Greetings All,

The Committee wishes all members and their families and friends a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Membership fees are as follows (please see attached Application for details):

Ordinary Members (Annual) R400

Junior Member (person under 18 years) R120

Family Membership (husband and/or wife, and/or children under
18 years, all living at the same address R600



All club members are encouraged to join us this Friday for an easy 25km ride. Meet at 04:45 outside Cascades Seattle dressed in something Christmassy! Bring money for coffee.


Saturday 16 December 2017

We left Rotunda at 5am with a good turnout, and relatively cool weather conditions. The cool conditions turned to rather warmer conditions, which did make the renowned hills on the Dargle route somewhat of a challenge. Always enjoy that scenic route from the water tower at the entrance to Howick, with the great view of Midmar as we approached the meander road.

Was not long before we turned off at the Dargle entrance, and very soon encountered the hills. Ian joined us having negotiated the notorious Old Howick road, which is evident that the great DC, does improve one's hill climbing skills and overall cycling fitness. Was great that Geoff joined us for the ride, and no doubt has been doing some secret training, which was evident in his fitness skills. Jan is back to speed and Nathalie nearly there, showing sheer determination!!!! You are doing well Nath, keep up that fighting spirit.

The overall pace was good and the group handled the climbs well, and was most enjoyable being in that fresh air. It was not long before we arrived at our turn around point, however this is when the heat was somewhat of a challenge. My view is that going home is somewhat easier, which could be that coffee and breakfast being uppermost in our minds. Was most impressed that the group observed safety and kept single file while cycling on the road between the Dargle turnoff and Rotunda. Many thanks to Gavin's cautious guidance

The Meander road was extremely busy and Ian overheard, while driving past a traffic police vehicle, that there was a three vehicle pile up on the freeway, and traffic was being diverted. We all arrived safely at the Rotunda, and then I threw in a challenge, that we go up Cedara Hill and back before breakfast. Always a huge challenge, especially after doing the Dargle route. Sya, Geoff and myself took up the challenge, however we had that cuppa and breakfast foremost in our minds. Ian had no option, other than to do the Cedara hill, as he rode from town.

Would like to thank the group for being so co-operative, and especially that each individual having the enjoyment of cycling uppermost in their minds. What a magic start to the week end!!!!! You know what Guys and Gals, I have a feeling in my bones, that 2018 is going to be a great cycling year. Let safety and staying upright be upper most in our minds.

Jill may you have a speedy recovery. Much prefer seeing you on your bicycle, than in that hospital bed!!!!

Eddie Sherwood


Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions-Albert Einstein.

Sat 23 Dec 2017 Meet at Jaxx at 05:00 for ride via Midmar to end of Curry's Post tar and return. Distance to be advised by WhatsApp.


Saturday 16 December 2017

There were only 3 of us DD’s who met at Rotunda at 5:00am – Jumbo, Carel and Sticky (Peter had messaged that he was poorly and we missed him on the ride). The weather was cool but we knew it would soon warm up. Jordyn was our star backup driver.

Shortly after passing Midmar Wall we came upon John, who was driving backup for the CC’s, helping Eddie sorting out a puncture. Jordyn drove ahead to alert Eddie’s group.

Somewhere beyond Piggly’s we rounded a corner and rode straight into a headwind, which stayed with us all the way up. Our first stop was at Michaelhouse, where we turned. Jumbo, Carel and I practiced some pacelining for a portion of the return, until it got too narrow for this to be feasible.

We rode through the residential area of Merrivale and a rather large and unfriendly looking dog gave chase as Sticky passed. Some rather determined shouting all round fortunately curbed his enthusiasm.

We got back to Rotunda at 28°C, having completed 71.1km, and thoroughly enjoyed some ice cold water before anything else. We were soon joined by some of the CC’s and enjoyed a great breakfast and time of socialising. Eddie was regaling us with some very humorous stories of his youth, and I have never seen Jordyn laugh quite so hard.

Wishing those who are travelling on holiday for Christmas safe driving and awesome enjoyment at their destination.


Sat 23 December

Meet at Jaxx at 05:00 for 70km ride out on the Karkloof Road.


MTB Captains report for week of 19th December

Please Note: The Hilton College boards expire at end Dec 2017 and we will not be able to use them after that date. The club committee will be deciding on the renewal of these boards at their first meeting in the new year. The reason for this delay is the 50% increase in the price of the boards. Please bear with us and as soon as a decision is made it will be communicated.

Andre led the C group around Cedara again this Saturday. It appears that the rides are requiring a little more effort which is not a bad thing.

I took the 2nd D group ride on a tour of the plantations around Grace College. Thanks to Dave Stewart for assisting. Colleen, Dave, Andy and Blake joined me for the ride. There certainly is a varietiance in skill levels and expectations but we shall try and please as many as possible. Strava stats: ride time 1 hour 49, 21.3km and 324m of climbing. Hope we get more response going forward.

A new bike stand has been provided by Burg Wheelers at Jaxx Café for our convenience. Some Sunday fun in Cedara

A reminder to all of you to take up the Gruppenfuhrer and Captains challenge - with yourselves, your mates and the clock. Strava will reveal all. The routes are marked as segments on Strava.

Both courses start and finish at a wood pole (with other route markers fixed to it) near the ablutions on the grassy patch at the point, as indicated by blue line. Start by crossing Worlds View Rd and finish coming out of the single track, across the grass toward Worlds View Rd.

Booysens Banter

Andre’s C-Group Report for Sat 16 December

What with the rest of the working class now being on official end-of-year leave, and a Public Holiday too boot, my assumption was that we would have a somewhat depleted field on Saturday. I was wrong. Every man-and-his-bike was there, including a jet-lagged dog-bite Dave, who opted out of the C-group.

