Greetings All,


Last Saturday dawned overcast and chilly. About 25 riders, resplendent in their Compendium club kit took off under the guidance of Dale. The pace was gentle until we hit the slopes leading up to Hout Bay when those looking to stretch their legs increased their tempo. The road was busy but not too busy with cyclists.

We regrouped at the top and rode steadily back to town. By now the road leading out was teeming with cyclists and it was a wondrous sight to behold so many cyclists enjoying themselves.

Back at Extrablatt we lost a few riders who went home and gained some like Helga and Richard who found it too early for a ride. All in all there were 22 riders for breakfast and we would like to thank the club for sponsoring our breakfast.

The weather forecast for Sunday was good with no wind! And so it proved. The new starting point seemed more organized than the old one and it was easy finding one’s pen. The start worked like clockwork and it was amazing how quickly the front riders in our group took off! The weather was perfect with a little breeze through the Misty Cliffs to cool one down. It was sad to hear of the 3 deaths on the day and our condolences go to their families and friends.

The conditions were good yet I witnessed 3 large pile ups in my group. On the Blue Route with a double lane there was at least 15 cyclists that went down at speed and I was lucky to avoid them and the debris that scattered across the road.

All members who wanted their times acknowledged were requested to notify Trevor and he has produced the following list. It is great to see the number of personal bests – well done!

Wilhelm Tesnaar2h56
Craig Markham3h04
Mohamed Rowat3h15yes
Tony McFarlane3h13Yes
Lionel Hardwick3h21
John Dunton3h25
Joanne Dunton3h27
Warwick Weedon3h34YES
Sharon Potgieter3h41Yes
Colin Maher3h49Yes
Frances Weedon4h10Yes
Peter Goble4h27


A group report

Saturday 10 ride report St Ives to End of Loteni Road

Our members descended on St Ives from various starting points, Dave Bure from Hilton , Jp and Dom from Oak Park, the rest of us met and left from St Ives.

We were met by a head wind as soon as we were on top of Happy hill. Fortunately we have a few strong guys in the group who worked hard until we got to Nottingham road.

The wind was side on all the way along the Loteni road. I can still report that the hills are just as long and steep as I remember them. The turnaround point arrived at 54 km at an altitude of 1776 meters, just over 1000m of altitude gain.

We proceeded back to Nottinham road where we were we met by a gusting tailwind all the way back to St Ives, at one stage we were cruising at 55km/h and we could feel the tailwind. Welcome back to Mark Shaw and Cornel. We had a total of 11 cyclists

Saturday 17 road ride

Meet at Steers Woodburn at 5h00 for a cycle around the Richmond, Eston loop

There is a very good chance of rain so if it rains we will move the ride to Sunday at 5h30



Group BB's

Saturday 10th March.

On Saturday, Albie, Doug, Mark, Dave D and myself started at Steers for an easier / shorter route to the airfield in Cato Ridge, via Dards, and back, via Polly's. Charles and Ollie rode around town on Ollie's comeback ride which I believe went very well. Well done Ollie.

The rest of us left at a steady pace up Fox hill and turning into Dards. It was Doug's first ride with the group since he got back from the Caribbean, and chose to turn back after Dards. I am sure he will be back on form soon. The rest of us continued to the airfield where we had a quick refreshment stop and then returned via Polly's.

Stats were; 80 km, 990m climbing, 26 ave km/hr.

Tues and Thurs rides
Virgin Active, Victoria road at 4:55am, about 32kms.
For the next few weeks, Tuesday morning rides are going to be dedicated to riding hills. Every Tuesday we will follow a different route of hills. The idea is to get us so used to riding steep hills that when it comes to race day, the hills will not be seen as a challenge, but the norm. Thursdays will remain as the normal Town Route.

Tues 19/03 - From Athlone Circle, up Old Howick Rd to Hilton College and back same way.
Tues 26/03 - From VV, 4 Hills, 1) Morcom 2) De Villiers Drive 3) Howick Rd to Athlone Circle. 4) Queen Elizabeth Park back to Athlone Circle via Link Road.
Tues 03/04 - From VV, up Old Howick Rd, turn Crossways, (depending on time may include a bit extra), and back via Worlds View.
Tues 10/04 - From VV, easy town route. (Maluti D90 on Sat 14th).

