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Another successful Maluti Double 90 took place this past weekend in Clarens. On behalf of the committee and club members, I’d like to congratulate the A, B & C teams who took on the challenge of doing 180kms in one day – see various reports from group leaders.

Next year it’s the club’s intention to sponsor 3 teams in this Maluti Challenge – we would like to try and keep the profile and the makeup of the current teams for next year, as riding capabilities need to be compatible, as well as the team being able to work and train together. Closer to the time we’ll meet with the various current group leaders and, if needs be, we may even go to a 4th team. Applications to join a team will be sent out towards the end of this year, to ensure that new applicants are taken into consideration to make sure that their riding capabilities are compatible with a team.

A group leaders’ meeting will be held on 7 May at All Saints’ United Church at 5:30p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss any lessons learned over the past 6 months, in preparation for Amashova, Cape Argus and Tour Durban. We will be looking at Tour Durban times to make sure that each cyclist is slotted into the correct group.

I will be taking the gazebo down to Durban on Saturday morning, and at the same time will collect race packs and numbers – if you would like me to do that for you, please text me your full name and your race number, and then collect it from 3 Sandhurst Gardens, Chase Valley, between 4 and 5:30p.m.

Please join us at the gazebo for eats and refreshments after the race.

We currently have an open portfolio on the BW club committee – if you are a roadie or a mountain biker and would like to get involved with the committee, please would you contact any one of the current committee members or myself.



Maluti Double 90

A Team RACE REPORT: Maluti Double 90
Saturday 14th April 2018.

Maluti mooty for 11 guys and a gul…

So the team comprised of the following unlikely mis-match of varying levels of fitness and ability cyclists’ but all come together with a common goal – to complete the Maluti Double 90 as an intact team of twelve. And ideally have fun in the process!
- Say it as it is Gavin (Gavin Green)
- Clever Confused Trevor (Trevor Thompson)
- The new lean Dominator (Dominic Moreno)
- The real Captain Dave (Bure)
- For ever on Holiday Grant (Markham)
- Catch me if you can Craig (Markham)
- The never stop talking George, I mean Graham (Pearson)
- Never say Die Tony (Macfastlane… or Macfarlane)
- Keep it steady Markus (Mark Shaw)
- Calorie overload Cornel (van de Venter)
- 5% slower JP (van der Linde)
- BBB otherwise know as Big B….. Bex (only my husband can be so rude….Rebecca van der Linde)

Or otherwise known as the Burg Wheelers A Team (although we never gave ourselves the prefix ‘A’!)

Saturday 14th April dawned clear, windless and perfect… Ideal conditions for a long day in the saddle. The team rolled out the starting blocks a few seconds shy of 7am and the morning mist in the Clarens valley soon gave way to a glorious morning as we effortlessly rolled through the first 30km to Bethlehem. The modus operandi was that the strong boys would share the work load and preserve the (less strong) for the long haul. This tactic worked well and the miles slipped by on the rolling undulations through to the seconding point in Kestel (at 105km).

Christine (Cornel’s better half and little half) met us in Kestel - a little over three hours after starting and with the team in good spirits. Despite mumblings from a few, the Captain (err, JP not Dave) insisted on a thirty-minute break, knowing that it would pay dividends in the second ‘half’… on time, not on distance. Well fed and refuelled, the team rolled on, with trepidation filling most of our inner thoughts. This race is ALL about the second ‘half’.

The stories always come out of the Golden Gate section. This year was no different. Everyone is feeling the distance when the first of the daunting climbs arises just through the main gates of Golden Gate at around the 130km mark. Are the legs going to hold out ? Who is feeling strong, who is going to crack ? Well, that’s confidential information and remains team property!

But yes, there were a few cracks and a few mechanicals but we survived and re-convened at the top of ‘the Mineshaft’, some shattered and some smiling. The smiling one was ‘the Dominator’ who, we later learned, had missed taking the Strava King of the Mountain segment on the Mineshaft climb by a mere thirteen seconds. And this against a racing ‘lightie’ who was no doubt on a state-of-the-art racing machine with wheels to boot and who had the support of his team to lead him out ! The same can not be said for The Dominator, whose team was lying in broken bits and pieces, each struggling their own individual torments up this beast of a climb. So huge kudos to Dom, who set off on his own private mission and accomplished a helleva feat to take second in this challenge. Only those in the know can really appreciate the enormity of his achievement. Clearly we have some strong climbers in our team, as Graham clocked the fourth fastest time in this segment. Nice one George !

The last 20km would be regarded as easy were it not for the 160km leading up to it. But with one (properly) blown member (and a couple more about to blow), the team eased themselves towards the finish line and were pleased to clock a respectable time of six hours and thirty-five minutes, with an average speed of 27km/hr (including the 30minute ‘lunch’ break, as Dave would like to point out).

