Greetings All,


13 FEBRUARY 2018

As previously communicated, our awards evening is on 1 March at Maritzburg Golf Club 6p.m. for 6:30.

The logistics are as follows: Please can you R.S.V.P. Janice Brisbane (083 6609996) if you would like to pay at the door. EFT’s can also be made into the Burg Wheelers’ bank account:

Burg Wheelers Cycling Club

ABSA Branch code 362005

Account number 0711328599

Reference: Awards & your name.

Club members are to pay R90 and non-club members R190. Please R.S.V.P. and do EFT’s to Janice no later than 27 February if you intend paying at the door – numbers are required for catering purposes.

This has always been a very well attended function, where we can recognise our top cyclists in both disciplines and also socialise with other members.


I have received a number of comments about riders who ride in groups that are too strong for them, given their current state of fitness. The net result is that they tend to hold the group up and create major splits, which leaves the backup vehicle trying to look after a couple of groups at any given time.

Below is an insert from our road captain, Trevor Thompson:

“Hello Group leaders, once again I would like to thank you for your dedication to the club. It is no easy task being responsible for a group of riders!

We need to reinforce some of the club’s guidelines. We have established 4 groups to cater for the range of abilities in our club. It is important that riders select the correct group to ride with. Stronger riders need to stay with the group and not ride away. Weaker riders need to ensure that they are not holding the group up by regularly dropping off the pace.

The B’s, C’s and D’s should all be doing the same route on Saturdays, and if anyone keeps dropping off please advise them that they can either get into the backup vehicle or they can sit up and join the group behind. The backup vehicle is there to ensure the safety of the group and is not serving it’s purpose if it is a long way behind the core of the riders”.

I would like to thank Trish and Richard for making the gazebo available at the Wartburg Classic – some very tired and hot riders really enjoyed the eats and refreshments.


Burg Wheelers Cycling Academy.

Our Cycling Academy members headed for Wartburg on Saturday to race under some very challenging conditions. Well done to everyone who raced in the extreme heat, to Sven for stepping up from 25km to 45km this year, and especially to Megan Horsley who received a podium, 3rd place in her age cat. A great start to 2018, and I am certain we going to see some good performances by these guys this year. Unfortunately, Omar was unable to take part due to Illness, we wish him a speedy recovery.

Results were as follows;

Pos. 18 Sven Van Zuydam 02:35:48 6 Youth
Pos. 46 Pierre van Der Merwe 03:01:15 9 Sub Veteran

Pos. 38 Thomas Truter 01:25:32 6 Sub Junior
Pos. 11 Megan Horsley 01:31:55 3 Sub Junior (Podium)

Clive Deacon

2018 Membership Fees

Thank you to those who have renewed your subs. For those who have not paid, please pay before 28 February 2018, otherwise a rejoining fee of R50 will be charged with effect from

1 March 2018

There are a number of un-referenced payments reflecting on our bank statements. Should you have made payment, and you name not be on the list, please would you forward your proof of payment to Me at


Many thanks.


Ordinary Members (Annual) R400

Junior Member (person under 18 years) R120

Family Membership (husband and/or wife, and/or children under
18 years, all living at the same address R600

Judy Gray

David McKerchar

Jason Parker

Daniel Steenkamp

Donte Taylor

Carly Taylor

Alec Harris

Lloyd Moffatt

Richard Ellison

Mitchell Ellison

Gavin Hulse

Caroline Holley

Enslin Uys

Megan Horsley

Finn Elliott

Paula Comrie

Paul Jackson

Katherine Jackson

Ethan Jackson

Morgan Jackson


A Group

13 of us left a very busy Car park at steers 5 minutes late due to all the activity. We proceeded up Fox hill where we passed the B and very large D group. We were very grateful for the backup up vehicle as we hit the mist halfway up fox hill and proceeded to cycle in the mist until the halfway mark. The group consisted of Bex, Jp, Enslin Uys, Tony, Gavin, Dave, Boogs, Cole, Dom, Thys ( welcome). We all rode very well together with lots of chatting as the pace was not very fast. On the return leg the sun came out I was very glad not to be cycling the Wartburg classic as it was starting to get really warm when we finished.

