Greetings All,

Chairman’s Report


Below is a photo of Arthur Duncan, and I’d like to make special mention of his achievement in Sani2C this year.

Arther, at the age of 83, was the oldest rider to compete in the 3 day event, which he did with his son-in-law. He is a huge inspiration to all us younger riders.

He is a perfect example of the saying “what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve” – well done Arthur, may your health continue to allow you to compete at this level.



MTB Captains Report – 22nd May 2018 (incl 15th May)

D Group – Dale lead the D group this past weekend and Andy lead a D group last Saturday, 12th May, and we will have a regular D group ride going forward. The D grp will do no more than 25km’s of essentially forest roads, but with some single track included in the mix.

C Group – Mark will continue leading the C grp which has become more of an intermediate ability group.

Both groups will leave from Jaxx at 7:00 on Saturday mornings. We will be introducing and indemnity form for all riders to sign absolving the club and its agents of any liability in the event of a MTB mishap while on a club ride.

Absolute Hilton MTB Challenge

This newish event took place this past Saturday around the Hilton estate offering distances of 40, 20 and 10km. By all accounts the event was very well presented with wonderfully prepared trails. I am told it’s a must do next year. BW were well represented in the results, with really good placements. Well done. Some names are becoming real regulars, will need to keep an eye on them……

40km: Graham Pearson 10th overall & 4th in sen/elite; Alan Martin 26th overall & 5th in masters; Dave Bure 40th overall & 8th master; Iain Ambler 41st overall and 10th vet; Sven van Zuydam 43rd overall & 2 youth; Craig Markham 54 overall & 4th grand master; Sarah Ryan 7th lady & 2nd f-youth; Mitchell Ellison 74th overall & 6th youth;

20km: Nic Burczak 1st overall & 1st sub junior; Omar Wilson 10th overall & 2nd sprog; Mark Ferreira 62nd & 13th master.

Unfortunately, from a BW perspective, the 40km was marred by the unfortunate fall by Pauline Rainbird, breaking her leg in three places and requiring surgery. It happened right in front of young Mitchell Ellison, who stayed with her until help arrived. Well done Mitchell and special thanks from Pauline. Speedy recovery Pauline.

PSG Hilton - Pauline

Pauline had been off to a good start. My goal for the race was to finish in under 3 hours so I tried to find a group I could keep up with. I slowly broke away when the single trail was to my advantage. After a short climb we were on the ridge-line making our way to the View Point. Pauline had been in front of me at this stage but I made a sprint for the downhill section. After the downhill was the climb before “T-Rex” where Pauline had overtaken me. For this climb you had to pick a line and peddle until you got to the top.

From what I saw of Pauline it looked like she had tried to dodge the branch of a tree by turning and going to the left side of the road. Her tyre slipped on the loose rocks causing her to lose her balance. She unclipped and put her foot down on the ground sideways. As she rolled over I could see that she had hurt herself but I thought it was from falling on the rocks. She then started screaming “Help!” and I knew something was wrong. I dropped my bike and ran to help her. She said to me “I think I broke my ankle, please call someone.” I had already completed a First Aid Course and had an idea of what to do but I panicked a little bit and because of what had happened I did not want to try anything with my limited knowledge.

There were some men starting the climb. I ran down and told them that had happened. They immediately started trying to attract the attention of other riders. One of the men got hold of Pauline’s boyfriend and the other who was a doctor supported her ankle. I really only helped by calling the men and moving their bikes out the way because I was terrified from what I had just witnessed.

After about ten minutes one of the men said I could carry on. I rode alone most of the way but finished in a comfortable 3:04.

Wishing Pauline a speedy recovery to be able to get back on the trails.

Mitchell Ellison (Grade 9)

Sani2c Report

This iconic event continues to draw numerous riders to our province every year and should be on every mountain bikers bucket list. The fields were not oversold as in previous years but the event still drew huge fields in each category.

Trail – 557 team + 60 solo finishers; Adventure 599 team + 68 solo finishers; Race 558 team + 44 solo finishers. Totalling 3600 finishers.

