Greetings All,

2018 Membership fees are now due (please see attached Application for details):

Ordinary Members (Annual) R400

Junior Member (person under 18 years) R120

Family Membership (husband and/or wife, and/or children under
18 years, all living at the same address R600


Club Christmas Coffee Ride : Friday 22 December

There was a very good turnout of 12 riders despite the iffy weather and threatening rain. We were Lionel, Colin, Nathalie, Gordon, Kieron, Leon !, Frances, Sharon, Martin, Larry, ‘Bullet’ James and ww. Lionel had come all the way from Westville and Nathalie from Howick. It was great to see the effort that these two had made to ride. Well done Nathalie and Lionel. It was also good to see Leon and Bullet on their bikes.

Everyone had made an effort to convert their bike/body to something “Christmassy”. Colin was disappointed that there were no prizes for the best dressed as he felt that he would have won it. I must say he and Lionel had gone to town and Colin’s helmet was adorned with lights and Lionel’s front wheel resembled a Ferris wheel with bright lights – it looked very impressive in the dark!!

We stuck very much together and the pace was at the advertised easy pace. At the turn around point in Mayors Walk we stopped to record Jingle Bells and we expect the video to go viral.

On our return everyone stayed for Seattle Coffee and it was great to socialize with fellow club members.



Thursday 21December 2017

Two of us left VV for a town ride, always with a difference. I was joined by Jason, our new member, and my was he filled with enthusiasm!!!! Welcome on board Jason and may you have many years of riding pleasure with a great club, with enthusiastic members, to be there for you. Definitely a change in the weather from the winter months.

While the air is cool, one soon realizes that summer is here, and we are certainly not cool for long. Jason and I made our way up Victoria Road, into Mayors Walk and then went up the notorious Morcom road. I must admit that I am enjoying Morcom much more, and as Geoff says, "If you dont do hills you will never improve your cycling". More and more cyclists are agreeing with you Geoff, so carry on spreading the news.

After Morcom road we headed for the circle up Mayors Walk road, then turned and headed up Old Howick. This is when Jason showed me his cycling skills and showed me a clean set of heels. Well done Jason you are an enterprising cyclist. Once past the Athlone Circle we headed up Craigie Drive, into Town Bush to Waldorf, past the Mall, did the loop and joined the DD's for coffee. Thanks Jason for joining me, and hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did!!!!! Coffee and the usual banter was good, and we all made our way to our respective homes.

Saturday 23 December 2017

Again, as always, a good bunch pitched and we set off from Jaxx at 5am. The weather conditions were cool, and great being out in that clean fresh air.

Going down the hill past Sakabula, Pete needed to take evasive action from a car, travelling at speed, which certainly gave no indication of taking any precations to move out of the turning Pete's way. You certainly made the right move Pete, by allowing the speeding car right of way.

Before long we were at the water tower taking the short cut to Midmar. What a scenic view of Midmar, which water levels are much improved from the recent rains. Turned right at the service station from the Meander road. Then it was not long and we were starting our accent of "Satan Hill". I believe that translates into gradual undulating hill. When last I rode that route I was with Charmaine and Nathalie most of the way. Charmaine does not have kind words for that hill, which seems to never end.

Anyway we all handled that hill and all the other hills well. WW kindly made sure that the group kept together, which made the ride most enjoyable and fun for all. Co-operation was great and all travelled in single file, when needed. Before long we were at the end of the tar, and after a brief water break, were back heading for home. Definitely much quicker coming home.

Again it was suggested that because of the pot holes, that we spread out, to enjoy the speed of the downhill, and still observe safety. Well Nathalie was out in front with Lionel in hot pursuit. Before long we were in Howick and WW suggested we go straight through Howick/Merrival, which has that long hill. That we did and then the next challenge was Cedara Hill. Yes the pace was good up Cedara Hill, with our DC riders setting the pace. I hung on for as long as I could, then let the bunch go.

Then the great breakfast which was enjoyed by all. Being a central meeting place it was great seeing old friends, which we do not see regularly.

Missed Gavin, Sya, Jan and our gentleman Arthur. Thanks all for your co-operation making the ride have such a positive outcome. Great seeing you again Lionel and Geoff. Lionel's bike made headlines, on the Christmas ride, having a light on every spoke, then tassels on the hand grips of the handle bars. Though he was riding a Harley. "You go Lionel".

A great ride with good friends!!!!

Eddie Sherwood


Sat ride 30 Dec 2017

Leave Camperdown Spar at 5am then head for the Lion Park, then the Hammarsdale loop, up the back of Inchanga, back to the Ashburton Spar and brekkies and coffee with the C group.

