Greetings All,

Apologies for the delay!!


13 DECEMBER 2017

It’s that time of the year when club members need to renew their
membership, which falls due on 1 January 2018.

Membership fees are as follows:

Ordinary Members (Annual) R400

Junior Member (person under 18 years) R120

Family Membership (husband and/or wife, and/or children under
18 years, all living at the same address R600

Annual subscriptions shall be reduced by 50% in respect of applications
submitted after 1 July in each year.

I have attached an application form for 2018, the only difference
(besides the price) is that we have now introduced an indemnity form, which we
require all new club members, and existing members, to sign in order to
indemnify Burg Wheelers Cycling Club from any unforeseen incident.

As this will be my last Chairman’s report for the year I’d like to, once
again, express my thanks to our current committee for all their hard work and
commitment over the past year, and thank them for making themselves available to
stand again for the coming year.

There is an incredible amount of work that goes on behind the scene, in
order to run a successful and vibrant cycling club.

I’d also like to thank the various Group Leaders who, unselfishly, lead
groups during the week and on Saturday mornings, and also to thank
all members who participate in weekly and Saturday morning club
rides. Thanks also go to our backup drivers who unselfishly give up their
own Saturday rides to look after our club members.

I would also like to thank Compendium Insurance Brokers Pmburg, for
their continued support and sponsorship of our club.

Club rides will probably take a backseat for the next 3 weeks or so
during to the festive season.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a joyful Christmas period,
enjoying special times with family and friends, and also a prosperous 2018.

Before closing, on behalf of the club, I’d like to wish Jill Edwardes a
speedy recovery after her cycling accident last Saturday – we’ll miss her on
the road!

Ride safe, stay alert & stay alive,



C Group:

"The Brilliant CC's" Sat 9 December 2017

Most important was that the group turnout was good, very much thanks to
the efforts of Gavin, who is a great leader. Dale was commenting recently how
grateful he as the Chairman of Burg Wheelers is, for the effort Gavin goes to
for his group. In a nutshell Gavin, one could best describe your ability as,
"Except and expect positive things and that is what you will

We left "Piggly Wiggly" at 5am in somewhat of a cool to cold
weather conditions viz do we wear our
jackets or not. I elected not to, and from fresh to cool it warmed to
acceptable. Be that as it may always good cycling conditions, when the weather
is cool. The pace started off relaxed and soon developed into a steady pace,
which left us with the feeling that we were being challenged. The plan was that
anyone off pace at "Happy Hill", were to join the DD's coming up
behind us. I am pleased to mention that all the cyclists that were slightly off
pace soon caught up with the rest of the group, proving that they had the
ability to be a proud CC. We as a CC never want to put a cyclist down, however
we all have a place in the group, and must accept the fact that we either are
not there, or having an off day. I had to accept that the B group I was
riding with were too fast for me. So let’s all slot in where we belong,
and aim at improving, to move up a level. There was no stopping at "Happy
Hill", which I regard as the most challenging section from "Piggly
Wiggly". Once past "Happy Hill", I believe the rest is plain
sailing. After about 30km into the ride the wind started pumping. We pushed on
to Nottingham Road where we regrouped. We stayed together well as a group, with
the faster riders stretching their legs from time to time. Always sitting up
when necessary, to ensure the group caught up on a regular basis. We all
worked well together and handled the hills past Notts well, and before long
were at the end of the tar on the left turnoff past Mount West. Then started
the fast descent, all of us being well aware of the bad road surface and
potholes. As a group we need to be extra careful on that road, which is made
more of a challenge when there are events taking place in the area. Coming down
the hill we kept a fast pace and before long ended up at "Piggly
Wiggly" stretch and ended up in a dash for that magic breakfast. A great
fellowship was evident at breakfast and we were shortly joined by the D group,
which added to the enjoyment of a cuppa and a hearty breakfast. It really was a
most enjoyable ride and ended off with a great breakfast. Thanks to all that
rode and made getting out in that fresh air so enjoyable. We also had the
pleasure of welcoming Janice back from her overseas trip, which she enjoyed