Burg Wheelers had a number of entrants and well done to each every one of them. It is easy to become blasé about this annual event, but at the end of the day it’s a tough 3 days out on a bicycle through some spectacular and harsh terrain.


Shelton Bell & Graham Pearson 2nd overall in 11:00; Bruce Koller & partner 25th overall in 12:54; Roxy Ohrtman & partner 36th overall in 13:11; Gavin Green & brother 98th overall in 14:41; Dave & Gill Bure 132nd overall in 15:11; Mohammed Rawat & partner 262nd overall in 16:40; Allan McPherson & partner 455th overall in 19:17; Winning time 10:44


Enslin Uys & partner 34th overall in 12:21; Grant Markham & partner 118th overall in 13:39; Jill Magrath & Caro Woollam 198th overall, 5th ladies in 14:53; John & Jo Duntan 354th overall in 16:42; Simon Francis & daughter 501st overall in 18:55; Mike Smit & Dave Stewart 555th overall in 19:53; Arthur Duncan & partner 594th overall in 21:35; Winning time 10:20


Dean Royden-Turner & partner 54th overall in 11:44; Bobby Nefdt & partner 70th overall in 12:09; James McGrath & partner 102nd overall in 12:29. Winning time 8:53

While I suspect Graham Pearson may be the youngest BW in these results and Dave Stewart and Mike Smit thought they were the oldest, Arthur Duncan (83) wins this category hands down. The ladies acquitted themselves very well with good results all round. Simon Francis managed to finish with broken ribs from a pre Sani ride and James Mcgrath rode some distance with only one pedal to finish day 3. I can’t confirm whether this is true but I did hear it first hand :– Graham Pearson’s explanation of why they only came second in the Trail – they were beaten by one Brand du Plessis of World Duathlon fame, who while pushing his partner was pulling away from Graham and Shelton …… but all the above still doesn’t explain the real reason Charles Hughes keeps riding on his own. Somehow Tom Bassage and Charles, supposedly team mates, rode independently of each other and possibly a good thing as Tom decided his very narrow handle bar mtb was not going to get him down the Umko valley on day two.

Sani day two promo

Greytown MTB Classic 13th May

The annual Greytown classic is hanging in there with the 35km and 25km events this past weekend.

Again a fair turnout of BW, particularly the juniors, well done all.

35km: Sheila McCall 25th; Sven van Zuydam 26th

25km: Nic Burzak 2nd; Omar Wilson 4th Blake Frodsham 6th; Andy Gray 18th.

Rowlands’ Ramble’s : Sat 12th & 19th May

The day ( 19th) of the Royal Refugee Ride was forecast to be clear, but dawned overcast and forbidding. Joining Team Rowland at Jaxx was Red-Hot Rod, the Kruppenfuhrer, Polar Pierre, Docmike [fresh from the Sani], His Larryness, Carmien, Dale, and Derek G. D for Dale took Carmien and Larry off in the direction of Cedara, and we headed off towards Grace. Thanks Dale.

It was chilly but dry when we left Jaxx. Despite the rains during the week, the going was good, and we blasted through the first few ST sections very happily, with Polar Pierre hot on my heels. When we reached the farthest point, near Wedgewood estate, what had started off as a very gentle drizzle started to intensify, much like a domestic disagreement. By the time we reached the end of the downhill switchbacks, the rain was steady and insistent, and looked like it was going to set in. After a quick democratic debate, we agreed to head back to base while we were still dry and clean enough to be served coffee. Back at Jaxx, we saw Chris B and his group inside the restaurant. They had left at 07h30, and suffered a similar fate to us. Of the D’s, there was no sign.

We placed our orders, and ten minutes later the sun peeked through the clag. Inevitably. We did our best to ignore it by eating, drinking and swapping lies as we dried out. The D’s rolled in as we were leaving. They had done 25 km’s and barely got wet. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Strava Stats: 15km, 320m climbing, 1h05.

