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Quote of the week:

“Riding a Mountain Bike on the tar is like training for the Comrades in flip flips.”

Dale Southern – Older cyclist

A Group

Saturday cycle from Wartburg

11 of met at the coffee shop, now in the dark as the sun doesn’t seen to be able to rise early enough anymore. Trevor arrived with a flat tyre which needed to be repaired before we departed. We all had an awesome ride !. The roads are is good condition, some still a bit rough from the tar resurface a few years back, very few cars and good company and scenery made for a very enjoyable morning. We returned to the coffee shop for some coffee and fellowship afterwards. We did not complete the full 114km ride as planned as we ran out of time after an additional 2 punctures. The group always gels well and is a pleasure to be in the company of

Stats for the day 94km 1390m of elevation

A rare pic of the A Group ride

Saturday 10 March road ride

Leave ST Ives at 5h30. Please park on the road side of the undercover shaded parking. We will be cycling to the end of the Loteni road and back, lots of downhill’s on this route I am told.

We will stop at the garage on the way back to refill our waterbottles.

Distance 112 km with approximately 1800m of elevation gain



Saturday 3rd March.

Ten of us met at Jaxx, for our ride out to Fort Notingham on Saturday morning. The eager riders were, Alistair, Dave McKerchar, Dave Davies, Doc John and Joanne, Charles, Albie, Richard k, Mark, and myself. Ollie rode backup for the second week in a row.

Going through Howick we passed the D group. After this, Charles, just like a platoon commander, lined us up in two's. We continued like this, rotating the two leaders in front, whenever our platoon commander shouted "change". We rode like this all the way to Notts. It really worked well, with a lot of us saying how much stronger we felt on reaching Notts.

From here we turned onto the Fort Nottingham Rd, we then noticed that our platoon commander, Charles had disappeared. We continued, without him, until the tar road came to an end and then turned and followed the same road back to Notts. At the garage, we stopped for some refreshments, and saw Charles coming from the opposite direction. Charles quickly showed us that he had been cycling all this time but on a different route. We matched the distance travelled and both showed 69km at this point. The reason for Charles going off in a different direction is up for discussion but 90% of us are sure he took an easier route with less hills.

Our return to Jaxx, was quite fast with all the downhills. The group at the moment is pretty well balanced and stayed together for 95% of the time. The race started at the bottom of Rotunda, with the 2 Dave's taking off into the distance, Mark hot on their heels.

We finished off at Jaxx with a well deserved Breakfast and coffee.

Stats were; 117 km, 1450m climbing, 27 ave km/hr.

Tues and Thurs rides
Virgin Active, Victoria road at 4:55am, about 32kms.
For the next few weeks, Tuesday morning rides are going to be dedicated to riding hills. Every Tuesday we will follow a different route of hills. The idea is to get us so used to riding steep hills that when it comes to race day, the hills will not be seen as a challenge, but the norm. Thursdays will remain as the normal Town Route.

Tues 13/03 - Meet at VV, easy ride on Town Route. No hills as saving legs for Berg 100.
Tues 19/03 - From Athlone Circle, up Old Howick Rd to Hilton College and back same way.
Tues 26/03 - From VV, 4 Hills, 1) Morcom 2) De Villiers Drive 3) Howick Rd to Athlone Circle. 4) Queen Elizabeth Park back to Athlone Circle via Link Road.
Tues 03/04 - From VV, up Old Howick Rd, turn Crossways, (depending on time may include a bit extra), and back via Worlds View.

This coming Sat 10th March.
Meet at Quarry Centre / Jaxx car park for a 5:30am start. We will be riding to end Karkloof Rd via Mid Mar, and back, (95km). Note later start time of 5:30. We doing a shorter, easier ride as some of us doing Berg 100 the Sat after. Those not doing Berg 100 can start earlier and do a bit extra if they so wish, hence the later start time.

A number of us have entered the Berg 100, which is on 17th March. If you have a mountain bike, come and join us on a training ride through the midlands. Good training ride for Maluti, or any other long ride you are training for. You will spend at least 5 to 6 hours in your saddle.

Clive Deacon

C Group

Maluti C’s

As we have incorporated the Berg100 into our program, we rode with the D group to MHS and then took the incredibly scenic route up to Curry’s Post and along the Mount West road. The group rode well and team spirit was evident with everyone wearing their full club kit in support of Compendium, who do so much for us.

We covered 80km and enjoyed Breakies back at Rotunda.


D Group

1 March: After all the training we’ve done for the Argus, 10 of us left VV, warmed our legs up on the loop, as it was time to test the group’s fitness levels on the notorious Howick Road hill, up to link road, dropping down Francis Staniland, Hawkins and Town Bush, then back into town.

I was pleasantly surprised at the group’s fitness and also my own legs.

3 March: A group of 15 departed Rotunda with 5 mountain bikers doing some training for the Berg 100, with the intention of doing a relatively low key ride up to Michaelhouse. Just after Piggly Wiggly the 5 (very slow) mountain bikers turned up Curry’s Post road and I’m not sure where they went from there.

