MTB Captains Report – 29th May 2018

D Group – Yours truly lead the D group this past weekend. We now have a regular D group ride which will do no more than 25km’s of essentially forest roads, but with some single track included in the mix.

C Group – Mark will continue leading the C grp which has become more of an intermediate ability group doing as much single track as they can.

Both groups will leave from Jaxx at 7:00 on Saturday mornings. We have introduced indemnity form for all riders to sign absolving the club and its agents of any liability in the event of a MTB mishap while on a club ride.

Karkloof Festival

This longstanding event continues to draw riders every year with the amazing trails in the scenic Karkloof valley. This year didn’t disappoint drawing 960 MTB riders, a number of endure riders and a host of trail runners

Burg Wheelers had a number of entrants in each event - well done to all of them. The routes were technical and challenging but certainly most ride-able. The turn-out at the BW gazebo was great with most of the finishers below coming round to the gazebo. Kathy van Zuydam did the eats and spoilt us royally, thanks Kathy (and Brendon).


Alan Martin 57th overall & 7th master; Mike Eglington 58th overall & 11th vet; James McGrath 65th overall & 17th sub vet; Dean Royden-Turner 72nd overall & 17th vet; Hayden Hutton 76th overall & 20th vet; Grant Markham 82nd overall & 13th master; Graham Potgieter 89th overall & 21st sub vet; Charles Hughes 102nd overall & 5th grand master; Colin Davie 108th overall & 29th sub vet; Dave Hanbury 121st overall & 18th master; Dave Bure 132nd overall & 21st master; David McKerher 193rd & 47th master; Clive Deacon 194th overall & 48th master; Franko Pessenbacher 203rd overall & 50th master. Winning time 2:39

Graham Pearson retired while climbing Lebanon after feeling unwell most of the week. Iain Ambler retired with a mechanical. Enslin Uys’ position was missing from the results.


Ethan Jackson 17th overall & 9th junior; Stephen Forster 23rd overall & 2nd master; Brett Vincent 29th overall & 5th vet; Brett Fourie 34th overall & 4th master; Byron Gray 49th overall & 10th sen; Sven van Zuydam 52nd overall & 8th youth; Sean van der Merwe 56th overall & 8th master; Robbie van der Merwe 57th overall & 9th master; Sarah Ryan 8th lady & 4th F youth; Paul Jackson 98th overall & 19th master; Keith Diederichs 111th overall & 27th vet; Murray Blewett 120th overall & 16th youth; Derek Grub 122nd overall 29th master; Mitchell Ellison 146th overall & 19th youth; Richard K 152nd overall & 4th grand master; Richard Ellison 156th overall & 36th master; Mike Smit 167th overall & 7th grand master; Sheila McCall 29th lady and 1st F grand master; Deon Aurets 232nd overall & 59th master; Winning time 1:54


Nicholas Burczak 1st overall & 1st sub junior; Omar Wilson 9th overall & 3rd sprog; Megan Horsley 7th lady & 3rd F sub junior; Joshua Aurets 56th overall & 13th sub; Andy Gray 70th overall & 4th grand master; Debbie Mills 19th lady & 4th F master; Syd Mills 123rd overall & 12th grand master. Winning time 0:48

Enduro: Omar Wilson 7th & 1st overall

Rowlands’ Report for Sat 26th May

On Saturday, the C-Group faithful trickled into the Jaxx parking lot steadily. Not a cloud in the sky. Also no sign of Larry. Joining Team Rowland were the combined might of Team Booysen, Team Hughes, Daan, Docmike, the Kruppenfuhrer, Dylan, Paula, Simon the Younger, Simon the Elder, T-Shirt Gert, Polar Pierre, Chris, Andy R, Paul, and finally Trevor returning from injury. Chuck was there by himself, but since he has just returned from a little cycling jaunt across the Atlas mountains in Morocco, we have accorded him team status. It’s either that, or some form of cycling canonisation, which will inevitably involve paperwork.

I was planning a longer, slower ride to make up for last week, and to help Ali and I get into some kind of shape for our first ‘stage race’, being the upcoming Pondo Pedal, which we will be doing along with Teams Booysen and Mills. It was agreed that we would begin as one group [C’s & D’s], and adjust as necessary en route. We started on the Grace side, which involved going under the N3. This cold [fingers very close together], I’m telling you. Even Pierre commented, and he’s usually immune. Riding conditions were great, cool and dry, and we trundled around the forests happily. No three-legged animals of any kind, I’m pleased to report. No one fell off. Once around the forests, a downhill blast through the Nkandla ST, and then back under the N3 towards Cedara.