This Saturday (19th) saw the inaugural rides of the newly formalised C&D MTB groups. The weather was kind to us: chilly, but clear and dry. Joining Team Rowland was Team [50 shades of] Gray, the lower half of Team Booysen, the Kruppenfuhrer, Omar, Pierre, Dylan, Daan, Andy R, Sean from last week, Rhys and Megan, Paula, Dale and guests Allan and Derek G. Hi Larryness had a conflicting mani / pedi appointment apparently. Andy Gray took the D’s, and I led the remaining 13 C’s off into the woods.

We emerged from Kim’s Way to find that the forest below the Mallory Rd gate is being harvested, and we will need to be careful riding around here for a while. We headed off in the opposite direction, taking the grey road from the vlei all the way up to the Bunny Ears ST, which is currently in most excellent riding condition. Much like the whole of Cedara, it must be said. Andre was having trouble with his freewheel, which had clearly had enough of being free, and wished now to become expensive. He left us here to work his way back, and re-joined us for breakfast. As always, the overall decibel level of the group dropped when Andre left.

We slogged up the hill to the Brands Bounce ST, which was very sticky and quite hard to follow in places. Daan picked up one of the sticks in his derailleur, which damaged it, and he also headed back.

We were now down to a very strong fast group, who lived up to their billing immediately. Worked our way across to the Pines ST, did the second half and Phil’s Nana, doubling back up Dead Dog, and taking Andre’s ST back. I was a little too close to Byron, and when he dodged a fallen branch – I was unable to. I essentially rode through it, flipping it up and over me. Pierre, who was right behind me, got it across his chest, much to his surprise. Because we are all so hard-core and manly here in the C-group, we both carried on with only minor scratches. Leave a gap is the lesson, then. While leading, Omar hit a stump and had a spectacular tank-slapper in the second half of the ST, necessitating a miraculous recovery, honed by many hours of DH riding.

Back down to the dam, through the puddle and down the Donkey Rd sprint. We met a group of snakes coming in the opposite direction, and saw a couple walking their dog. Very pastoral. The Donkey Rd is in great condition currently. Right at the crossroads and up through the Cedara campus, all the way to the Pines ST. Pleased to report that the logging here has been completed, and the road is now rideable again. We did the first half of the Pines / Brett’s Law ST, and then headed for home. The loggers were at the Mallory Rd gate, so take care here for the next few weeks. We re-joined the D’s at Jaxx. Their first formal ride had apparently gone well, as they had arrived back with the same number as left. Thanks Andy. Please spread the word about the D’s.

C Strava Stats: 32km, 690m climbing, 2h15.


Mark Rowland

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:00.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride from Jaxx at 7:00. Mark and Richard will lead the respective rides.

A roster has been set up for the D group rides and there will be a leader every Saturday going forward, provided of course there is a need.


Richard Krusekopf

Cascades MTB Night Riders.
Last Wed the ride was cancelled due to rain. We will be riding this Wednesday, weather permitting, 23rd May. This will be for the working class that cannot make the 3:00 Wednesday rides from Xways.
The night rides will start at 5:30, (after work), and end around 7:00. We will meet at the pump track at Cascades MTB Park. You just need yourself, a bike, a helmet and a bright light. Send me a message if you want me to put you on the night ride, "Whats App", group.

Clive Deacon

Burg Wheelers Cycling Academy.

Looking at the results, our Cycling Academy guys have been very busy over the last 2 weekends.

Sunday 20th May - XCO Cascades Lap Challenge # 3.

Sprogs Omar Wilson 2nd 4 laps 00:35:06
C Batch Nicholas Burczak 3rd 4 laps 01:01:06
C Batch Sven Van Zuydam 21st 4 laps 01:16:22
C Batch Mitchell Ellison 25th 3 laps -----------

Saturday 19th May - PSG Absolute Hilton MTB Challenge.

Well done to Nicholas Burczak, coming 1st overall in the 20km race by over 3 minutes.
40km Sven Van Zuydam 2nd Youth 02:22:04
40km Mitchill Ellison 6th Youth 03:04:55
20km Nicholas Burczak 1st Sub Jnr 01:04:36 1st overall
20km Omar Wilson 2nd Sprog 01:12:32

Sunday 13th May - Greytown MTB Classic.

