Greetings All,

2018 Membership fees are now due (please see attached Application for details):

Ordinary Members (Annual) R400

Junior Member (person under 18 years) R120

Family Membership (husband and/or wife, and/or children under
18 years, all living at the same address R600



Tuesday 9/01/2018 ride was cancelled due to the weather (roads very wet and drizzle) so nothing to report on Thursday is not looking promising as well but will do weather report at 4am.

Saturday 13/01/2018 leave from Rotunda to end of tar on the Curries post road and back nice and easy pace getting the holiday baggage off .

I have Jordyn to do backup on sat .

The Saturday ride will be getting longer so as by the end of feb we will be doing plenty kms.

Thursday ride normal town route with Morcom nice easy ride meet at 4:45 VV and leave at 4:50.

Allan McPherson

Sat ride 6 January

We were 6 – Lionel and Dustin from Durban way who enjoyed not having to travel so far, Frances, Sharon, Colin and ww. We set off from the Camperdown Spar in cool, overcast weather and despite forecasts, did not get hot and we even enjoyed some light drizzle at Cato Ridge!!! We had the comforting presence of Jan right behind us in her vehicle and we would like to thank her for coming all the way from Howick to support us.

Dustin obviously had a great Xmas as his seat kept going down and he had to undertake some emergency repairs to get it to support his weight. We sailed out to the Lion Park where Colin did not do a good job, according to Lionel, of boxing me in and I managed to take the hotspot. The loop back to the Spar was 31km where there were chirps of stopping for coffee but we soldiered on.

There were a few potholes on the Hammarsdale Loop but alert group riding helped to avoid any incidents. As we headed up towards the Inchanga Hill, Lionel remarked that Dustin had been first to the top last year but was not likely to do so again! Dustin is a smart rider and looked clapped out for most of the climb………..however he suddenly sprang to life and chased Lionel down. Lionel saw him coming and tried every trick in the book to hold the laaitjie at bay. However Dustin had too much power for the ballie and repeated his feat of a year ago!!

Lionel, to his credit, managed to take the Inchanga KOM. As we approached home, Colin announced the final hot spot and there were a lot of tactics and sprinting on the incline to Camperdown. Colin mistimed his efforts badly and blew up spectacularly! He remains optimistic though and says he is back!!

The distance was 78km at 23kph avg and 1000m of climbing.

An enjoyable breakfast and coffee was enjoyed back at the Spar. Eddie joined us for coffee and a chat.


Amber Ridge ride 6th Jan

This is a brief ride report on our Sat. morning ride.

At 5.15 am three Amber Ridge rebels, Natalie, Judy and Arthur meet at Piggly Wiggly for a ride to Nottingham Road, Mount West and to the end of the tar.

After a brief route and ride briefing we set off in overcast but pleasant weather encountering the odd pocket of mild mist which turned out to be perfect cycling conditions. The group although small in numbers were well disciplined riding according good cycling behavior the entire route. On reaching the end of the tar we returned to Mount West for a pit stop.

Whilst waiting for the ladies I was thinking of the easy relaxed free wheel return to Piggly Wiggly and for all those who know the route it is a comfortable downhill breeze. Well that is how it would be with normal cyclists but not if Natalie is with you. She took the bit between her teeth to lead the charge home. What a ride and with Judy tucked in behind her and taking the lead from time to time I had to peddle harder and for longer durations to stay in contact with these two ladies and the pace did not relent until we had to slow down to enter P W. Thank you Natalie for taking control of the return ride.

Judy it was a pleasure to witness your efficient riding style torso and upper body in unison with all the power going into your peddle stroke. I tried to imitate your cycling style on the ride.

Thank you both for an enjoyable mornings cycling and the company over coffee.


Seasons greetings to you both and look forward to more rides together.



D Group

Saturday 6 January 2018

The official ride was cancelled due to lack of riders - Carel would have been driving backup for one rider - and Carel and Sticky decided on a town route they could do that would not require a following vehicle.

They left Virgin Cascades at 05h00 and did Waltdorf, Mayor's Walk/Zwartkop Road to the Linwood Drive turnaround, and then made their way to Boshoff Street, thereafter taking in the Woodstock Road loop, followed by the Alison Road/ Harwin Road loop and so to Hesketh Drive. The first ascent was followed by Murray Road/Silent Heights and back past the dump, then a second ascent of Hesketh, diverting onto Adams Road for a portion of the way for a change of scenery. Up at Murray Road they then did a Tour de Belleview, past the top of Polly's and along Shortts Retreat Road to Murray, Alexander Road Extension, French/Camps Drift Roads and back through town and ultimately VC.

A total of 61km, followed by a cappa at Seattle. Most enjoyable.


