Burg Wheelers Cycling Academy

KZN and SA Downhill and Enduro. - Cascades 28 & 29 April

Omar came first in the Sprog Category for both downhill races, KZN and SA. What a champ, well done Omar.

SA XCO #3 Cascades and eliminator - 5 May 2018

Omar came 6th in the XCO and again on the podium for the Eliminator taking 3rd place.


One of our development riders is in need of 9 speed road bike spares. ie Casette, chainrings and chain. Please contact me if anyone has any 9 speed spares that they could donate. A complete road bike, medium frame, would also do.

Clive Deacon


MTB Captains weekly report – 8th May 2018

BW rode with the Toti Mambas down at Isingizi, Mid Illovo this past Saturday – see Marks report.

D Group – Dale lead a D group this past Saturday and we will have a regular D group ride going forward. The D grp will do no more than 25km’s of essentially forest roads, but with some single track included in the mix. Leading this Saturday will be Andy Gray.

C Group – Mark will continue leading the C grp which has become more of an intermediate ability group.

Both groups will leave from Jaxx at 7:00 on Saturday mornings. We will be introducing and indemnity form for all riders to sign absolving the club and its agents of any liability in the event of a MTB mishap while on a club ride.

Rowlands’ Report for Sat 5th May

Insingizi. The first thing I saw, as we rolled in [slightly late] to Insingizi, was a three-legged buck. Only last week, we saw a three-legged dog in the Grace forests. It’s a sign, I tell you. I’m just not sure what of. The buck in question was busy trying to do a rider an injury when we saw it. Watching a man in Lycra wrestling with an aggressive, well-horned, three-legged Impala [?] was a new thing for me. Hard to decide whether to laugh, help, or video it and achieve instant fame and fortune on YouTube. Alison encouraged me to rather focus on not crashing the car, which seemed prudent. Happy wife, happy life.

We were joined by Red-Hot Rod, T-Shirt Gert, as yet un-nicknamed Dylan, and three fresh-faced and steely-eyed characters in BW kit. They turned out to be Ian, Sean and Zane, late entrants.

It was chilly, but clear, with a lovely full-ish moon still visible in the west. We met and chatted to the Mambas, who were as always, most welcoming and hospitable.

Toti Tony, their leader, suggested two groups, snakes and ‘the rest’. He suggested following the red route – well marked with red arrows he said. The snakes hissed off happily. Our three newcomers then tried to pass themselves off as part of ‘the rest’. This didn’t fit with the whole steely-eyed thing, so I ostentatiously checked their bikes for verification of this claim. There wasn’t a front derailleur between the three of them, slightly more carbon than one would find on an F1 car, and one bike even had a colour co-ordinated chain and groupset – gold. I looked extremely dubious, but they were adamant. Sigh.

We set off with them, and the ‘rest’ of the Mambas. Out of habit, I led the ‘rest’ group off, obviously a little too fast. Almost immediately, we became separated from the Mambas, which is surprisingly easy on that very twisty ST. When we re-grouped the first time, it was just BW’s in our group. We elected to press on as a kind of intermediate group, following the red arrows, which seemed to indicate the 40km route. We passed the snakes briefly when they had a puncture, and then had a mechanical of our own with my chain. The combined efforts of the team got me back on the road quickly.

The ST is in great condition, and we revelled in it. The nature of the course is very hilly, so it took us almost an hour and half to do the first 13 km’s, which was mainly going up.

The downhill was wonderful, firm, and technical enough to engage, but not enough to terrify. Highly recommended. The second part of the course is more out of the hills and amongst the cane fields, but no less pleasant. The red arrow route markers are plentiful and easily visible. It helped that Rod and Ali had done the route before.

By here, our snakes had dropped the pretence of being like the ‘rest’, and spent most of their time disappearing off the front in clouds of dust. They were very patient though, and waited for us lesser mortals from time to time. Young Dylan was a revelation. On a vintage hard-tail, he made short work of almost everything that the course could offer, and will be very strong once his fitness builds.

We followed the red arrows back to the lodge, to find the Mambas cleaned, packed and deep into breakfast. Their snakes had made short work of the 40km route, and their ‘rest’ had done just that after 20 km’s – rested. It was just us BW’s still cycling. They were considering sending out search parties, or failing that, auctioning off our vehicles for beer money. We will pay more attention next time.

We had a pleasant breakfast before heading back. Rod found an old surfing buddy in the Mambas, and they swapped lies cheerfully. Thanks again to the Mambas.

Strava Stats: 36km’s, 3h00, 1235m of climbing.


Mark Rowland

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:00. Remember its winter time for the next few months.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride from Jaxx at 7:00. Mark will lead the C’s and Andy will lead the D’s.