This coming Sat 17th March.
A number of us are doing the Burg 100. For those not doing Berg 100 and wanting a training ride, watch the BB Whats App group for details.

Clive Deacon
083 6569784


Thursday there was no other takers at 4:50 so i left on a town route with the DD’s when the BB’s came past i hocked in and i found Jude we stayed with the b’s up to Cascades where i dropped back to ride with Jude

Saturday Jan Eddie and Sya had a very nice coffee ride i hear

Tuesday me and Eddie had a very slow ride around town

I am not here this Saturday as I am doing the Berg 100. I will plan the Saturday ride later in the week

Kind regards

Allan McPherson

Wednesday 21 March (Public Holiday)

Meet at Cascades Seattle at 05:00 for ride up to Hilton College and back for coffee.

Easter Saturday 31 March

Meet at Jaxx at 05:00 for a very social relaxed ride to Mooi River. Only 125km and Helga has offered to do the backup – thanks Helga!!


No report received.


Captains weekly report – 13th March 2018

I was away over the weekend down at the beach where my grandson made sure I received plenty of exercise.

A host of BW’s were down in the Cape for the Cape Town Tour and well done to all finishers.

Good luck to all Berg 100 entrants. Have a good ride.

The Weekend Warriors were out on both Saturday and Sunday putting in some big km’s.

Saturday Strava stats: time 2:43 40.5km and 1182 m of climbing in the upper Karkloof; Sunday Strava stats:, time 3:51, 58km and 1304m of climbing in the Midlands. Certainly doing things differently, great to see you guys trying alternate routes.

Rowlands’ C Group Report for Sat 11th March

Good to be back with the group this week. We had a successful Tour de Zanzibar, but home is where the heart is. Thanks again to Team Booysen for looking after the shop while I was away. I’m sure that you all had lots of fun with Uncle Andre, who is off this week Argusing. Saturdays weather was accommodating, being shady and cool. There had been some rain overnight, so the route was selected to allow for flexibility. Arriving to join Team Rowland were the bottom half of Team Stewart, Andy R, Trevor, Daan, Byron, Most Improved Rider Pierre, Rafe and son, Dylan, Liz Botha, Rhys, Deon, and the one and only Larry.

We entered the forest off Hillside Rd, with Pierre setting the tone for the ride by missing the first right turn and doing an epic sideways skid into the brambles, to loud and appreciative applause from the ever-sympathetic pack. No harm done, and we continued down the hill onto the jeep track, and worked across the vlei up to the training rockery ST, which was damp, but doable. We doubled back into the ST on the other side of the road, which was most pleasant. Left and down the hill towards the Cedara settlement, staying out of the mud as much as possible. We worked our way through the cattle up to the Cedara crossroads, where we split into two groups. Dave very kindly took Larry and Team Rafe on an abbreviated route. Good to have Larry with us again. The rest of us headed for the long climb up to the Birnham Wood Rd, in the belief that this would be less muddy than staying in the valley. This turned out to be true, for a change. Prior to the ride, there had been some lawyerly banter about sexual preferences on the WhatsApp group. As it happened, Liz’s current preference was encountered on this road going in the opposite direction to us, and we stopped to chat. Daan kept up his usual steady stream of dry chirps. It was just like having Andre there. Pierre, Byron and Andy took every opportunity to disappear into the distance together.

We crossed the stream back into Cedara, almost immediately encountering logging operations in a new area near there. They were active on both Saturday and Sunday. Be aware. After another minor route adjustment, we traversed back to Naartjie Hill, and went up it. At the top we met the FM / HC group going the other way. Having not seen Under the Radar for some weeks, we took the opportunity to catch up on favourite melktert recipes with the FM group. From the top of Naartjie, we headed for home, taking in the two ST’s that lead down to the nursery. Pierre chose this ST to throw himself forcefully at the ground again, miraculously avoiding injury on the rocks and broken glass which some kind soul had thoughtfully left on the trail. From there it was a relatively uneventful trip home, joining up again with the FM group at the Mallory Rd gate. Jaxx was the venue of choice, where we were reunited with Dave’s D group. Clive very kindly came to join us and formally award Pierre his well-deserved Most Improved Rider trophy. Refreshments and conversation then broke out.