A hearty congrats to the Burg Wheelers B and C Teams, who performed admirably. Safe to say, we did our club and our sponsor proud.

All in all, a great team outing. We will be back next year and there is talk of a AA and an AB side. Aspiring members should submit their applications…

By Rebecca van der Linde.

Maluti Double 90 - Burg Wheelers B

When I first heard of the Maluti D90 3 years ago, I thought anyone riding this is crazy, I mean, who want's to sit on a hard bicycle saddle for 180kms. Hearing things like Golden Gate and Mine Shaft after 140kms of riding, I mean, who would want to put there body through this? For me, a 100km race was enough. This is what I believed until Burg Wheelers said they would sponsor another team. At first, no one was really keen, 2 weeks passed with my mind telling me to go for it, and, next minute saying, no you crazy. Then after a long training ride, and talking with some fellow B cyclists, we managed to get some interest. The bug had bitten, and I knew we had to run with it.

A WHATS APP group was created on 4 February and training started.

The Race - Nine of us managed to get to the cold, 6 degrees, start in Clarens on Sat morning. We were, John and Jo Dunton, Albie and Doug Timmerman, Carl, Alistair, Franko, Richard and myself. (Teams were made up of 12 but unfortunately 3 of our team members had to pull out due to personal circumstances). The slowest teams started first at 6:30, our start was at 6:34. Teams left at 30 sec intervals. This means we were about the 9th team to start out of 96 teams that entered. It did not take us long before we had passed the slower teams and were in the front of the field on route to Bethlehem. After about 20 kms riding in the front, the faster teams started to pass us.

We reached Bethlehem, then turned right onto the warden Rd. We were riding at an average of 30km/hr, all having turns of pulling in the front. Three and a half hours into the ride, we reached Kestrel, 104 kms and our pre-planned lunch stop. Thanks to Kerri and Pam, who had laid out a feast for us. After 15 minutes of taking in some, much needed, drinks and food, we set off again. Here the mind started playing up a bit, just passed half way, legs feeling a bit fragile, will they last another 80 kms? The steep hills of Golden Gate still to come. We pressed on at a descent pace towards Golden Gate.

At 130 kms we reached Golden Gate and the hills started. The other teams had split up, some riders walking, some zig zagging up the first hill. BW B kept it together, and managed to crest the first hill together. A little later we reached the long winding hill, Franko, started cramping, but pressed on regardless. Every now and again we heard him screaming in agony and almost falling off his bike. After this long winding hill, which we all managed to ride up, including Franko, we went around a corner and saw this 250 meter, cliff, known as Mineshaft. Most people were walking, very few were riding. Some of us decided to take a short walk, me included. Others like Richard, Jo, Albie, Doug and Carl rode up this Cliff as if it did not exist. After reaching the top, we stopped to take in some refreshments at the water table, while we waited for Franko to arrive. Franko soon came speeding passed us and we all jumped on our bikes and raced after him.

We knew, now, the worst was over, with 30kms to go, as we had planned, we would all finish together. With Franko riding in the middle of the group, and Dougie pushing him up the hills, we managed to cover the last 30kms fairly quickly. Very soon we crested the last hill and saw the town Clarens, the race was over.

We finished 169 out of 192 Teams, in a total time of 7hrs 17mins. 2000m climbing of which 1000m is in the Golden Gate area.

I can speak on behalf of the team, in that it was a really enjoyable day, and I think this race is going to grow in size, from year to year. I am looking forwarded to doing it again next year, 2019. On behalf of the Team I would like to thank Burg Wheelers Committee for making this ride possible for us this year. I would also like to thank my fellow team mates for the comaradie and team spirit they showed, throughout the weekend and especially to the wives who rode out to Kestrel, and set up our lunch stop at the 104 km mark for us.

Clive Deacon

Maluti C Team Report

We would like to thank the club for giving us the opportunity to compete in this great event. We were fortunate in that our 12 riders stayed healthy throughout the training program barring a few sniffles and a broken rib or two!! In the last week Colin and Martin went down with illness and started the ride with trepidation. However they did brilliantly and finished the race strong. We had good spirit and decided to ride with team tattoos on our legs and team yellow socks. Both of these items were a hit and we received many favourable comments from fellow riders and the officials.

We started just 90 seconds ahead of our B team and 30 minutes behind our A. This race uses reverse seeding with the #1 seeded team starting last. This is a brilliant concept and enables us to see the vast majority of the teams on the road and we were there for prizegiving!!

The conditions were favourable and we made good time to Bethlehem with an average of 31kph. The B team passed us but we kept passing them as their bladders were not as strong as their legs!!