Just to let the CC's know that I will be stepping down as leader at the
end of this year. I will still ride during the week, however will only ride the
odd Sat. Moira and I have decided to do MTB on Saturdays, and those
Saturdays that she does not ride, I hope to join the CC's for that
particular Saturday. Hope I am on pace. May I take this opportunity to thank
all those great guys and ladies, who supported me as leader. I really enjoyed
my time. A special thanks to WW for introducing me to that bump, which
starts at the showgrounds and ends at Hilton. The last section before Hilton
being that special challenge. Yes I finally broke that 4hrs for the Amashova,
3.59.28. Well you dont get much closer than that!!!!! Allan the
"conquerer" will be taking over from me, and I have no doubt that he
will have the same support that you all gave me. Helga has advised me that her
and Richard will start riding again in Jan, so Helga I hope you meant what you
said. Yes and other names which come to mind Mohammed x4, Junaid, Sandi and
LLew, Fran, Collin, Lionel and all those that I have missed!!!!!

Lets all work at making cycling the focus, and positive outcomes be the
winner for 2018. A big thanks you also goes to Dale and Trevor for not only
being great leaders, however having all of our passion for cycling being the
focal point. Let no challenge be bigger than our passion for cycling. To all
the leaders, and our Burg Talk champion, and committee and all its members,
have a great festive season and may 2018 be a year where we take cycling to a
new level.

Eddie Sherwood


"Teamwork is the long word for success"

Tuesday 12 December 2017

Yes, Allan you need to get back from your procedure asap. Had a
lonely Town ride, the usual, and had it not been for Carel I would even have
had coffee on my lonesome. However taking the positives out of it, I bumped
into my brother Richard towards the top of Town Bush. We took that detour which
ends up at Queen Elizabeth Park, which was introduced to me by the great
"Franco". The last time I rode that route with Franco we rode past a
buck which was two metres away from us. Franco gave me advice how to tackle
each hill. I remember the one bump he commented, now this hill is very steep,
however it is very short. Well for your info Franco I had no option to walk the
bump, as my back wheel started skidding, on the wet surface. Turned out to be a
great ride and a good opportunity to catch up with my brother.

Was sorry to note that Tony in the B group took a tumble on the way down
Mayors walk. Just as well Tony is as tough as nails, and seemed okay. Hope all
is well with you Tony. Then I also heard that Jill took a tumble on Saturday.
Jill on behalf of all the Burg Wheelers I wish you a speedy recovery, and I
will definitely be there to visit at the first opportunity.

Take care,

Eddie Sherwood


"Instead of constantly complaining, let us take the positive
side of difficult situations"

Thursday 14 December 2017

at the bottom of Hesketh, to a no show for the CC's. Anyway not to be
outdone of a ride took a slow ride to do the normal town route. While at the
bottom of Commercial Road noticed the B's going past on Victoria Road, and gave
chase. Defianetely a reason why I moved to the CC's!!!!! From a really slow
pace I was soon going at maximum capacity. Anyway I eventually caught up with
Dee on his MTB, and we initially began idle chat as strangers, until we
realised who was who!!!!! Was great catching up with Dee who is trying to fast
forward his training before getting back on the Road Bike. The balance of the
route was uneventful, and noticed the DD's were not at Seattle, so did the
Victoria Loop and headed for home. It happened to be my wife's birthday, so
everything worked out well.

Allan and I up until the time he
went for surgery to have his plate removed, have been doing hill training, and
the plan going forward is to do hill training, sprints, track, pace lining
etc. Reasons being that we are trying to bring about a change to the route to
make cycling more interesting. The Tuesdays ride will be a variation of Hills
and on Thursdays as above, sprints, pace lining track etc.

Went to vist Jill, and she must be
admired for her positive attitude towards recovery. That also reminds me, Trishan,
how are you getting on?

Have a great festive season.

Eddie Sherwood


"Winning isn't everything, its the only thing" - Vincent Lombardi

D Group:

Saturday 9 December

As I was unable to ride, with my collar bone problem, I offered to do
backup for the D group. The following riders turned up at Piggly Wiggly
at 5a.m. for the ride up to Mount West – Carel, Peter, Jumbo, Jordyn
& Janice.

The group made their way up Happy Hill at a steady pace, bearing in mind
that they needed to warm up their legs for the rest of the climbing. Our
first regroup was at Michaelhouse, then proceeding to Nottingham Road where
there was a second regroup, finally reaching Mount West where Janice decided to
wait at the garage, while the balance of the group carried on to the end of
the tar road (an additional 8 or 9 kms).