35km Sven Van Zuydam 19th Snr Male 02:25:42
25km Nicholas Burczak 1st Jnr Male 01:25:11 2nd overall
25km Omar Wilson 3rd Jnr Male 01:31:14 4th overall
25km Blake Frodsham 4th Jnr Male 01:39:28 6th overall

Clive Deacon


Trever Thompson

Road Captain

Our hard-working group leaders recently held a workshop to plan ahead for the summer season, the following points were discussed and decided on.

Winter training. Historically many roadies migrate to MTB and accordingly the group numbers diminish remarkably. It was agreed that the Tuesday and Thursday rides would continue under the readership of Clive Beacon until 1st September 2018. As the focus would be on base training there will be one combined group, should there be a large group Clive will divide the groups for safety reasons.

Combined groups through winter. The C and D will combine and B and A will combine until the 1st September 2018. As the group rides will at base there should be no problem with combining groups.

Route selection. The group leaders are going to attempt to select routes suited for the required training outcome. Route assessment will include safety with particular attention to road surface condition, traffic and road works.

Groups to ride same routes on Saturday rides. It was agreed that an attempt would be made for all groups to be on the same route with the starting points for each group being subject to the distance such group would like to ride. The B, C and D group leaders will take the A group leaders lead whom will post the ride timeously on the group leaders chat.

Start and finish venues. Where possible all groups should start or at lese finish at the same venue in order to facilitate group interaction and fellowship.

Group according to strength. Group leaders need to ensure that all riders are able to maintain the group pace. It is unfair for one or more riders to expect the group critical mass to slow down and nurse a struggling rider. In particular the backup vehicle should not compromise the safety of the group in order to provide backup for an out of depth rider. A strict and unconditional stance need to be take. Similarly, stronger riders should be encouraged to ride up with a stronger group. If a stronger rider wishes to ride with a slower group then such rider MUST maintain the group pace and not break away.

Dealing with stragglers. Stragglers should recover in the backup vehicle rather than expecting the group to slow down or stop.

Backup vehicles and drivers. We encourage all groups to have backup vehicles, its undeniable value has been proven in past emergencies. If all group members choose to ride rather than sacrifice a ride to do backup duties an option is to get an outsider, with cycling safety savvy, to do the backup, then claim the R 150.00 from the club and all group riders can contribute towards paying a little extra to cover the driver’s time.

Backup vehicle first aid kit. A very basic first aid kit will be provided by the club.

IAD and FPOS (immediate action drill and first person on scene). In the event of a mechanical or accident there is no need for the entire group to stop and stand around. The group should continue slowly whilst the group leader and as many others as is absolutely remain behind to attend to the incident. One rider, if necessary two riders, should be appointed to caution motorist.

Indemnity. An indemnity document will be provided to indemnify the club and the group leaders. The indemnity only needs to be signed once. Indemnity provision has been made in the new membership application process.

Group etiquette and safety. As we have a responsibility towards the club and our sponsor we will NOT engage in any altercation with any other road user. Should there be any hostility the group leader will immediately intervene and defuse the situation. Remember Same Road, Same Rules Same Rights!

Club kit. To be worn on all official club rides. If members choose not to ride in club shorts due to comfort then only BLACK shorts are acceptable.

Whatsapp chats. Chat groups are strictly for group cycling and related interaction. All unnecessary chat clutter to stop.

Awards nominations. It is imperative that group leaders play a more informative parts in deciding on award nominees. An awards list will be made available to all group leaders with the intention of them closely monitoring their riders and accordingly put nominations forward.

Double90. We are hoping to enter four teams next year and we will appeal to the benevolence or our committee for an entry sponsorship once again. With that in mind group leaders need to assess and plan timeously. Group leaders agreed that once training for the D90 is underway such training will still be a group ride and all will be welcome to join in. We aim not to have split groups e.g. A group + A D90 group, B group + B D90 group….

Track training and development. A request was made for more experienced riders to share some of their riding techniques. Gavin Green representing the A group has committed is members to assist when required. It is up to the group leaders to plan a training session and then approach Gavin who will then appoint the most suited rider from his group to assist in achieving the desired outcome. The track is and idle venue for training and development.