Strava Stats: 30 km, 2h10, and 700m of climbing.


Mark Rowland

The most improved mountain biker of the year was awarded his trophy on Saturday along with a certificate for our scribe of the year.

Well done Pierre and Mark. Thanks to Clive for doing the honours.

Mark does an amazing job putting together a C group ride from Jaxx most Saturdays throughout the year. He takes nearly all comers in his stride and copes with varying numbers calmly. Mark you are a real asset, thanks for all your help. Writing a report is probably the easy part..

There are any number of good people who make this club amazing by stepping up when necessary. Some in leading and organising, some assisting the over ambitious back and yet others ensure the wounded get back without further mishap. Like everything though there are some who lead you down the muddiest roads….

Upcoming Events

Berg 100 – 17 Mar (Saturday) – Needs a bit of training to conquer this popular 100km of non-technical riding. Starting at Notties and finishing at Himeville this year. Good Sani2C training ride.

Berg & Bush ride - 7/8 April. 1 space available.

Joburg 2 C – 20-28 Apr

Mid Illovo Classic – 22 Apr

Sani2C (Trail, Adventure, Race) – 8-12 May

Karkloof Classic – 27 May

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof: All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. More trails now closed in Howick for harvesting and hauling. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of closed trails.

Hilton / Cedara: More harvesting also taking place in the Cedara area. Certain roads and tracks have been closed. Riders have been asked to stay clear. Map below may no longer be current.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.

Watch this space as we try and establish a regular “B” group ride from Jaxx on Saturdays.


Richard Krusekopf

Mtb D group ride from Jaxx: Sat 10th March Larry’s recollection

The Jaxx carpark was decidedly quieter on Saturday, probably less because Rod wasn’t there, and more because so many had headed south, no, not to watch the World Champs at that university town, but to ride the Argus (I am allowed to use this term [also Payne Brothers and Greenacres and Smith Street] because I am old).

Perhaps 20-odd (or an odd 20) followed Mark, our Pied Piper, out in the general direction of the Cedara property. Very soon after we had snuck into the good stuff, Pierre did a remarkably accurate imitation of Brer Rabbit but came out bleeding from the many minor lacerations that his “off” had occasioned. But not enough injury to boast impressive scars around which to weave impressive/ fabricated stories to impressionable damsels. Not too long thereafter, it was generally noted that I had gravitated back to be with Rafe and son Suede (14-ish, I would guess) and a split in the group was indicated. And so it was. Spilt.

Dogbite Dave kindly sacrificed his C ride to lead Rafe and Suede and me. The route he chose was most interesting and there were even bits which seemed a little familiar. It turned out that they should have been, because it was the previous route, in reverse (anti-clockwise), but sans the Grace College leg. I have included the picture of the route for those more familiar with the lie of the land and because I really couldn’t give you the various landmarks and names with which our C leader litters his reports. Except I can observe that I didn’t observe any Nurses, dammed or otherwise. We must have followed a different route.

It was good to have enjoyed the company of father and son on this ride, each getting much from it. Suede kept up admirably and, with a little more fitness to match his skill (affirmed by “D” leader Dave), he will certainly be with the Cs. Pity that St Charles does not yet have Mtb as one of its sports. Nature wise, we did disturb (but not flush) a duiker of sorts in some thick undergrowth deep in a plantation, and two quills in one spot gave evidence of their owner having been there. Oh yes, and the birds: we saw some.

22kms at a moving speed of 13kph saw us back at Jaxx within a total time of 2h03 and, importantly, just in time to secure bike parking and beat Polar Pierre. A delightful start to the weekend.