24 JULY 2017

Firstly, apologies that the Burg Talk has not been received over the past 3 weeks. Warwick has been away on an overseas trip and the BT has diligently been done by Janice each week but, for some reason, the company that sends out the BT has not sent it out, despite being contacted by Janice on each occasion. We’re hoping, now that Warwick is back, he can sort it out.

In my report I would really like to communicate where we are with club kit – as communicated previously, club kit has always been made by Lassen in Durban, and they’ve always let us down on delivery times.

At the beginning of this year, rather than use Lassen, I decided to find a local supplier. This we were able to do by using a company called BrandX, but this meant that we had to start from scratch. This was time consuming as, once the first prototype was made, it had to be approved by Compendium’s Marketing office and, once that was done, the company making the cycling shirts first made 20 for Compendium and BW to approve.

There were one or two minor errors which needed to be rectified, and once approved, the balance of 100 shirts were made in a matter of 2 weeks. The completion of these shirts were done round about the 23 June.

With 120 shirts completed, we were hoping to cover the backlog of new members (117 joined since January), but already we’ve run out of some sizes, a problem we’ll try and rectify as quickly as possible. Compendium Insurance Pietermaritzburg have been an absolutely amazing sponsor and, up until now, have spent R350,000 on kit. It is unheard of for club members to receive free kit when they join a club and this was done initially in order to create an impact of the Compendium brand in Pmburg.

BW have always charged a nominal amount for kit and, bearing in mind that in 2015 before Time Freight stopped sponsoring the club, all our club members had just received and paid for new kit that was made by Velotex South Africa.

The new kit that was received in 2015 had the BW logo on it for the first time, and it would’ve been difficult to tell our club members that they were no longer allowed to wear the kit they’d just bought as we had a new sponsor, hence the reason Compendium were prepared to pay for the kit and handed it out for free.

At a meeting last week on 18 July, it was agreed that any new members, going forward, would need to pay 50% of the going price at the time for their kit – for example, if a shirt costs R500 they will need to pay R250, and the same applies to the shorts and bibs. A good pair of cycling shorts and shirt will cost (in a retail shop) in the region of R1,500 – R2,000, so this is still a good deal.

As from the 1 September 2017, all kit will be handled and distributed by BW, and the administrator of this will be Sharon Potgieter. She will communicate when and where kit can be collected in the next BT, and she will also give you a contact number and email address should you wish to contact her.

The above has been necessary as our club has grown from 200 to 345 over the past two years.

We need to be extremely grateful for the sponsorship that Compendium Insurance have committed to, as in the current economy this is very difficult to come by. I would, once again, like to take this opportunity of thanking David Brauteseth (MD of Compendium Insurance Pmburg) for this sponsorship.



MTB Captains report for week of 25th July

This is my first report in a month and Saturday saw me back on my bike for the first time in a month. Amazing how much one can miss the simple pleasure of pedalling up and down hills. The please may in part be coupled to good weather, good camaraderie and genuine good all round fun.

The Tour, what more can be said about it and Chris Froome. The man is a legend. Not even my trip to South Korea could keep me from following the event, somewhat complicated by the eight hour time difference.

On Saturday a large group (about 40) took part in a remembrance ride at Karkloof for the late Greg Anderson. Although not a Burg Wheeler and not from these parts, he was well known many members in the Weekend Warriors group who had ridden with him. Greg was tragically killed while out riding in the Sabie area. He was a riding legend who lived for cycling. He had twice finished 2nd in the grand masters category at the Cape Epic. A true gentleman off the bike, but a fierce competitor on it. RIP.

Saturday Ride Report for 22nd July

Saturday was another of Rods ‘flying ant’ days. Jaxx parking lot was packed when we arrived at 06h45. Twenty six eager beavers pitched. Dale offered to take four of them in a D-Group, and the rest came with us: Teams Rowland, Booysen, Smit, and Truter, and then Red-hot Rod, the Gruppenfuhrer safely returned from Korea, Helga, Tom B, Andile, Trevor, Gert, Omar, Polar Pierre, Clive, Dave G, Bill S, Gavin G, and Franko.

Dale had Carmien, the wonderfully named Sticky [real name Janice T Brisbane, who has said nice things about my reports and is welcome back anytime], and a gentleman whose name I don’t recall (Leon). Everyone brought their bikes, despite not being reminded. Quality group.

It was decidedly chilly, but clear. The chilly stayed, and the clear went away. And stayed that way, despite my reassurances the night before.

We went into the Cedara forest at Kim’s Way. Up to the nursery and left into the forest. Where it went from being just cold, to being cold and dusty: it was 2 degrees at the bottom of the nursery. Straight up the hill to warm up, then into the first ST on the left. More dust. We climbed up a little more, then back into the ST to descend into the valley. Less dust, more stick and leaves. Straight down to the bottom, where we were delighted to find some new ST, called the Full Monty. After a brief recce, we all trooped down it. Nice, but soft and very dusty.

A new detour was also discovered to get us to the dead tree intersection, which made us all very happy. Nothing quite like a new route option. Back up the hill, to the alternate Nurses Dam ST. Omar, of course, took the bull run, and Pierre unwisely followed him. For a very short time. Then he walked.

At the bottom, we encountered Under the Radar, doing what they do best, being incognito. As usual we traded misleading bicycle maintenance tips and quilting patterns with them, and then pressed on. Andre’s ST gave ‘Buffalo’ Bill S an opportunity to demonstrate once again his log-jumping prowess, which never fails to impress the ladies. We just need to find him some.

We are building a list of things about MTB that Tom B doesn’t like. Watch this space.

