MTB Captains Report – 12th June 2018

Marshals Required

Thanks to those who have responded. To those who haven’t, it’s not too late, we still need you.

Burg Wheelers is holding its annual MTB race day at St Ives on the 24th June. Hosting this race is a compulsory requirement for the club to retain its generous sponsorship from Compendium.

To successfully and safely manage the riders, the club requires a minimum of 25 marshals on the day. If you are available to help, please respond to me via WhatsApp on 082 940 1847 – Richard K.

We now have 20 of the required marshals.

D Group – Dave S lead the D group this past weekend. We now have a regular D group ride which will do no more than 25km’s of essentially forest roads, but with some single track included in the mix.

C Group – Mark will continue leading the C grp which has become more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can.

Both groups will leave from Jaxx at 7:00 on Saturday mornings. We have introduced indemnity form for all riders to sign absolving the club and its agents of any liability in the event of a MTB mishap while on a club ride.


We know about Charles Hughes amazing exploits on long distance rides, but there are more Burg Wheelers with similar ambitions it seems.

Bruce Koller will be doing the Freedom Challenge this year, leaving PMB on Friday the 15th June and planning to make Wellington in 22 – 25 days. Bruce has completed two previous Race to Rhodes.

David McKerchar has entered the Race to Rhodes and will be heading off on Thursday the 14th June, a day before Bruce. This is Dave’s first attempt and he hopes to get to Rhodes in 6 days.

Simon Francis and son Mark have also entered the Race to Rhodes. They will be off on Saturday the 16th. Let’s hope Simon can keep the wheels on the ground, something he has struggled with lately.

Good luck to both all of them, as they tackle these most challenging of races, whilst self-navigating through mid-winter temperatures.

Rowlands’ Report for Sat 2nd June

This week’s pre-Comrades Springbok Supporters Ride was [ahem] well supported. Arriving to join Team Rowland were Teams Stewart, Booysen, Racing Snake [Sean & Ian], and Ellison, Rhys, Meggan, Liz B, Pierre, Dave G, Gert, Andy, Gavin, Dylan, Byron, the Kruppenfuhrer, Red-Hot Rod, Paula, Tom ‘Plod’ Bassage, Chuck, Sheila, Dave McK, and last but not least, the return of the ever enthusiastic Franko. Apologies if I missed anyone – large group. We all missed His Larryness, mainly because he wasn’t there.

Dave S very kindly took the D’s, and was joined [I think] by Bev, Rhys & Meggan, & Tom B, and much later by Liz Botha. There may have been others.

We started by going through Dunton’s Demise, with a highly commendable portion of the group getting through upright. From there to Bunny Ears, and then up the hill past the nursery. I lost a rear spoke on the way up the hill, which is usually my bikes way of telling me to cut back on the cream buns. Way back.

Regular viewers of this column know that we keep a close eye on Chucks equipment, for good reasons. On the way up the hill, I cast the usual beady eye across at Chuck’s current mount, and nearly rode into a tree. It was a softtail. That is not a typo. A full-carbon, racing snake, bells and whistles, terrifying groupset, stealth paintjob softtail of course, but a softtail nonetheless. I checked twice. I very gently enquired of Chuck if he was feeling poorly, or possibly had received discouraging results from his orthopod at the most recent medical, or if Lesley had of late been adding strange fungi to his diet. He says not, but I remain deeply suspicious. This is tantamount to Simon Francis waving one past with a cheery ‘No, you first, I insist.’ You know what I mean. There is clearly something afoot. Or, of course, it could be that the much vaunted C-Group ethos is starting to take hold of even the most hardcore. That’s a nice thought, and one that I will nurture until I hear otherwise.

Speaking of which, Andre rode with me for a short way at a point. As we all know, the section of tissue that keeps Andre’s ears apart is always working. He told me that he had come up with a great slogan for the group – ‘C’s the Day’. How good is that? When we are big enough to have our own shirts, that will get my vote. Comments & suggestions welcome.

We did the Pines & Phils Nana ST, all the way to the bottom, nearly running over the D’s en route. Left and up Dead Dog, and then left again into Andre’s ST. Here the group split, with Andre taking the C- back the easy way. Quite a large group joined him. We lost the Kruppenfuhrer and Gavin here, who went right instead of left on the ST, and had to be fetched by yours truly. I led them back to the group via a very overgrown section of ST, and was lucky enough to see Richard hit a hidden rock, come to a complete stop, and topple in slow motion over to the right. I’m sure he’s fallen off before, but this was the first time that I’d ever seen it. I promised not to tell anyone, and you all have to promise as well.

Highly uncharacteristically, Alison elected to go with the C- group. When she does this, its normally because of something I’ve said, which happens more frequently than it should. I spent a fair part of the rest of the ride coming up with plausible justification for anything I may have said to her, possibly said to anyone else, thought about saying, or just thought. Its best to be proactive with this stuff.

