20 FEBRUARY 2018

As previously communicated, our awards evening is on 1 March at Maritzburg Golf Club 6p.m. for 6:30.

The logistics are as follows: Please can you R.S.V.P. Janice Brisbane (083 6609996) if you would like to pay at the door. EFT’s can also be made into the Burg Wheelers’ bank account:

Burg Wheelers Cycling Club

ABSA Branch code 362005

Account number 0711328599

Reference: Awards & your name.

Club members are to pay R90 and non-club members R190. Please R.S.V.P. and do EFT’s to Janice no later than 27 February if you intend paying at the door – numbers are required for catering purposes.

This has always been a very well attended function, where we can recognise our top cyclists in both disciplines and also socialise with other members.

Below is an insert from our road captain, Trevor Thompson:

“Hello Group leaders, once again I would like to thank you for your dedication to the club. It is no easy task being responsible for a group of riders!

We need to reinforce some of the club’s guidelines. We have established 4 groups to cater for the range of abilities in our club. It is important that riders select the correct group to ride with. Stronger riders need to stay with the group and not ride away. Weaker riders need to ensure that they are not holding the group up by regularly dropping off the pace.

The B’s, C’s and D’s should all be doing the same route on Saturdays, and if anyone keeps dropping off please advise them that they can either get into the backup vehicle or they can sit up and join the group behind. The backup vehicle is there to ensure the safety of the group and is not serving it’s purpose if it is a long way behind the core of the riders”.



2018 Membership Fees

Thank you to those who have renewed your subs. Please check the membership list attached to see if you have paid.

For those who have not paid, please pay now otherwise a rejoining fee of R50 will be charged with effect from

1 March 2018.

There are a number of un-referenced payments reflecting on our bank statements. Should you have made payment, and you name not be on the list, please would you forward your proof of payment to Me at


Many thanks.



Maluti Double 90

We have 3 teams who will be competing:

A Team

Craig Markham
Grant Markham
Dave Bure
Mark Shaw
Trevor Thompson
Gavin Green
Tony Macfastlane
Alberto Puddu
Graham Pearson

B Team

Clive Deacon
Richard K
Doc John
Jo Dunton
Dave Davie

C Team


We wish them all the best.

A Group

Saturday 17

The morning dawned rather early for 4 of us who left at 4h15 to cycle up Old Howick road to meet the rest of the group at Hilton Spar. We soon discovered that something had happened on the highway as all the traffic from the highway was passing us going up the hill., this was not a pleasant experience.

We met up with the rest of the group Gavin, Bex, Jp, Tony, Dave Bure, Ian Ambler, Haydon, Craig and Daniel ( Welcome ). We managed to average 27 km/h to Nottingham road and then proceeded on to Fort Nottingham road to the halfway point. This 10 km section of the road is an awesome addition to the route and is very quiet and scenic. We stopped at the Garage for a refuel of water and some coke and continued on down to Pmb.

We passed some of the B group camped on the side of the road and was later discovered that Ollie was having some health issues,( hope you get better soon Ollie).

The remainder of the B group was picked up at Dam wall area and some of them continued back with us to Hilton. Stats for the group that cycled from Hilton 120km and 1500m of altitude gain and the group that cycled from PMB 136km 1970m of altitude gain. All in all it was a great ride with some realizing that 180km is a long ride in our present condition, fortunately there is still time to improve

Saturday 24 road ride

Meet at Hilton Spar car park at 5h15 or cycle up the hill to meet the group there for a cycle past Nottingham road then on to Mount West, at Mount West turn left for a short trip down the tar road until it ends. We will refill at the Windmill Garage on the return leg back to Hilton, Distance roughly 124km



Saturday 17th Feb.

The BB's left Jaxx car park a few minutes after 5am. We had 12 eager roadies ready to face the route to Mount West and back. They were, Richard, Ollie, Dustin, Doc John and wife Jo, Dave Mc, Dave Davies, Carl, Franko, Mark, Rob and myself. We went at a steady pace out to Notties. It was good to see the group working and staying together. We stopped at Mount West for some refreshments and then left at a comfortable pace down the hills so that everyone can stay together. Just before Piggly Wiggly descent, Ollie had a Medical issue, it was good to have the Doc with us. The group split up after this, with the Doc organising a lift for Ollie, and then continued the rest of the way to Jaxx. We wish Ollie a super quick recovery. We will miss this diesel engine pulling us in the front. Hope to see him back soon. We had a good chat over coffee and breakfast back at Jaxx to complete the morning ride.