More D Group details

The C-group has been getting steadily stronger, and is in danger of losing its intermediate / social status. Additionally, we are aware of an increasing need for a slower, shorter, more inclusive group to cater for those not strong enough for the mighty C-group. Here at C-group HQ, we have been hard at work in the Crossways pub looking at options. This is what we’ve come up with.

We’ll establish a more formal MTB D-group, starting this weekend.

It will have a rotating leadership, and said leadership roster will be managed by the inescapable Larry Sanders. He will set up the roster, and remind them where necessary.

Current D rotators are Dale, Dogbite Dave, Docmike, Andy Gray, Gordon Borain, with alternates His Larryness and the Kruppenfuhrer [may his chain never suck]. Thanks to all of them.

If you’re available to help lead from time to time, please let Larry know.
Both groups will use the current WhatsApp chat group, which will be renamed the C&D Group MTB.
Both groups will ride predominately from Hilton Quarry / Jaxx, every Saturday morning, at 07h00 in winter, and 06h30 in summer. Occasionally elsewhere in the midlands area.

The D-group will aim for mainly jeeptrack, non-technical ST, 20-25 kms, 2 hrs, and minimal climbing.

The C-group will continue to do 30-35km’s intermediate riding, mixed jeeptrack and ST, about 2h30, whatever climbing is required. The C-group will not become longer or faster or more technical than it currently is.
Please note that neither group is a beginners group – e.g. ‘This is my first time on a MTB / I used to ride a lot before the Great War’.

Both groups assume a base level of technical skill and fitness.

For the D’s, you MUST be able to ride 25km’s of jeeptrack, to make it a decent ride for the rest of the group.

For the C’s, you MUST be able to last 35km’s, and you must be able to handle an intermediate singletrack.

If you’re brand new to MTB, ride around the block for a few weeks, and spend a few weeks [not hours] learning some bike handling basics. We’ll help you improve your skills once you have them. We’re really good that way.
E-bikes are welcome in both groups. Please remember that owning an e-bike won't make you into a Greg Minnaar, despite what they said to you at the shop. You still need basic bike skills.
Both groups are social groups. If you need speed and / or distance training, you’re always welcome to join us. If you don’t like regrouping, this is the wrong group for you.
Both groups will ride to the weakest rider, and neither groups will leave anyone behind. If we think that you are too fast, or too slow, we’ll tell you.
Lastly, please let the group leaders know [before the ride is best] if you have any interesting medical conditions that we should know about. People fall off MTB’s from time to time, despite our best efforts, and its useful for us to know that you have a false head, are part-Martian, have an atomic pace-maker, or are allergic to things other than politics.

Mark Rowland


Richard Krusekopf


Tour Durban

A few more times have surfaced

Bobby Nefdt 2:35 1st in Age Group – well done!
Wilhelm Tesnaar 2:39
Ethan Jackson 3:03
Alec Harris 3:43

Road Captain’s Report

Morning all, as you know this time of the year the roadies numbers diminish drastically. I suggest that organized weekly rides stop till 1 September.

For those wanting to continue road riding during the week I suggest that you all meet at VV at 05:00 and ride together from there. Split the group if necessary, depending on size and strength.

We should ALL be doing base training now, so if the egos can hibernate then there is no reason why we cannot have combined weekly rides.




Sat 5th May
A nice size group left Steers at 5:30 and rode to the airfield and back. 80km, 1000m climbing, ave speed 25km/hr.
This Saturdays ride will be advertised on Whats App.

Tues and Thurs
The BB's have committed to riding through winter. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We challenge the other groups to do the same. We leave Victoria Rd, Virgin Active, at 4:55 every Tues and Thurs. Check your Whats App for any route changes.

Cascades MTB
I am looking to start a night ride every Wednesday at Cascades, starting 16 May. This will be for the working class that cannot make the 3:00 Wednesday rides from Xways.

The night rides will start at 5:30, (after work), and end around 7:00. You just need yourself, a bike, a helmet and a bright light. Send me a message if you want me to put you on the night ride, "Whats App", group.

Clive Deacon

C Group

Sya, Nathalie and Bill set off from a cold Ashburton training centre at 5 am . The plan was to ride to the top of Inchanga however just past Cato Ridge we came across some really bad articulated truck drivers . One truck tried to push Sya off the road. At that stage we decided , in the interests of safety , to turn back and go to the Lion Park instead , which we did without further incident .

A big thank you to Alex for providing back up. Strava stats 63 km 850 m ascent. Bill

Sat 12-5-18

Greendale Spar parking to Nottingham Road , approximately 70 km , leaving at 6am. Coffee and or breakfast at Spar cafe.