On their way back they all stopped at the garage for a quick pressure
break and refuelling. On the way back it was decided to do some pace
lining, which didn’t work too well, causing a split in the group. They
regrouped on the way down and from there rode back home at a steady pace.
Janice, in my opinion, rode very well, considering she’d been off her bike for
almost 5 weeks. It was good to have her back in the group, and the rest
controlled the pace there and back very well.

I did notice that Carel started dropping off and I noticed that his back
tyre was going flat – I could see his bike washing out every time he went round
a corner. My advice to any cyclist who senses a wheel going flat, is just
to stop and fix or pump it, even if you’re close to home, as there were times
when I thought Carel was going to lose it on a corner. We then joined the
Amber Ridge riders and the C group for coffee and breakfast, which was enjoyed
by all.


Tuesday 12 December

Carel, Gordon and I had a great ride. Eddie was with us until he set off
to flatten Morcom Road. He never made it to coffee so I hope he made it

Peter K

Thursday 14 December

Six of us had a great ride around the airport. They said that it should
be beauty before age so I led the group. We had to read the riot act to
the undisciplined youngsters Mohamed and Yusuf for not staying focused. Janice
and Sheila brought charm to the group but kept us in suspense about when their
next surge would come.

Carel, Janice, Mohamed and I had great coffee at Bottegá Coffee for the first

No sign of the Soggy C's on Hesketh Drive. Maybe they rode with Club
Duvet ...

Peter K


MTB Captains report for week of 12th December

In the absence of Mark, Andre Booysen ably led the C group around Cedara. By all account a good time had by. See Booysens Banter below. Thanks Andre for stepping up. Pics below of what we are blessed with and what Mark has to endure on holiday in Europe.

I, on the other hand, kicked off with a D group at the top of Worlds View. Gordon, Colleen and Ross joined me for a tour of the flatter area around the view site. Strava stats: ride time 1 hour 41, 18.3km and a mammoth 264m of climbing. Hope we get more response going forward.

I did use the opportunity to come up with clockwise and anti-clockwise XCO routes. These routes named Gruppenfuhrer XCO Challenge and Captains XCO Challenge are rideable by all. There are a few minor variances to the two routes. Obviously the faster you go the more challenging they become. Any assistance with markers for the routes would be appreciated.

So I hereby urge all of you to take up the challenge - with yourselves, your mates and the clock. Strava will reveal all.

Both courses start and finish at a wood pole (with other route markers fixed to it) near the ablutions on the grassy patch at the point, as indicated by blue line. Start by crossing Worlds View Rd and finish coming out of the single track, across the grass toward Worlds View Rd.

Rowlands Report – on holiday but in its place we have Booysens Banter

Andre’s C-Group Report for Sat 9 December

After successfully nominating me as a late entry in the “mud-moron” of the year award competition for 2017, Mark jumps on a plane and retreats to Wales, via Holland. (May the snow elves bury you in 12 foot of that cold white stuff, whilst singing jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way). Then, as a back-handed compliment, he reassures everybody that he has left them in my caring and capable hands.

I surreptitiously glide into the Quarry carpark at 29.5 minutes past 6, fully expecting it to be totally empty. Surpriiiize! No less than 17 intrepid wannabee mud-muffins appear from behind the parked cars. I glare at Omar and whimper … are these all for me??? Gavin Green looks at me as if to say “give them your best … baleee”.

I jab my spurs into my R6K GT HT and, with bottom lip quivering yell “follow me boys!” Omar needs no second invitation, as he and Sven pop a wheelie as they exit the carpark.

The C+ group had taken off at 06h00 (after getting wind that I was taking the ride), the C++ group had bigger fish to fry, and the D group were attending a clinic at World’s View, under the careful guidance of the Gruppenfuhrer.

So here I am, left with a tight core of solid riders to herald me through my investiture.

In at Mallory gate. Left, then sharp right and steep down to the bottom contour track, (Andre’s first surprise of the day). Left, and along the contour to the main road. Right down the hill and left across the dam wall. Across to Cedara and thru’ the low-cost housing development, to show our guest rider from Jacana Eco Estate, Paul Kotze, what real Eco Estates should look like.

Over the Cedara tar road and up Heartbreak Hill, where everyone is given a chance to lash their own horses. Sven pulls out all the stops, and makes the rest of us look like the B final of the kindergarten loser’s day isi-toet-toet race.

