Greetings All,


This week’s rides:

Saturday 16 September

A Group – Meet at Athlone Circle at 05:00 for ride to Dargle

B Group – Meet at Jaxx at 05:30 for ride to Dargle

C Group – Meet at Woodburn Steers at 05:00 for ride to Comrades Wall, down Polly’s, Dards and down Foxhill.

D Group - Meet at Woodburn Steers at 05:00 for ride to top of Inchanga, down Polly’s, Dards and down Foxhill.

Tuesdays and Thursdays meet at VV

A Group – 05:00

B Group – 04:55

C Group – 04:50

D Group – 04:50

C GROUP Reports

Thursday 7 Sept 2017

Only three pitched for the ride, which was Sandy, Seagran and Self. In spite of the small numbers we made the best of the ride leaving VV at 4.50am. The weather conditions were cool, and definitely arm warmers being the minimum requirement. To ensure we fit with the Amashova programme, we turned left to do the challenging Morcom road. Having done it a few times lately, we found the challenge a little better each time. Keep up the hard work team and Morcom will become a breeze. We kept a steady pace down Mayors Walk and Victoria, past the Mall and up to Town Bush road. We all road well, even though Sandy had done the tough Old Howick road the day before to Hilton. Well done Sandy, keep up the hard work.

Saturdays 9 September 2017

What an amazing turnout for Saturdays ride. +-25 riders pitched and we set off at 5.30am with our ever reliable Bill as leader. We left from the Hilton Life hospital to return to the hospitals one year celebration. The weather as always this time of the year was cool, and warmed up towards the end of the ride. Obviously everyone is steamed up and ready to do their personal best for the "Amashova". The group kept a steady pace and once well into the ride on the Notts road, the two groups split up. The distance was somewhat stretched for some who needed to bridge the fitness gap, having other agenda during winter. Lionel took control of the group and they turned at Michael House. Reports from Lionel that his group had a good training ride and was enjoyed by all. Fifteen of us eventually arrived at Notts, and had kept a steady pace to that point. We then made our way back to Hilton, arriving at the notorious "Cedara- Heartbreak hill". All did very well up the hill, some better than others, and the team arrived at Hilton Life Hospital, with no-one needing any special attention.

A great ride which was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to Jordan for handling the difficult task as back up. Very much appreciated Jordan. You are a star, who always puts your hand up.

Just to let you all know the training ride was far, to keep to the "Amashova Bobby Nefts Training programme".

Hope to see more riders during the week rides.

Thanks to all those who attended my braai. To those that could not make it, you missed a good party.

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Only four cyclists pitched in the CC's group, so we joined Dale with the DD group. Many thanks Dale for accommodating us. Regretfully there was some confusion when we latched onto the wrong groups, only to have to return to the DD's when our mistake was discovered.

Welcome back Dale and Margy, and hope you had a relaxed vacation.

Saturdays 16 September 2017

Leave from Steers at 05:00 for a 4 hr ride to Comrades Wall.

I have been asked by TT to ensure that we all start in the right group. If any of you are off your normal pace, move down a group and this will allow you time to build up stamina to move to the group which best suits your needs. I believe this recent split has huge potential. I for one could not keep up with the faster B group riders. The recent spilt will accommodate all Burg Wheelers cyclists. I am happy to discuss this issue with any cyclist, and elevate your needs if required.

Eddie Sherwood


Another factor that will create peace of mind-"You must come to realize you have a conscience which will guide you, and stay on good terms with with your conscience so it will guide you well".-Napolean Hill

Don't go through life, GROW through life.

B Report

We set off frown Hilton Hospital with 7 riders. We met up with Charles and Ollie and then Owen Botha and his dudes just past Xways so we had a team of 20 riders. What luck!.

We flew down Rotunda then up to Notties, draughting and taking turns. It was lung busting, quad pumping stuff getting to Notties as we all raced to the turn…and then…the freedom of flying down. It was awesome.

We did a sneak through the Wetlands just past Rotunda to finish back in Hilton after 3:48, 1222m climbing, 103km at 27.2 kph.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at 05:30am at Jaxx to Dargle this Saturday.



D Reports

Thursday 7 September

Peter, Carel, Dee, Jumbo, Siya and Sticky rode the town route. The group rallied around Siya, who was new and learning the ropes. Well done to everyone.

Saturday 9 September

Carel kindly agreed to lead the D group in Dale's absence. This group ended up comprising only Carel and Sticky, so he had a tough job on his hands! 😎 We turned at Michaelhouse, completing a total of 84kms of the possible maximum of 105kms, which we felt was sufficient distance for our first Saturday ride of the season.



MTB Captains report for week of 12th September

The Saturday ride this week was, as pre-arranged from the Hilton Health Centre next to the Hilton Life hospital. A bit of chatting during the week and the it was agreed that the road groups would also ride from the same venue. And what a good day it turned out to be. A lot of members from different riding backgrounds meeting together was great. Some good cross-pollination.

This was however not totally incident free as the early bird riders had unknowingly parked in an area that was due to be used by stall holders and I took several frantic calls asking for the parked cars to be moved. Unfortunately this was not going to happen. The Health Centre managed to re-arrange the stall layout and together with a profound apology afterwards all was resolved. Dr Ralph Gilbert and team were most understanding and accommodating.