Stats were; 114 km, 1300m climbing, 28 ave km/hr.

Tues and Thurs rides
Virgin Active, Victoria road at 4:55am, about 32kms.
For the next few weeks, Tuesday morning rides are going to be dedicated to riding hills. Every Tuesday we will follow a different route of hills. The idea is to get us so used to riding steep hills that when it comes to race day, the hills will not be seen as a challenge, but the norm. Thursdays will remain as the normal Town Route.

Tues 27/02 - From VV, ride through town to Hesketh drive, 3 repeats on Hesketh drive then back same way.
Tues 06/03 - From VV, up Old Howick Rd, turn Crossways, (depending on time may include a bit extra), and back.
Tues 13/03 - From VV, 4 Hills, 1) Morcom 2) De Villiers Drive 3) Howick Rd to Athlone Circle. 4) Queen Elizabeth Park back to Athlone Circle.
Tues 20/03 - From Athlone Circle, up Old Howick Rd to Hilton College and back same way.

This coming Sat 24th Feb.
Meet at Steers for a 5am start, Fox Hill, Richmond, Eston Loop and return via Dards. LSD. The emphasis will be on loooong, slooow distance and everyone riding together as a group.

Clive Deacon

C Group


Helga, Richard , Bill , Zaheer, Sandi, Llew and Justin set off from Jaxx and we were joined by Jude in Howick West . He was caught up in a traffic jam on Town Hill but managed to escape and caught up to us.

We rode to Nottingham Road at a steady pace without stopping. On the way back we were joined by Derek from BW who was riding on his own. The conditions were perfect for the ride.

Strava stats 100 km ,Ave speed 23.3 Km/hr and 1089m ascent .


The Maluti team have entered the Berg100 as a training exercise and the team took to their MTB’s last Saturday for a very pleasant 72km ride through the Midlands in ideal conditions. Below we see Sharon, Martin and Frances enjoying a very nice coffee at Terbodore.

D Group

Saturday’s ride 24th.

Meet at Jaxx 05:00am, ride past Midmar Dam into Howick, left onto the Karkloof road to the end and back to Jaxx.


9 of us left VV at 4:50, in pleasant weather – up Mayor’s Walk, left up Morcom, down to the top of Mayor’s, back into town, left up Old Howick Road to the circle at Athlone, along Peter Brown, right into Francis Staniland, left into Craigie Drive, down to Town Bush and home – total 23kms with 417m of climbing.


9 of us met at Michaelhouse, after much confusion following the accident on the freeway just after Peter Brown. We eventually left Michaelhouse at 5:20a.m, with the intention of the ride to establish a fairly accurate 80km cut off point at the Dargle turnoff. The ride from Michaelhouse to the turning point past Midmar Dam and back to the Dargle turnoff, took us 1 hour 18 mins.

We then turned left and went 12kms along the Dargle Road where we turned and headed back towards the R103 encountering some rain up until Piggly Wiggly. The rest of the ride was dry – in total, it took us 3hrs 27mins to do 74.5kms. A tough ride with all the hills on the Dargle Road, but very pleasant.


9 of us left VV at 4:50 – we did the loop to warm up our legs and thn went up Roberts Road, dropped back down to Victoria, tuned left to Commercial , up Howick Road, right into Henderson, down Montgomery, left into Town Bush and back home, covering 21kms with 420m climbing. Thanks to all who joined me.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,



MTB Captains weekly report – 20th February 2018

Saturdays weather was perfect for riding, well that’s what I thought while with the BB’s all the way to Notties and back. A brief drizzle near Piggly Wiggly was all I recall. Fortunately for us the rain decided Cedara was more deserving, seemingly, where the C’s and D’s were out in full force.

Weekend Warriors: On Saturday Alan lead the Warriors on a 40km ride through Cascades before heading up to Claridge and around the small dam. Strava stats: time 3:09; 40.8km and 1061m of climbing.

