward for completing this epic …. A Basotho blanket. It wasn’t all plain sailing though, especially when the rain, snow, wind and cold set in. Some stats to help put this ride in perspective: Total time: 19 days, 9hrs & 6 mins; Total distance approx. 2 300km’s; Total riding time approx. 221hrs; longest day 15h30; shortest day 6h30; total ascent approx. 40 000m; coldest morning -8*C; Best moment – all 221 hrs. Bike mechanicals: rear wheel bearing requiring new wheel and incurring 3hr race penalty; failed rear shock but coped with a shock pump; only one puncture from a thorn which was plugged. Body mechanicals: nil. Below some more amazing pics posted by Bruce.

Simon Francis’ daughter and son in law, Didi & Tim Deane did the Race to Rhodes with Simon before continuing on and completing the Freedom Challenge.

Group Reports for Sat 7th July

The A Group, lead by Dave/ Willie did an impressive 45km’s in 2h46 with 683m of climbing. The route included both loops at Hilton College as well as some sections of Cedara.

The C Group: After much deliberation, we decided to celebrate the start of the Tour de France by having a little ride in the forest with our mates. For this week’s Tour de Farce, Ali and I swapped roles – she was off sick, and I was recovered enough to attempt what, for me, passes as riding. There had been a sprinkling of rain overnight, not sufficient to scare off the C group faithful. Joining me at Jaxx were Teams Booysen, Pessenbacher [Franko & Chris] and Rhys / Megan, the Kruppenfuhrer, Buffalo Bill, Hans, Polar Pierre and the venerable Justin H, ebullient as always. Dale took a small D group with himself, His Larryness, Helga and newbie Simphiwe. Dave Bure took Team Snake / Sky off to Hilton, after a short stop at the pharmacy for a few pick-me-ups. I took advantage of the opportunity to suggest that Andy Ridge and Pierre move up to Team Sky. Andy enthusiastically accepted, but Pierre declined. Chuck, who had materialised at some point in his usual unassuming manner, also elected to go with Team Sky.

The C’s left on schedule, just in time to see Dylan drive in as we went out. We waved cheerily. Team Sky were still milling around near the entrance, so he joined them.

We entered the forest via the Mallory Rd gate, taking turns to congratulate Andre on his shiny new patriotic ‘House of Orange’ livery, carbon-look, bike, with reflectors. He was very pleased with it. Apparently both the brakes and gears actually work as designed, a significant improvement from his previous mount. We did Bunny Ears in celebration, and lost no-one, probably because Marian was with a different group this week. I was counting, religiously. From there we hit the Pines / Phil’s Nana ST, and here we actually gained a human. Helga had seen us having fun in the distance, and promoted herself from the D’s, arriving at the back of the group. When you’re leading a MTB group, gaining is a lot better than losing.

Chris Pessenbacher was riding Franko’s vintage calliper-brake hardtail 26, and was working a lot harder than the rest of us.

We got a little spread out down Phil’s Nana, and the most senior rider in the group used this opportunity to made a break for freedom, heading off towards Dead Dog. I was watching everyone closely, and a posse was despatched to rein him in.

Through the gate at the Cedara Dam, and then down the Donkey Rd sprint. I was careful not to ride fast enough to potentially antagonise the mighty Mielies, who holds KOM for this section.

We crossed to the Grace side via the Rotunda, and worked our way up to the Hilton College Rd via all the ST we could find, which was most pleasant. On the switchbacks going back down, we encountered Gary from Jowetts on a fancy new Scott E-bike. We swapped lies for a while, and then the C’s headed off to loop around Callaho corner. In the forest here I picked up a large piece of wire in my back wheel, which is the closest we got to a mechanical this week. Just the way we like it. A blast down the ‘Amped’ ST on the way, and then back to Jaxx. Up a long hill, Justin very thoughtfully held onto my jersey to prevent me from overspeeding, while Hans gave me a Harley / Indian history lesson. Friends like that…

We rejoined Dale’s D’s at Jaxx, and refreshments broke out. I didn’t stay, but it was all very jovial. There is a very real possibility that we will do it all again next week.

Strava Stats for the 13 strong C’s: 31km’s, 2h10 and 500m of climbing. Just as planned.


Mark Rowland

The D Group: Strava Stats for the 3 strong D’s: 29km’s, 2h19 & 580m of climbing.

Upcoming Events – support these rides:

Illovo Eston MTB Race – Eston Club 5th Aug

Tour de Krantz – Harburg Saturday 18th Aug

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:00.

This Saturday the ”A/B”, “C” and “D” group ride from Jaxx at 7:00. Dave Bure, Mark and Dale will lead the respective rides.


Richard Krusekopf

Cedara Single track trail maintenance day Saturday 21 July

Saturday 21 July

To all our avid mountain bikers that I hear saying things like "We must come and fix or clear the trails" Well now is the time to convert you" We" to" I".

On Saturday 21 JULY from 12h00

We will meet at X ways parking lot, Please bring your spades, rakes, slashers, petrol blowers, weed eaters and some gloves if your hands are soft like mine.

I will divide the volunteers in to groups and assign an area to your group depending my percieved work load for that area and amount of tools available.

If you are bringing a petrol trimmer or blower with you please also bring the correct premixed petrol with your tool, so it is not damaged.

The club will supply some drinks for each group.

Please can you supply me with your name and email address or cell number so I can add you to a WhatsApp group, I will ensure that this group has the minimal amount of traffic on it.


Gavin Green


The London Boys

The London boys decided to commence their penultimate training ride from Steers riding up Fox, Dards to Cato Ridge Caltex and return via Pollys.

The morning was really misty although a little warmer than the previous weekend in the midlands.

Concern was raised over the mist going up Fox Hill and it was decided that the traffic was slower down Pollys and therefore safer so the route was reversed . There were four of us namely Colin, Sharon, Jammie and Lionel that set off at 6:00 to complete the 80 km route.

It was a very quiet ride to begin with, everyone concentrating in the mist but as soon as the sun came up and the mist lifted it was training as usual. There were a few suggestions made en route, to “turn early” and “haven’t we gone far enough” and “here’s a good place to turn”, but these all landed on deaf ears and the route was completed although 4 km short.

A suggestion was made to ride into Bisley park for 2 km but the desire of a hot cup of coffee far outweighed the 4km shortfall and we all returned to Steers for a cuppa and brekkies. Thanks for all the support guys. Much appreciated.