KZN CHAMPS 2018 27TH & 28TH JANUARY 2018

To all Cyclists

Compliments of the season to you all, I hope this year is a great cycling year for all!


TIME TRIAL - CLOSES 15TH JANUARY - if you do not have your entries in by that date, please DO NOT worry to phone and ask for a special favour. ENTRIES WILL BE CLOSED.



Please remind all fellow cyclists, you snooze you loose unfortunately - STRICT RULES!!!

Kind regards

Michelle Matthews

Road Secretary - KZN


Thank you from the SPCA

Please convey our sincere thanks to the members of the Burg Wheelers Cycling Club for the wonderful donation of food for the animals at the SPCA. We are especially grateful for food donations over the Festive Season because if the huge influx of additional animals that arrive at our facility during this period.

Thank you so much!

Kind regards,



MTB Captains weekly report – 9th January 2018

Please Note: Hilton College have generously allowed us to renew the access boards at the previous rate. Burg Wheelers has as a result again purchased 15 boards for use by the club members for 2018. These new boards should be available by the weekend complete with straps fitted courtesy of Alastair Watt.

Please note the following requirements imposed by Hilton College: A copy will be available in the box at the gate.


* Please read the terms and conditions when registering. It is important that you understand how access works!

* Access is through the Hilton College main school gates ONLY. Access via the D494 is no longer tolerated – PLEASE RESPECT THIS.

* On entering the property at the main gates, you are asked to please sign in AND out of the register at the hut at the main gate (security will point this out to you).

* Cycling and running is in the plantations only.

* NO dogs.

* Please ALWAYS have your board correctly displayed on your bike and your access card on you when running (security will ask you).


* It is privilege to be allowed access to the Hilton College property. Please respect the environment and others who make use of this space.

* Access to the property is through the main school gate only.

* Each person will sign in and sign out at the main school gate.

* Cycling access is only permitted with a valid cycling board that is visibly attached or displayed.

* Running access is only permitted with a valid running card worn on your wrist.

* A cycling board does not enable you to run on the property.

* A running board does not entitle you to cycle on the property.

* NO dogs are allowed.

* Cycling and running only permitted on roads and tracks in the plantation.

* Please do not access the grassland areas on the property.

* For good reason DO NOT share boards and cards with others.

* Hilton College reserves the right to close the property for management reasons - specifically on high fire danger days (Orange and Red), and during times of heavy or prolonged periods of rainfall.

* Should the property be closed we will communicate this to you as soon as possible.

* Estate rules are to be adhered to at all times. See link below:

There was wonderful turnout at Jaxx on Saturday morning resulting in three groups setting out.

B group led by Gavin Green total of 6 riders rode the Cedara plantations. This is the same Gavin that organised a Midlands ride on the same morning and then didn’t pitch claiming alarm malfunction. Bad luck for the A’s and good luck to the B’s. Strava stats: 30km’s, 2:17 moving time and 759m climbing.

C group led by Mark total of 17 riders, also through Cedara. Unfortunately Docmike and Philly peeled off once it was conclusively established that the speed control on Philly’s e-bike was somewhat temperamental. Strava stats: 33km’s, 2:14 moving time and 773m climbing.

D group once again tactically led by Dave (dog-bite) who took 10 through Cedara on the pretext that it was an easy ride. Strava stats: 31.5kms’, moving time 2:18 and 608m of climbing.

The A’s Weekend Warriors rode from Piggly Wiggly doing a gravel road ride with a group of 15+ riders. Strava stats: 67km’s, 3:14 moving time and 1299m of climbing

XCO Trails at Worlds View – a good test for all levels

A reminder to all of you to take up the Gruppenfuhrer and Captains challenge - with yourselves, your mates and the clock. Strava will reveal all. The routes are fully marked with orange and pink arrows and set as segments on Strava. Great option for a good heart rate workout. Target times of <20mins per lap.

Rowland’s Report for Sat 6th January

No report this week. Normal comms should resume next week.

Upcoming Events

Giba Gorge Ride Day – 14 Jan. For all Enduro & D/H riders. Riding from 9:00 followed by meeting at 13:00 to introduce new Commission, budgets, rider reps for Enduro & D/H, etc.

Drak Descent 2 Days – 20/21 Jan , Underberg

Karkloof Trailblazer – 4 Feb

Wartburg Classic – 10 Feb (Saturday) – BW gazebo will be there, come and join us.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of closed trails.

New Karkloof 37km seems to be very popular (pronounced rocky) as is the Supa 20.

Howick Trails are taking shape with various routes being built and/or rebuilt.

Hilton / Cedara

The harvested areas are obvious, although de-stumping has not yet been completed. Please stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.

CSA Membership

For many it’s time to renew your CSA licence. Full details on Cycling South Africa web site.


Richard Krusekopf