Interestingly some of the Warriors are taking part in a 3 x 100km rides around PMB this weekend starting on Friday at Crossways, followed by two days starting at Cascades. Hope we hear back on this event in due course.

I have been included in team to ride the Maluti 180 and will be spending some time on my road bike in preparation. Andre Booysen has again agreed to steer the C’s around in Marks absence on the 28th Feb and 3rd March. Some help required to marshal the D group. Andy G has put up his hand for 3rd March. Dave S did a sterling job this Saturday.

Rowland’s Report for Sat 17th February

I arrived back in PMB early Friday evening, having heard that there was much precipitation while we were away. This determined route selection, which was heavy on the jeep track, with options. The Jaxx parking lot was pleasingly full of MTB-ers when Team Rowland rolled in. There were a whole bunch of new faces, so well done whoever is doing the BW recruitment – please keep it up.

Don’t-call-me-Chuck is off terrifying the Noo Zealanders, keeping the C-Group flag flying high. We would all be there with him if we didn’t have to work. Larry is doing a sterling job of keeping us all posted of Chucks progress on the chat group. Good to see Larry back with the group this morning. The Kruppenfuhrer was on his road bike, as was Sneaky Deaky and Buffalo Bill.

Dave S had very kindly offered to take a D group if there were sufficient takers, which there most certainly were. Between us, we divided the crowd into two large groups and headed off in different directions. Joining Team Rowland were Simon, Ray Smith, Pierre, Docmike, Caroline, Hans, Sean, Andy R, Byron G, Sven, Omar, Gert, and Dave G. Team Gray on their shiny new matching Giants, and Ray Smith riding yet another new bike, which he claimed was his fiancé’s.

With Zuma finally gone, a little Grace was felt to be justified, so we started there, via the N3 subway. The terrain was not too damp, so we did a little ST on the way up the hill, and then a little more on the way down. Back on the jeeptrack, we worked our way across to the Callaho gate, and then crossed to the Garlington side of the road. And did some more ST there. On our way out of this section, we met the Forest Fairies, doing some trail running with accompanying sound effects. In fairness, the Fairies don’t do much without sound effects. After swapping pleasantries and apfelstrudel baking tips, we took the Gravity Gains ST back down to the jeep track. The intermittent light rain had turned into steady light rain, so we stuck to the jeep track, and headed back under the N3 for Cedara.

At the Rotunda, we discussed the weather briefly, and Dave G declaring confidently that a little rain wouldn’t deter us hardcore MTB-ers. This was obviously the sign for Sven and Omar. Seeing adult foolishness coming, they immediately phoned for transport home and stayed at the Rotunda until it arrived.

The remaining thirteen went up to the Cedara crossroads, turned left and climbed through the admin buildings, heading for the Pines ST. The rain had eased, but the path ahead was blocked by the felling operations, which have started near the new township development. A little route adjustment took us back over the river, up the long hill, and back to the Pines jeeptrack. From there we went past the Dead Tree, and started up the hill. And up, and up. At the Non-stop nurses ST crossroads, we split into three groups – front, back, and I’ve had enough now thank you. The last group, being Hans and Sean, left us and went back to Jaxx. Then we were eleven. We continued the climb, pausing briefly at the old shower. Here we turned left down Alpe D’Huez, which is becoming quite rutted. It was here that Pierre became our sole ‘soil-sampler’. [Thanks Dave] At speed, he lost control of his front wheel in a rut, became briefly airborne, and went down hard. Really hard. Badly winded, he made a series of zoological noises normally associated with over-amorous pachyderms. He landed on, amongst other things, his phone and his tools. Red stuff leaked out of him in various places. We picked him up, dusted him down, and waited for him to get his breath back. His bike appeared to be fine. We clipped him back in and gave him a push down the hill. All credit to him, this push got him all the way to the Mallory Rd gate, but he wasn’t a happy camper.

Much like cyclists the world over, we then endlessly analysed the accident for the rest of the trip back, offering him helpful advice about what he should have done, instead of falling off. Somewhat surprisingly, our input did little to improve his mood. Docmike checked him over and declared him human, with caveats.

