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2018 Membership fees are now due (please see attached Application for details):
Ordinary Members (Annual) R400
Junior Member (person under 18 years)  R120
Family Membership (husband and/or wife, and/or children under
18 years, all living at the same address R600

Brilliant CC's ride report Thursday28 Dec 2017
Again I had company doing the Hesketh intervals on Thursday. Thanks Ray for pitching and making the intervals a fun outing. Left the bottom of Hesketh at 5am, and first of all did a slow accent of Hesketh to the church. Coming down Hesketh drive, thinking I was going to have a breeze cycling at my own pace, Ray came on the scene and turned events on their head!!!! The next three intervals from Adams to the church, were at a pace outside my capabilities. Ray you are a phenomenal cyclist with huge talent!!!!! The last interval up Hesketh was done at a slow pace, as I needed to get home, being at the top of Hesketh. Having done the accent up Hayfields five times my heart rate was very close to maximum. A great ride and thanks Ray for joining me.
Just to remind everyone I will be stepping down as group leader from the end of December. Allan will take over from me. I will still be assisting with the weekday morning rides, guided my Allan, what routes to do. I am really trying to get a variation of the same route each time, and to include hills to improve out cycling fitness. Open to suggestions !!!!!!

Saturday 30 December 2017
Following reports of rain, the ride was cancelled. I was scheduled to do backup .
I am going to use this space to firstly thank all the Brilliant CC's for their support over the year 2017. Without your good spirit and having cycling, fellowship, and the interests of the club at heart, my input would have meant nothing. A big thank you to Dale, our Chairman, who's leadership has taken Burg Wheelers to new heights. For Trevor our Road Captain, for always bringing a calm to challenges, and always there to lending a helping hand. The hand was especially evident when being pushed up a hill. Wish I could maintain that speed normally!!!!! A big thank you to our committee, and other group leaders, for all their support. You all did an amazing job!!!! I will still be around for the weekday rides, and the odd week end rides.
Let’s make cycling for 2018 be a joy to all !!!!
Worry does not empty today of its sorrows; it empties today of its strength.

At 05:30 the weather was beautiful in PMB and a ride was called. Alas, most riders were back in bed and only 4 pitched at Virgin Cascades – the redoubtable Nathalie who had come all the way from Howick!, Sharon, Frances and ww. We started up Craigie Drive, Frances Staniland, QE Park and Link road. There were rumblings of a mutiny so instead of heading up to Worlds View we went down Howick Road to Victoria Road via the Mall.
We decided to tackle the fearsome Morcom to see what Eddie does. I must say it gets very steep at the end where the road splits and we did not make it to the very top. On our return to Mayors Walk the traffic was building up so we turned back to town. Howick Road was a breeze and the 3 girls sailed up. At Athlone Circle a meeting was called. Luckily the Chairman had the deciding vote and up Old Howick we went …… to Link Road again!!! From there we motored down to Virgin Cascades where we all enjoyed Breakies!! Well done girls!!
Tuesday's Challenge
The challenge I issued to ride the four ugly sisters of Montrose was met by seven  – Sheila, Arthur, Colin, Eddie, Gavin, Geoff and Lionel.
The eight of us left Virgin Active Cascades at 5:30 on the second day of the New Year and, after a warm-up of twice around Kembali, we set off up Town Bush Road. On the way up, Zaheer joined us. The turning point was Waltdorf (Arthur and Gavin chose to tackle the rest of the climb and as a result, we did not meet up with them until Warwick Road). Oak Park all the way to the top was next. Warwick Road to the top followed and then a brief respite before tackling Frances Staniland and Peter Brown all the way up to Queen Elizabeth Park. The remaining challenge was Craigie Drive and then back to VA at Cascades.
Zaheer called it a day at the corner of Frances Staniland and Craigie.
All except Sheila, who didn’t have time, enjoyed coffee and cookies at Seattle. Nearly 600m of climbing over the just over 21 kms of the ride was enjoyed / suffered by all.
Have a good 2018,
Sat ride 6 January
Leave Camperdown Spar at 5am then head for the Lion Park, then the Hammarsdale loop, up the back of Inchanga, back to the Spar for brekkies and coffee with the C group.