The end result: We have been invited to use this secure parking area and the café on Saturday mornings as well as being invited back for next year’s event. I suspect the cyclists accounted for quite a few of the fun day visitors.

Saturday Ride Report for 9th September

This week we rode from Velocity to support their anniversary market. When I arrived, the parking lot was already full of roadie cars. The Gruppenfuhrer soon rolled in with the BW gazebo, which we erected in a prime spot before we left.

We started with a large group: joining me were Team Gray, Rich K, Trevor, Elaine, T-Shirtless Gert, Liz, Simon, Marlene, Rod, Pierre, Sarah, and newbies Steven, Rose and Peter. No D-group. Team Hughes arrived, but in true Hughes fashion, decided to do their own thing, which in Chuck’s case, involved ludicrous distances and very high mountains.

After some discussion about the number of HC boards available to us, we set off towards Hilton College, starting with the ST on the north of the road past Grace College. Being able to see Garlington from the road is still very unfamiliar. We followed the jeep track around the back of the forest, coming out at the Callaho signboard. On the road to Hilton, we were flagged down by Chuck. Apparently, someone had parked where the stalls were meant to go up, and the lady in charge wanted those responsible to come back and rectify the situation. Fortunately, we were able to point the finger at the roadies, and continued on undisturbed.

We had a most pleasant tour through the best that the Hilton Estate had to offer, with some welcome extra route inputs from Red-Hot Rod and Trevor.

At the end of every singletrack, as is our custom, we did a brief head count. The first count was 17. The second, 15. Cue head-scratching, and the checking of faces. Recount. 16. Deep breath. Continue on.

Next ST – 17. Recount. 17. Nervous laughter. Second opinion. 17. Helpful suggestions from the pack that we had picked up a rider who had been lost in the forest since last week. I started to suspect that we were counting Simon twice – he’s a tall guy. In the absence of a convenient hipflask, we pressed on.

Next ST – 16. Clean glasses furtively. Recount. 16. Second opinion – 16. Heavy sigh. Ride on.

As a little light relief in the middle of all this maths literacy practical, I noticed that young Sarah had a new bike. The closer I looked, the more impressive this bike got. Active suspension, children. Electronic nogal. There is a small battery on the frame, weatherproof servo’s on the shocks, and a button on the handlebars for the various settings. It’s the future, I tell you. I’m pleased to report that I still beat her up one or two of the climbs, but it’s not going to stay that way for long. You have been warned.

The number of people riding in the group eventually settled down to 16, and stayed there. No one fell off that I know of.

We left the Estate still 16, were briefly 17 when Christie Hearder stopped to say hello on her way past us, and then went back to 16. We worked our way back to the Velocity parking lot, where the market was in full swing.

The Gruppenfuhrer hauled out a large cooler box full of Chocolate Steri-Stumpies, which were dished out to the faithful, and enjoyed by all except the lady in the gazebo next to ours. She was visibly appalled that we would undo all that good exercise in the fresh air by necking something as clearly artificial and dreadful as a Steri-Stumpie. On reflection, its perhaps not the most well thought out brand name. She was loudly and cheerfully insistent that her organic, goji-berry infused, gluten-free, GMO-free, Fairtrade, lactose-free, sugar-free, Greenpeace-approved, hand-prepared, non-irradiated, all natural, flax-based preparation would be much, much better for us, and we would all then live to a ripe old age. Rod, who is already at a fairly ripe old age, and has plans to be even older soon, shrugged this off and manfully slugged back a second Steri-Stumpie. It was at this point that I made my goodbyes and left hurriedly, figuring that I would read about the ensuing fracas in Monday’s Witless.

Strava Stats: 30km’s, 2h05, 610m climbing, 16 people came back. If I lost one of your friends or relatives, I’m sorry. You can have one of mine.

Normal transmission will be resumed next week.


Mark Rowland

Upcoming Events

The Baynesfield Classic is coming up on the 17th Sep and BW will there with our gazebo hosting our members. Come and enjoy.

Howick MTB Enduro on the 24th, which apparently includes a “lite” version for lessor skilled riders.

Following extract from the KZN MTB calendar for convenience. So much to do…..

Trails Off Limits Reminder

It is fire season so please be aware of conditions and pay attention to the fire danger index at all times

Howick / Karkloof

Be aware of certain trail closures at both Howick and Karkloof. All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of local trails. Harvesting also taking place opposite sawmill on the Kwa Wulu road. All riders have been requested to stay clear.

News from Karkloof MTB Club is that Lebanon is off limits while the road is being upgraded for harvesting traffic. However the usual marked trails are all open for use.

Hilton / Cedara

The harvesting is in full swing in the Grace College/Wedgewood area and runs from 1 Aug to 30 Sep. Please follow the rules as required by Mondi:

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from OMB/Crossways is at 15:30. (Note the later time).

This Saturday the C group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.

Last word….

If you think life sucks, feel for Greg Minnaar who has had two consecutive races blown out by punctures. The stakes were high in both events.

One was to win the World Cup Series and the other to win the World Championship.


Richard Krusekopf