Greetings All,

2018 Membership fees are due by 31 January 2018. A rejoining fee of R50 will be charged after February.

Ordinary Members (Annual) R400

Junior Member (person under 18 years) R120

Family Membership (husband and/or wife, and/or children under
18 years, all living at the same address R600



Entries are coming in fast for the TOKEN Double90 team challenge which takes place on 14 April 2018 in Clarens in the eastern Free State. Don't miss out: Get your team together and do join us at this amazing road event over 180 km. The last 40 km or so through the Golden Gate Reserve features some of the best scenery you'll find anywhere in South Africa...

Teams consist of up to 12 riders, with the time of the 6th rider across the finish line taken as the team's official time.

Our club is sponsoring the entry for two teams! We have filled one team and have space to fill the second. Franko has volunteered to lead and manage this team.

This is a great event so please if you are interested please text me on 083-628-8485.



Natal Road Champs

Our provincial Time Trial and Road championships were held this past weekend.

Saturday's conditions for the Time Trial event were challenging to say the very least. The heat and wind made for a huge test of character and worthy champions. Given the foregoing we salute Arthur Duncan who achieved a gold medal in the 80+ category.

The weather conditions for Sunday’s road race were more favourable but the racing mood of the participants incited a pace that negated the benevolence of the weather Gods. There were some serious efforts with competitors having to dig DEEEEP!

Hard racing brings out the true champions and once again we salute Arthur Duncan who made it a double gold in the 80+ category!

They say that a prophet has no honour in his own town and the same can be said about our Bobby “Nifty” Nefdt who got a second place in the 60-64 categories. Well done Bobby and Arthur you are worthy ambassadors to our sport and club.

If you rode and are not mentioned in this report, please send me your result.

Yours in cycling


A Group

9 of use met and left Steers at 5am, We were joined by a few of the midlands groups up to the Umlaas turn off as they were doing the KZN road race the following day.

7 of us proceeded down the Baynesfield hill were we picked up a very strong crosswind. The road surface in this area also has many huge potholes and together with the strong wind make for a slow descent to the valley below. I was not feeling comfortable with the pace at this point but decided to persist knowing that I could always get into the backup vehicle if my wheels fell off.

We turned on to the Eston road only to be greeted by some very nice and smooth road surface. We had a good ride on this stretch but I have forgotten how testing this loop is. Trevor, Haydon , JP, Rebecca, Dave Bure and Tony all seem to be in good shape this early on in the year. I found Polly’s very hard, but not as hard as Tony did as it appeared that his legs punctured but showed true grit in getting himself home safely.

Saturday 3 Feb will be a 5 hour MTB ride from Cascades MTB park.

We will leave Cascades MTB park for a ride around Albert Falls Dam, McKenzie’s to Karkloof, fill up with water and proceed back to PMB, this is in preparation for the Maluti Double 90 taking place in April.

We also need to get it in while we still have sunlight in the mornings as it is fading fast. It is a non-technical dirt road ride.



Group BB's

Saturday 27th Jan.
I arrived at a very full, Jaxx, car park on Saturday morning. Seven of us, (The Magnificent 7), left just on 5am, unsure what the weather was going to do. It was very windy, cool and overcast. We knew we were going to have a tough morning against the wind on route to Notts. The Magnificent Seven consisted of, diesel engines Mark and Alistair, Charles E, Albie, Richard K, new guy Dave McKerchar, and myself. On route to Notties, we had a strong head wind and thanks to Mark, Alistair and towards the end Dave doing most of the work in front. We reached the garage at Notts and had some much needed refreshments. We then started the descent back home. Dave got dropped off the back on the first descent due to not be able to move his chain onto the big chain ring with his electronic shifting. We stopped to try do this manually but were unsuccessful. Dave opted to ride back in the small chain ring. For the rest of us, the ride back was fast and enjoyable. We passed the D's going up Rotunda,

Once back at Jaxx we went for breakfast at Nino's. A really enjoyable ride, with everyone managing to stay together. Riding Stats were, 98km, 3hrs 34min, 27.5km/hr ave and 1150m climbing.