SAFETY. Last but not least, safety is everyone’s responsibility, NOT only the group leaders! Every rider must be the eyes and ears of the group. Unequivocally traffic lights and stop streets pose the greatest challenge in terms of discipline and safety. We have adopted a zero tolerance and we will obey traffic light signals, traffic signs and road markings. Helmet, a white light in front and a red light at the rear will apply at all times.

We cannot over emphasise safety PLEASE visit

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Trevor Thomson for chairing our group leaders’ meeting on 14 May – the minutes are included above, so please take the time to read them. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Trevor or myself.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,



Sat 12th May
A group of 7 left Steers for an easy ride to bottom Inchanga and back via Polly's. 84km, 1107m climbing, ave speed 25km/hr.

Sat 19th May
Charles led the group for a 2 lapper around Dards. Ended up doing 1 lap due to some heavy rain. 60km, 662m climbing, ave speed 24.2km/hr.
This Saturdays ride will be advertised on Whats App.

Tues and Thurs
The BB's have committed to riding through winter. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We challenge the other groups to do the same. We leave Victoria Rd, Virgin Active, at 4:55 every Tues and Thurs. Check your Whats App for any route changes. Other groups welcome to join us, if you can keep up.

Clive Deacon

C Group


An encouragingly large group consisting of Jan , Andrew, Bill ,Nathalie , Alex, Ian , Sya and first time rider Blake rode from Greendale Spar to Nottingham Road and back a distance of 67 km and 700m of climbing. Young Blake is an impressive rider with great potential .We were joined for breakfast by Eddie and Moira for breakfast.

This will be my last road ride until training starts for the Amashova . My thanks to the CC group for the great company over the past weeks.


Last Weekend’s Rides

There were a plethora of rides to choose from:

Sya lead a group from Greendale to Curry’s Post

Alex lead a group from VC around the city streets

Sticky also lead a group around the City.

Lionel lead a group on the Hammarsdale Loop.

All rides were affected by the rain!!

On Sunday Peter Lowe lead a group on MTB’s from Piggly to Fort Nottingham in bitingly cold wind!!

Yesterday Allan lead a small group from VV to Xways. This will be a regular ride in futures leaving VV at 04:45 every Tuesday.

Tomorrow Sya leads a group on the Montrose Hills from VC

It is impressive to see all the hill work the CC’s are putting in through winter. At this rate the Bee’s will be eating our dust at the next Maluti J

D Group

D Group report: Peter Lowe:

22 May 2018: Winter is upon us and it often seems longer to dress for a morning ride itself. But for the brave…..the effort is often met with the nicest rides. This morning was such a ride…Jumbo and Peter L headed up Mayors’ Walk and up Commercial Rd, Alex Road, Alex Ext, around the back of the airport up to Hesketh and back to Virgin.

We rode 36km with a 21km average and 520m elevation. Very enjoyable ride Jumbo.

Saturday 12 May 2018

6 of us met at Virgin Cascades – Carel, Peter K, Peter L, Cobus, Jumbo and Sticky – for a town route ride. We started off with Town Bush to Waltdorf, then dropped down past the Mall and on through Chatterton/Boshoff to Hesketh.

Peter K had ridden in from Hayfields, and he left us at the top of Hesketh, after our first ascent, as he had a time constraint. We stopped off at Roy Hesketh race track for a couple of laps.

We rode the track twice, anti-clockwise, and had loads of fun.

After leaving the track we rode down Silent Heights, past the dump, and at Maritzburg Golf Club bade farewell to Peter L, who was on his way to work. We made a second ascent of Hesketh, then right along Murray Road to meander through Belleview, to Mkondeni, making a loop to enjoy Carel’s view point, one loop of the Makro sprint, back along West Street and Victoria Road, then partway up Town Bush Road to join Chase Valley Road and so back to Virgin Cascades, where we enjoyed a well-earned cappuccino at Seattle. TT joined us for a chat. Thanks to all for a lovely 55km base ride.