The rest of us carried on up to Michaelhouse, where we were refreshed with water and eats after which we returned to Rotunda. We covered 75kms with 758m climbing and average speed of 23.1kph – not bad for the D group! A big thank you to Peter Keyworth for doing backup, once again, and coffee and a mini breakfast was enjoyed by all who stayed.



MTB Captains weekly report – 6th March 2018

The club held their annual awards evening this past Thursday to celebrate the achievers and those who ride because they really enjoy it. It was a really good evening with a most interesting guest speaker telling us about his 280km 7 day run through the Moroccan desert.

This Saturday saw affair turnout of riders at Jaxx resulting in three groups being formed.

The D’s were ably lead by Gordon again and clocked 21km with 356m of climbing.

The C’s ably lead by Andre did 20km in 1:55 with 598m of climbing.

The C group breakaways did 31km and 687m of climbing.

AND of course the Howick MTB Enduro & Classic:

Omar 2nd overall in the enduro light and 1st sprog; Sarah 6th lady in full enduro and 3rd youth.

Some podiums achieved by the junior BW’s at the Classic, so well done to Sven, Nic, Megan and Blake.

40km Classic: Dave Davie 2nd Grand Master and Dave Bure 5th Master; Steve Forster 8th Master; Sarah 2nd Youth Women

Good results also by Colin and Pierre. See attached for full results.

Burg Wheelers Cycling Academy

Our Burg Wheelers Cycling Academy members were seen at Howick on the weekend.

Omar Wilson had a full weekend of cycling - the Howick Enduro (doubling up as KZN Provincial Enduro #1) on Saturday, and the KZN Provincial DHI #1 at St Ives on Sunday - and did well, - 1st Sprog Boy for both races.

Sven Van Zuydam taking first place in the 40km Howick Classic Youth age cat.

Nicholas Burczac winning overall the 20km Howick Classic, Blake Frodsham coming 3rd Sub Jnr, and Megan Horsley 2nd overall girls and 1st sub Jnr home.

Well done to all of you, keeping the Burg Wheelers flag flying high.

Results as follows;
64 Sven van Zuydom 2:46:28 1st Youth
81 Pierre Van Der Merwe 3:03:26 20th Sub Vet

1 Nickolas Burczak 1:10:30 1st Sub Jnr (1st overall)
26 Blake Frodsham 1:42:46 3rd Sub Jnr
2 Megan Horsley 1:49:27 1st Sub Jnr (2nd overall)

Clive Deacon

Booysen’s banter for Sat 3rd March

Andre’s C-Group Report for Sat 3 March

What with the Howick MTB race the next day, and all the Mileage Maniacs training frantically for “Die-Berg-Een-Honderd”, (not to mention the Zanzi-ballies still “kapping dit uit” in Coconut Grove), I really thought we would have a dismal turn-out last Saturday. Well, I could not have been more wrong.

After Gordon had sifted out the D-Group, I was left with no less than 22 adrenalin junkies to try’n harness in. Going through the Mallory Road gate I quickly realised that this was not going to work, as Julia was already champing-at-the-bit.

Taking the Bull by the horns, I suggested that all the “mal-jans” follow Andy.

No-one needed a second invitation, as the group polarised perfectly into two equal groups of 11 each. I sighed a big relief as I watched the wannabees quickly vanish over the horizon.

We had quite a few “newbies” with us, so I seized the opportunity to slow the pace down, and do some nice technical single-track. First thru’ the Bunny-Ears, then up to Wall-of-Fame. Unfortunately, Big Simon sheered his drop-out and had to turn back at the bottom of Suicide-too. Then up again, thru’ the single-track to the top of Suicide-too, and up some more to the base of Little Zwartkops.

Turning down the single track thru’ the gums, and down, and down again. Whoa … the Full Monty was somewhat over-grown, so we skirted round and up Suicide-won. Then down-and-down-and-down again, continuing thru’ the gums and then the pines, to come out on Lucy’s Hill.

A short piece of the main road, then into Stump Ally and the single track down to Ride-to-Ruin. Turn back up again, we negotiated the Rockeries before traversing the Ride-to-Ruin from the other side, thus incorporating actually riding thru’ the two “murasies”. Across the Vlei (much drier than last week), and a slight variation back to Dunton’s Demise, out at Mallory Gate and home to Jaxx.

The Group was much more manageable, which made it possible to hone some of our single-track technical skills, without obsessing over our Strava distance or Discovery points.

I think those who opted for the C-“minus” group were happy with the shorter distance, even tho’ we were still in the saddle for 2h30. Those who came included Lizzy Bee, “Newbees” Big Simon, Dylan, Ries and Paula, Hot-Rod, T-shirt Gert, Rich & Mich Ellerson, and Byron who was saving himself for the Epworth Mudman.

I am off to ride the “Argus”, so I won’t be around for 2 weeks, as we are driving down. Yes, we are taking twelve 5-litre bottles of water with us. Oh … and our bikes. I hope the Argus is not harder than the Midmar-Notts (Dargle version).

We are climbing Table Mountain the next day. Should I take a gun, to stop the “Bergies” from stealing my water?

Cheers, André.


Richard Krusekopf