Richard had yet again agreed to sacrifice his Saturday ride, in order to take the “much-in-demand” D-group. Now … listen up guys … you can’t just demand a D-group ride … YOU ALSO HAVE TO PITCH UP! The whole year, all I have been hearing is “we need to form a D-group”. Well now we have one … so please come and ride, or else it is going to peter out again!

Being an even worse writer than a cyclist, I was thrilled and flattered when Richard asked me, yet again, to send thru’ an “abridged” ride-report on Saturday’s ride. Luckily, he had not seen my drivel from the week before (due to the fact that the BT was still in the cloud somewhere). When I asked him, by “abridged” did he mean short, slightly untrue or without swearing, he replied “all of the above”. So I looked it up in the dictionary. It said “sufficiently comprehensive to cover the topic of interest, yet brief enough to remain captivating to the audience” (eg. as in a bikini or mini-skirt).

So off we go! To the woods! To the woods! He yells … “Head for the Wills Close gate”. The 19 of us include yours truly, the 2 Lizzys, Rod the house mover - with secret weapon Kole Smith in tow, Kurt “the fly-fisherman” Rutter, Sven the invincible, Nick Burczak (who had to be calmed down somewhat, … when I finally managed to catch up with him), Pauline and Keith (sporting the mandatory “LIV” and “Giants” kit respectively, Gert (sporting the mandatory T-shirt … Hoo Boy!), Pierre (sporting 7 stitches in his shin), Marlene (Liz’s B ’n B partner), Gordon (who had left Colleen in Richard’s care), Old Bill, modest Byron, smooth Sarah, guest appearance Helga, and newby Jackie.

Ooops! … The Wills Close gate is locked. Plan B – head for the Mallory Road gate. Oooops! … The Mallory Road gate is locked. Plan C – head for the Hillary Road drop-off. LEFT! … I shout. RIGHT! … Down the single track, across the contour road. Down and across the little bridge, up the other side, and regroup along the lower contour track. Hairpin left and up to the Bunny Ears. Jackie is done-for and has to turn back. Through the Bunny Ears and up the main road past the Mondi Nursery. Round the left-hand bend. Right at Lucy’s hill and across to Brett’s Law. Through Kim’s Way and down Phil’s Na-na.

By now the front pack are champing-at-the-bit as I release them up Dead Dog Hill. The rest of us finally arrive at the T-junction, as I send the “mal Jans” and Pauline on a “straf fartlek loop” down the road to Nurses Dam and back along the new single track. The rest of us turn left and head on back to the main road.

At the T-junction, we bid farewell to Liz Booysen (who is off to a wedding in Swartberg) and turn right up the main road. At the loading zone, we regroup and point our steeds towards “Alpes Dues”… a nasty climb, which is met with a kaleidoscope of comments from the group. All of which I ignore, of course.

We regroup at the shower, and the spirit soon returns as we stop for a photo opportunity, and the LIV Girls – Pauline, Helga and Marlene - treat us to a display of bicep poses that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger proud.

We are all so distracted, that we forget to take any group shots, and head on down to the corner.

After last weeks’ delight, we return to the drop-off for a few more practice shots. About half the group brave the drop-off, this time including Sarah (Yay! Go Sé!) Pauline, Kole, Kurt, Byron and Bill (this time with both feet on the pedals).

Along the top pipe-line road, around the right hair-pin bend and left into the single track (where we say goodbye to Gordon – who has to get back to Colleen). I warn everybody of the potentially bad condition of the single-track that awaits us, and once again, release the dogs. I am gingerly negotiating “Poephol-knyp Precipice” when I hear this blood-curdling yell behind me.

Oh cr*p! … It’s Helga! I drop my bike and run back up the slope, only to find an entanglement of carbon-fibre-frame and curvatious-female-form. Too winded to wheeze, whine, whinge or whimper. We dis-entangle the poor soul, and gingerly limp our weary, ego-battered way down the awaiting drop-off, to meet the others at the bottom of the single-track. At this point we learn that at least 2 others (including Kamikaze Keith) also wiped out at the drop-off.

Is everybody okay? All these delays are wreaking havoc with my schedule.

Across and into Pack-o’-dogs, Trip-‘n-dip and (a very “sticky”) Cedara top-gate. Down to Nurses dam and (in the absence of Doc Mike) across the dam wall.

Home James. Don’t spare the horses. I can smell the coffee. The race is on. First one home puts the kettle on.

We arrive at the Mallory Road gate, only to find it (you guessed it) … Locked!

Plan D – head back to Hillary Road via Dunton’s Demise. Hillside Road. Jaxx.

Reported Stats vary around 35km / 700mH / 3h10 (total time).

All things being equal, we will regroup at the Quarry Centre, for a similarly irresponsible activity, at 06h30 on Saturday morning 23 December.

Cheers, André

Upcoming Events

December holidays. Enjoy your riding wherever you may be.

Starting next Monday the 18th, Rod Blake will be introducing holiday rides on Monday, Wednesday and Friday over the next couple of weeks and doing a variety of routes. Eg Cascades, Desert run, Cedara and Hilton College. Watch whatsapp.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of closed trails.

New Karkloof 37km seems to be very popular for now as is the Supa 20.

Howick Trails are taking shape but not yet opened to riding.

Hilton / Cedara

The harvested areas are quite obvious, although de-stumping has not yet been completed. Please stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.

Suggest you keep an eye on your preferred Whatsapp group for any other rides that may be arranged.

Season’s Greetings

And lastly, may I wish all of you a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year. Enjoy this special time with family and friends.

Don’t overdo it and we definitely want to see you all lean and mean in a few weeks time.


Richard Krusekopf