We looped back to the dead tree intersection, zipped / slogged up the hill, and took a left back into the pine ST. Mercifully, there was little dust here, and the going was firm. At the bottom, we turned right, through the dam gate, and down the Donkey Rd sprint. Having closed the dam gate, I was well towards the back of the pack, where, unsurprisingly, it was very dusty. I moved towards the front, and having achieved some momentum, drifted past the front runners, who were chatting to each other. Things got quiet behind me, and I logically assumed that there was now a bit of a gap between me and them. I maintained momentum, relishing the speed and the scenery. Then my riders sixth sense began to twitch. There was a little more noise than there should have been. A quick glance back revealed the cause: a pack of steely eyed sprinters tucked right into my slipstream, positioning themselves to attack. I really should have known better. I stopped looking back, and went into TDF domestique mode. A few minutes later a cheerful Tom B arrived on my right hand side, informing me that this was more his kind of thing, and comfortably heading the pack to the corner.

The people in the dust cloud were starting to change colour, mainly around the month and teeth.

After regrouping, we headed for home, through the new house development, and down across the vlei. Team Booysen departed here, on their way to Christmas in July, somewhere near Notties.

Bets were taken about how many of the party would get over Dunton’s Demise. In the end, a very creditable 12/20 managed the feat – with Tom B successful for the first time. By the time I got to the Mallory Rd gate, the pack were seeing who could ride up that. There were some successes, I’m told. Franko rushed off, claiming an upcoming tee-off time. Andile continues to improve both his speed and skills.

The balance of us drifted back to push up Jaxx’ turnover. We were joined by the hibernating Smit, checking to see if it was summer yet. The Gruppenfuhrer entertained us with videos of Korean cuisine, some of which wasn’t quite dead yet. If you ask him nicely he’ll show you. The event was rounded off by getting Bill’s legal age, an impressive 72.

Keeping a group of 22 riders together for 30km’s is no mean feat, and much of the credit should go to the sweeping team – the top half of Team Rowland, Gavin, the bearded half of Team Smit, and the Gruppenfuhrer. Thanks to all.

Strava Stats: 28km, 2h00, and 600m of climbing. I’m keen to do it again next week, and you are all welcome.


Mark Rowland

Upcoming Events

Burg Wheelers will be at the Illovo Eston (6th Aug) with our gazebos and refreshments. Please join us before and after your rides.

The Ride for Rhinos (12th Aug) is always ride for a worthy cause and this year has a new format, starting and finishing at Zulu falls outside Mooi River.

Gavin Green has proposed a club ride up at Sani Spoors, Underberg. Details to follow, but the trails are magnificent.

Following extract from the KZN MTB calendar for convenience.

Trails Off Limits Reminder

Howick / Karkloof

Be aware of certain trail closures at both Howick and Karkloof. All BW riders are requested to respect the restrictions imposed by harvesting and obey local signs and instructions. View Trailforks app to keep abreast of local trails. Harvesting also taking place opposite sawmill on the Kwa Wulu road. All riders have been requested to stay clear.

Hilton / Cedara

We will have some trail closures of our own in both the Grace College and Cedara areas soon. Gill Bures feedback below from a recent Mondi meeting in Hilton: Please view attached map and instructions provide by Mondi.

Hi there sports lovers,

Please note that felling of the area opposite Grace College near Wedgewood and the area opposite Cowan House next to Shepstone Complex will be taking place from 1 Aug – it’s a 24hr project and long 23m trucks will be busy in these areas. We have been asked to give them space, stay away, be patient. Please spread the news it will be over by 30 Sept and then of course, the development starts. There go our single tracks. Sad but true, but we have lots of forest left so I suppose we should be grateful for what we have in Hilton.

Please let everyone know, pass on this info,

Kind regards Gill

Weekly Rides

The Wednesday ride from Crossways is at 15:00.

This Saturday the rides are from Jaxx, Hilton Quarry Centre, at 7:00.

Last word ……

Help improve your balance and strengthen your core by – standing on one leg whilst brushing your teeth.


Richard Krusekopf

MTB ride Saturday 22 July:

I’ve was asked to lead a slower group behind the normal C Group (led by Mark), and on Saturday morning 4 of us (Leon Jooste, Janice Brisbane, Carmien Coetzee and myself) rode 33kms on gravel and jeep track between Hilton and Grace College, with 470 metres of climbing.

It was a chilly start, but we soon warmed up after climbing a number of hills. We arrived back at Jaxx after Mark and his team of 23 riders, who also had a very enjoyable ride (see Mark’s report).

A cup of coffee and breakfast was enjoyed by all, and well done to the new riders who joined us.

Ride safe, stay alert, stay alive,


Umko Adventure 19-20 August 2017

This is an AMAAZING weekend and Challenge.

The Cycling, food and venue are awesome.

I am doing it again this time with my with my daughter and can`t wait.


Mike Smit.



B and C GROUPs

Last Saturday there were 7 of us – Jude, Ian, Jamie, Frances, Nathalie, Sharon and ww. Most of us had not ridden much and the pace was gentle as we did 50km through the city streets. Jude had his newly repaired back wheel on and was very cautious on the descents although he showed a good turn of speed on the climbs.

In Victoria Road we passed the C group going the other way. It comprised only one rider – Peter!

After a thoroughly enjoyable ride Sharon treated us all to Grande Coffees back at Seattle as it was her birthday – a nice precedent Sharon!!

Saturday 29 July

Meet at Virgin Cascades at 05:30 on road bikes for a 60km ride through the City streets followed by Coffee and Breakies.


Pawel Poljanski's legs may not encourage you to take up cycling

He should ride with the CC’s