This will be the last official ride of the year and we expect a good turnout.

Eddie has also indicated that this will be his final ride as Group Leader. We would like to thank Eddie for all his enthusiasm, encouragement, informative reports and great leadership throughout the year. We wish him well in the New Year.. Thanks Eddie!!

D Group

20 December

6 intrepid DD’s took on the elements this morning. Sheila was desperate for a hill and on occasion did them twice while the rest tried to catch p.

Jumbo is off to harvest potatoes and then head for GP for Christmas.

Carel, Janice, Larry and I recovered at Seattle. No sign of Gordon. Is the weather too extreme for him?

Peter K

Sat ride 30 Dec 2017

Leave Camperdown Spar at 5am then head for the Lion Park, then the Hammarsdale loop and straight back to the Ashburton Spar for brekkies and coffee with the C group.


MTB Captains report for week of 26th December

Please Note: The Hilton College boards expire at end Dec 2017 and we will not be able to use them after that date. The club committee will be deciding on the renewal of these boards at their first meeting in the new year. The reason for this delay is the 50% increase in the price of the boards. Please bear with us and as soon as a decision is made it will be communicated.

This is the last report for 2017. All in all a wonderfully busy year with lots of MTB action on all fronts. Some wonderful achievements from lots of our club members, but equally lots of personal achievements by other riders in their own capacity. So many have pushed themselves just that little bit beyond their comfort zones and the growth has been amazing to watch. The club and MTB numbers have increased with this growth.

Thanks must go to the amazingly supportive committee and club members who made this captains task easy.

Andre led the C group around Cedara again this Saturday. A testing ride in the damp plantations and slippery trails. A good test of concentration for the reasonably sized group which included two competent visitors from Jhb. No incidents and all arrived safely back at Jaxx for brekkie and/or coffee. Strava stats; 2 hour 2 mins, 28kms and 687m climbing.

Dave Stewart took the D group ride on Saturday. Thanks Dave. Colleen, Andy and Gordon joined him.

Dave's report: We came, we rode, we coffee'd. Strava stats: ride time 1 hour 45, 22km and 436m of climbing.

Sunday's Christmas eve ride was the Karkloof 37km route. We started as a group of eight but soon split into two groups. The Weekend Warrior reports have raved about this route but I suspect for the C's there is probably a rock or two to many on certain sections. The other sections were flowing and fast and absolutely awesome. Now if there was a way around some of those rocks.... maybe its called the "improved skills" run. The sense of achievement certainly makes you want to come back for more.

Boxing Day arrived and group of 17 assembled at Mills Circe Spar for a ride to Cumberland nature Reserve and back. Weather was perfect and we set off on a there and back route. We checked out the old Cumerland Classic trail down into Cumberland and found it in good fast flowing condition. What fun, then we raced on down the hill, through the nature reserve, before stopping along the gorge to take a photo or two. The long haul back was a real test, before the speedy downhill to the Dusi and the climb up Grimthorpe. Coffee at the Spar centre was welcome.

Strava stats: 2hours 45 49km and 878m climbing. Great ride to get over any Christmas over-indulgence.

A reminder to all of you to take up the Gruppenfuhrer and Captains challenge - with yourselves, your mates and the clock. Strava will reveal all. The

routes are marked as segments on Strava.

Both courses start and finish at a wood pole (with other route markers fixed to it) near the ablutions on the grassy patch at the point, as indicated by blue line. Start by crossing Worlds View Rd and finish coming out of the single track, across the grass toward Worlds View Rd. Course will be marked soon. See attached pdf routes.

Upcoming Events

December holidays. Enjoy your riding wherever you may be.

Starting next Monday the 18th, Rod Blake will be introducing holiday rides on Monday, Wednesday and Friday over the next couple of weeks and doing a variety of routes. Eg Cascades, Desert run, Cedara and Hilton College. Watch whatsapp.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of closed trails.

New Karkloof 37km seems to be very popular for now as is the Supa 20.

Howick Trails are taking shape but not yet opened to riding.

Hilton / Cedara

The harvested areas are quite obvious, although de-stumping has not yet been completed. Please stay clear.

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.

This Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.

Suggest you keep an eye on your preferred Whatsapp group for updates on these and any other rides that may be arranged.

Season's Greetings

Trust you a blessed Christmas and heres to wishing you a happy New Year.

May 2018 be full of happy, healthy cycling.


Richard Krusekopf