Tues and Thurs rides
Virgin Active, Victoria road at 4:55am, about 32kms

This coming Sat 3rd Feb.
Meet at Jaxx for a 5am start on route to end Dargle Road and back. Bring your climbing legs.


C Group

Thursday we did a nice easy town ride

Saturday we left from Jaxx at 5:00 with Greg Mills doing backup. Well done for doing a good job.

We picked up some Amber Ridge riders on the way. Nathalie dropped off the pace and told us that we must go and she would turn early. We got to Notties at 7:30 Rudi and Roxy went off on their own route.

We left and Nathalie rejoined us and showed us how to go down the hills and then stayed with us all the way to Jaxx. She did very well up Rotunda Hill leaving Jude and Alec in her dust. We were back at Jaxx just after 9:00.

Well done all it was a good ride.

Tuesday ride we left VV when up Morcom and up Mayors Walk and then back in to town and up Roberts down Villiers and a little town loop just to add in the km.

This Saturday

I will not be riding with the group. Gavin Brown will be leading for me the route will be from Greendale Spar at 05:00 through Howick past Midmar to the end of the tar on the Dargle Rd and then back to the Spar about 60km with 950m of climbing.

We will need someone for back up please if you can do backup contact me thanks.


D Group

No report received


MTB Captains weekly report – 30th January 2018

If you ride an MTB and you are bored then I don’t know where you are hiding away. The club is very active and if you have FOMO enquire about a riding group in line with your ability.

Toti Mambas have invited Burg Wheelers to join them for a ride at Nsingizi this coming Saturday 3rd Feb. This after we hosted them for a Cedara ride late last year. Great to be able to build up some inter-club fellowship. Contact Liz Botha by Tuesday if keen to join.

Please see upcoming events for a host of other rides happening.

Weekend Warriors: On Sunday a group did a Hilton to Thurlow ride, Strava stats 52km, 2:50 moving time and 642m climbing.

FM/HC: On Saturday this hard core bunch rode out to Hilton College with an unpleasant experience for some. Elaine Davie requires surgery to her shoulder as a result. Get well soon Elaine.

C group. See report below.

Some sad news – Hill2hill (14/15 Apr) has been cancelled for 2018. Apparently caused by a lack of sponsorship. Trust this is not a sign of things to come. Let’s support the races as best we can.

Other important news. Gert Roos tried to ride a bridge while doing the Drak Descent recently, but only succeeded in getting his arm through the slats. Apparently the bridge is ok, but Gert is off his bike for a while. Hope you mend soon Gert.

On that note: trails can be very slippery at this time of year and some of the wooden bridges too. When you see the green stuff – beware.

Rowland’s Report for Sat 27th January

Despite the best efforts of my weather app to predict otherwise, Saturday arrived dry, although blustery. The plan was to head into Hilton College Estate for the first time this year, and do the yellow route in its entirety.

Team Borain very kindly offered to take a D group, which ended up being them, Larry [in a borrowed helmet], Caroline, and guest star Kirsty, who is hopefully back with the group permanently.

The rest – exactly 15 – saddled up and headed off. Joining Team Rowland was Trevor, Daan, not one but two Dave’s [S & G], Red-Hot Rod, Richard & Mitchell, Andy R, Pierre, Sven, Nick, Docmike, and lastly, don’t-call-me-Chuck on his NZ-spec suspension-less slick-shod MTB, now with tri-bars. Which is starting to make me nervous, never mind the New Zealanders.

We took the scenic options as far as possible, down past the garage, into the forest, under the N3, snuck in a little ST en route, and finally popped out of the jeep track at the Callaho turnoff.

The 2018 school season having begun, the HC road was busy with the usual mix of buses and speeding SUV’s. After a quick safety briefing from Rod, we headed towards the College. The transit was mostly uneventful, except when Nick’s youthful exuberance manifested itself in a Kamikaze overtaking manoeuvre in front of a bus, and then nearly taking out my front wheel as the bus came past. He was soundly chastised for his efforts, but recovered quickly.

Unbeknownst to us, the FM group, who were also going to HC, had a much more serious incident at almost the same spot about 30 mins earlier. Two of their number interlocked bars at speed, became briefly airborne, and caught one of the following pack in the melee. This apparently resulted in a few broken bones, and at least one hospitalization. Details were sketchy at the time of going to press, but we wish all involved a speedy recovery.