Saturday 17th ride

Meet at Hilton Spar car park at 5h00 for a cycle to Nottingham road then on to Fort Nottingham, returning the same way. Distance aprox 120km

Please ensure that you all have lights as the start will be in the dark. We will stop to refill our water bottles at Nottingham road garage on the return leg

We will have coffee at Jaxx afterwards for those who would like to attend



Saturday 10th Feb.

I arrived at Steers to find all the groups assembling themselves to venture out on there various planned routes. The BB's, Albie, Doc John, promoted, C to B, Mark, and Charles left Steers on route to Comrades wall. Unfortunately, I left some of my cycling gear at home so missed the start, but quickly, after a trip home to rescue my gear and waking up my son,Travis, to give me a lift, (and not impressed wife), I managed to join the C group just before the Thornville turn off.

The BB's waited for me at the end of Dards, and Carl and myself joined up with the BB's for the rest of the ride. Charles turned around at the top of Inchanga as he had to get back early. The rest of us 5, went down Inchanga, through Drummond and up the other side to Comrades wall where we stopped to take in some much needed refreshments. We then returned, with a quick water stop at the garage, and then raced up Polly's, with Mark showing us how its done.

At Steers we mingled with the other groups over a good cup of coffee.

Stats were; 99km, 1150m climbing, 25.5 ave km/hr.

Tues and Thurs rides
Virgin Active, Victoria road at 4:55am, about 32kms.

For the next few weeks, Tuesday morning rides are going to be dedicated to riding hills. Every Tuesday we will follow a different route of hills. The idea is to get us so used to riding steep hills that when it comes to race day, the hills will not be seen as a challenge, but the norm. Thursdays will remain as the normal Town Route.

Starting tomorrow;
Wed 14/02 - From VV, we going to incorporate, 1) Morcom, 2) Devilliers Drive, 3) Howick Rd to Athlone Circle, 4) Mongomery, to again Athlone Circle.
Tues 20/02 - Meet at Athlone Circle at 4:50, up Old Howick Rd to Hilton College and back same way.
Tues 27/02 - From VV, ride through town to Hesketh drive, 3 repeats on Hesketh drive then back same way.
Tues 06/03 - From VV, up Old Howick Rd, turn Crossways, (depending on time may include a bit extra), and back.

This coming Sat 17th Feb.
Meet at Jaxx for a 5am start for a ride out to Mount West, via Midmar Dam, and back. (about 115km)

Clive Deacon

C Group

Wednesday : Montrose Hills

We were 6 – Sya, Eddie, Tony, Sandi, Frances and ww. Sya led us up every hill in Montrose for an hour. It was hard but enjoyable work and made the Seattle Coffee even more enjoyable. Thank you Sya!!



The C group left steers with 19 members on board. Clearly there is a big race coming up that everyone is preparing for. The group split going up fox hill but the regroup spot had been predetermined and after a short wait we were all together.

The captain decided to split the group and formed the C1and C2 groups putting me in charge of the C1s. We headed off with 10 riders at a very brisk pace with Clive in tow who had a false start to the day by bringing his MTB shoes. He arranged a delivery of the correct shoes and himself to the top of fox hill.

The B group decided to come and fetch him from our group and we met at the Umlaas road T junction where we also said cheers to Martin who had time constraints. The C1 group stayed with the B's who tried to shake us off a number of times. Pace was good all the way to Cato Ridge when one of the C riders hit a pot hole and lost his water bottle so we sat up for him and said cheers to the B's. We had a breather at the turn around where the C2s joined us.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time on the bikes.

We set off again this time with 8 in the group and headed for lion park. On Harrison flats we lost three with mechanicals but took comfort in the fact that there was a group behind to assist.

We completed the Lion Park loop at a good pace and headed for Steers. Sandi had had enough and sent out SOS to various numbers to come fetch her to no avail. So, head down and one pedal at a time and with Dustin and myself taking turns to push we got Sandi over the top and home safely. Coffee was enjoyed with the balance of the C.

The group did 94km.


Many thanks to Lionel for his interesting report and agreeing to lead the C1’s. As he mentioned, the group was too large to stay together and it was not good that we were spread out in the mist.