MTB Captains weekly report - 2nd January 2018
Please Note:  The Hilton College boards have expired and we will not be able to use them. The club committee will be deciding on the renewal of these boards at their first meeting in the new year. The reason for this is the 50% increase in the price of the boards. Please bear with us and as soon as a decision is made it will be communicated.
Mark has returned from his foray into foreign lands and couldn’t wait to get back to the wonderful trails at our disposal. Welcome back Mark.
In his absence, Andre did a great job of leading the C group, no one got lost and everyone got a little fitter. Thanks Andre. Apologies, as due to a communications hitch, Andre’s last report never got into the Burg Talk. So as not to offend anyone, here it is.
There was no D group ride this past weekend.
XCO Trails at Worlds View – a good test for all levels
A reminder to all of you to take up the Gruppenfuhrer and Captains challenge - with yourselves, your mates and the clock. Strava will reveal all. The routes are fully marked with orange and pink arrows and set as segments on Strava.
Gruppenfuhrer XCO                                                          Captains XCO
The weeds have sprung very quickly on some of these routes and could do with a bit of brush-cutting. If anyone can help in anyway, that would be great.
Rowlands Report  for Sat 30th December
The combined efforts of bad weather overnight and no power in Hilton couldn’t stop the mighty C-Group.  Arriving for their weekly dose were Pierre, Dave G, Dave S, Willi, Alistair, Charmaine, Sheila, Gordon, Omar, Tom, Rod, Byron, and last but not least, Hardcore Hughes.  No sign of Team Booysen, so I wasn’t able to thank them personally.  Taking a well-earned break, no doubt.  Judging by the ride report that I was able to read, things went swimmingly while I was away, and I will try to do it more often.  Andre’s reports are great. 
Anticipating soggy conditions in the tracks, we headed for the least worst option, this being the Grace forests. We took the tar road past the garage, under the N3 which is draining nicely these days, and up into the Grace ST.  And most pleasant it was.  At the top of Nkandla, Willi offered to take over the lead and show us how to maximise the distance and ST in what remains of the Grace forests.  Which we did, managing almost 18km’s of mostly ST.  Rod lost his front wheel at one point, going down softly, but this was the only incident that I was aware of.  I also stopped briefly to add a little air to my rear tyre.  It was hard to tell whether the tyre was underinflated, or if I was overweight.  Let's go with underinflated.  Easier to fix.  
Willi handed back the leadership to me as we went back under the N3, heading into Cedara to finish the ride.  Thanks Willi.  We did the long steady climb back up to the Pines ST, just to test the legs.  I was pleased to find I still had some.  We did the first half of the Pines ST, then traversed the valley to the nursery side, and finally aimed ourselves down the hill.  I chased the bratpack past the nursery and lost.  We went back into Hilton via the Mallory Rd gate, and all made it safely back to the parking lot.  Jaxx still had no power, so we moved en masse to Nino’s, who refreshed us successfully.   
Strava Stats: 29km, 580m, 2h00.
Watch this space and the WhatsApp group for additional holiday ride information.   
Mark Rowland
Booysens Banter for Sat 23 December
WARNING: Names and Places have been changed to protect any possible innocent people that may have been involved.
On Friday I get a WhatsApp message from Kaylee in Jo’Burg, to say that she and her boyfriend Brad are in PMB for Xmas and would like to do an MTB ride with our A-group.
After much frantic WhatsApping, I concede that the exclusivity of the BWCC A-group (if such a thing exists) shall remain sovereign. I tell Kaylee that the A-group are hosting a boot-camp at Hola-Trails, but that she and Brad are welcome to join the C-group (hoping like mad that they will decline).
My hopes are dashed at 06h15 on Saturday morning, when my cellphone goes beep-beep. The message reads “We are at the Quarry!”
