Greetings All,


MTB Captains Report – 19th June 2018

St Ives Marshals

Big thanks to those who have responded.

To those who haven’t, support your club and enter one of the races.

D Group – Doc Mike lead the D group this past weekend. We now have a regular D group ride which will do no more than 25km’s of essentially forest roads, but with some single track included in the mix.

C Group – Rod lead the C group this past weekend. Mark will resume leading the C grp which has become more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can.

A/B Group – Dave Bure lead a group from Jaxx, with solid 12 in the group. This will resume on the 30th after the St Ives race, for the winter months.

All groups will leave from Jaxx at 7:00 on Saturday mornings. We have introduced indemnity form for all riders to sign absolving the club and its agents of any liability in the event of a MTB mishap while on a club ride.


Race to Rhodes/Freedom Challenge:

Bruce Koller is doing the Freedom Challenge and left PMB on Friday the 15th June and planning to make Wellington in 22 – 25 days. Bruce has completed two previous Race to Rhodes.

David McKerchar has entered the Race to Rhodes and headed off on Thursday the 14th June, a day before Bruce. This is Dave’s first attempt and he hopes to get to Rhodes in 6 days.

Simon Francis and son Mark have also entered the Race to Rhodes. They left on Saturday the 16th.

Pondo Pedal:

Andre and Liz Booysen and Mark and Allison Rowlands took part in the Pondo Pedal, a three day stage race on the Wild Coast.

C/D Report for Sat 16th June

On a very fresh Sat morning 15 eager beavers were ready to ride. The Jaxx car park was a buzz of activity with the racing snakes Dave Bure and his group, the D group with Dave and Docmike, and last but not least our amazing C group.

I am proud to say I left on time leading the C group, at precisely 7 .02am. There was a hairy eyeball from Charmaine who was not paying attention and was nearly left behind, I politely told her the bus leaves at 7am on the dot.

Polar Pierre, Byron , Richard E and son Mitchell, Dylan, Deon and son Josh, Gert, Gordon and Andy which we will mention again later, the 3 girls Paula, Sheila, Charmaine, and lastly our vet Justin decided to join us.

We explored Grace College and surrounding forests then popped over to Cedara doing Phil’s Nana, and there we had our first technical. Josh had a puncture and after 10mins and Gert offering a new tube we carried on and had no more technicals.

On the way back near the dead tree junction in a flat section of road, I am still trying to fathom out why, but our most advanced technical rider Andy managed to get his pedal stuck in some raised gravel and graciously flew over the handlebars and landed ungraciously on the road. More embarrassed than hurt Andy climbed back onto his bike. Lesson learnt – never on a MTB take anything for granted, chat less, and concentrate where you are going.

We arrived back safely at Jaxx, but couldn’t find one chair, let alone a table so most of us went to Ninos for an enjoyable R10 breakfast and a R34 large cappuccino.

Stats were 32km, 600m climbing, 2hrs 17min cycling time and average speed 14kms / hour. Nobody lost, which was a good thing. I will kindly give the reins back to Mark who does a fantastic job in our club Sat Ride.

We look forward to hearing all about the Pondo 3 day race with Mark, Ali, Liz and Andre.

Cheers Rod

D Group Ride : Saturday 16th June

Being Youth Day we Oldies got together to remember what it used to be like.

Langasem Les, Dogbite Dave, Frozen-Shoulder Elaine, Angle-grinder Andy and Doc Mike (e-Mike Les claims) set out just after the C batch.

The mandatory warm up through Grace was done with a new ‘Old’ section that Elaine and I remember from years ago and I recently re-found on a run. It has some gnarly rockery that we bounced over walking.

We passed the C batch in the forest - going the other way.

After 12 kms, with e-Mike hanging onto Les` back on the hills, we headed over to Cedara and then up into the forest to Jude`s Law. Just after this we bumped into a lonely Pierre but in fact he was not lost and just ahead of C group. They were clearly relieved not to be going the same way as the pace would have killed them.

We finally exited the forest and single track and headed home to a packed Jaxx (Hilton-Michaelhouse, Youth Day and Father`s Day Sunday) for a well earned Cappuccino and breakfast.

26.1 km covered in 2’16”, 461m climbed, at average speed of 11.5km/h and apparently we burned up 650 calories (1 cappuccino I would think).

Mike Smit.

All had a great ride and post ride session.

Upcoming Events – support these rides:

Compendium Burg Wheelers MTB Race – St Ives, this Sunday, 24 Jun: 10km, 25km and 45km routes.

Illovo Eston MTB Race – Eston Club 5th Aug

Tour de Krantz – Harburg Saturday 18th Aug

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:00.

This Saturday the”A/B”, “C” and “D” group ride from Jaxx at 7:00. Dave Bure, Mark and Andy G will lead the respective rides.

A roster has been set up for the D group rides and there will be a leader every Saturday going forward.


Richard Krusekopf