We passed a subdued FM group just before the HC gate, but didn’t see them again in the estate.

At the guardhouse I met Rowan, who is our HC Estate liaison. I thanked him for the boards, his lovely estate and our continued relationship. We also agreed that he could blame Andre Booysen for any and all future BW transgressions. This would save a lot of time on both sides. Most reasonable bloke.

And thanks again to the Gruppenfuhrer and team for his efforts in securing the boards for our use.

We headed for the Beacons route [yellow route], determined to do the whole loop as marked. The going was a little damp, but good.

Sven hit mechanical trouble almost immediately, but the combined efforts of Richard and Chuck had him back on the trail quickly. Thanks guys.

The trail is well marked, but it can be easy to miss some of the markers. Stay alert.

After a bone-shaking descent near the viewpoint, Andy re-christened Pierre as Rattlesnake. Very apt given his increasing ability and fitness.

After a brief rest at the viewpoint, we jeeptracked around to the famous T-Rex ST section. At the top, Richard, Mitchell and Rod headed back to the gate to recharge batteries.
The rest of us followed the ST down the hill. What goes down…, which in this case was a new piece [for me] of ST called the Chadster. This was tough, and coming towards the end of the ride, caused much grumbling, especially at the back of the pack. We regrouped at the top, and took the last ‘carwash’ section back to the main road out of the plantation. Audible sighs went through the group as we headed back to the gate. The usual snakes popped off the front of the pack as we came out of the dip – first Dave G, then Rattlesnake Pierre, followed by Andy R. There was a muffled sound of exasperation just behind me, and then don’t-call-me-Chuck came past on his tribars, muttering darkly about people having no respect for their elders. He made short work of the breakaway group, reeling them in effortlessly. I wouldn’t mess with him.

I was unable to make up any ground on this group, and was soundly beaten to the Callaho sign. Which advertises ‘warmbloods’. By this stage, we all qualified.

My better half was close behind me, which as usual was followed by some pointed gloating.

I rode back with Rod, and we all got back without incident. We joined two other groups of BW riders at Jaxx, and merriment abounded.

Strava Stats. 37km, 2h30 and 760m of climbing. Average speed was a most reasonable 14,8 km/h.

Although the route is great, we will need to bear the extra distance in mind next time.

At this time, we will be joining the Nsingizi group next Saturday. Hope to see you all there. Watch the chat group for details.


Mark Rowland

Upcoming Events

Karkloof Trailblazer – 4 Feb

Wartburg Classic – 10 Feb (Saturday) – BW Gazebo will be there, come and join us. Three MTB distances plus trail running – something for everyone. Great event and great venue.

Howick Classic – 4 Mar – traditionally raw and unplugged.

Berg 100 – 17 Mar (Saturday) – Needs a bit of training to conquer this popular 100km of non-technical riding. Starting at Notties and finishing at Himeville this year. Good Sani2C training ride.

Berg & Bush 2 day – We have booked the Tugela River Lodge and will ride the Berg & Bush two day routes. The accommodation is in self-catering chalets and we can obtain a guide on the trails. Dates are 7th & 8th April. Cost of accommodation is R400 pp/pn. Accom + guide for the weekend will be around R1000 pp. This should be a great club outing. If you are keen please contact me soon so we can get an indication of numbers. Note – we can ride in groups varying in ability.

TWO PLACES LEFT – payment now required to secure.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of closed and re-opened trails.

Karkloof: New 37km is very popular as is the Supa 20.

Howick: more trails are taking shape with various routes being built and/or rebuilt. Puff adder etc. back in the mix. Getting ready for the Howick Classic.

Hilton / Cedara: The harvested areas are obvious and de-stumping is ongoing. Please stay clear of working areas.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.


Richard Krusekopf

Ethekwini Champs

Hi All

Attached please find the entry form, indemnity form and Race Information for the Ethekwini Champs to be held on 17 & 18 February in Durban.

This event is the final of the KZN Development Series and the first leg of the Youth & Masters Series and is open to riders from all provinces.

Please note that entries close on Wednesday 31 January and NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted

Hope to see you all at the event

KZN Track Commission