Back down to the Dam, and along the Donkey Rd. Pierre sprinted off the front, followed by Chuck. I got a good start down the hill, and caught them both on the flat. I was pleased with myself. I leapt onto Pierre’s wheel, with Chuck on mine, Chuck getting a double slip. Pierre pulled us both down the road at speed. While we waited for the rest to catch up, I thought it best to call Alison just to check her whereabouts. I didn’t get through, but in putting my phone back in my pocket, I managed to pocket-dial almost everyone on my favourites list in succession, as one does. They then all returned my calls, which took most of the rest of the ride. My Garmin tells me when someone calls, I assume because some millennial programmer thought this would be a cool feature. May he get a good shoeing, soon. It all got a bit Three Stooges after that, until I worked out what had happened.

I’ve found that the best cure for this kind of occurrence is a soothing coffee, possibly several, so we headed for the nearest purveyor of freshly brewed beans to the gentry, this being Jaxx. And that is why, children, this week’s ride was a little shorter than normal. That, and the fact that we are tapering for the Pondo.

The size of the BW table at Jaxx was impressive, so much so that Jaxx were forced to develop a ‘system’ to deal with it. Mostly successfully – see Rich’s pix on the group chat.

We were joined at Jaxx by the FM group, led by a battle-scarred Simon F. Earlier in the week, Simon had apparently become separated from his bike on one of the ST’s, and unwittingly used his nose and associated facial areas to arrest his progress. The damage to his face is impressive, but it would be both insensitive and potentially libellous to suggest that it constitutes an aesthetic improvement. I did my best to look sympathetic, and promised not to mention this in the BT. Simon has been in the wars lately, and will be doing the Ride to Rhodes next week. On recent performance, if he owes you money, it would be prudent to get it from him before he leaves. Conversely, if you owe him money, tell him you’ll settle in full when he gets back. Go with the odds, and don’t mention my name.

Teams Rowland and Booysen will be Pondoing next week, and we will leave you in the capable hands of Red-Hot Rod, scourge of the singletrack.

Strava Stats: 30km, 630m climbing and 2h05. Lots of stoppages.


Mark Rowland

Dave’s D Group Report:

A gentle recovery ride with Rhys, his daughter Megan, Mr Plod, Bev and Dave. Lots of single trackand some rock garden skills practice. We met up with the C’s a couple of times, I think they were lost! At this popint Liz abandoned the C group and as we knew the shortest way to the coffee shop.

Strava stats:22km, 410m climbing in 1?:55. Watch out for Megan future star for sure.

Upcoming Events – support these rides:

Compendium Burg Wheelers MTB Race – St Ives, 24 Jun

Illovo Eston MTB Race – Eston Club 5th Aug

Tour de Krantz – Harburg Saturday 18th Aug

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:00.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride from Jaxx at 7:00. Rod and Doc Mike will lead the respective rides.

A roster has been set up for the D group rides and there will be a leader every Saturday going forward, provided of course there is a need.


Richard Krusekopf


Burg Wheelers B Road

This Saturdays ride will be advertised on Whats App.

Tues and Thurs
We leave Victoria Rd, Virgin Active, at 4:55 every Tues and Thurs. Check your Whats App for any route changes. Other groups welcome to join us, if you can keep up.

Cascades MTB Night Riders.
We will be riding this Wednesday, weather permitting, 13th June. This will be for the working class that cannot make the 3:00 Wednesday rides from Xways.
The night rides will start at 5:30, (after work), and end around 7:00. We will meet at the pump track at Cascades MTB Park. You just need yourself, a bike, a helmet and a bright light. Send me a message if you want me to put you on the night ride, "Whats App", group.

Last week we had 7 Night Riders. Good to see the group growing.

Clive Deacon

Other Rides This Past Week

Dave Bure led a fair sized group out to Karkloof last Saturday at a so called “chilled” pace.

Alex lead a 76km ride from Fernhill to Mount West and the group included Geoff, Blake and Aunty Nathalie.

A couple of us joined the London Ride training group on a Tempo 76km ride to Cato Ridge followed by breakfast at Wimpy. We missed Dale!!

Last Monday Allan, Jamie, Tony, Sheila and ww went up to Xways in rather chilly weather. The Seattle coffee after was most welcome!!!!!

Allan is riding regularly up Old Howick Hill and invites anyone who wants a bit of hill work to be at VV at 04:45 from Tuesday to Friday.

This Monday – Sya invites you to join the Montrose Hills group which leaves Cascades Seattle at 05:00.

Track League Race Saturday 23 June

Hi All

Just a reminder that we have the next track league in Durban on 23 June

We also have a learn to ride and a MTB eliminator happening on the same day.

We are looking for as many volunteers as possible to assist with the learn to ride and the MTB eliminator so that we can have everything running smoothly on the day.

Here is the full programme for the day

8.00 - 9.00 - Track Bike Set Up

9.00 - 11.00 - Learn to Ride on the Track

11.00 - 12.00 - MTB Eliminator Registration

Entry Fee R50-00

12.00 - 14.00 - MTB Eliminator Racing

14.00 - 15.00 - Track Registration

Entry Fee R50-00

15.00 - 17.00 - Track Racing

Please let us know if you are able to assist

Many thanks

KZN Track Commission

Cycling News

Hello All,

Open these two links to see an amazing core workout by Peter Sagan and how Chris Froome and Team Sky plotted to win the Giro d Italia