Greetings All,

2018 Membership fees are now due (please see attached Application for details):

Ordinary Members (Annual) R400

Junior Member (person under 18 years) R120

Family Membership (husband and/or wife, and/or children under
18 years, all living at the same address R600



The club is entering 2 teams for this 180km event on Saturday 14 April in Clarence. Each Team consists of 12 riders. If you would like to ride, please SMS Trevor Thompson on 083-628-8485.

A Group

Saturday dawned way to early as 9 of us set off for the Hammarsdale Loop, the pace up fox hill was kept very constant and we all stayed together very well.

The group was suffering under Jeff’s inability to take his Anti verbal diarrhoea pill, this was eventually remedied when he came to pull in the front of the group, tranquillity returned as we arranged secretly to leave him on the front for our own sanity. This plan worked very well as his verbal audibility reduced together with his energy levels. Jeff Jordaan and Andrew (Boogs) turned back at the Umlaas road.

We arrived in Hammarsdale only to be greeted by some drizzle and mist, this was fortunately short lived. The group all stayed together up the climb to the R103 and Inchanga. We all arrived back safely with no incidents some of us taking more strain than others,

Saturday 27

Leave Steers Woodburn at 5h00 for a cycle around the Eston loop. (Fox Hill, Richmond, Eston, Polly Shorts)


C Group

Thursday 18/01/2018

found Jason at VV we then rode to the track where we meet up with Eddie and Zaheer ,both Jason and Zaheer had not done track before so we showed them how to do it .we then did ten laps at 30 kms hour and then ten at 33km ,both Zaheer and Jason enjoyed .

We called it a day and left for VV at 5:50 Zaheer stayed on.

Saturday 20/01/2018

9 of us left steers slightly late as there was a lot of people. we rode up to Thornville on route we were joined by lungelo on his MTB going down the Dards Janet dropped behind on the down hills we picked Dustin just before camperdown we all stopped just after the abattoir for a refuel we then proceeded back to pmb changing the return route to go up pollys and past the university Jude struggled with the return leg just a reminder if you are coming back from a long time off from riding to stay in the group and hide and eat correctly both on the ride and before .the group rode together for most of the ride but with people dropping of the back of the group the backup car was a bit too far back.thanx to Helga for doing backup good job well done.81.6kms and 941m of climbing

Tuesday 23/01/2017

Me and Jude left VV for a normal town route as it was wet we saw the BB have a morning cruise

Thursday 25/01/2017

Will be normal town ride

Saturday 27/01/2017

Will be from Jaxx to notts via midmar and back.


D Group

3 DD's met at Woodburn Steers for the ride - Dee, Carel and Sticky. Unfortunately Glenn had a time constraint so had to content himself with a lone ride in the Midlands, and Leon must have overslept ... We had excellent backup from Jordyn.

It was 21C when we left, and pretty muggy. We had a very good ride up Fox Hill and along the Dards, and enjoyed the cloud cover once it got light. Dee as usual was very strong on the hills, with Carel a close second. We must have been missing this route, because even NPA Hill did not feel that bad!

Reverse Dards is always a challenge, but oh the reward of the smooth road surface once back on the R56! We had a great ride home, and enjoyed a social time back at Steers, where we were joined by Eddie and Moira, looking rather cool and fresh compared to us.



MTB Captains weekly report – 23rd January 2018

The Drak Descent 2 day stage race was probably the focal point for many of our club this past weekend with a good turn out across the ability spectrum. Some good results too. Well done to Omar on competing in his first stage race. He did the “Challenge” and came 4th overall & 3rd junior. Well done Colin Goosen and Dave Hanbury 43rd & 44th overall and 4&5th in category and 1st BW. Full results at Finish Time.

Weekend Warriors: On Sunday a group did an extended Desert ride , Strava stats 71km, 3:40 moving time and 1325m climbing.

FM/HC: No news is good news…..

C group. See report below.

XCO Trails at Worlds View – a good test for all levels

The Strava challenge has been set. Best part of all a seed has been sown and these trails will just get better with all your ideas.

Please take care when crossing the tar road to the view site, this is a public road and moving vehicles may not be expecting bicycles.

Dave McKerchar is currently KOM of the Captains route (orange route) in 18:30. Suggestion has been received to make this a regular Thursday afternoon ride – propose anytime from 4pm onwards. Pitch and ride – it’s a circuit so no need to wait for anyone.

Rowland’s Report for Sat 13th January

Saturday dawned flawlessly – clear and warm and dry. Just the way beer shouldn’t be. Team Rowland was back up to full strength, after injury and illness. Joining Ali & I for some post festive season girth control were: the Gruppenfuhrer, Gordon, Omar, Sven, Sheila, Sarah, Byron, Pierre, Lloyd, Dave Mc, Trevor, Nicholas, Lisa, Bill, Gert, and last but not least, ‘don’t-call-me-Chuck’ Hughes, getting in some extra saddle time before taking on New Zealand in Feb. New Zealand is reported to be getting nervous. Guest appearances by Keith and Pauline, and Daan. No sign of Larry.

We leapt into the forest via Hillside Rd and Dunton’ s Demise. A lack of practise meant that a disappointingly small section of us managed to cycle through the Demise, but on the plus side, no one fell in. Admittedly, Larry wasn’t with us.

Almost immediately, we encountered obstacles in the form of runners, and realised that we had intersected the helpers race for the following days Ronnie Davel. This necessitated a little route adjustment, and we stayed out of each other’s way for the rest of the ride.