The Jaxx parking lot was awash with BW’s when we got back. Somehow Jaxx managed to feed and water us all. The air buzzed with the sound of happy cyclists all enthusiastically telling Pierre what he should have done instead of falling off. He’s thinking of writing a book.

Strava Stats: 36,4km, 2h20, 900m climbing.

Team Rowland will be away for the next two weekends, cycling around Zanzibar with Dogbite and Docmike. Not quite what Chuck is doing, but we will send pictures. Uncle Andre has very kindly agreed to lead the group until I get back. I know you are all looking forward to the climbing. Have fun, and don’t break anything. Or anybody.


Mark Rowland


The Jaxx carpark was abuzz with bikes and bodies at the weather-iffy start. There were so many D-people gathered (Dogbite Dave [our pied piper], Andy, Andrew [yes] Chris, Deon, Josh, Larry, Megan, Paula, Rafe and Rhys) that the C-group had to separate themselves from us, whereas it is usually the other way around. Good stuff. We have all heard it suggested that Mtb people are a bit nuts, you know, “one cucumber sandwich short of a picnic”, and we have all heard that a baker’s dozen is 12 + 1, but I do not know what one short of a dozen is called. We might have to find or coin a term. Anyway that was we.

I have told some of you that I really don’t know my way around the routes which clever people like Mark and Dave stitch together for our weekend pleasure, and it is true. And so, because Dave (dogbite variety) asked me so nicely to scribble some reflection of that time, and because I never really know where we are going, or have been until we reach Jaxx, I simply have to share the “where” via two of the following images. As you see, we sort of went clockwise mostly south of the N3 and then did the bit west of Grace which I think was largely anti-clockwise. Yeah, I’m sure, I think. As you don’t see (I switched the Garmin on a bit late somewhere near Crossways), we did 30km

But what else, what about the ride? First, Dave did a fine job of holding a decent pace which kept most people happy. Sure there were a few who were at the front and did some extra single track stuff or faster, and talking freely as they did, but the rest of us kept together fairly well, aided by a few judicious stops along the way and good nattering when we did. I chose to promote myself to sweep (where I enjoyed the good company of Rafe and Chris, at times) after the incident below.

But wait, I get ahead of myself. Within the first 20 minutes or so, one of us (who shall remain nameless) managed to break his chain on the steep uphill whilst changing gears. Cardinal, yes! The chain reaction of the chain reaction was that a few people tumbled, having followed the nameless so closely, amongst whom was Paula whose right rump gave evidence of red soil and perhaps was even additionally soiled by an unmentionable left on that path by some cows and which was an obstacle additional to nameless and his bike. And so we gathered around and fortunately someone had a chain-breaker and SRAM link and, with a bit of fiddling (and a second, successful, attempt and threading the chain within, not around, the chainstay) we were able to again be under steam, as it were, after a loss of about 10 min. The more reptilian amongst us exercised good grace and off we went.

Youngest was Josh who did so very well and, as with any rat-pack graduand, nudged the bottom of the energy barrel at times in the latter part. Along the way I was moved to comment that Megan’s bike seemed to be nearly perfectly set up. All in all, uneventful really: no game, no hunting dogs and their masters, some well-behaved dogs and their walking masters/mistresses, just quite a few cyclists encountered amongst whom were the “under the radar” people (although I am not sure that is their Saturday name) in the form of Mike and Pauline and Paddy. Good to have seen them again, albeit fleetingly at a T-junction. I didn’t have time, given my sweeping position, to first share the recipes which Mark might be doing later in the day and in a different part of the track. Still, there you go.

Upcoming Events

Howick Classic – 4 Mar – traditionally raw and unplugged. Support our local events if you can.

Berg 100 – 17 Mar (Saturday) – Needs a bit of training to conquer this popular 100km of non-technical riding. Starting at Notties and finishing at Himeville this year. Good Sani2C training ride.

Berg & Bush ride - 7/8 April. 1 space available.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of closed and re-opened trails.

Karkloof: New 37km is very popular as is the Supa 20.

Howick: more trails are taking shape with various routes being built and/or rebuilt. Puff adder etc. back in the mix. Getting ready for the Howick Classic.

Hilton / Cedara: Some harvesting taking place in the Cedara area. Certain roads and tracks may be closed. Riders have been asked to stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.


Richard Krusekopf