After the humiliation of last week’s “locked gates” debacle, 18 of us head straight for the Hillary road slippery-slope. Kaylee doesn’t waste any time in teaching us the abbreviated Joey’s jargon for “bless-my-soul-this-slippy-sliding-is-sending-a-shiver-through-my- sphincter”. 
The clan includes the two Lizzys, retired Rod, silent Alistair, T-shirt Gert, stitches Pierre, old Bill, Omar Sherriff, Nick Burczak, broke Byron (sporting a new demo Giant soft-tail), Rose (sporting her first pair of cleat cycling shoes), frank Franko, Richard Ellerson & son and the Gruppenfuhrer (who has very kindly been relieved of his captainship of the D-group by dog-bite Dave – ably assisted by Gordon Borain and Andy Gray).
Through the dip, across the bridge, up and along the lower contour track.
Right, down the main road, left across the dam wall, round the gum plantation and left Pierre, LEEFT! Pierre, LEEEFT! Pierre, back up ride-to-ruin in reverse.
Upward and onward we climb. Brad puts the hammer down. O…M…W… say no more! Regrouping briefly at the hairpin, then on and left up-up-up the pipeline, and right, up some more. We kick left into wall-of-fame and, opting for the chicken run, pop out at the bottom of suicide hill. Up through the single track and stopping at the top of suicide hill for the mandatory photo shoot. Brad kindly obliges to be camera-man, while Kaylee entertains us with her posing routine.
Eventually, everyone’s heart-beat returns to 160, and on we go. Hairpin up left. Brad and Kaylee wax it like they’ve done it a thousand times. Up to the Y-junction, where certain members of the group suggest a mutiny. I manage to hold the group together, opting to fork right. Down we go, and over the hop, onto Alpes Dues. The climb fragments the group once more, and we are forced to endure another session of Kaylee’s modelling skills in a second photo shoot.
This is S&M taken to the next level. We head on down to the corner. A hand-full of die-hards (and Brad) opt to do the quarry drop-off, while the others wait at the corner and plot my assassination.
I reveal my secret weapon. Straight down Lizzy’s Lament to the lower quarry road (everyone is astounded at my remarkable knowledge of the forest … for a moment I hear Santa calling “Ho Poephol! … Ho Ho Ho!”).
Into Sani stagger, pack ‘o dogs, trip ‘n dip, Cedara top gate, across Nurse’s dam wall (which Omar and Brad promptly cycle over), cut the corner and down Andre’s single track.
Cutting left, down thru the pine stumps to the Cedara bottom gate, across the dam wall and up to Donkey corner. The race is on … no chance of setting a good Strava time today, as we slip-and-slide our way down to the end.
We regroup once again. Holding this lot together is no mean task, I tell you.
We head back past the “low cost to the taxpayer” housing development, thru ride to ruin, and right, to avoid getting bogged down in the vlei. Across the dam wall, up the main road and left along the lower contour track to Dunton’s demise. Yay! … the Mallory Road gate is open.
Okay guys, I’ll see you back home. I have fulfilled my commission.
Back at Jaxx, the Strava pundits compare notes. To everyone’s astonishment, Brad has posted the second fastest time ever for the Donkey time-trial. In arguable the worst conditions to date, he is only 2 seconds off the record time.
Okay, wait for it ... Kaylee places fourth behind Queen Bee Alison Rowland, Anne Blewett and Jill McGrath.
Cheers, André
Upcoming Events
Drak Descent 2 Days – 20/21 Jan , Underberg
Karkloof Trailblazer – 4 Feb
Wartburg Classic – 10 Feb (Saturday) – BW gazebo will be there, come and join us.
Trails Off Limits Reminder
Howick / Karkloof
All BW riders are requested to respect  the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of closed trails.
New Karkloof 37km seems to be very popular for now as is the Supa 20.
Howick Trails are taking shape but not yet opened to riding.
Hilton / Cedara
The harvested areas are quite obvious, although de-stumping has not yet been completed. Please stay clear.
Weekly Rides
The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:30.
This  Saturday the “C” and “D” group ride is from Jaxx at 6:30.
Suggest you keep an eye on your preferred Whatsapp group for any other rides that may be arranged.

And finally – a new safety device for cyclists …
Richard Krusekopf