Just outside the stop at 104km at Kestell we were pulling the B’s when I rode over some glass and punctured. Whilst repairing it the mighty A team came past looking strong.

We arrived in Kestell ahead of schedule at an average of +28 to find the welcoming sight of or 2 managers – Frances and Carl waiting impatiently for us. Both of them did a great job in looking after us and had a marvelous spread of food all neatly laid out for us. After a very brief stop of 15 minutes we were on our way again looking forward to the mighty Maluti mountains in Golden Gate!!!

As mentioned by the other 2 teams, the race really only starts from the Golden Gate. We started in Clarens at 5* and we hit 35* in the mountains. Cracks started to appear in the team and all our resources were needed to stay together. However everyone did their bit until we arrived at the S bends. Everyone had to find their own rhythm and we regrouped at the top with 7 members riding all the way. We then approached the infamous Mine Shaft with 22* gradient very conservatively and I am pleased to report that again 7 members rode it as opposed to only 3 riders last year.

The last 25km were never ending over the rolling hills but with team support we all made it into Clarens

Well done team, it was an honor and a great experience riding with such a supportive bunch of people. See you all next year!!!

Warwick Weedon

A Group


Please check the What App group for any rides this weekend.

Tour Dbn is at the end of this month, Sun 29th April.

Tues and Thurs, morning rides from VV will still be continuing.

C Group

11 April 2018

Due to a technical hitch I was unable to ride on Thursday. Knowing that Allan was doing the Maluti double century, I was determined not to spoil Sandy's ride as the three Sisters was the designated ride. I elected to do backup for Sandy, who from the start rode exceptionally well. We left VV at 4.50am and headed from VV up Victoria Road into Mayors Walk Road, and soon turned right into Villiers Drive. While not as long as Chase Valley Heights, climbing Villiers is very steep, and when the road is wet, it is known for the back tyre to spin from the pedalling pressure while climbing. This was the first Sister, them down Roberts Road, which in my opinion has rough tar, and needs to be negotiated with caution. Then it was back into Victoria road, and then left up the notorious Old Howick Road to the Athlone Circle. We turned right into Frances Staniland, left into Craigie Drive and then down Townbush Road. Right turn into Montgomery Drive, which once again is somewhat of a challenge. Them down Old Howick back to VV. Well done Sandy, you handled the ride exceptionally well. From there Sandy and I enjoyed a cup of Seattle Coffee with Dale, Peter, Janice and Carel. Hope Sandy enjoyed her ride as much as I did doing backup.

An observation I made while driving, is that those runners that had head lights were very visible, while those running without, need to consider the use of head lights by all.

Eddie Sherwood


Well done to all the Maluti double century riders A,B and C. You did our club proud, as that is somewhat of a challenge!!!!

"A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence".

D Group

Thursday 12 April: The plan was to go to the track for some speed work, but as it was a bit of a wet morning, we dic ded it wasn’t a good idea. 8 of us rode up College Road, then Alexandra road extension, through the suburbs, back to Hesketh Drive and then returned to VV, taking in 22kms at a steady pace. The ride turned out to be a good slow ride and very enjoyable.

Saturday 14th: As there were only 3 riders from the D group, with Janice doing backup, we decided to join Bill and the C group as they didn’t have a backup vehicle. Our ride was going to be a Karkloof ride and they were going to the end of Dargle. It turned out to be the right decision, as one of our new members, Andrew, who was riding with the C group, had 2 punctures within the first 2 kms. With a backup vehicle and spare wheels, he was up and cycling within minutes.

Just after the 2nd puncture, Bill and I stopped the group as there was no co-ordination and we had some riders riding off into the distance, oblivious of what was happening behind them, which is not the way group rides should be done. Firstly, if you’re riding way ahead of the group, you have no protection from the backup vehicle, and secondly, in a group ride, you’ll always have fast, medium and slower riders. Unfortunately the faster riders will have to make a sacrifice and ride at a slower pace.

So, instead of riding ahead, jump into the front and pull the group behind you, even if it means riding in a slightly bigger gear, so you get the exercise. From that point the group stayed together with the exception of letting the group climb the big hills at their own pace, regrouping at the top. We stopped at the end of the Dargle road – a big thank you to Janice for her muffins, power bars and nuts, and for doing backup. The ride back from Dargle is always much faster, with everybody being wary that Heartbreak Hill at Rotunda was still to come.

A cup of coffee at Jaxx was enjoyed afterwards, along with a huge group of mountain bikers.

Tuesday 17th: 4 of us met at VV and made our way down to the cycle track, meeting Mohammed and Yusuf, who had travelled straight there. The 6 of us started with 5 laps to warm up and then 30 laps, stopping after every 10 for something to drink and stepping up the pace until we were averaging about 36kms per hour. We then slowed down for 5 laps, covering 42 laps in total and made our way up Commercial road and back to VV. A cup of coffee was enjoyed with the C group.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,



MTB Captains weekly report – 17th April 2018

More than usual rains have caused quite a stir as groups desperately try to find somewhere dry to ride.