Over the top gate and left up the Birnam Wood road. 4 kays later, after another “bells-to-the-well” session (in which Dean R-T insists on sprinting ahead … and then gliding back to pick up the back markers), we kick left into some jeep track, at the big gumtree hairpin bend. Working our way across to the quarry road via a few M-F uphills and Little Sani.

At the T-junction, we bid farewell to Paul and Rod (who is suffering terribly from 3 days of moving house). We are down to the final 15, with no casualties, mutinies or lost souls. Turning right, we work our up to the top hairpin bend. Along the top road. Regrouping for a photo shoot overlooking Midmar Dam.

It is one of those absolutely PERFECT mornings in South Africa which almost makes one want to stay here. Down to the bottom left-hand bend … but wait … it is time for Andre’s second surprise of the day.

We secretively sneak off the outside of the left-hand bend and, low-and-behold, are confronted by the most perfect drop-off learning opportunity in the Cedara forest. About 6 or 8 of the group brave the drop-off, (excepting Dean, who does it 3 times, and including Old Bill, who tries to put his foot down half way … nearly gave me heart failure, I tell you), before we regroup and head on up the hill towards the Rasta Temple.

The downhill to the sharp right requires some H-P-H (PG13 Hou-Poephol-Hou).

Then across and into the single track at the top of suicide hill. Popping out the bottom, we cut a diagonal into Andre’s third surprise of the day, namely Neil Brand’s single track. After negotiating 2 rock gardens and several hundred gumtree sticks, we pop out on the bottom road, minus Lizzy B and Alistair.

It turns out that Alistair managed to get a whole gumtree log stuck in his (bike’s) derailleur, which Lizzy very gallantly helped him remove … or that’s their story anyway.

Down thru’ the pines, across the bridge, over the wall and up Lucy’s hill. Regrouping at the T-junction, we opt to give Alison’s free-wheeling fetish a miss, and descend down the single track thru’ the gumtree stumps.

Up the fire-break and into the gum plantation. Into the pines, where yours true promptly executes 2 perfect wipe-outs. Never mind, I had physio today.

Thru’ Ride-to-Ruin and turning right after the drop-off. (having run thru’ the Vlei the day before, I decide that discretion is the better part of valour, and I do not want to risk dethroning myself as the reigning bog-dog champion).

Back across the dam wall, right up the road, left into the bottom jeep track. Clockwise round the wattle plantation and back to the Mallory Road gate.

So, who else makes up the squad? Ladies – Liz Botha & Marlene (now training for the Swazi Trans-Frontier) and Sarah. Gents – Pierre (sporting 8 stitches),

T-shirt Gert (can somebody please translate the memo about wearing club kit),

Hylton R-T (Dean’s son – from Hilton College), Hans Coertse and Trevor Cowie.

Notable absentees include newbies Kathy (in CT – watching the Blitsbokke) and Jackie (riding with friends in the Grace forest), Syd and Debbie (watching each other fix Debbie’s derailleur – a lame excuse, I know), Rose and Peter.

The C+ and C++ members shall remain nameless ... as will Larry ... Who??

Back at Jaxx (by 09h30, as promised), Omar is overheard saying to Gavin … “you should have come with us … it was all on the road”. I cannot afford therapy, so I will have to shrug that one off as well.

After a great breakfast, mixed with a touch of banter (which includes some inappropriate comments regarding the recent crop of Hilton College fathers), we manage to drag ourselves away. We cannot help noticing that Hylton is sporting a rather nasty limp. You gotta slow down Dad … you have to allow the youngster to catch you now and again, or else he will become despondent.

Reported Stats range from 30km / 2h37 / 575mH to 32km / 2h43 / 806mH.

Providing I have fully recovered from the Bryan Adams concert, I will once again present myself at the Quarry Centre at 06h30 on Saturday morning

16 December for another similar journey into our hinterland.



Upcoming Events

December holidays. Enjoy your riding wherever you may be.

Starting next Monday the 18th, Rod Blake will be introducing holiday rides on Monday, Wednesday and Friday over the next couple of weeks and doing a variety of routes. Eg Cascades, Desert run, Cedara and Hilton College. Watch whatsapp.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of closed trails.

New Karkloof 37km seems to be very popular for now as is the Supa 20.

Howick Trails are taking shape but not yet opened to riding.

Hilton / Cedara

The harvested areas are quite obvious, although de-stumping has not yet been completed. Please stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.


Richard Krusekopf