The pack climbed up past the nursery, and regrouped at the top of the hill just before the first ST. We had spread out a bit, with Keith nowhere to be seen. Someone joked that he was probably giving one-wheeled hill climbing lessons. Sure enough, when he hove into view, he was riding on his rear wheel only, chatting to Rich and Lisa.

Lisa reported that she wasn’t feeling herself, but was unclear about who she was feeling instead. She turned back, rather than slow us down. Sven, also suffering from a lingering ailment, went back with her. They both got back safely.

The remainder took ST from the top road all the way down to the Full Monty, and from there to Dead Tree Corner. Climbing back up the hill, we hung a right after a km or so, and did the last section of Andre’s ST in reverse, doubled back at the gum tree, and then took more ST down to the dam. The dam gate is locked, so we had to lift the bikes over the gate. The vintage bikes are noticeably heavier than their more modern counterparts. At this time of year, the same could be said for the riders, sadly. Somewhere around this point we heard that MIYR Byron [PhD] is in the process of re-biking himself. By the next ride, he will apparently be lighter, uprated, updated, more sophisticated and fully suspended. This is obviously very bad news for those of us who are already struggling to keep up with him on his current mount. Some subterfuge may be required. I shall consult with Dave Stewart, who is Scottish. As anyone who has ever tried to get a Scotsman to pay for a round in a pub knows, the Scots do subterfuge better than most. Mums the word. We didn’t have this conversation.

While I plotted Byron’s forthcoming demise, we did the Donkey Rd Sprint, which is approaching record-breaking condition. We looped up into Cedara to get back into the Pines ST. Alison, still getting back to full fitness, left us here to go back. The rest revelled in the wonder that is the Pin the Pines and Phil’s Nana ST’s. The track conditions are perfect currently – just dry enough, but not yet too dry where they get slippery. The section was soundtracked by a combination of whoops of joy and terror, depending on where you were in the train. We turned left up dead dog hill, taking the first left again before the hill kicked in properly.

From here we retraced our steps towards home. The Mallory Rd gate was once again locked, so we had to work our way back to Hillside Rd, and slog up the hill home. On the way, we bumped into a splinter ride, with Elaine, Wendy, Justin, Simon and Ingrid G. They didn’t join us for breakfast. It must have been something I said.

Breakfast was held at Jaxx, and was excellent as always.

Strava Stats: 35km, 675m climbing, 2h20, 15km/h average. A little further than planned, but an excellent achievement.


Mark Rowland

Upcoming Events

Karkloof Trailblazer – 4 Feb

Wartburg Classic – 10 Feb (Saturday) – BW gazebo will be there, come and join us.

Berg & Bush 2 day – We are planning to book the Tugela River Lodge and ride the Berg & Bush two day routes. The accommodation is in self-catering chalets and we can obtain a guide on the trails. Arranged dates are 7th & 8th April. Cost of accommodation is R400 pp/pn. Accom + guide for the weekend will be around R1000 pp. This should be a great club outing. If you are keen please contact me soon so we can get an indication of numbers. Note – we can ride in different groups varying in ability. 9 eager respondents to date.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of closed and re-opened trails.

Karkloof: New 37km is very popular as is the Supa 20.

Howick: more trails are taking shape with various routes being built and/or rebuilt. Puff adder etc. back in the mix.

Hilton / Cedara: The harvested areas are obvious and de-stumping is clearly marked. Please stay clear of working areas.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.


Richard Krusekopf


The current kit is available at R250 for shirts and R320 for bibs and shorts. This price may change as future orders are placed.

As club members we are very lucky to pay so little for such good quality kit. Compendium very kindly sponsors 50% of the cost.

Please contact me via text message on 082 451 9624 or email to arrange a suitable time for the purchase of kit.

Kind Regards

Sharon Potgieter

Breathe Better

Deep breathing

For endurance, aerobic exercise your muscles need oxygen to burn fuel, and deep breathing is the most efficient way to get it. Quick, shallow breathing delivers less oxygen per breath, and expels less carbon dioxide. Breathing more deeply and slowly will use more lung capacity, improve gaseous exchange and reduce the oxygen cost of each breath as you use your breathing muscles less.

Nasal breathing

A good technique for slow, deep breathing is nasal breathing, which restricts the flow of air out of the body, allowing better oxygen absorption. An added advantage is that by forcing inhaled air through your nasal and sinus passages, it filters out bacteria. It also warms the air, reducing throat and chest soreness from cold air breathed in directly though the mouth.

Belly breathing

The key to slower deeper breathing is using your larger diaphragm muscles rather than your smaller chest muscles, which tire more quickly. Learning to contract your diaphragm fully is the most efficient way to maximise your lung volume with each breath. Practise it on and off the bike by keeping your chest and shoulders still while concentrating on raising your belly as you inhale, and lowering it as you exhale.

Performance breathing

Breathing rhythmically in time with your pedal strokes helps to maintain an efficient cadence and breathing rhythm. A good starting point for steady pace riding is to breathe in for two pedal strokes, hold your breath for two, then breathe out for four. As you improve, try more pedal strokes in each phase. For example, four, four, eight instead of two, two, four. Don’t forget to belly breathe.

Obree technique

Graeme Obree’s rhythmic breathing technique emphasises breathing out. It uses three-phases: one long, deep breath out and in, then two shorter, half-breaths out and in. The principle is to expel as much ‘used air’ as possible, before filling your lungs with oxygen-rich air, which then stays in your lungs for longer during the two half breaths, before repeating the cycle.