Cycling Development Programme 2018

  1. Objective

  2. In keeping with the main objective of Burg Wheelers Cycling Club (BWCC) constitution, potential cyclists shall be developed to promote the sport of cycling.

  3. Strategy

  4. To identify and encourage cyclists to be part of the development programme. To target candidates that show a keen interest in cycling, and cyclists that are excelling in this sport.

  5. Development Programme

    1. The disciplines of Mountain, Road, and Track cyclists shall be developed.
    2. The programme shall include the sponsorship of membership fees, entry to races, and club kit.
    3. A maximum of ten cyclists per year shall be on the development programme.
    4. A maximum of ten race entrance fees shall be paid by BWCC per annum.
    5. Each cyclist on the development programme will be provided with BWCC riding kit.
    6. Each cyclist to compete in at least 6 races per annum.
    7. Burg Wheelers kit must be worn at all races, including if called up for podium prizes.
    8. Any cyclist disobeying any of the clauses in this development programme may be eliminated from the programme, at the discretion of the BWCC committee.
    9. BWCC committee shall have the discretion to review all of the above.

  6. Application Procedure

    1. Potential cyclists must complete an application form and send it to BWCC committee for consideration onto the development programme. A new application must be submitted at the beginning of each new year.
    2. BWCC committee shall review all applications and inform the applicants of the outcome.
    3. A letter of confirmation will be sent to all approved applications.
    4. Cyclists must pay the entrance fee to races as per the development programme and proof of payment must be submitted to BWCC committee for a refund. A refund will only be given if the cyclist completes the race and the cyclist must be wearing club kit.
    5. Cyclist shall provide BWCC committee with all their race results.