We did the Donkey Rd in reverse, and then went up Piggery Hill. Normally deserted, today it had four large earthmoving trucks and one bakkie. Take care here.

Through the Cedara campus and back around to the Pines / Bretts Law ST. I was sure that the pace was slow and steady, but Team Booysen felt differently. Let me assure you that when Liz Booysen glares at you, you stay glared at. Wilting visibly, I agreed that we would split. We then had a C, a C- and a D. The D’s [Rich, Chris, Daan, Trevor and Paul] headed straight back after the Pines ST. The C-‘s [Booysens, Paula, Simon TY and Docmike] did an abbreviated loop down Phil’s Nana, and then headed back. The rest of us [Gert, Andy Pierre, Ali, Simon 2 and I] did the full Pines ST run, and then Phil’s Nana. Halfway down Phil’s Nana, we ran into Brand’s Bunch [including Gavin Truter] coming the other way. Up Phil’s Nana, for Pete’s sake. Who does that? And at his age? Don’t buy a used MTB from this man.

We then tackled Dead Dog and Naartjie hills. Simon TE was still carrying a broken rib from his pre-Sani training, and was struggling uncharacteristically, so I amused myself by asking him searching questions as he climbed up Dead Dog. He was patient with me, but I am expecting a cease-and-desist order in the mail soon. I also chatted to Chuck on the way up Naartjie. Regular viewers will know that I pay close attention to Chucks cycling machinery, for good reasons. He didn’t disappoint. It all looked very conventional, until I noticed his red elliptical chainwheel. I have not seen one on a MTB before, but I have led something of a sheltered life thus far. Chuck admitted to me that it didn’t make that much difference to his speed, which was something of a relief. He doesn’t need any additional technical help – heaven forbid. He did confide to me that the chainwheel looked very cool, and counted for HUGE points in the pub with the tech-nerds. Gotta have one.

While we are on bikes, Dylan let slip that he will be newly steed-ed soon. The silver-tongued salespeople at Hattons have sold him a full-suss 27.5, which he will taking delivery of during the coming week. Tres exciting.

We did whatever ST we could find on the way back, transited through the Mallory Rd gate, and re-joined the D’s and C-‘s at Jaxx. Refreshments ensued. No one fell off that I am aware of.

Strava Stats: 37,5km, 2h30, 800m, 14,8km/h.


Mark Rowland

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:00.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride from Jaxx at 7:00. Mark and Dave S will lead the respective rides.

A roster has been set up for the D group rides and there will be a leader every Saturday going forward, provided of course there is a need.


Richard Krusekopf



Sat 26th May
Charles led the group from Steers to airfield and back. 86km, 1310m climbing. Thank you for looking after newcomer, Blake Charles.
This Saturdays ride will be advertised on Whats App.

Tues and Thurs
The BB's have committed to riding through winter. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We challenge the other groups to do the same. We leave Victoria Rd, Virgin Active, at 4:55 every Tues and Thurs. Check your Whats App for any route changes. Other groups welcome to join us, if you can keep up.

Clive Deacon

C Group

Lionel led a group from Steers to Lion Park, Camperdown, Dards and Fox. It was rather cool with an average of 9* and most riders kept their jackets on! 80km of base riding followed by a welcome Cappa and breakies back at Steers.

Saturday 2 June

YR promises a balmy 17* in Durban. Lionel has organized a 76km ocean view ride from Sun Coast to the airport via Westbrook at a steady pace. Meet in the Sun Coast parking lot at 05:30. Free parking for cyclists. Coffee at Mugg n Bean afterwards.

Burg Wheelers Cycling Academy.

This past weekend, our Burg Wheelers, young stars were out in force at the Karkloof Festival. A special well done to Nic Burczak who came 1st again, (2 races in a row, lets see if you can do 3 in a row at the next race). Keep it up Nic. Well done to everyone that took part, you are all hero's.

Sunday 27th May - Karkloof MTB 40km.
52 Sven Van Zuydam 8th Youth 02:26:13
146 Mitchell Ellison 19th Youth 02:53:52

Sunday 27th May - Karkloof MTB 20km.
1 Nicholas Burczak 1st Sub Jnr 00:48:44 1st overall again
9 Omar Wilson 3rd Sprog 00:55:34 Podium
7 Megan Horsley 3rd Sub Jnr 01:08:01 Podium
56 Joshua Aurets 13th Sub Jnr 01:13:56

Saturday 26th May - Karkloof Enduro.
42 overall Omar Wilson 1st Sprog Well done Omar

Very soon we going to be putting together a skills clinic for our future stars. More details will be published in future Burg Talks. Watch this space.

Clive Deacon