Take care when crossing low level bridges, we don’t need anyone getting washed off them.

Rowlands’ C Group Report for Sat 14th April

Cedara Mudman. After encouraging weather on Thursday and Friday, we had some overnight rain, and Hilton was decidedly damp. This didn’t seem to put the faithful off, and a goodly crowd coalesced at the Jaxx parking. Good on yer. The optimists joining Team Rowland were Teams Booysen, Gray, and Auret, an expanded multi-national Team Stewart, a large BratPack comprising of Sven, Ethan, Omar, Nick B and Josh, and then Andy R, Pierre, Dylan, Docmike, Caroline, Andrew, Gert, Daan, and Dave G. 24 riders in all. Apologies if I missed your name, and well done. This was to be another Larry-less ride. Red-Hot Rod has also been scarce of late, possibly having his nails done again.

I stuck with the original route plan, which was to do the Cedara forests, staying on the jeeptrack as much as possible. We went in via Hillside Rd, down Kims Way, and across the valley bridge. Which made me very popular. Here we found the first muddy patch, where there is normally none. Not a great start. We climbed steadily up past the nursery, and the group spread out. A lot. To such an extent that when we regrouped, it was decided to split into two. I took group 1 – BratPack, MIR Pierre, ex-MIR Byron, Andrew, Dave G and myself – with Andre and Alison taking group 2 – the rest. G1 rocketed off, with me hanging on at the back for grim death. We went up the hill past the Rasta Tabernacle, just to try and slow them down a bit. Ha. Our local Rasta’s are obviously of the quiet variety. I keep expecting to hear Bob Marley blasting from a boombox located somewhere inside a large pungent cloud of hallucinogenic smoke. Hasn’t happened yet, but I remain hopeful.

The top shower road was predictably muddy in all the usual places, and a few unusual ones. The BratPack, who don’t yet pay for their own maintenance costs, splashed happily through the mud, with the older participants picking our way through more carefully. We turned at the hairpin, only to find that the logging had reached the top road. The road was a mess. Avoid. We got through, but only because they were on some kind of tea break at the time. Stay away.

We did a Mach-run down the hill to Naartjie, with the BratPack competing for who could do the most impressive MotoX slides around the corners. I can't tell you who won, because I had my eyes closed most of the time. Hard left, and down Naartjie, also at high speed, with me hanging on at the back shouting directions.

From there, we did Andres ST, then up to Pin The Pines ST in reverse. And fast. No-one had fallen off yet, so Pierre fixed that. He made a passable attempt at mountain biking without the bike, with largely predictable results. He was back in the saddle by the time I panted into view, with no injuries. At the end, we crossed the valley at just sub-sonic velocity, down the firebreak and left into the ST. By this point I had reverted to pulling rank just to stay in touch, loudly insisting that they stop before going in. This is how I came to see Pierre take his next fall, on a wet log. We picked him up, dusted him off, and pressed on. Coming out of the ST, we took a wide loop back up the hill, past the dead tree, which has been struck by lightning and is a shadow of its former self. I knew how it felt. Back down past the nursery at warp three, and home via the Mallory Rd gate. By the time I sweated into view at the gate, the BratPack and MIR’s were long gone. Dave, Andrew and I trailed in behind them. I hope they all got back OK. Haven't heard from anyone yet, which I guess is good news.

There we found out that G2 had splintered into two, with Team Stewart heading back due to age-related equipment issues. Dave’s venerable cast-iron 1st Gen 26” calliper-brake hard-tail was just not up to the damp terrain, and Docmike had accompanied them back. The other group had been more adventurous, doing lots of ST on their route. Caroline had apparently taken a few spills, finding out the hard way that 100kms on jeeptrack doesn’t equip one sufficiently for the joys of damp ST. We’ve given her Richard W’s number for some skills training, and hope to see her back soon. The roadies arrived back at the same time as us, and collectively we assaulted Jaxx.

Strava Stats for G1: 30km’s on the nose, 750m climbing, 2h03.


Mark Rowland

Well Wishes

Good luck to our Joburg 2 C participant – Mike Eglington

Upcoming Events

Joburg 2 C – 20-28 Apr

Mid Illovo Classic – 22 Apr

Sani2C (Trail, Adventure, Race) – 8-12 May

Karkloof Classic – 27 May

Compendium Burg Wheelers MTB Race – St Ives, 24 Jun

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30. Winter time at 15:00 from May

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride is from Jaxx at 7:00. NOTE NEW TIME FOR WINTER


Richard Krusekopf