The C2’s started out from the Palm Tree stop on the Dards with good cheer and with Mother Hen (Nathalie) giving us safety instructions whenever she could!. The two ladies, Sharon and Frances did a great job in pulling the group along the Dards whilst I went back to pull some of the riders back to the group. We picked up Zaheer who had dropped off the C1’s and on the Airport Loop we picked up Farook who had also left the C1’s.

We met up with the C1’s at the Airfield turn for some refueling. The C1’s took off and we followed some minutes later. Farook, Zaheer and Enver joined us again when they had a mechanical.

It was now getting hot and the consensus was that we not do the Lion Park loop and it was a good decision with some of the riders tiring rapidly. Sharon, Jan and Super Ballie rode strongly up Polly’s but the star of the show was Frances who beat us all up!!!

Back at Steers the place was humming with Compendium clad cyclists and a good social time was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to Nathalie for the backup.


D Group

Thursday 8 Feb: 11 of us left VV, rode up Mayors Walk, Morcom road hill, back into town, back up Town Bush past Greys Hospital to the top, and back down to VV.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Carel, who had a mechanical failure on his bike, and only did half the ride.

Saturday 10 February: 9 of us left Steers with Dee doing backup (thanks Dee). Our route took us up Fox Hill, where we started to encounter very thick mist. We turned left at Thornville and regrouped, where I insisted the group remain just in front of the backup vehicle at a steady speed, allowing the slower members to stay with the faster ones, thus allowing the backup vehicle to do it’s job.

At the end of Dards, Gavin and myself had time restraints, so we left the group and returned via Polly’s. The rest of the group continued on to Camperdown, over the loop and back home via Dards and down Fox Hill. The balance of the ride was led by Janice, and I’m sure a cup of coffee and breakfast was enjoyed by those who participated.

The rest of us continued to Camperdown, and were delighted that the mist lifted from then on. After the Camperdown Loop the sun was out and it became pretty hot from then on. We had a very good ride on reverse Dards and back to Steers via Murray Road and past the airport.

Thanks to everyone for making it an enjoyable ride, and in particular to Dee, who raised the bar on backup support. You are a legend, Dee! 🎉


Tuesday 13 February: No ride due to very wet conditions.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,



MTB Captains weekly report – 13th February 2018

Wartburg Race Report: On Saturday there were a number of Burg Wheelers taking part in the Illovo Wartburg MTB Classic, first race in the Roag Quattro series. Wartburg in February is hot, very hot and very little shade out on the route and this year was no different. A testing day out, but as usual a well organised event.

Our club did themselves proud with several placing’s in the respective age categories.

25km: Nic Burzak 3rd overall and 2nd sub-junior; Megan Horsley 11th lady and 3rd ladies sub-junior.

45km: Sven van Zuydam18th overall and 6th youth; Byron Gray 23rd overall and 3rd senior; Ingrid Goosen 4th lady and 2nd ladies master; Sarah Ryan 9th lady and 3rd youth; Gordon Borain 2nd grand master; Simon Francis 3rd grand master; Rosey Smith 3rd ladies veteran; Sheila McCall 1st ladies grand master.

62km: Alan Martin 25th overall and 2nd master; Marion Loveday 9th lady and 3rd ladies master

Well done to all who participated. Apologies if I didn’t pick up your name, please forward your placing.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.

This Sunday Rod Blake will lead a group on the Bisley Desert loop. Meet at entrance to Bisley Reserve at 15:00


I finished the Wartburg ride with a guy called Shaun. It was really hot, 36* plus and I was struggling. However Shaun with whom I rode the last 20km’s had no such problems. His problems were somewhat different. He had only started mountain biking three months ago and was now doing a 62km race!!. Add to that, he had only one hand, having lost the other in a recent motor bike accident. When I noticed this, he certainly got my attention. He had a stump covered in velcro attached to a similar covering on his handle bar, right side. He had both brake levers fitted on the left coupled together by a piece of rubber tube. So when he pulled the back brake the tube applied some pressure to the front brake. Losing his hand is what set him on the MTB path and he thinks MTB is the best. Expect to see him at more events.


Richard Krusekopf